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All My Children Update Friday 1/5/07


Written By Lori
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Josh goes to Bianca's and finds her wearing a bathrobe.  Leslie comes out of the hallway appearing to have just gotten dressed.  Leslie tells Bianca that last night was great.  The two women kiss and Leslie leaves.  Josh seems a little uncomfortable to have found Bianca in this compromising position.  Bianca tells him that he needs to worry about Babe.  She's in over her head with Zarf.

Aidan and Di are at the police station, where Derek is questioning Zarf about the murders of Simone and Erin.  Aidan tells Di that when they busted Zarf his eyes showed he was scared.  Aidan wants to know why.  Jonathan walks in and asks Aidan if this pervert Zarf is the one who killed his sister.  Inside an interrogation room, Derek peppers Zarf with questions about his involvement with Simone and Erin while Babe stands listening.  Babe tells Derek to let Zarf go.

Zach is talking to Myrtle, telling her that Kendall doesn't understand how much danger she's in.  Myrtle says Kane women are hardheaded.  Zach says he can't get Kendall to leave him to save her life.  He says whoever killed Simone and Erin is sending him a message.  He's the only one who knows the significance of the white ribbons and the gardenias.  He says the two women were murdered to hurt him and Kendall is the ultimate target.  He says this person wants to destroy him.  Myrtle says he's scaring her.  She asks who would hate him that much.  Zach says there are more people than she might imagine.

Ryan goes to Kendall's place and she asks him where Spike is.  Ryan informs her Spike is with Annie and he's not coming home because it's not safe.  Kendall asks Ryan when his word became law where Spike is concerned.  She says Spike will be safe with her.  Ryan says he doesn't want to rat out her husband, but he admits Tad told him that there's a connection between Zach and the murders.  Kendall says she knows that Zach hired Tad to investigate the murders and that there's a link to Zach.

Josh tells Bianca that Babe is trying to prove Zarf is not a killer.  Bianca says Babe is going to push Josh out of the way.  Josh says they have it covered.  Bianca suggests Kendall will kill the accomplice trying to get him back with Babe.  Josh says Kendall is his accomplice.  Bianca says Kendall must want something huge from him if she's helping him get Babe.  She asks what Kendall wants.  Josh's mind flashes to Kendall telling him that she'll help him get Babe if he doesn't tell Ryan he's Emma's father.

Aidan tells Jonathan there is no evidence against Zarf.  Jonathan says Derek thinks that Zarf did it.  In the interrogation room, Derek asks Zarf how he felt about the Fusion women.  Zarf says he confesses.  He is a "stone killer."

Ryan tells Kendall he won't let someone hurt her because he can't loser her.  Kendall insists that she would not risk Spike's life.  There's security everywhere.  She asks how much more secure he could be in the condo across the walkway.  Ryan says he's moving back to the penthouse.  Kendall reacts as though Ryan has announced he's moving in with Annie, but he says Annie and Emma will have their own room.  Kendall says they will for now.  She declares that now Annie is "snatching my kid too."

Bianca can't understand why Kendall would help Josh because she hates Babe.  Josh suggests that maybe she's trying to help her new brother.  Bianca asks what Kendall has roped him into doing.  Josh asks if he can count on Kendall to come through and Bianca says Kendall will keep her word.  She asks if this is a big deal and he says it is to Kendall.

Ryan tells Kendall Annie hasn't taken anyone from her and asks her what she means by her comment.  Kendall tells him Annie wants to reel him in so she can have an instant family.

Annie is with Emma at the penthouse caring for Spike.  Emma asks who Spike's mother is and Annie tells her it's Kendall.  Annie says Ryan is Spike's daddy.  Emma says she doesn't have a daddy and asks if Ryan can be her daddy.  Annie says Ryan is a friend.  She says Ryan and Spike are the greatest friends ever.  Emma says she loves them.

Zach asks Myrtle what if he can't make happiness with Kendall lasts.  Myrtle says he'll make it last.  She says love is not just soft music and candles.  Love brings trouble but you beat it.  Zach asks what if he can't.  Myrtle suggests Zach not push Kendall.

Derek begins videotaping Zarf and asks him if he is confessing to the murders of Simone Torres and Erin Lavery.  Zarf says of course not.  Derek asks him why he said he was a killer.  Zarf says he didn't say that, but rather Rock Star Weekly called him a stone killer.  Derek asks Zarf if he got along with his mother.  Zarf says he and his mother shared shoes.  When Zarf starts laughing, Jonathan rushes into the room and grabs him.  He demands to know why he is laughing and if he killed his sister.

Bianca tells Josh that she thinks Zarf is making a play for Babe, but Josh disagrees.  Bianca calls Zarf a manipulative jerk for what he did to her last night.  She tells Josh how Zarf claims to be a woman and a lesbian.  She thinks he made it all up to get a lesbian into bed.  She admits that he really got to her.

After police pull Jonathan off Zarf, Zarf tells Jonathan he was not laughing at Erin, who he calls a beautiful soul.  She was special, he says.  Jonathan asks if she was special enough to kill.  Jonathan is ushered out of the room but declares that this isn't over.  Zarf again denies killing the women, and Derek asks if he'll take a polygraph.  Babe announces they are leaving and pulls Zarf out of the room.  Derek tells Zarf not to leave town.  Jonathan is angry with Derek for letting Zarf go.  Derek says they can't keep a man without a cause, but they'll keep an eye on him.

Ryan tells Kendall that no one is stealing the baby.  Kendall says she won't let that woman keep her son.  She and Zach can keep him here.  Ryan says that is not an option and she shouldn't be here either.  He says Spike stays where he is.  Zach walks into the room and tells Kendall that Ryan is right.  Ryan tells Zach that if his sister died because of a grudge he wants to know what's going on.  Zach tells Ryan that his mom had a white ribbon and a gardenia when she died.  Ryan wonders if his sister is dead because of Zach's connection to a psycho.  Zach says he doesn't expect Ryan to forgive him but he's working on it.  Zach says he packed Kendall's bags to leave but she won't.  Ryan tells Kendall he won't let her see Spike.

Annie has just put Spike to bed when an angry Jonathan barges in and slams the door.  He tells her that police let his sister's killer go free.  Annie says he they can't prove it they had no choice.  Jonathan says Zarf was wearing a dress and asks what kind of a sick disguise that is.  Annie tells Jonathan not to get involved in this.  She offers to make him breakfast but he say he needs to go and runs out.

Babe and Zarf go to a room at the Valley Inn.  A sad-looking Zarf stares at himself in a mirror and says he looks ridiculous.  He punches the mirror and breaks it.  He says if Bianca had understood nothing else would matter.  Zarf says when he lost Bianca he lost his destiny.  Babe asks Zarf to talk to her.  Zarf is reluctant, but tells Babe that this is who he is.  He is a woman.

Bianca tells Josh about Zarf's story, and how Zarf's father humiliated him and forced him to live his life as a boy.  Josh says he saw some transgenders while working in the ER in New York.  Bianca says Zarf claimed to be a lesbian and in love with her.  She calls it a big gag.  She says she defended him then he pulls this story to score with her.  Josh says that maybe Zarf was telling the truth.  Bianca says he's a rock star who could have any woman he wants but he wanted the challenge of being with a lesbian.  Josh says maybe Zarf's coming out explains something that happened.  He tells Bianca about the time he and Babe spent the night in Zarf's hotel room and drank Jell-O shots.  He says he answered the phone in Zarf's room and the caller identified herself as "Michelle," but it was a man's voice.  He says the caller asked him what gender he was.  When he told her he was a male, "Michelle" asked if it was an assigned gender or a real gender.  Josh says he hung up on the person. 

Kendall tells Ryan he can't keep her away from Spike.  He tells her she's a target.  Zach says Spike will be safer away from them.  Ryan says it's only temporary until whoever did this is behind bars.  Kendall orders Ryan to leave and he does.  She asks Zach if he's going to back her up.  Zach tells her she's in danger and so is Spike.  He says no security in the world will guarantee their safety.  Kendall tells Zach the only guarantee she needs is him.  He tells her she's putting herself at risk.  She says that Annie being with her family is a bigger risk.  Zach asks why Annie is such a threat to her.

Ryan arrives at the penthouse and Annie tells him what happened with Jonathan.  She says she thinks Jonathan might be in trouble.

Bianca says if this is true she was horrible to Zarf.  She humiliated him.  She says she has to find him.  Josh says Zarf could still be the killer and doesn't want her to go near him.  She says she needs to know.  Josh says he'll handle it.

Zarf tells Babe to go home.  Babe says that as long as he didn't kill her friends she's on his side.  She says if this is who he is that's fine.  Zarf asks if she doesn't care.  Babe says she cares about him.  She calls him Zoe and asks him to come to her.  They hug and Zarf cries on her shoulder.

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