AMC Update Thursday 1/4/07

All My Children Update Thursday 1/4/07


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Aidan confronts Zoe/Zarf and asks what s/he is doing at Fusion.

The New Year is ushered in amidst cheers and kisses including those shared by Bianca and Leslie and Josh and Babe.

Kendall asks what Zach’s mother’s death and the murderer have in common. Zach tells her that his mother was holding a gardenia and wearing a white satin ribbon when she died. He then shows her the note that he found outside her condo that read, “You killed her.” He tells her that the implication of the note to him is that the two women of Fusion are dead because of him. He tells her that there is a message in the murders for him and implies that he thinks that she is in a lot of danger and may be the next target.

Annie and Ryan shout Happy New Year and Emma walks in banging a spoon on a pan. Annie tells her that she needs to be quiet so as not to wake up Spike. Jonathan wishes his brother and Emma a Happy New Year with a hug while Annie rushes out of the room saying that she forgot something. Annie returns to the room with a tray of baked goods and Ryan asks Emma if they are doughnuts. Annie tells them that they are new year’s fritters and they will bring luck and good fortune in 2007. Ryan says that they can use some of that and reaches for a fritter.

Bianca tells Leslie that she has had a very weird night and that she just isn’t feeling very festive this evening. She assures Leslie that she enjoyed the kiss and Leslie asks her if in this case a kiss is just a kiss.

Josh and Babe continue to kiss long after the midnight hour has passed. Babe breaks away and tells Josh that he should not read too much into it because everyone kisses at midnight. He tells her that the kiss wasn’t about some countdown and it wasn’t just a casual kiss. She tells him that she would have been with her husband if he wasn’t recovering from what they drove him to. Josh tells her that he is tired of this same old story and that she is a liar if she continues to tell him that he wants to work things out with JR. He tells her that his promise to leave her alone to work things out is rescinded. He tells her that he isn’t going anywhere. She tells him to take a good look because this is the last time he will see her.

Del comes up behind Amanda and caresses her shoulders and tells her Happy New Year. She tells him to go and clean up the mess in the men’s bathroom.

Bianca and Leslie are catching up on people that they both know and then Bianca asks Leslie if she had ever known anyone to be a transgender. Leslie tells her of a friend of theirs who had been in a relationship with someone who, after several years, told her that she was a man trapped in a woman’s body. She says that after a while of supporting her partner, her friend decided that she couldn’t continue in the relationship. Bianca asks Leslie if she has ever heard of a man who thought that he was a lesbian.

Aidan asks Zarf what he is doing there dressed as a woman. Zarf asks if he walked in on something naughty. Aidan keeps asking him what he is doing there and Zarf continues to avoid the question. Aidan asks again and Zarf tells him that the life of a celebrity is boring and that he can have any woman that he wants in his bed just by snapping his fingers. He tells them that he decided to see if he held any appeal for males as well as females. He asks Aidan if he would be interested if he didn’t know that he was really Zarf. Aidan asks him, again, what he is doing at the Fusion office and Zarf tells him that he stopped to retrieve some artwork that he had left there. Aidan suggests that they all go downstairs where they can see if his outfit is appealing to men and have a drink at the same time.

Colby is berating herself for maxing out her credit cards and making it impossible for them to hire a limo to take them to Manhattan. Sean tells her he promised her New York and he was going to make sure that she got her wish.

Kendall and Zach arrive back at the condo and Zach rushes in to get a suitcase. Kendall asks him what that is all about and he tells her that she has to leave to stay safe. She tells him that she has lived without him before and she hated every minute of it. She intends to spend all of 2007 with him.

Ryan reaches for a fritter and starts to eat it. Annie stops him and tells him that the fritters contain something that tells them what is in store for them in the new year. Emma takes a fritter and finds a ring inside. She exclaims that she is getting married, but Annie tells her that a ring signifies peace and continuity. Annie finds a flower which she says signifies rebirth. Ryan finds a motorcycle and is all excited until Annie tells him that he has travel in his future. They look to Jonathan who claims that his fritter had nothing inside. When they try to offer him another one, he quickly jumps up and tells them that he is going to leave. He thanks Annie for having him over and gives Emma a kiss and hug. Annie takes Emma up to get her ready for bed and Jonathan and Ryan talk. Ryan apologizes for suggesting that they come back to this place but Jonathan tells him that he just wants to go out for a beer and that he has something to do. He leaves.

Kendall tells Zach that she will not leave him. She fell in love with him because he knows her heart and everything that is in it. He is afraid that he will lose her to the murderer and she assures him that he will keep her safe. She tells him that he was her voice when she was unconscious and since he fought for her, she will fight for him. He keeps insisting that she has to leave to be safe. She tells him again, that she will be safe there with him and suddenly she realizes something about him. She tells him that she finally understands him.

Colby and Sean climb into the back of the limo and Sean tells her that he told the driver that he was Mr. Thomopoulos, the name of the man on the order ticket. He asks the driver to take the long route home that will take them by way of Manhattan.

Bianca asks Leslie if she thinks that it is possible for a lesbian to be trapped in a man’s body. Leslie asks if she knows someone like that and Bianca tells her that she isn’t sure.

Zarf tells Di and Aidan that he wants to go home but they insist that he join them at ConFusion to test out his theory about dressing as he is. He tries to talk his way out of joining them, but persist.

Babe tells Josh to leave her alone and he tells her that she doesn’t want him to leave any more than he wants her to leave him. They argue and he tells her to keep telling herself that she wants him out of her life but he knows better. He tells her that she loves him and wants him as much as he wants her. She reaches into her purse and removes the compact that he gave her. She tells him to take it back.

Colby and Sean share some champagne in the back of the limo as Sean asks her how her holiday was last year. She tells him that she spent it packing because her mother was too afraid to stay in one place for too long. Her mother was in bed at 10:00 and she was alone at midnight. He asks her if she is disappointed that they missed the countdown and she tells him no. Behind the limo, there is a police car driving up behind them with lights flashing and siren blaring. They worry that it might be for them.

Annie rejoins Ryan in the living room and asks him what is bothering him. He tells her that he met Tad this evening and that Tad was doing some investigating for Zach. He tells her that the murders weren’t random and that they appear to be tied to Zach in some manner. Annie says that maybe Tad doesn’t have all the facts, but Ryan insists that Tad had enough information to warn him.

Kendall tells Zach that she finally understands why he is compelled to help the women that he has. She understands why he felt the need to help Maria, Julia, and Dixie. She tells him that it has to do with what happened to his mother when he was five years old. He keeps insisting that she needs to pack so that they can leave and she tells him that whoever did this did it to both of them not just to him. She tells him that they are in this together and she is going to stay with him and they will win.

Jonathan arrives at ConFusion and Amanda is pleased but surprised to see him. She tells him that they were not expecting him and that he can leave. He gets angry and tells her that he needs to work then apologizes for getting angry. He tells her that it is just the holiday and that he didn’t mean to yell at her.

Bianca mentions that she hopes that she didn’t hurt this person, but Leslie tells her that she could never do that. She sites an instance where Bianca went out with a woman that the rest of the group would hide from and Bianca proves her point by telling Leslie that the other woman wasn’t so bad. Del offers them some more champagne but they refuse it. Bianca starts to leave and asks Leslie if she would like to go home with her.

Josh tells Babe that she doesn’t want the compact back. She tells him that she doesn’t want it either. He reminds her that he wasn’t going to give it to her but she asked him for it. She tells him again that she doesn’t want it and drops it to the floor and grinds her stiletto heel into it. He tells her that she can grind it into nothing but he is still not leaving her.

Di, Aidan and Zarf arrive downstairs at ConFusion. Di and Aidan discuss the whole situation and wonder why he is dressed as he is. Aidan surmises that he may have wanted to fool the security cameras and sneak into Fusion. He reminds Di that Simone was murdered right after Zarf arrived in Pine Valley. Aidan ponders why Zarf looks so frightened if he wanted to try out this “look” on the public. Zoe yells for the lights and she takes a microphone. She starts singing a rendition of “Falling in Love Again” that turns vampy as he takes a boa and gyrates in front of Aidan. He and Bianca lock eyes across the bar and the singing becomes harsher. Zoe starts to act like a drunken stripper as she finishes the song to cheers and applause. Bianca approaches her and demands to know what she is doing. Zoe tells her that she is a woman of Fusion and is promoting their makeup. Bianca tells her that she is cruel and heartless and that she knew that it was all an act. Angrily, Bianca tells Zoe that she makes her sick.

Kendall begs Zach not to shut her out and he tells her that he couldn’t stand to lose her. She tells him that there is no way that he can lose her. He sighs.

Ryan tells Annie that Zach has a lot of enemies and that if one of them killed his sister, then Kendall is at risk and so is his son. Annie offers to keep Spike with her until this is resolved.

The officer tells the driver that he was told that there might be some suspicious activity in the limo. The officer shines a light into the car and asks for identification. He recognizes Colby and calls her by name. Colby pretends not to know him but he tells her that he is the one who booked her when she jacked those cars. He looks at the IDs that they presented and notices that they are fakes. He asks for their real IDs and tells them to hand over the bottle as well.

Bianca demands to know what Zarf thinks he is doing. Josh approaches and recognizes him and calls him by name. The bar patrons overhear and start spreading the word that it is Zarf in drag. Josh grabs Bianca’s arm and takes her to a quiet corner. He asks if she is ok and she tells him that it was just Zarf’s way to get the lesbian in bed. Josh gets angry and starts to go after him. Bianca stops him and tells him that nothing happened and that first thing tomorrow morning, Zarf is off the campaign.

Aidan is confused by the look on Zarf’s face after the performance. Di suggests that he might be concerned about the publicity but Aidan responds that publicity sells CDs. They decide that he might be the killer and that they will find out soon enough.

Zarf tries to get through the crowd and is stopped repeatedly for autographs. He appeals to Babe to help him. He tells her that it wasn’t supposed to happen like this. He says that Zoe is dying and he is the one who killed her. Babe asks who Zoe is and Josh sees them together and tells Zarf to get his hands off of Babe. Bianca implores Babe to stay away from him. Derek shows up and asks if he is talking to Zarf. He tells Derek that he isn’t signing any more autographs and Derek tells Zarf that he doesn’t seem to understand why he is there.

The officer reads a list of charges that Colby and Sean are charged with and then reads them their rights as he places them under arrest.

Ryan tells Annie that taking Spike from Kendall is going to kill her but that he needs to keep Spike with him until he is sure that he is safe. Ryan leaves to get Spike from Kendall.

Kendall and Zach are finally getting around to toasting the new year.

Zarf tells Derek that he should contact his agent and he will make sure that they buy several tickets to the policeman’s ball. Derek tells him that he wants him to come down to the station to answer some questions about the murders of Simone and Erin. Babe tells Zarf that she will go with him. Josh tells her she is not to go anywhere without him. She tells him to go to hell.  

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