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All My Children Update Wednesday 1/3/07 


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Babe enters ConFusion bar and is greeted by Amanda. They talk about how the crowd isnít what they expected but they think that the murders have kept the people away. Amanda comments on the fact that Babe is there alone.

Di and Aidan talk about their plan to lure the serial killer out into the open. Di tells him that she is going to walk around the bar for a while to let people know that a Fusion woman is there and then will go upstairs to the office to wait. He kisses her and she thanks him for the good luck gesture. He tells her that it is an ďI wonít let anything happen to youĒ gesture. Babe joins them and then notices Josh leaning on the bar.

Erica enters the newly repaired yacht with Jack and comments on how nice it looks. She peeks out the window and asks Jack if there are seven swans a-swimming out the window. She tells him that she loves all of the presents and canít think of a nicer way to celebrate the season than by receiving such lovely gifts from her true love. Jack starts to say something about the gifts and Erica asks him what he means to say about them.

Kendall tells Zach that he canít possibly think that he had anything to do with his motherís death. He tells her that he continues to have this dream and that he knows that he was with her when she fell and that he was the reason that she fell.

Bianca asks Zoe if she really expects her to believe that she (Zoe) is a lesbian woman. S/He tells her that this is his/her true self and that s/he couldnít come out until s/he met her. S/He asks Bianca to say what she feels about him/her. Bianca tells him/her that it wonít be the answer that he/she wants to hear. She tells Zarf/Zoe that she knows that s/he wants her to say that she loves her/him and that she was waiting to find out that s/he was a lesbian woman inside. She says that she canít say that she loves him/her because she really doesnít know him/her.

Amanda catches Babe looking at Josh and asks what is going on. Babe tells her that Amanda knows that she has made her choice and Josh knows that, too. Amanda tells her that Josh is still totally in love with her and reminds Babe that she is there at ConFusion while her husband is at home. Babe says that JR is at home recovering from his fall and she takes out the mirror that Josh gave her for Christmas to check her hair. Amanda notices that mirror and reads the engraving and surmises that it is from Josh. Amanda tells her that since she accepted the mirror from him, she is not over Josh, as she would like to think that she is.

Jeff enters the bar and stops to speak with Josh. Josh asks him to stop him from doing something stupid. Jeff tells him that he (Josh) hasnít taken his eyes off of Babe since he walked into the bar. He acknowledges that Josh has a decision to make and then changes his mind and tells Josh to make a new resolution and get her back if she gives him any indication that he has a chance.

Erica tells Jack that she canít wait to see what the evening brings in the way of presents. He tells her that they have a fine dinner waiting for them and there is a knock at the door. Erica goes to the door and a woman in a swan tutu with a life preserver around her waist dances in the room. Jack says that he will be right back and goes to the door. When he opens the door, a woman dressed as a milkmaid enters with chocolate milk shakes that she hands to Erica and Jack. Erica asks if there is anyone else on the dock waiting to come aboard and as he denies it, there is another knock at the door and in dances a woman in country-western attire dancing and calling square dance instructions. Erica laughs and enjoys the show but Jack looks distressed.

Kendall asks how the accident happened and Zach tells her that he was about five years old and she was on the balcony and then she fell. Kendall tells him that it was a horrible accident. Zach says that is what everyone was saying but he canít remember everything that happened. There are parts missing from this memory. Kendall encourages him to tell her what he remembers and when Zach demurs, she tells him that she will stand by him no matter what happens. She tells him that there is no way that he could have caused his mother to fall. He questions how she can be so sure and she tells him that as a five year old, he didnít have the physical strength to push her off the balcony. He tries to convince her that he has dealt with it and wants to move on.

Zoe tells Bianca that she thought she would be the one person who would understand what s/he is going through because she saw into him and saw what was in him. She tells him/her that what she saw was an interesting, intriguing man. Zoe accuses Bianca of being just like all of the other people on the planet who worship labels. S/He goes on to say that she sees black and white but that s/he is gray. S/He says that she just sees slightly more expensive labels in people. Bianca gets angry and tells him/her that s/he has no right to judge her because s/he has no idea about her ideas or beliefs. Zoe says that her actions say it all. Bianca tells him/her that what she is really thinking is that has no idea who Zoe is but s/he is not playing fair.

Jack asks the people onboard the yacht to leave them alone so that he and his lovely wife can celebrate the new year when there is another knock at the door. In jumps a man who does leaps all over the stateroom. This is quickly followed by pipers playing Auld Lang Sine on the deck and in the distance you hear drummers drumming. Jack ushers everyone out the door and Erica asks him why he did that since they were all having such fun. He tells Erica that he knows that she sent the gifts to get back at him and she tells him that he is exactly right.

Jeff tells Josh that Erica has gone back to Jack and that he bowed out. He goes on to say that if the situation presents itself, he wonít do the same thing again. He wonít play fair a second time.

Amanda asks Babe what she will do if JR finds the mirror and Babe tells that he wonít. Amanda asks her if she intends to hide the mirror as she hides her feelings for Josh. Babe confronts Amanda about what happened when she (Amanda) expressed her feelings for Jonathan. Amanda is hurt by the comment. Babe walks back into the bar and is accosted by a drunken man who asks her if she is one of the Fusion babes that keep dying. Babe tries to get away from him and Josh rushes to her side. He grabs the man and asks him if he thinks that people dying is funny. Babeís bodyguard grabs the man and escorts him outside. Josh tells her that the man could have been the killer and that she shouldnít be there. She responds that Kendall, Dani, and Bianca arenít there so she and Di have to represent Fusion. He tells her that she is the only one that he cares about. Babe tells him that she is not leaving because she doesnít want it to look like they are running away. He tells her that he has a new resolution and she needs to hear what it is.

Aidan and Di discuss their plan one last time to make sure that they agree. Aidan leans in and gives Di a passionate kiss. Di slaps him hard.

Zoe tells Bianca that s/he came out because of Bianca and she tells him to stop making this all about her. She tells him/her that you come out because you canít keep the secret in any longer not for someone else. Zoe tells her that s/he came out because the mirror finally showed him/her the way out and that mirror was Bianca. She tells him/her that she is not responsible for who Zoe is and only Zoe can make it right. She tells Zoe to leave her out of this whole thing.

Kendall walks away from Zach and he relives that moment on the balcony with his mother as she starts to fall from the balcony. He reaches for her and pulls Kendall into his arms. Kendall reassures Zach that she is ok and asks him to tell her what he saw. He recounts the time when he was young and his mother would talk with him about the flowers in her garden. He says that his mother would have him name the flowers and would put her hand on his chest and kisses him on the head when he got the names correct and even when he was wrong. Kendall encourages him to go on and he remembers hearing an argument between a man and a woman on the balcony. In the memory, he sees himself as a little boy rushing out to help his mother during the argument and then he hears her screams as she falls. He tells Kendall that he was standing beside her and she was holding on and then she fell and was on the rocks below and he kept trying to get her to wake up but she didnít. Kendall gathers him into her arms and tells him that everything is all right.

Bianca tells Zoe that she isnít the one for her and s/he tries to refute that. Zoe tells Bianca that his/her heart spoke to Bianca and it is still the same heart. Bianca says that s/he was lying. Zoe denies that and says that s/he has never lied to her and that Bianca is feeling something for him/her right now or she would not be so upset. She tells him/her that there is nothing between them and that she hates games. She says that she doesnít believe that s/he is what s/he claims to be. Zoe takes exception to the use of what instead of who and Bianca tells him/her to leave. She opens the door and Zoe walks out into the hall. Bianca leans against the door and looks upset at what has just transpired. On the other side of the door, Zoe leans against the door, also, and his/her face crumbles into tears.

Di and Aidan stage a loud argument and Di tells him that she would rather work than spend the evening with him. She storms off to go upstairs to the Fusion offices. Babe way-lays her and tells her that she canít go upstairs alone since there is no guard up there. She whispers to Babe that she is ok and has everything covered. Josh comes up to Babe and tells her that she has forgotten about his resolution. She tells him that she isnít interested and that she only wants him to have happiness and joy. He tells her that he is going to get it. She walks off and Jeff walks up after closing his cell phone. He tells Josh that he has an emergency and if he wants her, he needs to go after her.

Erica asks Jack if he is sorry about the presents because she found out or because he should have sent them. She tells him that his nephew and Colby sent the presents and that her return to him was based on a lie. He asks her to forgive him and to let this go so that they can continue to have a happy holiday. She tells him that he did nothing to get her back home with him except send her clothes to her at the Valley Inn. Sean and Colby knew more about romancing her than he did. He tells her that romance has never been his problem. She counters that stubbornness is the problem. She tells him that she didnít want the expensive gifts; she just wanted some indication that he wanted her back home. He tells her that he made a promise to her when he married her and he intends to keep that promise. There is a knock at the door and Jack shows his frustration. Jeff opens the door and tells Erica that he came as soon as he got her call and asks if everything is ok. Erica says that it is now.

Amanda asks Josh if he needs some more champagne and tells him that the compact that he gave her is beautiful. Josh is surprised that she saw it and she tells him that Babe wouldnít be carrying it if she didnít still love him.

Bianca enters ConFusion and sees Leslie and goes to talk with her. Leslie expresses surprise to see her back in Pine Valley. She offers to buy Bianca a drink and instead, Bianca goes to the bar for a bottle of champagne.

Zoe walks into the Fusion office as Di hides. S/He retrieves the drawing and turns to see Di standing there.

Jack asks Erica why she called Jeff. She asks Jeff is it is New Yearís yet and he tells her that it is in a couple of minutes. She proceeds to put her arms around his neck and kiss him soundly on the mouth. Jack looks on in astonishment. Erica asks Jeff to get her out of there and Jeff obliges.

Amanda calls out to the bar patrons to come and get their champagne as the new year approaches. Everyone in the bar starts the countdown.

Kendall tells Zach that this was an accident and he needs to stop blaming himself. He tells her that people would stop talking when he entered the room after the accident and would promptly say that it wasnít his fault. She assures him that it wasnít. He tells her that he canít remember. He can remember the fall and after the fall but not what actually happened. He tells her that they kept it out of the press and reported that she died of natural causes. Kendall wonders why they were covering up an accident. Kendall again, encourages him to forget about it and accept that it was an accident that he had nothing to do with. He tells her that he canít forget because the killer knows.

Di asks Zoe if she can help him/her; Aidan emerges from the shadows and tells him/her that there had better be a good reason for being there.

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