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Tad and Zach are talking at the boathouse. Tad tells Zach that if he knows anything about what is going on with the serial killer that he needs to let him (Tad) know. He agrees that Kendall may well be the final target in this whole scenario. Zach says that if he knew who it was, he wouldnít have had to hire Tad to investigate his past.

Josh, Kendall, and Ryan are in the Fusion office where Ryan has stopped to pick up Spike. Josh tells Kendall that if he doesnít tell Ryan, he will. Ryan just wants to know what information is being withheld from him. Kendall pushes Ryan toward the elevator and tries to get rid of Ryan, but he wonít let the issue drop. He wants to know what the discussion of Annie was all about. He insists that she tell him what the discussion concerned.

Colby is telling JR what is happening on the tape from the nanny cam in Joshís hotel room. Babe walks into the room and asks what is going on.

Sean is trying to get Jack to take a minute and listen to his explanation of the gifts that Erica received. Jack isnít interested in anything but making his celebration with Erica a momentous one. Erica enters with the five golden ring necklace that she received around her neck and asks Jack if it was everything that he expected it to be. Jack looks puzzled.

Tad continues to pressure Zach into giving him information about Amelia and her death so that he can investigate further and discover if someone is trying to avenge that death. Zach tells Tad that there is no one who knows about this, not even Kendall. He reminds Tad that he doesnít confide in people.

Ryan tells Kendall that Annie is in his life for as long as he wants her there and that he enjoys her company. Kendall is worried that he has Annie in his life because she has a lot of crises that he is helping her to resolve. He tells Kendall that she will always be in his life as Spikeís mother, but that she doesnít run his life. She tells him Happy New Year and dejectedly leaves the elevator. Josh tells her that she canít stop him from telling Ryan that he is Emmaís father. Kendall counters that comment with an offer.

Babe tells Colby that she was supposed to be there making JR feel better not worse. JR tells her that Colby has homework that he was helping her with. Babe offers to help, also, but Colby rejects that offer. JR tells Babe that she looks nice and asks if she is going to ConFusion for the evening. She tells him that she has an intimate dinner planned for the two of them right there in his room. She leaves to check on things in the kitchen and Colby asks JR if he has some major plan to fix the situation between Babe and Josh.

Biancaís bodyguard asks her if she is ok and she asks him to wait in the hall while she speaks with Zarf/Zoe. Zoe tells Bianca that she understands that seeing him dressed as a woman is a lot to absorb. Bianca stammers. Zoe tells her that she almost didnít go through with going out in public dressed as she was but when she took a last look into the mirror, she saw herself through Biancaís eyes and felt that she could share herself with Bianca. She moves in to kiss Bianca and Bianca struggles against her.

Josh tells Kendall that due to his experimental beginnings, Jeff Martin didnít know that he was his father until six months ago. He says that he wonít do that to Ryan and that Ryan deserves to know that he is Emmaís father. She tells him that he hasnít heard her offer and he tells her that she canít buy his silence. Kendall asks him if that is still true if she can get Babe for him.

Colby tells JR that she wishes that Babe had never shown up at Joshís. He tells her that she got the proof for him and he thanks her. She says that he wouldnít be miserable if she hadnít gotten the pictures and that maybe there is another explanation. JR says that he isnít willing to settle for ďmaybe.Ē

Sean tries to steer the conversation away from Erica and her necklace but Erica persists. She asks Jack how he likes it. He tells her that the necklace is lovely, but that the woman wearing it is unbelievable. He asks her where she got the necklace. She smiles and tells him that she got it from a secret admirer. Sean tells Jack that he has great taste in woman and he knows how to please them. He tells Jack that it is a perfect gift.

Bianca slaps Zarf/Zoe. She tells her that she is not amused and that she wants no part of a ďletís lay the lesbian in 2007Ē situation. Zoe argues that this is the real her and that she wanted her to see her as she really is.

Erica leaves the room and Jack asks Sean what is going on and if he had something to do with Erica and if there are other gifts that he needs to know about. Sean tells him that Colby and he thought that Jack needed some help to get Erica back home. He tells him that it is like in the song ďThe 12 Days of Christmas.Ē Sean tells him that they went through six geese a-laying. Jack just moans.

Babe returns to JRís room with a cart and dinner. Babe tells her that she needs to leave and she tells JR Happy New Year which he returns. Babe starts to set up the room and JR is looking at her coldly. She asks if she has done something wrong.

Josh asks Kendall why she would help him get Babe since she hates Babe. She tells him that maybe when he gets her he will realize how stupid she is and will dump her. She asks if he wants Babe or if he wants to interfere in Ryanís life. He asks if she feels any obligation to Ryan. Kendall says that Ryan was an anonymous sperm donor and should stay anonymous. He asks her what would keep Zach from telling Ryan if he (Josh) didnít and when he sees the look on Kendallís face, he realizes that she hasnít told Zach either.

Zach sees the mysterious woman in white telling him that he is the person that she loves most in the world.

Bianca tells Zoe that she wants nothing to do with her and that the kiss that they shared will have to be her/his only conquest. She tells Bianca that she doesnít want to conquer anyone, least of all her. Bianca tells him that he is a phony and a fake. Zoe tells her that Zarf is the fake and that this is her real self. She asks Bianca when she first realized that she was a girl. Bianca responds that she was about four or five when she recognized the difference between boys and girls. Zoe tells her that she did, too. She wanted all things beautiful and light but got sports equipment and trucks. She recounts the time when her mother had thrown out an old rabbit cloak and she recovered it and kept it in her room and would use it as her ďprincessĒ cloak. One time, her father came home early from work and found her playing princess and got very angry. He pushed young Zarf in front of a mirror without his clothes and told him that was a boy. He had a penis and would eventually become a man. He understood at that time that he would be at risk if he showed his true self to his father. So, he hid his true self behind the mask of Freddie and then Zarf. He only revealed his true self now because he thought that she would understand.

Kendall and Josh continue arguing about telling Ryan the truth and in the middle of the argument, Kendallís cell phone rings. She answers it impatiently and it is Zach on the other end. He asks her to have the driver take her to their new house. Kendall is worried about how Zach sounds so she rushes off to join him. She tells Josh that this discussion is over if he wants Babe again.

Babe asks JR what is wrong. He tells her that he is tired and needs some rest. She tells him that she will let dinner go and will sit beside the bed while he sleeps and will wake him at 11:55 and they can usher the new year in at that time together. He tells her that she looks too beautiful to hide and that as part owner of ConFusion, she really needs to be there for the party. When she tries to dodge that, he asks her if she is afraid to go to the party for fear that she will run into Josh. She tells him that everything with Josh is over and that he is planning to leave town. He asks how she knows this and where the conversation took place.

Sean tells Jack not to tell Erica that the presents didnít come from him so that those details donít spoil the evening. Erica comes in on the end of the comment and asks what could spoil the evening. Sean jumps in and says that they were just discussing his curfew and those types of bummer details. He leaves and Jack tells Erica that they need to talk before they go out. She tells him that she doesnít have a curfew so they donít need to talk.

Kendall meets Zach on the balcony of their new home and rushes to ask him what is bothering him. He tells her that the house has brought back a lot of memories and she tells him that they donít need the house if it is causing him concern. He tells her that she needs to know about this and pulls out a picture of the woman in the white dress. She tells him that the woman is beautiful and asks who it is. He tells her that the woman is his mother.

Ryan stops by the boathouse and finds Tad there. Tad comments on Spike being out on the cold evening and that he looks like he is ready to celebrate the new year like everyone else. Ryan tells Tad that he is all set to play peewee hockey because Zach has already bought him a Red Wings jersey and a hockey stick and helmet. Tad asks if Zach is providing protection for Spike as well as Kendall. Ryan says that Kendall has a bodyguard and asks why Spike would need one. He asks if Spike is also in danger.

Zarf/Zoe tells Bianca that when he was in kindergarten the class went on a field trip and ended up sitting near a fountain with coins in it. The teacher told him that it was a wishing well and that he could have a wish for a penny. He rushed to the other side of the fountain and dumped all of his lunch money into the fountain and wished fervently that he would be a girl. When he opened his eyes and looked at his reflection in the water, he saw that his wish had not come true. When he mentioned this to the teacher, she told him that some wishes take longer to come true than others. He tells Bianca that every year until he reached high school he returned to that fountain and made his wish but it was never realized. He talks about gender assignments that are made by doctors before you are born and by the family after you are born. He tells her that when you are old enough to tell these people that they were wrong in their assumptions, your words fall on deaf ears. He tells Bianca that he was sure that she would hear his plea and asks if he is right.

Babe is telling JR about the incident in the garage and how she was feeling faint but didnít want to go to the ER so Josh insisted that they go to his room so that he could check her out. She tells him that George was there the whole time until she asked him to leave so that Babe could tell Josh how she felt about him and that she was dedicated to her marriage. She tells JR that she wants to spend the evening with him even if he is asleep. He encourages her to go to ConFusion and make an appearance and return home whenever she wants. She asks him if she can give him a New Yearís kiss early and they share a passionate kiss. JR asks to speak to George before they leave and is informed that Bob has taken over as bodyguard for the evening. Bob comes into the room and when he and JR are alone, JR tells him that if Josh Madden goes anywhere near his wife, he wants to know about it immediately.

Colby and Sean are discussing their upcoming evening and Colby asks if he thinks that Jack will tell Erica that he had nothing to do with the presents. Sean tells her that he doesnít see the benefit to doing that and Colby agrees that it could ruin a perfect evening if he did. Erica is standing in the hallway and overhears the conversation.

Erica is talking to Val and verifies that he has the instructions that she gave him and that he can make it happen.

Zoe tells Bianca that she can make a comment at any time and Bianca tells her that she would if she knew what to say. Zoe tells her that she has always been honest with her. She has never lied to her. She tells Bianca that this is her secret. The secret is that she is a lesbian woman who is in love with her.

Ryan asks Tad why he is saying all of these things about Zach and Spike. Tad tells him that he has been hired to investigate the murders at Fusion. Ryan asks if he thinks that Zach is involved and Tad admits that Zach is the one who hired him. Tad goes on to tell Ryan that if Spike were his child, he would keep him away from Kendall, get him out of Kendall and Zachís house, and keep him close by.

Kendall tries to get Zach to express his concern with her but Zach is still reluctant to tell her. He stammers that he loved his mother and couldnít possibly do that to her. When Kendall questions him about what he did, he tells her that he thinks that he killed his mother.

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