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All My Children Update Friday 12/29/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
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Bianca and Kendall are at Fusion. While Bianca talks business, Kendall is looking at a photo of Spike with Zach and Ryan. She talks about the new year and says she hopes there aren't any more changes. Bianca's phone rings and it is Maggie. When Bianca hangs up, she looks devastated. Kendall hugs her and Bianca is near tears. Bianca says Maggie doesn't want to get back together.

Annie and Emma are at BJ's having a good time with Ryan. Josh watches from across the room. Ryan approaches Josh to thank him for helping keep Kendall safe. Josh says he hopes things are going well between Ryan and Kendall. Josh mentions Erin's death and Ryan points to Spike, saying that little guy is helping him deal with it. Josh mentions that Emma must be as well and Ryan questions him.

Bianca tells Kendall that her going away convinced Maggie that they're better off apart. Kendall says there's another woman out there who won't let her down.

The scene moves to a dressing table full of makeup. A person shown from the back with blond hair is putting on makeup. The person picks up a glass of wine and sets it down with a lipstick stain.

Di is with Aidan at Wildwind all dressed up and ready to go out for New Year's Eve. She is trying to bait the murderer and asks Aidan if she looks like a woman about to be murdered. She says if she plays her cards right she may trap him. A wary Aidan is going to be watching from afar. Di says she wants to see the look in his eyes when Aidan takes him down.

Tad and Zach are at the boathouse talking about Tad's investigation. Zach asks Tad who killed Simone and Erin but Tad says he doesn't know. Tad rattles off a list of identities Zach had before he became Zach Slater and says he learned he won the casino in a card game. Tad says any number of people Zach dealt with during those times could be ticked off at him. Zach says none of those people committed the murders. Tad asks Zach what he wants him to find but Zach can't say. Tad tells Zach if he doesn't tell him about the gardenia at the white ribbons he can't help.

Kendall heaps words of praise on Bianca, telling her she is an amazing woman. She says if Maggie thinks there's someone better she has a slap in the face coming. Bianca says she expected this. Maybe that's why she accepted a date tonight. Kendall asks whom her date is with. Is she stunning and funny? Bianca says yes but there's one minor blemish. She's a he. She's going out with Zarf.

Ryan tells Josh that he and Annie are dating and Josh says he can see he is close to Emma. Ryan says if he had a daughter he would want her to be like Emma. Josh says his pediatric rotation showed him that no two kids are alike. Ryan says he sees a lot of Spike in Emma.

Kendall asks Bianca if she's crazy, saying Zarf is a raving lunatic. Bianca says he's a great guy and there is something about him that she's drawn to. He is sweet, sensitive, and vulnerable, and when he says they have a cosmic connection she gets it. Kendall asks if she's falling for a guy. Bianca says she's not falling exactly. Kendall says if she is falling for a guy that's fine, as long as it's not Zarf. Bianca asks how she could be attracted to a man.

The blond is shown again putting on lipstick, blush, and perfume.

Kendall asks Bianca why she left a woman who couldn't be monogamous but wants to date a man who has slept with numerous women. She asks Bianca if she's bisexual. Bianca says no, but admits that she let Zarf kiss her. She says the thought of being with Zarf excites her.

Aidan tells Di he'll be with her the entire time so she shouldn't be nervous. Amanda and Del enter the room with Amanda yelling at Del. She tells Aidan and Di that Del took the hinges off her bedroom door and the door fell off. Del says it was squeaking and he took them off to lubricate them. Amanda demands he put the door back on tonight.

Tad wants to know what Zach thinks he did to cause the murders. If he doesn't tell, Tad says he can't help him and the murderer will continue killing innocent people. Tad tells Zach that if he's the key to who killed these women he needs to open his mouth. Jonathan arrives and demands to know if Zach knows who killed his sister.

Julia and Jamie bring Kathy to Wildwind. Amanda tells the little girl that she bought her a new outfit and Aidan mentions that he found a box of toys in the attic. Julia tells Kathy her mother is fine. Amanda takes Kathy upstairs and Di and Aidan follow. Jamie asks Julia how Linda really is. Julia says if doctors can't get her bleeding under control it doesn't look good. Julia asks what will happen to Kathy if she loses her mother as well as her father. Jamie says Linda could pull through this.

Annie tells Emma that she can stay up until 12 o'clock. Ryan tells her that means she's officially a big girl. He says Spike is still too young to stay up till midnight. Annie tells Ryan to not feel obligated to bang on pots and pans with them. Ryan says he wants to be there and wants to invite Jonathan. He says he feels like Erin will be with them as well.

Kendall asks Bianca if she knows Zach is investigating Zarf. He's weird, Kendall says. Bianca says he's not serial killer weird. Kendall says there's something untrustworthy about him. Josh arrives and Kendall informs him that Bianca is going out with Zarf. Josh says Zarf's been with some of the most gorgeous women and he thinks it's cool that he's dating their sister. Bianca thanks Josh and leaves to go home. Josh tells Kendall that she's known for 24 hours that Ryan isn't Emma's father but Ryan doesn't know. Kendall says she's not going to tell him. She says Ryan didn't donate sperm to know about all the children it created. She says he's going through a lot and doesn't need this bomb dropped on him. Josh says he saw Ryan today and Ryan told him that if he had a daughter he would want her to be like Emma. Kendall asks if she's testing Ryan and asks who he thinks he is.

Jonathan arrives at BJís and sits down with Annie, Ryan, and Emma. Ryan goes to pay the bill and Emma says that she likes Ryan. Annie says she likes Ryan too.

Julia tells Jamie about how she met Linda and how much Linda wanted a child. She says God gave them this beautiful little girl and asks how He could take them away from her.

Tad sarcastically tells Zach that he'll get back to his pointless search. As he starts to leave he gets a call. Tad comments that his search may not be pointless after all. He asks the caller to give him everything, starting with the cause of death.

Amanda brings Kathy down to see Julia and Jamie in her new dress. Aidan brings down the box of toys. Di says she baked a special cake for her. Del asks if it's the chocolate cake with the fudge frosting. He says most of it is still there. Kathy blows out candles on a cake and yells "happy new year." Di prepares to leave followed by Aidan. She says she wants to catch this guy tonight.

Bianca is at home and the nanny takes Miranda with her. Bianca looks in the mirror and comments that she has a lot to do to make herself look right. She tells herself that she's acting like this is a real date.

Kendall tells Josh that she asked him to help her find the truth, not tell her what to do with the truth. Josh says he saw Ryan with Emma and they are tight. He's dating Annie now. Kendall says that won't last. Josh says Ryan needs to know. She says she's not telling Ryan and neither is Josh. Josh says she's making a big mistake. He deserves to know the truth and so does Annie. Ryan walks in and says he heard them yelling about Annie. Josh says it looks like he caught them. He tells Kendall that if she doesn't tell Ryan and Annie he will.

Tad tells Zach that a woman went over the side of the balcony and had a white ribbon around her neck and gardenias in her hand. Tad says he knows the connection between Zach and the murders. He says the woman died in the fall. He asks Zach to fill in the gaps.

Bianca is dressed to go out in a sexy black dress. There is a knock on the door. She opens it and stares at Zarf, who is dressed like a woman.

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