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All My Children Update Thursday 12/28/06


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall joins Ryan at the boathouse and brings along Spike and a large picnic hamper. Ryan greets both Kendall and Spike and asks who all of the food is for. Kendall tells him that Zach is at the casino getting ready for the evenings festivities and that it is just the three of them eating. Emma comes around the corner of the boathouse and runs up to Ryan, grabbing him around the legs.

Zach is on the balcony of the house that he and Kendall recently bought. He imagines hearing a woman screaming as she falls from some height. He turns and sees a dark haired woman coming onto the balcony.

Tad tells the little girl that he knows for a fact that she is too pretty to be part of his family and asks her if she belongs to Santa. She tells him that she is her mommyís little girl. He tells her that was going to be his next guess.

Julia is talking to Linda in her (Lindaís) hospital room. Linda asks about Kathy and Julia tells her that the little girl is fine and without a scratch. She then asks about Jim.

JR calls Babeís cell phone and demands to know where she is because she has been gone for over an hour.

Babe is in a parking garage and hears a noise. She calls out to George but Josh answers her. He finds her and she tells him that there is someone else down there and that he was in that direction. Josh goes rushing off to find the other person while George stays with Babe.

Julia asks Linda who she should contact to let them know about Jimís passing and to get Kathy. Linda tells her that her parents are dead and that she never met Jimís parents and has no idea if they are alive either. There is no one to take care of Kathy. Julia tells Linda that she will keep Kathy and that when Linda gets better that she can stay with them at Wildwind for as long as she likes. Julia asks if she should bring Kathy in to see her and Linda wants to see her very much.

Tad is doing a magic trick with a quarter and Jamie tells Kathy that he thinks he is funny, but he really isnít. Julia comes out in the hall to get Kathy and they go back in to see Linda. Tad asks Jamie who these people are and what happened. He tells Tad that Linda and Jim are friends of Julia who were on their way to Wildwind to visit with Julia when their car spun out of control and they had the accident. Kathy is fine but her father didnít make it. The mother could go either way. Off in the other hallway, we see Fr. Clarence looking on. Tad mentions that there is no rhyme or reason as to why things happen as they do.

Emma and Ryan go off ice skating and Annie urges them to be careful. Kendall and Annie sit on the benches and Kendall asks Annie if she is still falling in love with Ryan. She tells Kendall that she is and that it doesnít bother her that she looks a little like Greenlee because Greenlee is gone and she is here and in Ryanís life now.

Zach demands to know why Bianca is there all alone. She tells him that she isnít alone, that her bodyguard is inside the house. Zach stammers and struggles to make sense out of Bianca being at the house unaccompanied. Bianca tells him, again, that her bodyguard is inside and he gets upset asking why the bodyguard is inside and not with her. Bianca tries to calm Zach and asks him what is going on since he is very upset and is not acting like himself. He has acted like this recently and she tells him that it is more than just the murders.

Josh joins Babe and George and tells them that he found nothing. George tells him that there are a lot of cars to hide behind, but Josh assures him that he looked everywhere. Josh asks Babe if she is all right and she tells him yes. He grabs her hand and tells her that her pulse is racing and that he thinks that she needs to go to a hospital to be checked out. She tells him that she wonít go to a hospital, but he insists that she needs to have her blood pressure taken because she is pale. He tells her that he can take her blood pressure up in his room and not go to the hospital. When he threatens to throw her over his shoulder and carry her up to his room, she reluctantly agrees to go with him. After they leave the garage, Zarf walks out of the shadows.

Colby and Sean are watching the nanny cam set up in Joshís room. They hear Babe and Josh enter the room and see Josh put Babe on the bed. Sean asks Colby if that is really what she wanted to do and she tells him that she wants her brother to be happy. Babe tells Josh that she needs to leave and go home to her family. He tries to stop her and she struggles to get out of bed. In the process, she knocks the nanny cam off the nightstand and the camera is now taking video of the carpeting. Colby is distressed that Josh and Babe are in bed and she is getting pictures of dust bunnies under the bed.

Josh tells Babe that she needs to stay and she disagrees with him. He tells her that she has nearly fainted two times in the last several minutes and he thinks that is something to be concerned about. George tells Babe that he should never have let her out of his sight. She tells him that this isnít his fault. He tells her that JR has every right to fire him over this but she tells him that JR need not know that it happened. Babe asks George to give them a moment and wait out in the hall. He does and Josh tells her that he understands that she was ticked at him but that she had no right to run away from George. He just wants to be sure that she is safe. She asks him if he still wants that if she is safe with JR.

JR hears someone enter the room and he thinks it is Babe and starts to tell her that she was gone too long. He looks up and sees Zarf enter the room. He asks Zarf what he is doing there and gets no response. Zarf walks over to him and takes his hand. JR pulls away from him and asks him what he is doing there. Zarf asks him if he truly thinks that Babe belongs with him.

Colby jumps up and decides that she has to fix the problem with the nanny cam. She tells Sean that she is going to go to the Valley Inn, put on a maidís uniform, and go into the room to reset the camera. Sean tells her that it would be foolish to do that. Josh would realize that there is a camera in the room and it would be her second breaking and entering crime. Josh would send her to jail.

Babe tells Josh that she and JR are making progress. He tells her that when he went up on the rooftop at Fusion the night he found Erin, he had decided that if he couldnít be with Babe that he was going to have to leave Pine Valley. He tells her that right now, all he wants to do is hold her in his arms and kiss her. She tries to get him to stop saying these things to her and he tells her that he realizes that she wanted him to help her forget about him but he canít do that. He doesnít want to forget about her. As Babe turns to leave, she notices a Christmas present on the dresser and she asks if it is a late present for Erica. He asks her if she is looking for an excuse to stay and she decides that the present is for her.

Zarf helps himself to a glass of liquor and JR tells him that he didnít offer him anything. JR asks where Babe is and Zarf tells him that she is on a journey. He tells JR that Babe is a special soul and that he stopped by to see what kind of a man she chose to spend her life with. JR tells him that he isnít a friend of Babe and that her personal life is off-limits to him. Zarf tells JR that he is more attuned to Babe than he is. JR tells Zarf that Babe needed his music and that is why she had anything to do with him. Zarf tells him that anger rolls off of him in waves. He asks JR why he thinks that he owns Babe and then asks him what kind of a woman he really wants.

Bianca asks Zach what has him so upset. She reminds him that he is the person who calmly barricaded himself in Kendallís hospital room so that nothing happened to Spike. He tells her that he canít stand to watch as the police chase their tails and the women of Fusion continue to die. He suggests that they close down Fusion and take all of the women to an island to stay until they find the serial killer. Bianca senses that there is more to Zachís reaction and asks him what else he knows about the murders. He tells her about the dream that he has been having each night of a woman who needs his help that he canít get to in time.

Annie tells Kendall that she can handle looking like Greenlee because Ryan needs her after losing his wife and now Erin. She tells Kendall that she wants to be there for him as he was there for her when she was terrified and when she needed to get her child back. Kendall asks if Ryan has already reached out to her and Annie tells her that he has.

Jamie asks Tad what happened to him this evening. Tad tells him that he realizes that he was worried about him but that he is fine now. He finally figured out that it isnít about any of them individually, but that they are all part of a larger plan. He has decided that Kate is fine wherever she is and she is loved.

Bianca tells Zach that he canít keep Kendall locked up and that she is an adult who will make her own decisions. He agrees but says that he is not going to lose her. When Bianca pushes about why he feels this way, he tells her that he is the only one who can stop what is happening.

Kendall comments that Emma has bonded with Ryan and Annie asks her what she is worried about. Annie tells her that Emma is not a stand-in for Spike. Kendall says that is because Spike is Ryanís own child. Annie apologizes and tells her that she doesnít want her worrying about them.

Linda tells Kathy that she will be staying with Julia until her mommy is well enough to get out of the hospital. Kathy asks if her daddy is going to stay with them, too.

Tad tells Jamie that Kate has a good life where she is and until they find her or she finds them, he will just keep the faith and keep looking for her. Jamie tells him that they will all help him in that endeavor.

Sean tells Colby that Josh will notice the clock radio on the floor and pick it up and put it back on the nightstand. They will just have to wait for their proof another day. Colby tells Sean that JR is going to be really hurt when he finds that Babe is cheating on him again. She says that good mothers donít do what Babe is doing and she (Colby) needs this evidence to make sure that JR gets custody of Little A when they divorce. She tells him that she is all that JR has since he is stuck in that bed and her father has turned into such a softy about the new baby.

JR tells Zarf to leave a note for Babe and leave. Zarf tells him that she is at the Valley Inn and that he just wanted to find out what kind of a man Babe was spending her life with. Zarf tells JR that he knows what Babe needs and wants. JR asks him if he is hitting on Babe. Zarf looks amused.

Josh tells Babe that the gift was meant for her but will probably end up with the cleaning lady or in the trash. She asks if he can return it and when he says no, she asks if she can still have it. He tells her that it is something to remind her that he still loves her.

JR tells Zarf not to dare touch Babe. Zarf tells him that she isnít his type and tells JR that he is plagued by demons. JR asks him if he is demon free and Zarf responds that he is trying to tame his demons. He asks JR what he is afraid of and JR tells him to leave his house.

Inside the package, Babe finds a compact mirror with an engraving that reads, ďYou are loved.Ē She tells him that it is beautiful. He says that it is to the point and anonymous so she can carry. She thanks him for the mirror and tells him that she is sorry. He tells her that what they had means the world to him and he wouldnít change it for a minute. She asks if he is going to leave Pine Valley and he tells her that he doesnít know and wonít decide until they have caught the serial killer. She starts to leave and the phone rings. Josh answers it.

Annie has on ice skates and is trying to get out of joining Ryan and Emma on the ice. Ryan tells Kendall that the next time he is going to rig up a sled so that she and Spike can join them on the ice. They skate off and Kendallís phone rings. Josh asks where she is and she tells him that she is at the boathouse. Josh tells her that he has the results of the DNA testing and the answers to Emma McDermottís parentage.

Julia and Kathy leave Lindaís room and Julia tells Jamie that they have a new roommate. Kathy calls Tad funny man and asks him to join them. Julia and Jamie second that suggestion and Kathy takes Tadís hand as they leave the hospital. Off to the side, Fr. Clarence watches as they go.

JR is screaming for someone to throw Zarf out of the house as Babe arrives. She pleads with Zarf to leave. They walk out of the room and Zarf tells her that JR needs a new aura because the one that he has is damaging to himself and to her. Babe urges Zarf to leave but he stays and asks her to be his best friend and help him to fulfill his destiny. She tells him that her destiny is right there with JR and Little A. He tells her that he is going to risk everything to fulfill his destiny. Babe watches as he leaves and is confused by his words.

Zach tells Bianca that he had the dream before Simone died and Bianca assures him that the deaths are not his fault. He tells her that it is about him and his past. She tells him that it is just a dream and he has to let it go and get past it. She hugs him and while they embrace, he again, hears the womanís voice screaming as she falls.

Josh shows up at the boathouse and Kendall says that judging from his expression, she doesnít think that she wants to hear what he has to say. He tells her that Emma is Ryanís daughter.

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