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Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca and Josh walk through the park and Bianca comments that Josh made it through his first Kane-Montgomery Christmas and nothing was smashed, thrown, or broken. She suggests that they stop for some cocoa and he tells her that he has places to be.

Sean and Colby are discussing the happy reunion of Erica and Jack. Sean worries that Erica might mention the gifts to Jack and he won’t know from where they came. Colby tells him that he has nothing to worry about as they have more important things to be doing and discussing.

Zarf is up on a table in the bar at the Valley Inn and is telling the patrons that they must stop hiding and start believing in the great “what if.” Babe tells him that she believes and that he should get down off of the table.

JR tells Little A that his mama is off with her rock star but that she will be home soon to read him one of his new books. Krystal re-assures JR that Babe is safe because George is with her.

Julia and Jamie are in the waiting room of the hospital with a little girl who is asleep on Julia’s lap. Julia tells Jamie that he is going to love both Linda and Jim and that an ER room in the hospital is no place for a little girl to spend Christmas. Jeff walks out of the ER suites and Julia begs him to tell her that they are going to be all right.

Tad arrives at the Chandler house and Dixie tells him that she has been worried about him. He acknowledges her concern and apologizes for upsetting her. Dixie tells him that this is another holiday with no Kate to open presents. He tells her that he knows that it hasn’t gotten any easier but that he is sure that next Christmas and the ones after they will be surrounded by the sound of little girl’s feet.

Jeff tells Julia and Jamie that they lost Jim on the table. He goes on to say that Linda is stable for the moment but has a lacerated liver. Jamie asks if they repaired it and Jeff tells them that they packed it and will wait until she is stabilized before they do the surgery to repair it. He asks if Julia knows anything about family members that need to be contacted and she tells him that she doesn’t. Jamie adds that he checked Jim’s wallet for contact information at the crash site and found none. Jeff says that he hopes that the little girl has some answers because she is going to need someone to take care of her.

Jack and Erica wake up in bed together and he tells her that there were days when he thought that they would never be together again. She tells him that she is where she wants to be and she doesn’t want to be anywhere else. He tells her that he loves her and she tells him to show her not tell her.

Babe tells Zarf that she adores him but that she needs to be getting home and asks what he needed to see her about. He tells her that he is ready to find his destiny. She tries to leave but he tells her that the journey is not his alone but that it is their journey. He tells her that they are each on the path to find their true happiness if they have the courage to find it. He looks up and he sees Bianca and Josh entering the bar.

Tad approaches JR and Little A and tells them that he hopes that they got their Christmas wishes. Krystal tells him that she knows that his wish is to find Kate and starts to ask if he has heard anything that would help in that endeavor. Tad tells her that he has no new leads but that he is hopeful. Dixie asks him to join her in another room and he tells Little A that he will be right back to teach him how to throw a football. As Tad and Dixie leave the room, Adam shows signs of sympathy at their loss of Kate.

Julia talks with the little girl and tells her that they should go out and get some fresh air and maybe make a snowman while she asks her some questions. Jamie tells her that the questions will be easy. The little girl acknowledges Julia as her mommy’s friend.

Zarf asks Bianca to join them. Josh goes to sit at the bar. Zarf tells Babe that if she ignores her fate that nothing else will be right. She asks him if that is why he asked her to join him so that she could meet with Josh. He tells her that he can’t tell her what her fate is. She accuses him of trying to ambush her. She marches up to the bar and demands to know why Josh and Zarf set her up to meet him there. She tells him that they are done and she turns to leave. He asks her if she is afraid that her husband will find out that they were together or if she is afraid that she won’t be able to leave him. She then decides that she will leave when she is ready and she sits down again. He asks if she would like some coffee or a dessert. She tells him that all she wants is one answer from him. She asks if he and Zarf planned this meeting. He tells her that no one dragged her to the Valley Inn just as no one made her fall in love with him. He says that if she wants to believe that she did that and was kicking and screaming the entire time, she can continue to believe that.

Colby and Sean enter the Montgomery house amid flying snowballs that they are throwing at each other. Jack meets them at the door and Colby tells him that he looks like he got exactly want he wanted for Christmas and he tells her that there IS a Santa Claus. Erica enters and Sean comments on how lovely she looks. She holds up the partridge brooch that she has clipped to her belt loop on her jeans and asks if they are referring to her or to the brooch. Jack tells her that it is lovely. When Erica starts to confront him about making only that comment, Sean senses disaster and tries to change the subject. He asks them what they have planned for the day and asks to speak with Jack alone. Jack implies that he has better things to do than to whisper in the corner with Sean. Erica thanks Sean and tells Jack that he should thank him also. At Jack’s puzzled look, Erica tells him that Sean is a matchmaker.

Julia, Jamie, and the little girl are walking through the park when they come upon the snowman that Colby and Sean built. Jamie offers to go get some hot chocolate for them to give Julia a chance to talk with the little girl alone. He tells her to trust her instincts and that will get the little girl to open up. When they are alone, Julia asks the little girl if she knew that she and her mommy were friends long before the little girl was born.

Tad and Dixie are talking in the library at the Chandler mansion and he tells her that he was in a very dark place with no hope of having a good life or ever finding Kate and no hope of ever getting to raise Kate when he figured out that he was wrong. They are going to find Kate because God wants them to find her. He tells her that he has no new leads but that he has the feeling because of the unusual night that he had. He tells her about meeting this little priest. Dixie identifies the priest as Father Clarence and Tad acknowledges that Fr. Clarence told Tad that he knew her. She tells Tad that she just met him at Tad’s house while she was there looking for him. Tad is reassured that she met him because that means that he is real and not something that Tad made up in his mind. It also makes him feel that his hope of finding Kate is real. He tells Dixie that he was out flat and was so lost that he didn’t even want to find himself when Fr. Clarence convinced him that hope doesn’t have to die and that it exists between love and forgiveness if you have faith. Tad tells her that he just seemed to wake up to realize that he had faith and that hope was there, too. Suddenly, he was back to his old self and not a lost cause. He tells her that he even wished on the Christmas star. She tells him that she made a wish on it, too. Tad tells her that they did that once before and found each other and that he is confident that they will find Kate. He assures her that Kate is safe and waiting for them to find her and when they do find her, they will bring her home.

Zarf and Bianca talk about people’s destiny and the journeys to get to their destiny. He tells her that we all need help getting to our destiny. Bianca asks if he is going to help Babe find her destiny and he tells her that walking the path to your destiny takes courage. He tells Bianca that she must have had help when she came out and she admits that she did. Zarf tells Bianca that if Babe has the courage to find her destiny, then he will have the courage to find his.

Babe asks Josh where he spent Christmas and tells him that Christmas at the mansion was great. She talks of decorating the tree and all of the presents. He asks if she is happy in a marriage where she has to be content that her husband didn’t throw himself or her out of a window. She tells him that she wants that man and that life.

Adam approaches JR and asks him if he is thinking about Babe. He admits that he is and that he knows that she likes to take chances and that he hopes that she is safe from the serial killer. Adam supplies that JR also hopes that she is far away from Josh and that is what nanny cams are for. JR says that he hates to mistrust Babe but that until he is sure about Babe, he will continue to have Colby monitor the nanny cam in Josh’s room.

Erica tells Jack that she wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Sean was behind all of the gifts that she got from Jack. Colby makes a joke about Sean being cupid. Sean tells them that they needs some alone time and rushes them out the door. When they are gone, he tells Colby that this whole thing is about to blow up in their faces.

Jamie returns and comments on the changes in the snowman. Julia tells the little girl that her mother made her laugh all the time and asks if she makes anyone else laugh. The little girl mentions Kayla and Max and Julia and Jamie think that they might be relatives but the little girl tells them that they are friends of hers from school. Jamie tells her that his Uncle Jeff makes him laugh and that he has an Uncle Jake and an Aunt Tara and asks if she has any aunts or uncles. She tells them that she has an aunt and they ask who she is. She tells them that she has an Aunt Julia and she looks at Julia and says that her mommy told her that she was her aunt. Julia’s beeper sounds and she tells the little girl that her mommy is waking up and asks if she wants to go see her. They leave for the hospital.

Dixie tells Tad that he is finally back to his old self. He asks her what she wanted to tell him that was so urgent. She tells him that it doesn’t matter now. Adam finds them and asks them to join the rest of them in the parlor. He tells them that it is something important about the baby. When they get into the parlor, Adam starts to tell them how he thought that they would never be able to ask them this question but after all of the support that they have given JR he thinks it is the right thing to do and the right time to ask. He continues to ramble and JR urges him to get to the point. Adam then asks them if they could see their way clear to be godparents for Charlotte. They stare at him, dumbfounded. JR tells them to speak up before Adam snaps out of his good humor. Tad tells him that he would be honored and Dixie agrees. Tad tells them that he is going to spoil her and Krystal tells him that she wouldn’t have it any other way. Tad asks permission to do something and approaches Krystal. He puts his hand on her stomach and welcomes the baby into the family.

Sean asks Colby how her other project is coming along. She tells him that she has no evidence against Babe yet but that she is still working on it. She tells him that she won’t let anyone hurt her big brother ever again. He tells her that she is small but scary.

Erica and Jack are walking in the park and he tells her that they have a lot to talk about. He tells her that he loves her very much and that he wants this to work out. Erica seems to lose concentration and Jack thinks that she is cold and he tries to warm her up. They walk toward a rock to sit down on and he tells her that he is going to take her home and warm her up. He is going to make a hot turkey sandwich with scalloped potatoes and gravy for her. She tells him that after they eat lunch, they will go right to bed. He says, “After the Christmas concert.” She tells him that Jeff asked her to go to the concert. She asks him if he wants to talk about Jeff and his feelings about Jeff. Jack tells her that all he wants to do is spend the holiday with his wife and that they can talk about it later.

Colby tells Sean that she has made all of the plans for their New Year’s Eve celebration and that all he has to do is show up. He tells her that she only needs a warm body to fill that role and she tells him that his warm body is the one that she wants. She wants him to remember that she was the woman who got his uncle and Erica back together again. He tells her that the thing about love is that if you don’t fall in you can’t fall out.

Babe tells Josh that she has to leave and she leaves the bar. He follows her but is stopped at the door by George who tells him that she doesn’t want his company.

Bianca tells Zarf that she has to get home to Miranda. She tells him that Miranda is usually very shy around strangers but that she took to him right away. He tells her that they speak the same language. She remembers that Miranda knew what he wanted for Christmas and asks if he got it. He tells her that he might get it in the new year if she rings it in with him. She agrees.

George comes back into the bar looking for Babe. Josh asks where she is and George said that he was hoping that she was with him. He lost her.

Julia asks Jeff why Linda isn’t in the ICU. He tells her that the ICU is full and that they are still trying to stabilize her before surgery. She asks to see Linda and he tells her to keep the visit brief. Jamie and the little girl are arm wrestling and Tad joins them and asks the little girl whose daughter she is.

Dixie tells Krystal that she would give anything if Tad could be the father to the little girl that Krystal is carrying. She tells Krystal that she promised not to tell her secret and she will keep her word. She won’t tell anyone until she has checked with Krystal first.

JR tells Little A that they are going to build a castle with a prince for mommy when she comes home.

Babe is in the parking garage and she drops her purse. She bends to pick it up and hears a sound. She calls out but no one answers.

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