AMC Update Tuesday 12/26/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/26/06 


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Zach and Ryan are on the floor at Kendall’s condo and are arguing about whom she belongs to now. Kendall tells them that she is going to take the hat away from both of them if they don’t behave.

Miranda and Bianca show up at Jack’s house and they exchange Christmas kisses and Bianca starts to pass out presents. After she has given presents to Lily, Jack, and Sean, she has one remaining in the bag. She tells them that it is for her mother.

Erica is talking with Myrtle and Myrtle is exclaiming over the “12 Days of Christmas” gifts that Erica has received. A diamond partridge, turtledove orchids, chocolate French hens, and silver calling birds have all arrived ostensibly from Jack. Erica seems hesitant about letting Jack know how much she cares for him. Myrtle tells her that there are 12 drummers waiting outside for her and she is planning to invite them in to beat some sense into Erica’s head.

Jamie and Julia are riding in the car and Julia is excited to be seeing her friends again after a long time. Jamie asks her what she wished for on the Christmas star.

Little A, JR, Babe and Colby are at the mansion opening presents. Adam is in the foyer with Dixie and Krystal. Krystal tells Dixie not to say a word and that she will be the one to tell Adam. Dixie tells her that she doesn’t have to do this but Krystal says that she wants to be the one to tell him. Adam gets exasperated and says that one of them needs to tell him whatever it is they are discussing.

Father Clarence helps Tad to his feet and asks if he hurt his ankle. Tad tells him that he did something because it hurts a lot. He notices the chapel and asks Father Clarence where it came from. Fr. Clarence tells him that it has always been there but Tad says that he has been walking in circles for hours and would have noticed it. He tells Tad that he realizes that he is feeling lost but that by the time the night is through, he will have found his way.

Jamie tells Julia that he has been wishing on the Christmas star for a long time and he knows the rules. He urges her to tell him what she wished for. When she won’t, he tells her that he will tell her his wish. Julia believes that if he tells his wish, it won’t come true and tells him not to risk making his wish public. Jamie tells her that he wished for Kate.

Fr. Clarence tells Tad that they need to go inside out of the cold. Tad says that he isn’t comfortable in churches any more. After some convincing, Tad agrees to enter the chapel. Fr. Clarence asks him if he has ever seen a more beautiful display of the holy family. Tad suddenly remembers meeting Fr. Clarence the previous Christmas Eve when he urged Tad to make a wish on the Christmas star. Fr. Clarence asked Tad if his wish came true. Tad tells him that things didn’t work out the way he had hoped. Fr. Clarence exclaims that the child is gone.

Krystal tells Adam that Dixie wants to give Tad his child and reminds Adam how awful the Christmases that he spent without Colby were. She asks Adam to understand Dixie’s intentions. Adam tells Dixie that he can understand how she is feeling and apologizes to her.

Little A and Winifred are playing with the dinosaurs that Little A got for Christmas. Colby is standing nearby talking to her mother on her cell phone. She tells her Merry Christmas and dejectedly hangs up.

Bianca tells her Uncle Jack that she just refuses to believe that he and her mother are done. Sean gets a text message from Colby telling him that it is time to deliver the goose to Erica. Sean tells his uncle and Bianca that he needs to run out for a little while but will be right back.

Erica tells Myrtle that if Jack still cares for her he should tell her. She asks where his apology is. Myrtle tells her that if she is determined to have a miserable Christmas Eve, she can’t help her because she has a date. Erica expresses surprise and asks who this mystery date is. Palmer shows up to collect Myrtle and says that she is his charity date and they have a dinner to go to. Myrtle says that he is hot for her but just won’t admit it.

Kendall is taking lots and lots of pictures of the whole family. She insists that they get additional shots of Spike with Zach, Ryan, and her.

Adam tells Dixie that he remembers all to well how she is feeling without her child. He tells her that she has to keep the faith and that miracles still happen. He tells her that she deserves to have the peace of having her daughter home with her and that he wants to help her and Tad find Kate. He tells her to call if she needs anything. He turns to Krystal and asks what it was that she wanted to tell him. Babe pops in and tells them that Little A is waiting for his grandfather before he opens any more gifts. Krystal says that her news can wait and that she will be right in. When Adam leaves, Dixie asks Krystal, incredulously, if she was really going to tell Adam that she is carrying Tad’s daughter.

Fr. Clarence repeats that the child is missing and he asks Tad to look under his feet. Tad tells him that that is a bad joke. His daughter is missing and Fr. Clarence thinks it is funny. Fr. Clarence tells him that he is looking for the Baby Jesus from the manger scene and it seems to happen every year. Tad apologizes and says that he thought he meant someone else. Fr. Clarence asks, “Kate?” Tad is surprised that he knows her name. He asks how he knows her name. He tells Tad that Tad told him he name. Tad denies it. Fr. Clarence finds the Baby Jesus and goes to put the baby in the manger but finds that it is broken. He asks Tad if he would mind fixing it.

Jamie tells Julia that his father is taking the loss of Kate very hard and even harder that Dixie is. Julia tells him that he helps Tad by exuding this feeling that everything is going to be all right. They notice something up ahead in the road.

Sean walks into Erica’s office and tells her that he is delivering Christmas. He tells her that his Uncle Jack misses her terribly. He hands her another gift and tells her that it was at the front desk waiting for her. He leaves. Erica opens a handmade present that tells her that he loves her and has the date of their wedding on it. She seems to be taken by the romantic gesture.

Ryan hands Kendall a present for her. She opens it and finds a small replica of the chapel inside. She remembers that it looks like the chapel that they were locked in together last year when she decided to carry Spike to term. She says that God knew how much they both needed Spike. Ryan calls him their Christmas miracle.

Fr. Clarence asks Tad why he isn’t with his family and Tad says that they are better off without him because he would just disappoint them. Fr. Clarence tells him that it is not his fault that Kate is missing and Tad says that he feels that he is disappointing Jamie, too. He says that JR has suffered enough and doesn’t need Tad to cause him any more pain.

Jamie and Julia arrive at the car and try to get the door open. Julia recognizes her friend Linda who was coming to visit her for the holidays. Jamie takes out his phone and calls 911 and asks them to send an ambulance quickly.

JR asks Colby if she was talking to her mother and tells her that she should have done more and been there for the holiday. He tells Colby that he will always have him because he isn’t going anywhere. She thanks him. Babe wanders over to the corner to talk with Adam. He tells her that Dixie is trying to make Krystal feel bad because she is having a baby. He says that Krystal denies that is what is happening. Babe says that her mother has a big heart and tries to find the best in everyone. Adam says that she found the best in him and that isn’t an easy thing to do. Babe tells him that her mother loves him 100% and that he needs to remember that no matter what.

Dixie tells Krystal that she needs to know if she was really going to tell Adam about the baby. She tells Dixie that she was going to do it; she was going to tell Adam that she was carrying Tad’s child.

Tad tells Fr. Clarence that he has disappointed everyone who has ever cared about him. He suddenly stands up as if to leave. He tells the priest that he doesn’t belong there because he is a sinner. Fr. Clarence tells him that we are all sinners, but Tad says that his sin is murder.

Ryan brings out another present and Kendall chastises him for spoiling Spike. He tells her that this one is from Erin. He found it all wrapped up and ready to give to their son. Kendall tells him to do the honors and so he opens the gift. Inside they find a white tee shirt with a penny on it. The word Lucky is spelled out over the penny. Ryan tells his son that his aunt Erin loved him very much and wanted him to have all the luck in the world. Kendall tells Ryan that Spike is his lucky charm. They get ready to leave and Kendall invites Ryan to join them. He tells her that he is meeting up with Jonathan.

Krystal tells Dixie that she would like for Adam to continue thinking that this child is his because it has made him so happy and changed him. Dixie tells her that she (Krystal) is the one to have changed Adam. Dixie expresses her opinion that it is unfair to Tad to keep this information from him. Krystal tells her that if she tells Tad that the baby is his, she will be destroying this (the Chandler) family. Dixie says that is what he said (referring to Fr. Clarence).

Tad tells Fr. Clarence that JR has had a hard time of it lately. Fr. Clarence tells Tad that he encountered JR when he was going through a very bad spell a couple of years ago. Tad remembers that this was when JR lost Miranda and thought that she was his daughter. Fr. Clarence tells him that he must have given up on him by now. Tad adamantly denies that saying that JR is his child and a good father would never give up on his child. Fr. Clarence reminds Tad that God is a good father, too and that he is God’s child.

Stuart and Marian arrive at the Chandler home and greet everyone. Marian tells Colby that she just spoke with Liza and that her mother misses her very much. Colby doesn’t believe that. Marian tells her that the reason that Liza isn’t there with her is that she realizes that Colby missed a lot of Christmases that she should have spent with her father and she wanted her to have this one alone with him to make up for the previous ones. Colby remarks that her mother didn’t tell her that. Marian tells her that it is hard to admit when you are wrong, especially when by being wrong you hurt the person that you love the most.

Josh arrives at Erica’s office and Erica invites him in. He asks if all of the presents came from fans and she tells him that Jack is doing a “12 Days of Christmas” kind of gift theme this year. Josh tells her that Jack visited with him soon after he found out that she was his mother and told him that he wanted to be a part of his life. He said that he wouldn’t stand in Josh’s way if he wanted to be part of Erica’s life as well. Josh says that he admired Jack for doing and saying that. Erica asks what Josh is doing that evening and when she finds out that he has no plans, she invites him to join her.

Ryan and Jonathan are deciding what they want to do and Emma rushes up to them telling them that Santa is coming that night. Ryan scoops her up in his arms and asks where she came from. Annie tells them that they were on their way to the church service and asks them along. They agree.

Kendall and Zach join the party at Jack’s and are opening presents. Erica and Josh come to the door. Jack takes Erica into his arms and wishes her a Merry Christmas.

Dixie asks Krystal if she has been talking to a kindly old priest. Krystal is confused. Krystal tells Dixie that she is concerned about what the news will do to Adam and to Tad. She asks Dixie to keep her secret and she agrees…for the holiday. Krystal asks her to let her be the one to tell Adam and Tad if and when the information needs to come out. Dixie promises that she will do that.

Tad is deep in prayer. He says that he is sorry for what he did but he did it because he wanted to find his daughter. He asks God to keep her safe and let her be in a loving family if He doesn’t feel that Tad deserves to have her with him. He tells God that Madden kept the information about Kate away from them just to torture them and he tortured Madden to get the truth about Kate from him. He says that if that makes him evil, it is his sin and not Kate’s. He asks God to forgive him enough to watch over Kate and if He does, he will do anything for Him. Tad hears a siren in the distance.

Jamie tells the EMT personnel that the man didn’t appear to be breathing when they arrived on the scene and that there was a lot of pressure on his chest due to the steering wheel. Julia tells them that the woman’s abdomen is distended and that she suspects internal bleeding and a broken rib. The EMTs take the patients away.

The congregation at the midnight service at the church is singing “It Came upon a Midnight Clear” and Jonathan and Ryan are not singing. Emma pushes her way over to Jonathan and takes his hands. He lifts her up and she turns to put an arm around each of the Lavery brothers.

JR presents a huge box to Babe and tells her that he got this when they were in France and forgot all about it. She opens the package and finds a painting of a café that they frequented when they were in the south of France. She is thrilled with the present. JR tells her Merry Christmas and Babe responds Merry Christmas, too.

Tad walks out of the chapel and looks up into the star filled night sky.

Dixie gets her coat and walks out on the terrace at the Chandler estate and looks up into the same sky. She asks God to give her a sign. She asks if she should tell Tad that he has another child.

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