AMC Update Friday 12/22/06

All My Children Update Friday 12/22/06


Written By Lori
Proofread by Fran
Pictures by Juanita

The Chandlers are at the mansion celebrating Christmas Eve.  Krystal gives Adam a gift, which is a photo of a sonogram of her unborn baby.  Adam says she look just like him.  JR says she has Chandler eyes.  Adam asks Babe to bring in Little A but she says he's still taking his nap.  Colby says she'll open some of her presents.  JR says they should wait for Dixie to come back.  She left first thing this morning and seemed a little stressed.  Krystal asks if everything was OK.  JR says she had to talk to Tad.  Babe and Krystal exchange glances.

Dixie is at Wildwind telling Jamie she would love to stay and visit but can't.  Jamie and Julia encourage her to stay.  Julia says she could use some help decorating the tree.  Dixie asks them if they've heard from Tad.  She says she has been to his office and home and no one has heard from him.  Julia asks if there's an emergency.  Before Dixie can answer Julia is distracted by her phone ringing and leaves the room.  Dixie tells Jamie she is worried about his father.  She says she has never seen him so despondent and lost.  Jamie says his father is not himself and he's not sure what to do.  Dixie says she may have something to help him pull out of this.  She asks to let her know if he hears from him.

Tad is in the park having flashbacks.  He hears David's voice telling him Dixie risked a lot to keep this pregnancy secret from everyone.  He says Tad never wanted the kid in the first place.  Tad remembers telling David he doesn't have a clue as to what's going on.  David's voice tells him to take a cold, hard look at himself in the mirror.  He hopes he never finds his way out. 

As Dixie leaves Wildwind she tries calling Tad again and he answers.  He tells her he's OK.  Dixie asks to meet him at his house but he says he's not up to it.  She urges him to meet her.

Krystal says opening a present or two on Christmas Eve won't put a dent in Little A's haul.  Babe says she doesn't want to ruin the whole Santa thing.  JR says no one will spoil his excitement.  Adam says since he's a grandfather he doesn't have to adhere to the Santa gift protocol.  He thinks there are many presents that can be opened now.  Krystal excuses herself to go wrap some presents.  She steps into the foyer and looks worried.  Babe follows her and asks her mother if she's scared that her slip-up gave Dixie what she needs.  Krystal says it's not her fault.  Babe says she opened her big mouth.  She should have made something up.  Krystal says that wouldn't have helped.  Dixie won't give up.  She won't stop until she convinces Tad, and then Adam's heart is going to break.  Babe asks what they can do.  Krystal says she doesn't know. 

Tad hears Dixie's voice telling him their baby is perfect.  That she's having a girl and wants to come home.  He remembers Brooke telling him about the Dixie's car accident.  He also remembers seeing Dixie come back from the ďdead.Ē

Amanda brings in a box of decorations.  Jamie says there better be some presents for him.  Di asks Jamie if been a good boy and he says he has.  Amanda says to just ask Julia.  Di goes over to Aidan, who is glued to his laptop computer.  She says that Jonathan is getting settled upstairs into a new room.  She says it might not be a good idea if he comes down and sees him looking at Erin's autopsy reports.  Aidan says she's right and that he should go to the office.  Di suggests he stay here and help them decorate.  Maybe they can distract Jonathan for a little bit.  Aidan agrees.  The group begins decorating the tree and seeking "Deck the Halls."  Julia returns to the room to say she's getting the best Christmas present.  She says during the 10 years that she and Noah were on the run, Jim and Linda Mershon were the only friends they made, but they had to leave and never got to say goodbye.  She says she had an urge to look Linda up and explain what happened.  She says they had a last-minute meeting in Philly and are coming to spend Christmas with them at Wildwind.  She says Linda keeps hinting that she has a big surprise but won't tell her what it is.  She says she can't think of any better surprise than seeing old friends at Christmas.  Julia and Jamie go out onto the front step to place a wreath outside.  They see Tad from a distance.

Dixie goes to Tadís and finds the door ajar.  She walks inside and calls out for him.  She looks around.  Father Clarence comes to the door.  Dixie says the man who lives here isnít home.  Dixie says she'll make a contribution to the church fund, but he tells her it isn't necessary.  He says he'll see Tad later.  Actually he came to see her and he calls he by name.    

Colby enjoys opening her presents and Adam tells her he missed her every Christmas she was away.  Colby says she doesn't expect her mother to kidnap her again.  She didn't even send her a card.  Colby tells JR that his gift took some serious work, but it's not ready yet and might not be until after New Year's.  She says it's her own little project.  She says she's getting the 411 on Babe.

Babe tells Krystal on the terrace that Tad never doubted her word about the baby before and won't doubt her now no matter what Dixie says.  Krystal says it may not be that simple.  Babe says she'll go to Tad and tell him that Dixie got it totally wrong.  Krystal says that will be until Dixie tells Adam that she saw her with Tad doing a lot more than a handshake.

Tad comes to the doorstep of Wildwind, looks at the falling snow, and tells Jamie that it looks like it's going to be a white Christmas.  Jamie tells him they're worried about him but Tad says there's no need.  Julia says Dixie is looking for him but Tad says he's already spoken to her.  Tad says he has some last minute Christmas errands to do and he's supposed to make it to the Chandlers to see Dixie and JR.  Jamie sees Tad has no car and no coat and asks him how he's going to get to the Chandlers.  Tad says his car is down around the curve.  Jamie asks what curve.  Tad says it's right out there.  He parked because he was in the neighborhood looking for a store someone told him about.  Julia says there are no stores near Wildwind.  Tad says he was misinformed.  Jamie says he'll drive him but Tad says it isn't necessary.  Jamie goes to get Tad a coat.  Julia asks Tad if he made a wish on the Christmas star.  She says she heard when he wishes on it, it can bring miracles.  Tad says a miracle can break your heart.

Dixie apologizes to Father Clarence and says she thought he was collecting for a charity.  She asks how he knows her name.  He says he knows a great deal about her.  He introduces himself as Father Clarence.  He says he sees that Tad got his wish.  Dixie is confused.  Clarence says last year Tad wished on the Christmas star for her return and here she is.  She says she did come back but she didn't make anyone's dreams come true.  Father Clarence says there's a great deal of love between her and Tad.  Her journey isn't over yet.  He says she has a gift for Tad, which she is anxious to share.  She asks how he knows that.  He says it's his business to see what's in people's hearts.

Tad tells Julia he doesn't think there's going to be a Christmas star this year.  It's overcast and you can't see a thing.  She says even if you can't see the star it's still there.  Julia gets a call from Linda and walks away from Tad to give her directions to Wildwind. 

Di and Amanda are decorating the tree when Jonathan walks into the room.  Del walks in and asks if they're ready for secret Santa.  He is shirtless with some feather boas around his neck and a Santa hat.  Di asks him what's his secret is.  Amanda compliments his hat.  Jamie returns and asks Julia where his dad is.

Dixie says Tad doesn't know about any gift.  She asks if he means their little girl and he says he does.  She says she didn't realize that Tad had been talking to a priest about his problems.  Clarence tells her that her daughter is not lost.  She asks where she is.  He says she's where God wants her to be.  Dixie says she can't do the God's will stuff right now.  She knows there's a reason for everything but this doesn't make sense.  Her child should be with her and Tad.  She thinks God made a big mistake.  Clarence says people have the free will to decide what path they will pursue.  She asks what people do when paths are chosen for them.  He says the strength of a person is measured not by what happens to him but what he chooses to do with it.  She says she made some horrible mistakes, which cost her her daughter.  He says she and Tad are bound together by love and grace.  Dixie says she thinks she can give Tad something that might heal Tad's pain that was caused by Kate's loss.  Clarence says she can't substitute one child for another.  She asks him what he just said.  He refers to the child on the way and she asks how he knows about that. 

Babe asks Krystal if Dixie would be destructive enough to tell Adam what she saw.  Krystal says Dixie won't think of it as destructive but rather the right thing to do.  Krystal says there are nights she lies awake thinking she'll have to tell both men the truth.  She asks if loving Adam gives her the right to keep a parent from his child and if she can go on deceiving Adam for the rest of his life.  She says she is in the spot Babe was in when they were trying to pass off Bianca's baby as hers.  Babe says it's very different.  Krystal says maybe there's a greater plan at work.  She wonders if she can give Tad another chance with another child.  Babe reminds her she told her not to tell JR about Josh and she didn't listen.  As a result, there was total chaos, and JR almost died.  Maybe sometimes a lie is better than the truth.  Babe tells Krystal not to decide anything until they know how the thing with Dixie plays out.

Colby tells JR and Adam about the spy-cam she put in Josh's room.  She says if Babe is doing the deed with Josh they'll see everything.  JR asks her if she has seen anything.  She says not yet, but when they do get something he can throw Babe out and get custody of Little A.  Adam says he loves her for trying to protect her brother but it's ill advised.  Colby says she can sneak in and get the camera if JR wants her to, but JR tells her to leave it there.  He doesn't want to give Babe a free pass to make a fool of him again.

Tad hears Dixie's voice telling him she signed Kate over to strangers because she didn't have faith that Tad would love their daughter. 

Clarence tells Dixie she has the power to chance the course of people's lives.  Dixie says wrecking lives is the cost of truth sometimes.  He asks if truth has to come at such a high price.  Dixie says she can't keep something so precious away from Tad.  She's already done that.  He asks if one person should gain happiness at the expense of another person's pain.  Dixie asks him what he thinks.  Clarence says that's the eternal question that people have been pondering for centuries.  He tells her whatever she decides will be right.  She asks him what makes him think he'll choose right this time.  He tells her she's no longer alone.  She asks if he'll tell her where Tad is.  He says he's out looking for his answers the same as she's looking for hers. 

The Wildwind gang opens gifts.  Amanda opens a gift from Del, which turns out to be skimpy underwear.  She throws them back at him and says thatís about as close as heís going to get to it.  Jamie says you canít blame a guy for trying.  Di gives Aidan a gift, which is a Twister game.  He calls it good clean family fun.  Amanda gives Del a gift.  It is his own boxer shorts.  Amanda says it was that or the trash.  Di says maybe now heíll pick them up off the bathroom floor.  Jonathan gets a gift and says he didn't get anyone anything.  Jamie says that's OK.  Itís bunny house slippers.  Aidan says he got the same thing when he moved in.  Jamie stands up and pushes a button on a remote.  Christmas music fills the house.  He says he hard-wired the entire house.  He gives Julia some blueprints for a state-of-the art media room that he has planned for Wildwind.  Everyone is excited.

Winifred brings Little Adam to JR, who asks where Babe and Krystal are.  Winifred says she saw them out on the terrace.  Babe tells Krystal not to do anything now.  She says Dixie could have gone to cheer Tad up for the holidays.  Krystal thinks Dixie may be saying "Merry Christmas Tad, have a daughter."  Adam comes out and asks them what they're doing in the snow.  Babe says her mother was burning up with her pregnancy hormones and they decided to get some air.  Adam asks Krystal if she's OK and she says she's fine.

The Wildwind gang is having fun playing Twister.  Amanda falls and Del suggests a private rematch.  Julia says she has to go make a present run.  She starts to leave and Jamie stops her to kiss her under the mistletoe.

The Chandler clan is opening gifts when Dixie arrives.  She watches the festivities from the foyer.  Adam goes into the foyer to get the video camera and finds Dixie has arrived.  She looks distressed and he asks if something is wrong.

Tad is in the park and falls down.  As he turns to get up, he finds Father Clarence there offering his hand to help.

Colby is having fun with Little Adam.  JR smiles and takes Babeís hand.

Dixie tells Adam she doesn't want to break up a family moment.  Adam tells her she's part of the family.  He asks if she's found Tad but she says she can't do this now.  He asks her what happened.  Krystal comes into the foyer and tells Dixie that sheíll say what needs to be said.

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