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Kendall is reluctant to leave Fusion saying that if she turns off the lights and leaves, it will make it all real and true. Zach tells her that he will wait with her.

Bianca is picking up the dishes and cups left behind after the reception and Jack tells her that she doesn’t need to do that. She asks who will do it. He praises her for how well she handled herself during the funeral and reception and tells her that he will be there for her no matter what. She finishes his sentence by adding ‘no matter what happens between you and mom.”

Jeff enters Erica’s office and tells her that he wanted to check on her after the funeral. She thanks him and thanks him for the gift. He tells her that it would be tempting to take credit for the gift but that he cannot.

Colby and Sean are in the hallway outside of Erica’s office and she tells him that if he wants Erica home for Christmas, she needs his help.

Adam is behind a door and Krystal is talking to him and saying that he needs to get into the spirit of the holiday and cooperate with her. She tells him that if he doesn’t, his gift from her will stay wrapped and under the tree until after the New Year.

Dixie tells Babe that Krystal is very strong being able to keep her secret from Adam. Babe denies that there is a secret to keep and Dixie assures her that Krystal talked with her and that Tad’s baby is on the way.

Tad is sitting at home alone and imagines that he is hearing a little girl’s voice looking for daddy. He tries to get back to work on digging into Zach’s past but is again interrupted by a little girl’s voice saying that she wants to show daddy the ornaments that she picked out. He then hears the disguised voice that he used when he was talking to Greg Madden in the coffin. The little girl’s voice and Dixie’s voice discuss the ornaments again. He then hears his disguised voice telling Madden that he is either an angel sent to save him or the devil sent to take him to his execution. Livia enters the house and tells him that she knows what he did.

Dixie persists in trying to get Babe to admit that the baby that Krystal is carrying is Tad’s.

Krystal is at the Miranda Center dressed as a holiday elf. She asks the children gathered for the party who they want to see. They respond, “Santa.” She calls for Santa to join them and he tells her that he needs to see her before he can come out. She tells him that he needs to come out and he asks her to look at him. When she does, she realizes that something is wrong with the costume.

Colby shoves Sean into Erica’s office and she comments on his entrance. He says hello to her and to Jeff. He mentions that the bird has come home to perch referring to Erica’s present. She asks him what he knows about the present and if she had seen it before…if Jack had sent it to her. He asks her if she has any other true loves in her life.

Jack tells Bianca not to worry about him and Erica but to concentrate on giving Miranda the very best Christmas that she can. He walks over to Kendall and tells her that if she needs anything to let him know. Bianca tells Zach that she knows his secret. She tells him that two young women have been murdered and as he is a self-appointed protector of her and Kendall, the situation is unbearable for him. He asks Bianca to try to convince Kendall to move the offices of Fusion to the casino for a while. She tells him that she will and then when she is done with that, she will yank the moon from the sky. She tells him that the killer isn’t Zarf. She has spent some time with him and she realizes that he is a little bizarre but he is not dangerous. Kendall comes up to them and tells Zach that she is ready to go home. Bianca tells them good-bye and Kendall tells her that she has to leave with them. She assures Kendall that she will be ok because she has a cell phone and a bodyguard. Kendall embraces her and asks her to tell her that everything will be ok. Bianca tells her that she loves her. Zach tells them to think happy thoughts only.

Adam enters the children’s party at the Miranda Center dressed as Scrooge. The children are expecting Santa and everyone asks where he is. Adam tells them that Santa is a silly thing who has eight rhinoceros and likes to eat liver and onions. The children correct him and tell him all about the reindeer and leaving cookies and milk for Santa.

Babe denies that Krystal and Tad spent the night together but Dixie assures her that it did happen and that she was there to see it. Babe tells Dixie to stop saying that because if Adam heard it even though it is not true, he would leave her mother in an instant. Dixie continues to pursue the issue by telling Babe that she realizes that it is difficult for Krystal to watch Adam glow about his child while Tad mourns the loss of his. Babe says that it is more than awful then catches herself. She tells Dixie that it is more than awful to hear these lies about her mother over and over again. She tells Dixie that things at the mansion are tense and with her continuing to tell these lies, it makes matters even worse. She tells her that taking one man’s child away is not going to make Tad feel better. She asks if that will make Tad forget about Kate. Dixie quickly tells her that Tad will never forget about Kate and neither will she. Babe reminds her that for a while, she thought that her son was gone forever so she does know how she feels. She tells her that this issue is between Dixie and Tad and that she needs to leave her mother’s baby out of it.

Tad tells Livia that unless she has some information about the person who killed Erin and Simone that he is busy and she needs to leave. Livia tells him that he put on quite a performance when he was on the witness stand at Dixie and Zach’s trial. He asks if she wants an apology for that. She tells him that she knows who killed Greg Madden. Tad tells her that no one cared about Madden and someone that he cared very much about is dead and if she doesn’t have any answers for him, she can leave him alone. She tells him that she used to call him friend and wants to know what has happened to him. His eyes are now cold and empty and she asks if his soul is gone. He tells her that Madden is gone as is Kate and that he is probably gone as well.

Dixie talks to Bianca and asks her how she was able to forgive Babe for taking her child away from her.

Krystal is trying to convince Scrooge (Adam) to be less of a grump about Christmas and suggest to the children that the only way that will happen is if they tickle him. Babe appears at the door and calls her mother out into the hall. Krystal invites her into the room but Babe tells her that Dixie is about to blow the lid off of her story that Adam is the father of the child that she is carrying.

Erica reminds Sean that he was about to answer her question about whether or not Jack sent the gift to her. He dodges the question by asking her if she is going to be home for Christmas and tells her that her presents will go to waste if she isn’t there. Erica catches the use of the plural for presents and questions him about that. Sean rushes out of the office and Colby tells him that he did a great job as two turtledoves are being delivered to Erica.

Kendall walks into her condo and sees Christmas decorations all over the living room. Under the tree is a large model train set. Zach tells her that some little elves are to blame for all of it. She accuses him of being a train-a-holic and he tells her that he can take or leave trains but that Spike has a serious problem with trains. She finds something behind Zach’s back and pulls out an engineer’s cap. Zach tells her that it is for Spike but she can see that it is entirely too large for Spike. Zach takes it from her and puts it on his head. She tells him that the hat makes him look very hot and they begin to make love.

Colby and Sean are at Jack’s house talking about her plan to get Erica home before Christmas. She explains that she will be covering all of the romantic angles by sending expensive gifts, fancy gifts, and homemade gifts. She assures Sean that by the time Erica gets the five golden rings, she will be rushing back to Jack’s arms. Jack walks into the house and asks them what plans they are hatching. They deny that anything is going on.

Jeff asks Erica if Jack was at the funeral. She answers that he was pleasant and polite and then she returned to the office and found the gifts. Jeff tells her that he is not going to be cheering for Jack while he is busy rooting for Erica to come back to him.

Dixie asks Bianca how she was able to forgive the person who kept her child away from her and Bianca responds that she didn’t.

Babe explains to Krystal that Dixie was making comments about how difficult it must be for Krystal to keep the information to herself and that she told her that it has been awful. She tells her mother that the comment just slipped out and she tried to cover by saying that the lies were awful but that Dixie didn’t seem to believe that is what she meant. Krystal tells her not to worry about it since Dixie has been trying to put it all together since the beginning. Krystal goes on to tell Babe that this is her (Krystal’s) problem and Babe tells her that she doesn’t have to handle any problems on her own as long as she was around. She says that Dixie was just trying to give the man that she loves a child and that is what she wants to do, too. They walk into the party.

Tad tells Livia that he is alone with his family in shreds and his little girl lost forever. The crime-scene tape, a shovel and a hole in the ground is all that is left of him. She tells him that Tad Martin is a good and decent man. Tad says that may have been true at one time but now he is dead and gone. Livia asks him to let her help him. He asks if she intends to help him by forgiving him. When she tells him that it is not his forgiveness that he needs, he asks if they are going to start talking about God. He asks if he should fall to his knees, praying and confessing his sins. She tells him that only God can forgive him. He says that God saw what he did and when he (Tad) turned his back on God, God turned his back on him. Livia tells him that as long as he is alive, he can pray and hope. She reminds him that Christ died for our sins and be saved and tells him that he just needs to accept it and receive it. He tells her that she was right when she said that he had no soul left.

Dixie mentions that Babe and Bianca stood side by side at the gravesite and they looked friendly then. She tells her that on any given day, she hates Babe, resents her, pities her, and misses their friendship but she cannot forgive her. She says that no one has the right to keep a child from its parent. It is unthinkable and unforgivable.

Sean comments that Colby can plot all sorts of elaborate plans and yet she is lousy at school. She tells him that she just needed the perfect means of expression.

Jeff asks Erica to the philharmonic performance of Handel’s “Messiah” but she hesitates. He tells her that he will ask her again later.

Tad is alone in his house again and he is imagining Dixie talking to Kate about a gingerbread house. Then he hears his disguised voice telling Madden that he is going to leave him to think about death.

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