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All My Children Update Wednesday 12/20/06 


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie Merchant sings "King and Generous" while big burly men in black guard the cemetery where a priest stands by as mourners arrive for Simone and Erin’s funeral, including most of Pine Valley’s citizenry. Brothers Ryan (with Annie) and Jonathan (with Amanda) greet each other with a hug. Erica and Josh take their seats in front of Palmer, Myrtle, and Tad, while Jack and Lily sit behind them. Across the aisle sit Dixie and Joe with Di and Aidan next to them, Brooke, Julia, and Jamie behind them, and Jack, Derek, and Danielle in front of them. After exchanging furtive glances with Josh, Babe sits in front of him, while Erica reaches out for her son’s hand. Kendall and Bianca greet Ryan then take their seats next to Babe. Zach arrives and smooches Myrtle then sits beside Kendall and takes her hand. On each seat is a white and a pink rose.

The ceremony begins with mourners telling about the deceased. Kendall talks about how strong and generous they were. Tad tells a story about waiting for Simone one time for over an hour. He finally called her and she was angry with him because she had been waiting for him for over an hour at the “topless” bar where he told her he would meet her. Tad laughs and tells the mourners that they, in fact, were to meet at the “Tapas Bar.” Jonathan goes to the podium and starts to speak of his sister Erin. He gets all choked up and cannot speak. Ryan goes to his side and consoles him. They then place roses on the coffin. Kendall, Bianca, Babe, and Dani follow suit.

After the service, Tad and Aidan confront Derek and ask what he is doing to find the killer. They offer their services in the investigation and Derek tells them that the best thing that they can do is to let him get his job done and to keep their loved ones safe. After he walks off, Aidan and Tad conclude that they are on their own in this investigation. Aidan tells Tad that he is going with Di to Fusion for the reception. Tad says he is going to stay there for a while.

Dixie watches Tad from a distance. Brooke approaches her and says that he is slipping away to someplace where no one can reach him. She asks what she can do to help.

Lily tells Ryan that she is sorry that he lost his sister. She says that the preacher compared Erin to a willow tree and that while she normally doesn’t compare people with trees, she feels that this is appropriate. Jonathan thanks Lily and Jack for coming.

Erica asks Bianca and Kendall if they are ready to leave. Zach tells Kendall that he will be along in a minute and that he is looking for some answers.

Josh asks Babe how she is doing and she tells him that she has to be ok for her son’s sake and to make his Christmas a good one.

JR tells Stuart that he should go ahead and tell him that he should kiss and make up with Babe. Stuart asks JR how he feels about Babe and he answers that he is feeling a lot of things that should result in him forgiving her but that is not happening. Stuart tells JR that forgiveness is not a feeling but it is a choice and that once you make that choice, everything else will fall into place.

In the other room, the truckers and Adam and Krystal are partying and enjoying holiday cheer. Colby enters and asks one of the truckers if he is eating beef jerky. He offers her some and she declines. Adam introduces her to the trucker. Krystal thanks the trucker for taking care of her and her “man.” Adam suddenly remembers that they even thought of Charlotte. He shows her the toy truck that they brought for Charlotte. Colby walks off in disgust.

Amanda and Jonathan leave the cemetery. Dixie asks Tad if he wants to go back to the mansion to see the gifts that JR and Babe got for Little A. He tells her that he wants to stay there for a while longer. She leaves and Tad looks up to see Zach standing in front of him.

At Fusion, Babe tells Bianca that the decorations that she put up look wonderful. Bianca admits that she was unsure of what to do with some photos of the whole group of Fusion women but Babe tells her that she did the right thing in hanging them. Rachel and Claire enter with Miranda, Emma, and Spike. Bianca asks why they aren’t at the party at the Miranda Center and the nannies tell her that Aunt Kendall called to say that everyone was sad and the she thought that they might benefit from some hugs from the little ones. Bianca hugs Miranda and hands her to Jack who gets a big hug also. He puts her down and she runs to Babe. Babe gathers her up in a hug and tells her that she missed her. She takes her off to get some cookies.

Jonathan looks uncomfortable at the reception at Fusion. He tells Amanda that he can’t do this and turns to leave. Ryan follows him to the elevator and Amanda indicates that she will take care of Jonathan.

Erica goes up to Ryan and tells him that when her mother died, she wanted to stop seeing people, and just fade into her grief. He asks her why she didn’t and she replies that it was because of her family. She says that she hears her mother’s wisdom in Myrtle’s words, sees her in her daughter’s eyes and feels her in Miranda’s smile. She says that Erin is showing him in the same way, that he is loved by many people. Emma rushes up to Ryan and offers him a cookie. Kendall watches from across the room and asks Josh if he is still planning to help her find out if Ryan is Emma’s father. He tells her that he will.

Livia asks Jack to get back together with Erica so that she can hand out eggnog instead of divorce papers. He tells her that it isn’t that simple. Livia reminds him that today should teach him to treasure the time that you have with loved ones.

Amanda catches up to Jonathan at the boathouse. He tells her that he couldn’t deal with the reception at Fusion and had to get away. Then he tells her that he could not have made it through the recent times without her beside him but he can’t go on “doing this” to her. She is confused at his words and he explains that he is taking advantage of her. He tells her that he realizes how she feels about him and that he doesn’t want to take advantage of their friendship and her feelings for him. She reminds him that he said that they were friends and even though the concept was a new one to her, she thought that he was a lot worse at this friendship thing than she is.

Erica tells Livia that she will contact her next week with the name of her lawyer. Livia tells her that no one in that room, including her and Jack really wants this divorce to happen.

Ryan is near the elevator as the nannies gather the children up to leave for the party at the Miranda Center. He places a punch cup down on a table and Josh takes it from the table. He then approaches Emma with a juice box and asks her if she wants it since it is the last one. She takes it from him.

Tad asks Zach what he wants and when he answers that he wants to hire Tad, Tad tells him that he is booked. He says that the only job he has or wants right now is finding out who killed these girls. Zach tells him that it is his (Zach’s) battle. Tad asks who or what Zach wants investigated. Zach responds, “Me.”

Stuart tells JR that Babe lied to him because she was ashamed of what she did and he has to make the choice to let that go. He tells JR that everyone makes mistakes and that mistakes are how we learn to do better.

Dixie is stopped as she tries to go out on the rooftop and join Babe. Babe tells the bodyguard that it is ok and that Dixie is her mother-in-law. Babe tells Dixie that she sometimes needs to get a breath of fresh air and that she was hoping that the cold air would snap her out of this bad dream. Dixie tells her that she has been watching her and thinks that she has been handling the situation quite well. She is a good friend, co-worker, mother, and especially a good wife. She tells Babe that she admires her strength and her mother’s strength in the choice that she made. Babe asks what choice Dixie is referring to and Dixie tells her that she admires Krystal’s choice not to tell Adam or Tad.

Tad tells Zach that if he has some information that will help in finding Erin and Simone’s killer he wants to hear it. Zach tells him that there is a message in these killings that is meant for him. He thinks that it is a stranger to Erin and Simone, but not him. Someone or something in his past is sending him a message.

Kendall tells Ryan that it is time and he asks for everyone’s attention. He says that Fusion was the only place to hold this reception for Erin and Simone. He says that when he thinks of Simone, he smiles and even though it is hard to do right now, he asks everyone to join him in thinking of Simone and smile. He tells the group that his sister Erin did not have an easy life but that the people at Fusion took her into their hearts and made her part of their families and he thanks them for that. He says that her passion, her wish was that every child in every family be happy, and have peace in their life. He tells the people there that he would like them to honor Erin by loving one anther and taking care of one another.

Jack tells Erica that he was very proud of Bianca and Kendall and the strength that they showed through this ordeal. She tells him that Sean has inherited some of his best traits. She says that he stopped by her office to tell her that he was sorry that he caused the problems between her and Jack. She tells Jack that Sean cares very much about him and that she does as well.

Amanda tells Jonathan that if any of her friends needed her she would be there for them as she was for him. He refers, again, to her loving him and says that what she has done is totally selfless. She says that is not the case. She was only trying to repay the people who reached out to her when her father died. She tells him that she has to leave and he stops her and asks her to stay. He tells her that he can’t imagine his world with out Erin or without her.

Kendall tells Josh not to worry about getting the DNA from Emma and that maybe they shouldn’t bother trying to do the testing. He tells her that he already got the DNA and asks if she wants the test done or not.

Zach hands Tad some papers and tells him that it is all of the information about himself that he has. He tells him to use any or all of it to get the information that he needs. Tad asks him what the connection is and Zach says that it is the single white ribbon and the gardenia.

Colby and Sean talk about the bet that they have to get Erica home by Christmas.

Erica walks into her office and finds a present on her desk. She reads the card which references the first day of Christmas and is signed simply J. She opens the present and finds a gold pin of partridge in a pear tree.

Jamie walks in to JR’s room and JR immediately asks how Babe held up at the funeral. Jamie tells him that he proclaims not to love her yet the first thing out of his mouth is a question about how she is. Jamie tells JR if he is going to hurt her again, he needs to end it right now. JR asks him what he would think if JR were ready to give Babe his total trust and love.

Tad asks Zach what the connection is between him and the flower and ribbon. He tells Zach that if he can figure it out then so can others, and in the mean time young girls are dying.

Kendall tells Josh to do the testing.

Dixie tells Babe that she understands Krystal’s decision and she would do the same thing if she were in her shoes. She knows that it would destroy Adam to know that Krystal is carrying Tad’s child.

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