AMC Update Tuesday 12/19/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/19/06


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca is talking to Zarf and in answer to his question about what she sees when she looks into his eyes, she tells him that she sees herself.

Annie breaks out of Ryanís embrace as Emma rushes into the room to tell her that she heard Santaís reindeer hooves on the roof.

Julia and Jamie are dressed as Santa helpers at the hospital. Julia introduces Jamie as an elf and the children complain that he isnít an elf because he is too big. Elves are small they tell her. She tells them that you would believe that all elves are small because the small elves hog all of the publicity. She introduces Jamie as Santaís elf, Jingles. He tells the children that elves always travel with mistletoe because kissing pretty girls is one of the perks of being an elf. The children groan and tell him that is gross.

Dixie walks into Tadís house and he tells her that he is not trying to avoid her but that he has been busy investigating Simone and Erinís murders. She carries in a box that she found near the trashcans and tells him that he canít throw away Christmas.

Adam and Krystal are talking and Krystal tells Adam that he needs to stop giving her presents or she will have nothing to open on Christmas. He tells her that he is going to continue to spoil her. Babe arrives home and tells them that the tree is gorgeous. Krystal tells her that from now on the Chandler family is going to do their own decorating. Adam asks Babe if she has done something new with her hair because she is glowing almost as much as her mother. He leaves the room and Krystal agrees with Adam and asks is causing Babe to glow as she is. She tells her mom that despite all of the horrible things that have happened recently at Fusion, for the first time in a long while, she is hopeful.

Zarf tells Bianca that they are the same, underneath all of the trappings. He acknowledges that they feel the same pain and confusion. He tells her that she needs to deal with the loss of Maggie as her partner. He goes on to say that his heart is broken too and that he is the one who has broken it and he keeps breaking it and is trying to stop. He tells her that he needs her help to stop breaking it.

Annie is showing a calendar to Emma and together they count the days left until Santa arrives. Emma tells Annie and Ryan that Santa is not coming to visit her because they donít have a tree. Annie tells her that they will go out tomorrow and pick out a tree. Ryan decides that Emma should get dressed and they should go out and find a tree now. Annie tells him that tomorrow is soon enough, but Ryan is insistent that they need to do this now. He tells Annie that he has done all that he can for Erin and he is as ready as he can be for the funeral. When she tells him that he needs to rest, he tells her that he feels better now than he has in recent memory. Helping Emma to know that Santa is not going to forget her is helping him even more.

Babe tells her mother that she was shopping and had to fight 3 other mothers for a robo-dinosaur and she was victorious. While doing a victory dance in the store, she realized that no matter what happened between her and JR, she would always have her little boy and she asks her mother if that is enough. She tells Krystal that she feels completely peaceful and that JR has made a small step toward reconciling with her by hiring a bodyguard for her. She admits that it hiring the bodyguard was probably more for Little Aís benefit than for hers, but she is still hopeful. Krystal reminds her of the Christmas years ago when they had no money and she made bunnies out of washcloths for Babe for her Christmas present. Babe tells her that it was one of her best Christmas memories. They talk about the joy that that holiday brought to them and Krystal says that she is full of joy again, because of the baby. Babe tells her that she made the right decision when she decided not to tell Tad about the baby.

Dixie goes through the box that she found and tells Tad that he canít throw these things away since they were made by Jamie when he was young. He tells her to take whatever she wants but he is not putting up a Christmas tree. She says that the holiday is not just for children but is also for the child inside all of us. He mentions that he is glad that he grew up. Dixie tells him that he is sad because they donít have Kate with them, but that he has another child and Krystal is the mother.

Bianca asks Zarf if he is going home for the holidays and he tells her that he is a citizen of the world and is home wherever he is. She asks where he grew up and he tells her that his journey began in Elkhart, Indiana as a son of a steel worker. His mother was a very nice woman who had several different meatloaf recipes and tons of uses for empty bleach bottles. He was just never the son that they expected or wanted. Bianca asks what a typical Christmas morning was like in his home and he tells her that there were a lot of model airplanes, trucks, and trains under the tree. He tells her that he really wanted, as a present, was to be himself.

Jamie is concluding his story about a Christmas Eve when Rudolph had a head cold and couldnít lead Santaís sleigh. He tells the children that it was foggy again and Santa needed help. He spotted the light on the top of the North Pole that is used to warn planes and Jingles was the only one tall enough to reach the light. He picked it off the pole and tied it to Rudolphís bridle and saved Christmas single-handedly. The children cheer.

Krystal tells Babe that in her heart, the baby that she is carrying is truly Adamís child. She talks about how happy he is about Charlotte and how it would break his heart to think that she might not be his baby. Babe says that the fact that he has allowed her to stay at the mansion is proof that he has mellowed and hopes that she and JR can work out their differences. JR is rolled into the room on his hospital bed surprising Babe and Krystal. He tells them that he had to be there to direct the decorating of the tree.

Dixie tells Tad that Krystal sounded very guilty the other day when she was commenting that sometimes you have to make decisions that hurt one person while you are trying to help another. Dixie insists that Krystal is carrying Tadís child.

JR is being very exact about the placement of an ornament. Krystal and Adam make an excuse to leave the room and leave Babe and JR alone. JR asks Babe what she got for Little A and she shows him the robo-dinosaur that she got and a remote control car like the one that JR wanted when he was a boy and stuck in Pigeon Hollow with Dixie one Christmas.

Julia asks one of the children why he didnít join the other children for snacks and he dejectedly tells her that his mom was supposed to be there and wasnít. She tells him that there is a legend that says that the last child left at a Christmas party has the best Christmas. When he looks doubtful, she tells him that it is true because Jingles has to tell the truth as part of his job as one of Santaís elves.

Tad tells Dixie that she has to get over this desperation of trying to make Tad believe that Krystalís baby is Tadís.

At the Christmas tree lot, Stuart extends his sympathies to Ryan. He tells him that when they lost their sister, Charlotte, it felt as though someone had turned off the sun. Ryan agrees and tells him that they need all of the light that they can find. He then asks Stuart to help him find a special Christmas tree for a special little girl.

JR is playing with the robo-dinosaur and Babe is telling him to be careful and not to break it. He asks her if she thinks that she can do better. Krystal enters the room to tell them that Little A is awake and wants to see the tree. They rush to hide all of his gifts just as he walks in the door and sees the tree.

Zarf says that he hasnít gotten his Christmas wish yet and Bianca tells him that maybe it will happen this year. He asks her if she believes in Santa Claus and she tells him that she believes in Christmas miracles. She suggests that he talk to Father Clarence and he tells her that his mother tried prayers, lighting candles, and nothing turned him around. Bianca tells him that he doesnít have to tell her his secret because she knows what it is. She tells him that he is gay. He tells her not in the traditional way. She gets angry that he is talking in circles. He tells her that she is attracted to him and when she figures out why, she will know his secret. The elevator doors open and Miranda and the nanny enter. Bianca introduces Miranda to Zarf, and he gathers her up in a big hug. He tells her that she is even prettier than her mommy. Miranda tells Zarf that they are on their way to pick out a tree and invites him along. He agrees. He picks Miranda up into a piggyback carry and asks her if she knows what he wants for Christmas. She whispers in his ear and he tells her that she is as intuitive as her mother and that she is a true Christmas miracle.

Babe and JR are looking over Little Aís Christmas list and notice that robo-dinosaur is on it. They continue reading the list and find that he also wants a real pony and a baby brother. Off in the distance, you hear diesel truck horns. Krystal asks what is going on. Adam tells her that he is continuing the Krystal Carey Chandler annual trucker-fest.

Emma and Annie walk into the penthouse and are amazed at what they see. All over the apartment they find Christmas decorations. Ryan tells them that he called a friend at the North Pole and asked his help to get the place decorated.

Dixie asks Tad if he has given up hope of ever finding Kate and he tells her that he has not and will go on trying to find her in every way possible.

Jamie is telling Julia the story of the Christmas star that Tad and Dixie both made a wish on one year. They realized later that they had both made a wish on it at the same time and they found their way back to each other. She points to the star and tells him to make his wish. He does and wishes to himself to find Kate once again. Julia wishes for a child without speaking the wish out loud.

As the show closes, we see Emma, Annie, and Emma starting to decorate their tree. We see JR and Babe looking at the tree and Krystal and Adam greeting their guests as the truckers enter the mansion. We see Zarf, Miranda and Bianca picking out a tree at the lot.

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