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All My Children Update Monday 12/18/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Josh catches Colby in his room rolling around on his bed reciting his name. She claims she's just there to talk, but he angrily remembers her accusing him of statutory rape. She admits that was a mistake. Josh brings a maid from the hallway into the room and tells her she's a witness to this. He asks Colby what she's really doing there. He thinks she hid something in the room and looks around. Colby tells Josh if he wants Babe he needs to make a move on her. Josh tells her to get out.

Ryan is crying at Annie's place when Emma walks downstairs and asks him why he's crying. Annie tells her daughter that Ryan is sad and misses Erin. Kendall arrives with Spike to see Ryan but stops at the doorway and watches. Emma gives Ryan a homemade card telling him to feel better. Ryan takes Emma in his arms and hugs her. Kendall, visibly bothered, leaves without being seen.

Di and Aidan are at Wildwind and he is frustrated because he's found no leads in Erin and Simone's deaths. Di says maybe something will come up tomorrow. She prepares to leave and he asks where she's going. She says she's going to Fusion to fill in for a few days. Aidan tells her she's not going anywhere near Fusion. She says she can defend herself. She won't be a victim or let anyone else be a victim.

Zach is at Fusion with Zarf, showing him his drawing of a woman lying down. Zach says this was supposed to be cover art for a recording. He comments that it looks like Simone when she was found dead. Zach asks if this was his first victim. Zarf asks if he thinks he killed her. Zach shows Zarf a paper with one of his songs and says he admits it in his own song.

Kendall arrives at Josh's room and finds Colby arguing with Josh. Kendall grabs Colby by the hair and tosses her out of the room, calling her a skank. Josh applauds Kendall and asks what got her all feisty.

Ryan thanks Emma for the card and Annie tells the little girl she made Ryan feel better. Emma tells her mom she also made Ryan feel better and encourages her to hug him again. Emma goes back to bed and Annie tells Ryan that he is entitled to express his feelings about Erin. Jonathan and Amanda arrive with a box of things from Erin's office. Jonathan shows Ryan the comic book he gave Erin that she saved all these years. He sees a note calling Ryan her hero. Annie tells Ryan he doesn't have to feel bad about his past. Jonathan asks Ryan if he's still fretting over their family's past. Ryan says he should not have left Jonathan and Erin when they were kids. Jonathan says Ryan was their hero and an inspiration because he got out. Ryan says he was a coward for running away. Jonathan says he and Erin got over being angry a long time ago. He says Erin loved him. Jonathan says he keeps expecting to see Erin and he doesn't feel like he can stay here. Amanda suggests he move into Wildwind. Annie tells him to go as she and Emma can take care of themselves. Jonathan agrees to move into Wildwind.

Aidan tells Di that two women were murdered at Fusion and the killer is still out there. Who's to say she won't be next? Di says that's kind of the plan. Aidan tells her he doesn't want to lose her and she says she doesn't want to lose him either. But she won't sit back and do nothing. She tells him not to try to stop her. He agrees to let her go.

Zarf tells Zach that he doodles and draws women. Zach reads some of the song lyrics, which says "now I killed you." Zarf says he never released that and if he gives it to the police he'll have him arrested. Zach demands to know who the song is about. Zarf says if he told him he would never believe him. Zarf accuses Zach of believing he's a killer simply because he's different. He says the best thing he can come up with is a doodle and a song. Zarf pulls out a white ribbon and asks what about this? Zach asks Zarf if he put that note by his door. He grabs Zarf by the shirt and asks him how he knows about her.

Kendall tells Josh she needs his help about Ryan. She says Annie is using Erin's death to get her hooks into Ryan. Josh asks why she cares since she has Zach. She says Annie can't wait to comfort Ryan. Josh asks what is the problem. She says it's not a problem for her personally. This is about Spike. She tells Josh that David Hayward told her Ryan is Emma's father. She asks Josh to do a DNA test to find out. She tells him that Annie admitted to using a sperm donor. Ryan was a sperm donor at Greg Madden's clinic and Madden was Annie's doctor. Josh asks what she would do if Ryan was shown to be Annie's father. She says she is not sure but she is worried he would back away from Spike. She says Ryan is dating Annie, who is not nearly good enough for him. She suggests he is just upset because he can't have her. Josh tells Kendall she is her mother's daughter.

Colby is at BJ's watching Josh and Kendall on her spy-cam. Sean walks in and sees what she's doing. After he promises not to tell, she admits she is doing an investigation to find out for her brother if Babe is lying. Sean talks about Jack and Erica being apart. Babe promises that she can get Erica to move home before Christmas if he helps her bust Babe and Josh.

Bianca comes to Fusion and finds Zach grabbing Zarf. She demands Zach let him go. Zarf says Zach thinks he killed their friends. Bianca asks Zach why he would think such a thing. Zarf shows Bianca the song and she thinks it's pretty lame evidence. Zach shows Bianca the drawing and Bianca says that's not a unique pose. Zarf says the words of his song are a metaphor for letting go of what you want to go away. After Zarf walks out, Zach tells Bianca that this is all his fault and Kendall could be next. Bianca asks him what he's talking about. Zach says these killings are a message to him. He asks how Zarf could know. Bianca asks him what he's talking about. Zach won't explain and wants to leave but doesn't want to leave Bianca. She says she'll be safe. She points to her bodyguard who is with her. She says she is there to decorate for Christmas. After Zach leaves, Bianca looks at a photograph of the Fusion women. Zarf returns and surprises Bianca by dropping fake snowflakes over her head. He asks her if she's afraid of him or if she thinks he might hurt her.

Zach is in the park by himself. He has a vision of Kendall lying dead.

Ryan praises Annie for standing by him. He tells her she is amazing. She says she cares about him. He kisses her lightly. Then they kiss passionately.

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