AMC Update Friday 12/15/06

All My Children Update Friday 12/15/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Zach is at home dreaming again about the mystery woman, who says she loves him more than the scent of these gardenias. He looks at her photograph. Kendall walks in and asks what he has.

Ryan walks into his old residence where Annie now lives and sees several of Erin’s favorite dresses lying on the couch. Annie says she knows he wanted her to pick out the dress, but she thought he might want to have the final choice. Ryan says it doesn’t get more final than this… which dress will his sister be buried in?

Josh walks into Fusion and asks where everyone is. Danielle says anyone who didn’t quit was sent home. Josh asks if Babe left. Danielle says she doesn’t know. She and Zarf have been busy working. Danielle leaves to make some copies and Zarf tells Josh he’s surprised he asked about Babe. He should know where she is. Josh rushes to the Fusion roof and finds Babe lying on a chair with her eyes closed. He approaches her and she wakes up. He tells her he thought at first this was like when he found Erin. Babe says she’s fine and everything is OK.

JR is at home watching a tape of the Fusion press conference showing Babe and Josh together. Colby walks in and tells him to delete it and delete Babe from his life. JR tells her not now. Colby tells him to say the word and she’ll get the staff to pack Babe’s stuff. She’ll get the guards to change the locks. He does want Babe gone, right, she asks? JR tells her they can do this some other time. Colby asks if he really wants Babe to stay after he just saw her with Josh. JR says it makes sense that Josh was at Fusion since his sister’s work there. Colby says Babe wants Josh as much as Josh wants Babe. JR tells her to stop it. Babe says she’s the only one on JR’s side and she wants to watch out for him. He says he doesn’t need protecting. He says if he and Babe get back together it’s because what he wants. Colby asks if he’s kidding. How could he even maybe want her? JR says he still loves Babe.

Babe tells Josh she’s sorry she scared him like that, but she is totally safe here. Josh says no one is safe until that psycho is caught. He asks what she’s doing up here. Babe says she came up here about the time that Erin must have died and she just felt she wanted to be with her. She admits it’s kind of weird. She says this used to be her favorite place and now she lost her friend here. She says since she and Josh got together so many horrible things have happened. Josh says them making love here did not knock the world off its axis. Bad things happen and it’s not their fault.

Jonathan and Amanda arrive at Fusion with a box to get Erin’s things and Danielle tells him she’s so sorry for what happened. Danielle says she can get Erin’s things but Jonathan says he has to do it. Erin took on so much for him. Livia arrives at Fusion and Danielle rushes to hug her. She says she thought she was out of town until next week. Livia says Danielle’s father called her to tell her about Erin and Simone and she caught the first plane back. She asks how Danielle is doing. Danielle says she’s trying to be strong but she’s scared. Livia says they’ll get through this together. Livia gives her condolences to Jonathan.

Ryan tells Annie he doesn’t care which dress is selected and asks her to choose. Annie says she understands this is hard for him but he is her brother and she thinks Erin would want him to choose. She leaves the room to check on Emma. As Ryan looks at the dresses, he picks up a shoe and a penny falls out.

Zach offers Kendall a glass of wine but she doesn’t want any. She wants to know what he put in his pocket. Zach says it’s casino stuff and he’ll deal with it. He reminds her she lost two of her friends so she should let him take care of this. There is a knock on the door. It is Derek who wants to talk to Zach alone. Zach suggests Kendall go see Ryan. Kendall leaves but asks Zach to tell her everything when she gets back. Derek asks Zach why he mentioned murder right after Simone’s body was found. Zach asks if he’s looking for a confession. Derek says he doesn’t want to tag Zach, he wants to take down a serial killer. Derek says the cause of Erin’s death was the same cause of Simone’s – the V-tach drug. Derek says his daughter is at risk and he’s going to stop this guy with or without Zach’s help. Zach asks if he wants his help. Derek asks Zach how he knew Simone was murdered. Zach says he just knew Simone wasn’t suicidal and wasn’t using drugs. He thinks someone killed her and laid her out adding props. Derek says he knows Zach is checking this Zarf character and so is police. Zach asks he found anything. Derek says he was busted for smoking pot a couple times when he was younger but no other criminal record. Derek asks Zach for his take on Zarf. Zach says he doesn’t think he’s a serial killer but there is something off about him.

Danielle tells Jonathan she collected Erin’s things and left some boxes for him near the storeroom. Livia tells Danielle she’s been here long enough but Danielle says she’ll go home soon. Livia says she’s going home to stay with her and Tom while the murders are being investigated. Zarf tells Danielle to go ahead and leave. Livia sees him and recognizes him instantly as the famous singer. Livia gushes over him, repeatedly saying “Oh my God,” and tells him she loves his music. Danielle introduces her to Zarf. Zarf tells Livia she has power and knows how to use it. A woman in this world needs power. Livia thanks him and says right now her niece needs some TLC. Jonathan spots something and asks what this is.

Kendall goes to see Ryan and asks how he is. He says he’s fine and asks about Spike. Kendall says he’s sleeping. Ryan asks about everyone at Fusion. Kendall says they are all fine. She tells Ryan she’s worried about him and asks him to talk to her. Ryan asks what she wants him to say. Erin is dead and it’s beyond horrible, but he’s dealing. He tells Kendall to get some sleep as he’s fine. She asks him to call her if he needs anything.

JR tells Colby that Babe swears that she wants a life with him and that she loves him. He says if that’s true maybe he and Babe have a chance. If it’s not true, he’s going to rip little Adam out of her arms and make her pay with every breath she takes. He says no one jacks him around but first he has to play this out and see where this goes. Colby says she’s going to help him.

Babe asks Josh if Erin and Simone suffered. He says the V-tach works fast. The heart speeds up and then just stops. It wasn’t painful and they didn’t suffer. He tries to comfort her but she tells him if he touches her now she’ll break into a hundred pieces.

Annie returns and asks Ryan if he selected a dress. He says he’s going to take them to the funeral home and have them choose. He says when Erin was a little girl she had a friend who had a pair of penny loafers and claimed the penny brought good luck. He says their parents couldn’t afford penny loafers so Erin put a penny in her shoes. She has done it even now. He says when he first ran away from home he stayed at a friend’s house and found a penny in his boot. He knows Erin put it in there to give him good luck. Annie tells him it’s OK to cry. He says it’s not. He doesn’t deserve to.

Zach returns home and Kendall asks what Derek said. Zach says it was the same drug and the same killer and they’re going to share information. Zach asks about Ryan. Kendall says he’s completely shut down. Why do guys do that? Zach says men feel responsible, like they’re supposed to protect people that they love. When something happens they think it’s their fault. Kendall says Erin’s death was not Ryan’s fault. Spike cries and Kendall says she’ll be right back. A man comes to the door and hands Zach an envelope. Zach opens it and finds a drawing of a woman lying down with a gardenia in her hair. Kendall returns with Spike and asks who was at the door. Zach says it was about a problem at the casino and he has to take care of it. He leaves and tells Kendall not to open the door to anyone.

Ryan tells Annie he better get to the funeral home. Annie tells him he needs to grieve. He says he abandoned his sister and he’s no hero. Jonathan and Erin were kids when he left them with a father who tortured his brother and a mother who didn’t give a damn. He just wanted to get out but he should have stayed. All he cared about was himself and they suffered because of it for years. So he doesn’t get to feel pain right now. Annie says that’s not true. Ryan says he’s going to do what he should have done then. He’s going to be there for his brother. He’s going to get him through his grief and pain then he’s going to find the killer and make him pay. He won’t let them down this time.

Jonathan looks through Erin’s things with Amanda as Zarf watches. Jonathan stares at a group of photos. He finds a comic book and can’t believe that all these years Erin kept it. Amanda says she didn’t know Erin was a comic fan. Jonathan says she wasn’t, but she was a Ryan Lavery fan. He gave her this comic book right before he left. He says they were finally a family and the bad stuff was behind them. He finds a photo of Erin with Spike and says Erin was the best aunt ever to Spike.  He finds a note from Simone referring to the women of Fusion as one big happy urban tribe. Amanda says everyone knew Fusion was more of a family than a job. Amanda leaves to get more of Erin’s things. Zarf tells Jonathan that when he saw Erin he saw a woman of kindness and generosity. Jonathan says there was no one like her. Zarf says Erin understood Jonathan and loved him. Her death can’t take that away.

Josh tells Babe he’s not at Fusion to make a play for her. He just wants her to be safe and his sisters and Dani to be safe. As soon as they catch the killer he’s gone. He tells Babe she’s exhausted and should go home. Babe says she needs to finish the campaign projections. Josh tells her not tonight. Babe says he doesn’t get it. She needs to fight for Fusion. He says she’s already fighting for her marriage. That’s two major battles. A man arrives and Josh asks who he is. He says he was George Spencer and hired by Mr. Chandler to guard his wife.

Colby tells JR he can’t find out if Babe is telling the truth from that bed. He needs someone to be his eyes. She says she’ll get an internship at Fusion. JR tells her she’s not going anywhere near Fusion with some psycho killer stalking the halls. She says she’ll be careful but he tells her to forget it. He won’t risk losing her. Colby says he really does care about her. JR says he loves her and he loves the fact that she wants to help him, but he makes her promise she won’t spy on Babe or Josh.

Zarf asks Josh where Babe went. Josh says she went home to be with her family. Zarf says the night he met Josh and Babe he had never seen an aura like hers. He says she was happy because she was with Josh. Josh says Babe doesn’t want him but wants her husband instead. Zarf asks Josh if he knows what his destiny is. Josh tells him to save it. Zarf says maybe he’s the one that needs to save it. Maybe he needs to save Babe.

Colby is led into Josh’s room after telling a doorman she was his girlfriend. She has an alarm clock with a secret video camera inside. She sets it up and points it at the bed. She rolls around on the bed, pretending to be with Josh while the camera shoots it. She says this is going to be good. She is startled when Josh walks in and turns on the lights.

Babe returns home and tells JR that George sticks close. She says it was sweet of him to hire him for her. JR says he did it for little A. He tells her he saw the press conference with Josh standing right behind her. Babe says he stayed until everyone left. She says his sisters work at Fusion and he’s concerned about everyone. JR says she tops the list. Babe asks what exactly is George’s job. To keep an eye on little A’s mother or spy on his cheating wife?

As Jonathan and Amanda prepare to leave Fusion, Jonathan says Erin loved it here. This was one of the places she was happiest. She had a million plans for Christmas. She was excited it would be the first Lavery Christmas with her nephew.

Annie tells Ryan Erin felt that way because of him. He brought her and Jonathan here and gave them a home. He gave them a life and made them a family again. Ryan says it was a little late. Annie says whatever happened in the past Erin was over it. She loved Ryan and was proud to be his sister. Ryan gives into his emotions and begins to cry in Annie’s arms.

JR says he asked his parents to get security before he even knew Josh was at Fusion. He says if he wanted someone to spy on her she wouldn’t have known they were there. George is strictly there for protection. He tells Babe he doesn’t want her to die.

Zarf tells Zach at Fusion he’s too late. Everyone is gone. Zach says he’s here to see him. He shows him the drawing and asks her why he killed this woman.

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