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Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Jeff wakens and looks over to find that he is in bed with Erica.  She asks how he is feeling and he tells her that he must be wonderful waking up with her. 

Zach asks Rachel if she can work extra hours for the next week or so and she tells him that it can work for her.  Kendall walks by and Zach asks her where she is going.  When she responds that she is going to Fusion, he tells her that she is not. 

Babe enters JRís room and tells him that she is looking for her keys.  He asks where she is going and when she tells him that she is going to Fusion, he tells her not to go. 

At Wildwind, Di brings some breakfast to Aidan and comments that he has been working all night.  She asks what she can do to help him and he tells her that to do that, she needs to stay safe. 

Ryan joins Jonathan in the morgue and tells him that they need to let Erin go.  Jonathan tells Ryan that he canít leave her alone.  Amanda tells him that Ryan is right and that Amanda would understand them leaving her.  Jonathan looks to Erin and tells her that she always did understand. 

Julia and Jamie enter the room at Wildwind and extend their sympathies to Aidan and ask what they can do to help.  Aidan tells them that he just needs some time to work and focus.  He tells them that some of his friends that he was in the special ops program have broken rules to allow him access to the databases that the FBI and Interpol use.  He has 47 minutes to enter information about the murders into the databases to see if he can find any link to other murder cases. 

Erica regales Jeff with his actions from the previous night, including how he picked her up and carried her across the threshold of their ďbridal suiteĒ and professed his love for her.  He answers that he is still crazy in love with her. 

Zach tells Kendall that she is not to go anywhere near Fusion because whoever killed Simone and Erin is still out there and he has access to the Fusion offices and the rooftop.  She tells him that she is not going to close down her company.  Zach says that he is asking her not to go to Fusion because he doesnít want to lose her.  She tells him that there are police everywhere and she will be safe.  He tells her that he doesnít want anything to happen to her.  She admits that she is scared, too, but that she is not going to allow anyone to make her hide in her home.  Fusion is open for business.

Babe tells JR that she can stay a little longer if he wants to answer her question about them becoming a family again.  JR tells her that she is ridiculous to want to go to work at a company where the employees are getting murdered.  She tells him that she has a responsibility to Fusion.  He asks about her responsibility to her son.  She tells him to tell Little A that she wants him to be brave and dependable and that she is trying to set a good example.  He tells her that she is not going and she tells him that he canít stop her.  She goes out the door as Dixie walks in.  Dixie asks JR why he didnít tell his wife the truth but instead attacked her.  She asks why he didnít tell her that he loves her and is concerned about her safety.

Kendall tells Zach that she built Fusion with women who put their blood, sweat, and tears into it and she is not going to let some psycho force her to cower in the corner afraid to do her job.  Zach tells her that until they have some answers, that she should stay safe and not go to work.  She tells him that if Erin and Simone were there, they would tell her to get off her butt and get to work and that is exactly what she is going to do.  From the doorway, Bianca agrees with her and says that she is going, too.

On the way out of the Chandler house, Babe meets Josh and asks him what he is doing there.  She anticipates that he is going to try to stop her from going to Fusion, but he tells her that he is going with her. 

Bianca tells Zach that the Cambias security team that is made up of former military commandos and Navy SEALs will be at Fusion to protect the women working there.  Zach is still reluctant to let them go to the office and suggests that they bring their laptops, files, and lotions to the condo and work there.  Bianca asks if Miranda can stay with Spike since her nanny is sick.  They arrange with Rachel to take care of both children.  Zach tells Kendall that the only way he will let her go to the office is if he goes along.  He thinks that she might be in the biggest danger of all because of him.  He says that it is just a feeling that he has.  She tells him that he just needs to step back and let Derek do the investigating.  Bianca enters and asks if Kendall is ready to go. 

Josh and Babe step off the elevator at Fusion and Babe dismisses Josh.  He tells her that he is not leaving her.  He explains that when he found Erin, for one split second, he thought that it was Babe lying there.  He understands that she wants him out of his life but he cannot deal with the thought that she might leave this world.  He insists that he is going to stay at Fusion as long as she does and that to get to her, the murderer will have to go through him. 

JR tells Dixie that he doesnít need to be nice to Babe because she makes a fool out of him every chance she gets.  Dixie tells him that he sounds like Adam Chandlerís son who tucks him emotions away when he says that.   He attacks Dixie and tells her that he might have been more like her if she hadnít played dead for so many years.  She tells him that he can say what he likes because she knows that he loves her.  He asks her if Babe asked her to talk to him and if she is fighting for Babeís happily-ever-after.  She tells him that she if fighting for his. 

Amanda and Jonathan walk into Wildwind and Jonathan asks why they are there.  She tells him that he needs to be around friends and people who care about him.  Aidan walks across the room to him and expresses his sympathy.  Julia, Jamie, and Di follow suit.  Julia takes his arm, as does Di.  Jamie pats him on the shoulder and Aidan extends his hand in a handshake.  They all reach out and embrace each other in a group hug. 

Ryan hears a noise and tells the attendant that he can take Erin now.  He looks up and finds that Annie is the one who entered the morgue.  She tells Ryan that she wanted to be there because Erin was always there for her.  She recalls her first meeting with Erin.  Emma was at her side and her inhaler was in her mouth.  She was so tired and scared that she just fell to the floor.  When she looked up, she saw a stunning redhead with the kindest eyes that she had ever seen.  Even though Erin had never met her, she told them that everything was going to be ok.  Annie says that was the moment that she realized that there was still goodness left in the world.  Ryan tells her that would be a good story to say at her service.  She says that if she were to speak at the service, she would say that she was the most caring, generous, unselfish person she ever met.  She always put other people ahead of herself and their needs ahead of her own, and would never abandon anyone in need.  Annie tells Ryan that she knows that he loved Erin very much and asks what she can do to help.

Erica lets the room service waiter into the room and tells Jeff that she hopes that he is hungry.  As he starts to investigate breakfast, she picks up the newspaper and sees the headline declaring that Erin was murdered the night before. 

Babe tells Josh that Fusion will never be the same again, and Kendall agrees with her.  Babe turns to see Kendall, Bianca, and Zach entering the office.  Right behind them, Dani and Derek step off the elevator.  Kendall says that any personality problems that the employees/owners have need to be shelved until after this maniac is caught.  Bianca tells Derek that the Cambias security team is installing state-of-the-art cameras, motion detectors and a completely new alarm system.  Derek tells them there were about a half dozen off duty police officers who volunteered their time to act as guards at the office.  Kendall tells them that all of the employees are getting new ID badges and that Zach has transferred security staff from the casino as well.  Dani says that they need to go about their business but remain vigilant.  Derek tells them not to wander off and that the rooftop is still a crime scene and will remained sealed until his investigators are finished.  He reminds them that no one is to go anywhere without notifying him or his men.  Zach and Derek go off to discuss the best use of resources.  Bianca suggests that they make a public announcement.  Kendall agrees and says that they need to let the public know that even though they are in mourning, the company is still going strong.  Josh suggests that they put out an e-newsletter and says that he will help in anyway that he can.  Babe suggests a tribute to Simone and Erin and everyone agrees. 

Jack walks into Fusion and grabs Kendall and Bianca in an embrace.  He is grateful to find them and tells them that they have to get out of there.  Kendall tells him that they are surrounded by a small army and they are fine.  Zach and Derek re-enter the office and are saying this appears to be the work of a serial killer because of the similarity in the victims and the manner in which they were found.  Zach persists in his belief that the office needs to be closed and locked down.  Jack tells him that the women of Fusion are going nowhere.  Even Derek reluctantly admits that if he tried to force Dani to leave, she would dig her heels in and refuse.  Zach finally agrees that the only thing that they can do is to make sure that the women of Fusion are safe.  Jack asks Derek how they are proceeding in the investigation.  He says that they are looking into all employees past and present and focusing on any connections.  They then fill Jack in on the security measures being taken. 

Suddenly, an alarm blares.  An officer is requesting an ID from Erica as she and Jeff walk in.  The office looks to Jeff and tells him to make sure that his wife isnít in such a big hurry next time. 

Dixie tells JR that she knows that he still loves Babe because he saw the concern in his face as she walked out the door.  She tells him that love does not mean that you are weak; it means that you are connected and have a lot to give. 

Aidan is regaling the gang at Wildwind with the story about how he and Erin got locked in a Christmas tree lot last Christmas.  She chose the biggest Christmas tree in the lot and when she tried to move it, it fell on her.  She had pine needles in her hair, up her nose and that was when he realized what a marvelous laugh she had.  Julia tells them that Amanda finally drifted off to sleep and offers a room to Jonathan.  Jamie sees the look on Jonathanís face and tells him that they will find out who did this because Aidan, Derek, Tad, and Ryan are doing all that they can to figure this out.  Aidan tells them that he is going to leave and join Tad in his investigation. 

Annie asks Ryan if she can do anything and he asks her to pick out a dress for Erin to wear for the funeral.  She tells him that she will and then asks if there is anything else.  He tells her that Erin was his sister and he will make all the rest of the arrangements.  She urges him to accept the help offered to him by all of his friends and then asks if she can wait with him for the funeral home to come pick up Erin. 

Jack asks Erica to talk some sense into her daughters and convince them to leave.  She asks them if they feel safe there and when they tell her yes, she tells the men that everything is taken care of.

Di walks in and asks Zach if she can have some time off to help out at Fusion if the women will have her.   They welcome her aboard.  Suddenly, Zach sees a man getting off the elevator and rushes over to him, slams him into the wall and demands to know who he is and what he is doing there.  The man tells Zach that he is a reporter and that he has a camera in the case.  Kendall walks over and tells Zach that he is there for the press conference that they are holding. 

Jack tells Erica that she is the only one that can get through to her daughters.  She tells him that she recently told Kendall that she could not protect Spike but had to teach him resilience and strength.  She tells him that the

As Dixie leaves JRís room, he asks her to call Adam and make sure that Babe has security with her.  Colby walks in and tells him that Babe has her own personal security guard and the guard is Josh.

At Fusion, the press conference starts.  The women of Fusion are seated at a table.  Behind them are Jack, Derek, Zach, and Josh.  Kendall is the spokes person and she tells the audience that Fusion has been attacked.  Two of their dearest friends have been murdered and instead of celebrating the holiday season with them, they are grieving for them.  To explain how they are going to go on, she tells them how the company was formed in her kitchen.  They threw some random ingredients into a melting pot hoping to create gold.  She says that fusion means a merging of diverse elements into a unified whole.  She says that the company is like that.  Individually, they are good, but together they are gold.  She acknowledges that they may never replace Erin and Simone but they honor them by remembering their strengths.  She goes on record by telling the killer that though he thinks that he weakened them by reducing their number, but he brought them closer together and strengthened them.  Instead of killing their spirit, he has brought them closer.  They are sisters, family, all working together with a bond that is unbreakable.  The women of Fusion stand and join hands in a show of strength.  Kendall says, Fusion is here, standing proud, together, and strong and no one will ever take them down. 

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