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Zarf and Bianca are still at Ryan’s office and she is asking him to tell her what his secret is.  He refuses and tells her that he will tell her when the time is right.  She asks him if he is only saying this so that she will stop badgering him with questions and he tells her that she is the only person that he could never lie to because they are simpatico. 

Erica and Jeff arrive at the Valley Inn and Erica tells Jeff that he is ridiculous for not letting her call a doctor.  He asks her where they are and she tells him that she brought him to Josh’s because he is a doctor.  Jeff lifts Erica up into his arms and tells her that he doesn’t want to jinx their marriage so he needs to carry her over the threshold. 

Jonathan, Ryan, and Zach enter the bar at ConFusion and Jonathan starts accusing the male patrons of killing Erin.  He approaches Aidan and tells him that since Erin broke up with him, he is a likely suspect.  Aidan tells him that he was angry with Erin, but that they talked things over and worked things out.  Ryan and Zach try to calm Jonathan down but he continues to rant at the people in the bar telling them that someone is going to have to pay for what happened to Erin.  Amanda goes up to him and asks if she can help him get through this.  She tells him that Erin would want her to help him. 

Annie asks Kendall if she is ok with Annie falling in love with Ryan.  Kendall tells her that we all fall for our heroes and Annie tells her that it is more than that.  She starts to extol all of Ryan’s sterling qualities and realizes that Kendall is familiar with these as well.  She finally tells Kendall that she thinks that Ryan could “fall” for her, too. 

Amanda encourages Jonathan to leave the bar with her and go to someplace quieter.  He balks at the idea but Ryan and Zach assure him that whoever did this will be found and will not get away with having killed Erin.  As they are leaving the bar, Derek enters and announces to the people there that they all need to stay in the bar until he gets their information so that he and his officers can question in their investigation answered.  Aidan asks Zach what he knows about what happened and Zach fills him in on the details.  Aidan concludes that Fusion has a serial killer. 

Bianca tells Zarf that they could not be less alike.  He says that the office at Cambias is too sterile and he asks her where her favorite place is.  He tells her that he wants to go to the place that she can be in her purest essence. 

Jeff tells Erica that they need a larger place and that they should look for something down by the river.  He tells her that they need lots of room because he wants four kids.  Erica tells him not to talk but to just rest.  He acknowledges that her career has to come first but that he doesn’t want to wait until they are old and gray to have their children.  She tells him that he is delirious and he says that he is crazy in love with her and has been since the first day that he saw her.  He tells her that he loves her and when she does not respond in kind, he tells her that the first rule of marriage demands that when one partner says, “I love you” the other say it back.  She tells him that he contracted malaria in Africa and he has a raging fever.  She, then, tells him that they have been divorced and that she is married to someone else. 

Ryan enters Amanda’s office at ConFusion and tells Jonathan that he is there to take him home.  Jonathan tells him that he does not want to leave.  Ryan tells him that Amanda can go with them, but Jonathan refuses and says that he needs to stay there until they find out who killed Erin.  Ryan tells him that the police are investigating.  Amanda hands him a cup and tells him that he needs to drink it because he is in shock and it will be good for him. 

Back in the bar, Zach tells Ryan that he is going home to check on Kendall.  He tells Ryan that Annie is there with her and says that he will see that Annie gets home safely.  He then tells Ryan that he is sorry for his loss.  Ryan tells him to protect Kendall.

Kendall asks Annie why she thinks that Ryan could fall for her and she answers that he enjoys being with her and Emma.  Spike starts to fuss and Kendall goes to pick him up.  She asks Annie if she will look in the crib for his pacifier.  When she can’t find it, Kendall tells her that it might be in the other room.  Annie offers to hold him while she looks for it.  When Kendall gives him to Annie, he immediately quiets.  Kendall looks upset, but Annie reminds her that they are old friends and that they bonded when she and Emma had the sleepover at Ryan’s.  Kendall tells Annie that she is glad that Ryan is dating again, but she has some reservations.  She hands Annie a picture of Greenlee and asks her if she looks familiar.  Annie admits that they look alike and asks who she is.  Kendall tells her that she is Ryan’s ex-wife. 

Jonathan tells Ryan that he wants to be with Erin.  Ryan starts to explain that he will be able to do that later, and Amanda asks him to go out to see if Derek has found any leads in the investigation.  When he leaves, Jonathan starts to leave also.  Amanda asks him where he is going and he tells her that he is going to the hospital to be with Erin.  She tells him that Erin would want him to see her looking her best and that maybe he should wait until later.  Jonathan tells her that when they were little, Erin would save him from their father, and recently when he was all messed up, she saved him again.  Amanda tells him that Erin loved him very much.  He tells her that she saved him and he should have saved her.  He should have been there to save her. 

Derek is interviewing a couple in the bar and the woman tells him that she had seen the woman in the picture (Erin) and thought that she was very lucky.  He asks her why she thought that and she says that it was because she was with the “king of rock.”  Derek does not know who that is and Ryan walks up and tells him that the woman is referring to Zarf and that he was working on a campaign for Fusion.  Ryan tells him that Zarf had access to the Fusion offices and had been the last one to speak to Simone.  When Derek indicates that he thinks that is interesting, Ryan tells him that Zach thought so, too, and was running a check on him.  Derek says that he is going to do the same. 

Bianca and Zarf are at the boathouse and she tells him that this is her favorite place.  He tells her that she came there with the woman that she lost.  Bianca tells him that she isn’t dead, just lost.  He tells her that she is lost, too, and that she is dwelling in guilt and blame.  He tells her to accept that she did nothing wrong and that the relationship brought about its own end.  Bianca assumes from that that he thinks that her relationship with Maggie was a waste.  He tells her that no relationship is a waste because love is the greatest teacher.  Zarf then asks her if her connection with a woman is physical or does it reach to the woman’s soul.  Bianca tells him that it reaches the soul for her.  He then asks her to take his hands as he asks her to do an experiment with him.  He asks her to kiss him again.  Bianca tells him that she is a lesbian and is not attracted to men.  He tells her that his is about transcending the physical.  She agrees to kiss him again with her eyes closed.  After they kiss, he asks her how she feels.  She tells him that she feels the same as she did after their first kiss.  He asks her to imagine that she opened her eyes and found a woman sitting there and again asks how she feels.  He asks if she felt something unexpected.  She admits that she did because she didn’t expect to be moved and she was.  He tells her that at some later point in time, she will understand how monumental this revelation is. 

Kendall tells Annie that Greenlee couldn’t carry a child so she offered to serve as a surrogate for them using Greenlee’s egg and Ryan’s sperm.  She tells her of the blackout that necessitated her using her own egg and Ryan’s sperm.  She explains how Greenlee discovered what happened and how upset she got and left Ryan.  Annie surmises that Kendall thinks that Ryan isn’t over Greenlee and that is why he is attracted to her.  Kendall tells her that she doesn’t think that it is conscious, but that might be the case.  Zach walks in and tells Annie that he will arrange for a car to take her home because Ryan can’t see her this evening.  Kendall asks if something has happened to Ryan.  Zach admits that something has happened. 

Ryan calls Bianca and asks where she is.  When he finds out that she is at the boathouse with Zarf, he tells her to stay where she is and that he is coming to her.  Zarf tells her that something big has happened. 

Jonathan continues to tell Amanda what a terrific sister Erin was to him and his brothers.  She would visit him in his room after his father beat him and bandage his cuts, bring him treats, and tell him that everything was going to be ok.  Amanda agrees that she was a wonderful sister.  Jonathan tells her that is why he has to go to her, because she should not be alone.

Aidan tells Derek that he wants access to the report on Erin’s death so that he can compare it to Simone’s.  Derek tells him that he can’t give him the report.  Aidan offers his help and Derek rebuffs his offer telling him that his men are working on the case.  Aidan asks how many other women have to die before they find the killer, and he threatens to mount his own investigation.  Derek tells him that he will force him to stop and will pull his license if he does that.  Aidan begs to be allowed to help in some manner in the investigation because Erin meant something to him.  He says that he loved her even though things didn’t turn out the way that had hoped or planned.  Di is nearby and hears his heartfelt plea.  He starts to cry. 

Erica asks Jeff what year it is and he responds that it is 2006 almost 2007.  He wonders why she asked him that.  She tells him that they were at her office and that he had a very high fever and became delirious.  He asks if he embarrassed himself or her.  She answers that he thought that they had just been married and were on their honeymoon.  He apologizes for anything that he might have done and Erica asks how he is feeling.  He says that he is very much in the present.  She tells him that he needs to call his father and he refuses again. 

Derek tells Aidan that he will give him as much information as he can.  Amanda approaches him and asks if she can talk to him for a moment.  She tells him that Jonathan wants to be with Erin and he tells her that is impossible.  She tells him that he wouldn’t let her be with her father when they found him and that she still wakes up crying because she wanted to spend more time with him.  She acknowledges that he is going by the book, but asks him to “take a page from her father’s book” and bend the rules just this once so that Jonathan can spend a little more time with Erin.

Ryan joins Bianca at the boathouse and asks where Zarf is.  She tells him that he left right after his phone call.  Ryan asks how long he was with her and where he was before that.  She tells him that they were together for about an hour and a half and that before that they were at the Cambias offices.  She asks him what is going on. 

Kendall is astounded that Erin is dead.  Annie says that she owes Erin everything and asks how Ryan is.  Kendall says that Ryan is fine because this can’t be true.  They just lost Simone and so Erin can’t be dead.  Zach assures her that it is indeed true. 

Bianca is incredulous at the news that Erin is dead.  She says that she can’t believe that they have lost both Erin and Simone.  Ryan tells her that they didn’t lose them they were taken from them.  Bianca and Ryan embrace. 

Kendall sits alone on her bed, clutching a pillow and cries for Erin and Simone. 

Annie recalls telling Erin that she is a role model for her and how much she did for her and Emma. 

Aidan puts his head down and cries as Di stands beside him.

Amanda goes into the office and tells Jonathan that they can go to see Erin. 

Jonathan pulls back the sheet that covers Erin and tells her that it is going to be ok now, because she will not be alone.

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