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Babe is reminding JR that when he put the ring on her finger, he promised that she would never have to spend any time without him.  Adam bursts into the room and demands that she leave JR alone since he just got home from the hospital.  JR tells his father that she can stay.

Amanda approaches Del and Jonathan at the bar at ConFusion.  She tells them that she has a present for them.  She then admits that it requires a little work on their parts.  She presents them with reindeer antlers and elf hats that she expects them to wear for the holiday season.  Del complies, but Jonathan refuses. 

Bianca show up at Ryan’s office and he asks her in.  She looks concerned and he tells her that it is about Simone.

Kendall tells Zach that he was smiling in his sleep and urges him to close his eyes to remember what he was dreaming about.  He tells her that he doesn’t need to close his eyes.  If he was smiling, he was dreaming about his beautiful wife even though he is recalling the girl from his dreams telling him that she loves him. 

Josh is again on the rooftop of Fusion and he is beside a reclined Erin telling her to open her eyes.  He pulls out his phone and calls the police requesting to talk to Chief Frye to report a murder.  When Derek gets on the phone, Josh asks him if he knows where Dani is.  Derek reminds him that he called to report a murder and asks if Josh thinks that Dani is somehow involved.  He tells Derek that he is on the rooftop of Fusion and that he has found Erin Lavery dead.  He explains that the body was left in the same manner that Simone was with the flowers and the ribbon.  Josh tells him that his was not an accident.

Ryan, as executor of Simone’s will, begins reading from the will and Bianca questions why she is there.  She feels that it should be Kendall.  Ryan hands her the letter and tells her to read it for herself.  Bianca continues to read that Simone was left a substantial trust fund by Ethan and she felt that the money should go to Miranda since she was Ethan’s cousin.  Ethan would have wanted it that way. 

Adam tells Krystal that he hasn’t heard anything break so he thinks that Babe is safe with JR and vice versa.  Krystal thanks Adam for trying to make JR realize that he still loves Babe.  Adam tells her that he would be devastated if he found out that she (Krystal) spent even a second with another man.  Meanwhile, in the other room, Colby answers the phone.  Josh asks her if Babe is there.  She tells him that Babe is dead. 

JR tells Babe that she will need something more than a pretty speech about their wedding vows if they are to get their marriage back on track.  She tells him that she knows him and knows that they were happy once and can be happy again.  She begs him not to give up on their marriage. 

Zach answers the phone and Josh asks him if Kendall is ok and tells him that he has to find Bianca.  Zach asks what is going on and Josh tells him that he just found Erin Lavery dead on the roof of Fusion just like Simone.

Di is encouraging Aidan to go to his apartment and pack up his stuff so that he can move into Wildwind.   

Jonathan and Amanda hear sirens and comment that they sound like they are right outside. 

Zach is rushing to get dressed and leave the apartment.  Kendall is questioning him about why he has to leave and what is going on.  He tells her that he would prefer to stay with her and Spike but he has to go.  As he opens the door, he finds Annie standing outside.  He invites her in and tells her to keep Kendall and Spike company while he goes out.  Kendall makes excuses about being busy and needing to give Spike a bath.  Zach again tells Annie to wait for Ryan in their apartment while he goes out.  He closes the door and makes a phone call.  He asks his security man if he can see him.  He tells him to make sure that no one goes into the condo and that his wife is safe at all times.  He calls Ryan and asks if Bianca is safe and tells him that something happened on the Fusion rooftop. 

Ryan asks Bianca if she will stay there while he goes out to check on something and he leaves.

Josh is telling Derek that he sometimes goes to the rooftop to think and clear his mind.  He asks Derek if Dani is ok and Derek tells him yes and thanks him.  Derek asks him if he saw or heard anything while he was up there and Josh tells him no.  He said that he didn’t want to leave Erin alone but that now that Derek and his men are there, he really needs to leave. 

Jonathan calls Erin and gets her voicemail.  He asks her to call him as soon as she gets his message.  He tells her that there are cops outside and he is worried about her. 

Zach arrives at the rooftop and a policeman tries to stop him from coming on to the roof.  Derek tells him that it is ok for him to be there.  He asks Zach how it is that he was crying “murder” before that occurred to any of the law enforcement officials. 

Josh pounds on the door to the Chandler mansion and asks to see Babe.  Colby tries to block his way into the house.  He tells Colby that he is not leaving until he has seen and talked to Babe.  Adam comes out to see what the ruckus is about.  Josh pushes by him calling out to Babe. 

JR asks Babe if she is ready to make a commitment to their marriage the same way he made a commitment to stop drinking when he took her back before.   She tells him that she is and that Josh is aware that she wants her future to be with JR and not Josh.  Josh pushes into the room where JR and Babe are talking.  When he sees Babe, he gathers her into his arms and says thank God that she is all right.  JR gets agitated and starts to experience pain.  Colby yells at Josh that he caused this.  The whole Chandler clan is in JR’s room wanting to know what is going on.  Josh tells Babe that he is thankful that she is alright because something terrible went down at Fusion.  He tells Babe that he found Erin on the roof exactly the same way she found Simone. 

Jonathan goes upstairs to the Fusion office and finds it empty.  A couple of paramedics push past him and he follows them to the rooftop.  The police attempt to stop him but he shoulders his way onto the roof.  He sees Erin and goes to her side.  He tries to rouse her and calls out that she needs a doctor and an ambulance.  Derek tells him that it is too late and that she is gone.  He refuses to believe that Erin can be dead. 

Josh continues in his story about finding Erin with the ribbon and the flowers.  He tells Babe that he tried to call to see if she was ok and Colby gave her some weird answer so he had to see for himself.  JR tells him to get out, but Josh tells him that Babe is in danger. 

Zarf appears out of nowhere and frightens Bianca.  She asks him if he is stalking her and he tells her that he is the famous one and people stalk him.  He hands her a present.  She opens it and discovers a kaleidoscope.  She puts it to her eye and exclaims that it is beautiful.  He tells her that kaleidoscopes are her thing because she is so creative.  He tells her that she is, actually, very good at making money.  He tells her he was a multimillionaire by the time he was 19 so they have that in common also. 

Jonathan takes Erin in his arms and asks her to remember when she would try to distract their father so that he wouldn’t beat him and his brothers.  He tells her that she always took care of them and he was going to take care of her now and make sure that everything was okay.  Zach meets Ryan in the Fusion office.  They say nothing but Ryan realizes that something terrible has happened.  He rushes up to the roof and Jonathan calls to him to tell him that Erin needs a doctor and no one will listen to him.  Jonathan tells Erin that Ryan will take care of everything now that he is here.  Ryan just looks at Erin and is sad. 

Adam tells Josh to leave and that they will take care of Babe and they don’t need him to tell them to do that.  Adam, Krystal, Colby, and Babe go into the other room to let JR rest.  Before he leaves, Adam goes to JR’s bedside.  JR tells him to find out what needs to be done for Erin and to make sure she gets whatever she needs.  Adam assures him that he will do that.

Ryan tells Jonathan that Erin is gone.  Jonathan seems to be in shock and is not accepting that Erin is dead.  Finally, Ryan is successful in getting him to leave.  As they leave the roof, Ryan says that someone is going to pay for this. 

Annie tells Kendall that she is sorry about Simone and how she died.  Kendall immediately defends Simone and tells Annie that Simone did not commit suicide.  Annie knows that and clarifies that she meant that it was sad that Simone died alone and so young.  Kendall asks her if she ever wanted to find out who Emma’s biological father was.  Annie tells her that Ryan just recently asked her the same thing.  Kendall appears nervous but Annie tells her that she has no interest in finding out who Emma’s father is.  She jokes that they are called anonymous sperm donors for a reason.  They laugh about the reaction that these men would have if they found themselves face to face with a college-aged child asking for tuition payments.  Kendall asks Annie if Ryan ever told her the story of how he and she came to be the parents of Spike.  She goes on to say that she feels that they (Ryan and Kendall) were destined to be Spike’s parents.  Suddenly, Annie asks Kendall why she chose Zach over Ryan to stay married to. 

Zarf asks Bianca several questions about her past and her most painful and precious moments.  She asks why he wants to know and he tells her that he wants to know everything about her.  He asks her if it bothers her that she is in his every waking moment and if it scares her that he is falling madly in love with her.  He asks if she is going to run from his advances.  She tells him that she isn’t afraid of him but she does want to know what he is hiding. 

Kendall tells Annie that she has a connection with Zach that she has never had with any other man and that she is happy to have Zach as her husband and to keep Ryan as a best friend.  Annie responds, “Good.”  Kendall asks her why she said that and she tells her that she if falling in love with Ryan. 

Jonathan and Ryan are walking through ConFusion and Jonathan approaches several male patrons asking them if they did it.  He grabs them by the shirtfront and demands to know if they are the ones who killed her.  Ryan grabs Jonathan’s arm and ushers him out of the bar. 

Babe walks into JR’s room and she is still crying.  She sits at his bedside and tells him that she needs him badly.  JR pretends to be asleep and does not respond.  Babe puts her head down and JR starts to reach out to take her hand, hesitates, and returns his hand to the blanket.       

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