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All My Children Update Monday 12/11/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Zach and Kendall arrive home.  He tells her to get some rest but she says she can't rest.  He offers to draw a bath for her.  He sits her down and draws the bath.  In the bathroom with the water running, he calls his associate to see if he found out anything about Zarf.  He tells him to keep checking.  Kendall steps inside after overhearing him and asks if he is investigating Zarf because he suspects that he killed Simone.  Zach says he's just checking out everyone who went in and out of Fusion.  He asks if Simone knew Zarf before the rest of them but Kendall says she didn't.  Zach says he's just eliminating possibilities.  Kendall says she realizes that he's bothered because it's been almost a year since Ethan died.  She knows that Simone's death has brought it all back.

Di watches as Aidan and Erin hug at ConFusion.  Erin notices Di and tries to tell her it's not what she thinks.  Di only says she's sorry for the loss of Simone and hugs her.  She asks what she can do.  Erin seems embarrassed about her initial reaction to seeing Di and apologizes.  When Aidan leaves to go talk to Zarf, Di tells Erin that she and Aidan aren't serious.  She says if Erin and Aidan have unfinished business between them she'll move aside.  She doesn't want to stand in the way of true love.

Aidan walks over to Zarf, who has drawn a crowd of admirers.  Aidan says he knows his real name is Freddie Luper and he's from Elkhart, Indiana.  Zarf says that person is dead.

Erica tells Jeff in her office that she and Jack are over.  Jeff says he's been waiting to hear that.  Erica says Jack turned his back on her.  He's already contacted Livia and wants a divorce.  Jeff asks what she wants.  Erica says Jack has no idea who she is.  She says he orders her to come back home and she can't exist as a wife and mother since she has her own needs.  Jeff tells her she can't ignore the role he played by being right across the hall from her.  "Not you, too," Erica says, wondering if his ego is letting him think he had a role in this.  Erica insists she didn't move to the Valley Inn to be near Jeff.  Jeff asks if Jack knows that.  Erica says she told him and if he still feels threatened that's his problem.  Jeff says Jack has picked up on something between them.  They did kiss.  Erica says that kiss was a sweet, innocent gesture.  Jeff says he did not mean it that way.  Erica says she stayed away from Jack to address her own needs.  She wonders why he didn't fight for her.  She asks how she could marry a man who is clueless as to who she is. 

Josh is at the health club hitting a punching bag.  Amanda is there and asks him if the punching bag is a substitute for JR.  Josh laments about Babe going back to JR.  He wonders why Babe doesn't want to be happy.  Amanda realizes that Josh is in love with Babe and tells him that living in the same town and continually running into her will be torture.  She says she's been there.  Josh realizes she's talking about Jonathan.

JR asks Babe what she wants.  Babe, who has just come into the room where he is staying, says she was hoping she could do something for him.  JR tells her she can get the hell out of his life.  She refuses.  She walks in, shuts off the television, and tells him he's going to listen to her.  JR tells her to get it over with and get out.  She asks if he meant it when he said his vows to her.  JR says he meant it but too bad that he was the only one who did.  Babe says she meant it too.  She says they vowed for better or worse.  He says it doesn't get any worse than her.  She asks if they can get back to the better.  She says she's renewing her vow about forsaking all others.  She reminds him that he tried to kill her.  She says they are hurting their son if they don't try to fix it.  She says if he loves her and meant his vows he can't kick her out.  She says she still needs him and wants him and thinks he still needs her.  JR says she doesn't need him when she has her lover.  Babe says she does need him and she's not going anywhere.  Stewart brings in little Adam.  An excited Babe takes the child and brings him to JR.  JR smiles as he watches Babe with his son.  After the child leaves the room, Babe asks if they could try again for little Adam.  JR asks how he can know she won't go back to Josh.  She asks how she can know he won't go back to drinking.  She sets up a monitor in his room so she can hear him when he needs something.  She asks if he will give them a chance.

Aidan goes back to Erin and Di and tells him that Zarf wants to buy them a drink.  The women notice that Zarf has gone.  Erin says that's OK, as she wants to leave so she can think about what to say at Simone's memorial.  As she walks out, she runs into Zarf, who tells her that she takes too much to heart and has had misery in her lifetime.

Kendall is in the bathtub crying.  Zach comes in and softly sponges her back and hugs her.  After the bath, they kiss and get into bed.

Jeff starts feeling sick and nearly falls down.  He takes some pills but resists telling Erica what is wrong.  He sits down and admits that this is a reoccurrence of malaria.  He says it's not a big deal and he's treating it.  Erica wants to call Joe but Jeff doesn't want her to upset his family over nothing.  She blots his face with a tissue and he says he could get used to this.

Di mentions to Aidan that Erin seems to have a good handle on everything that's happened.  She says they have to live every moment like it's their last.

Erin goes to a darkened Fusion and hears a noise.  She asks if anyone is there.

Erica notices Jeff isn't getting any better but he says it will pass.  She says he belongs in the hospital, but he says he can't spend their honeymoon in the hospital.  He thanks her for being his wife and says they'll have a great honeymoon.

Zach is dreaming about the mystery woman, who says the words "I love you" and comments about gardenias.  Zach smiles in his sleep.  Kendall notices him smiling and asks what he was dreaming about.  She says she saw him smiling.

Josh goes to the Fusion rooftop, still angry about Babe.  He notices someone.  He walks over and notices Erin lying motionless in a lounge chair.  Her eyes are wide open and there is a white ribbon tied in her hair.  A gardenia is pinned to her shirt. 

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