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At Chandler Mansion, JR tells his father he told him he wanted Babe gone.  He thought they understood each other.  Adam says he understands but this is best for the family.  JR asks, what about what's best for him.  Babe tells she wanted to be there for him and their marriage.  JR calls that a "load."  Krystal says it's not a load.  JR says Babe needs to get out.  Julia suggests putting JR back in the ambulance, as he can't recover here.

Erica tells Sean at her office that she's swamped and they can talk another time.  Sean says but he's here now.  Erica says this will have to wait until a more appropriate time.

Aidan says they have some unfinished business.  Kendall asks Zach what killed Simone.  Danielle says she doesn't think she wants to hear this.  Ryan asks Erin how she's doing and she says she's doing better, or at least she will be when Zach tells them what he found out.  Ryan asks Zach if he knows something.  Zach says he came straight from the medical examiner.  Kendall says it must have been a weird medical condition.  Bianca hopes it was quick and painless.  Kendall asks if it was natural causes.  Zach says there's nothing natural about the way Simone died.  Ryan suggests they talk about this in another room but Bianca says they need to hear this together.  Zach says the coroner ran a toxicology screen and she died of a drug overdose.  Erin says that's not possible.  Kendall says no way.  Erin wonders if Simone was on medication they didn't know about.  Zach says it's a drug used by vets.  In proper dosage and situations it's not lethal, but it's apparently found a new audience called v-tach.  Danielle says she's heard that's like a club drug for party animals but is not that popular.  Ryan asks if Simone was partying with this drug.  Bianca says it doesn't make sense to think Simone was on drugs.  Kendall says Simone's only drug of choice was chocolate.  She says this is wrong.  Zach says maybe someone gave it to her on purpose. 

Aidan says Simone's death makes you re-evaluate things.  Jonathan says when he thought Annie was going to lose Emma he took it too far.  Aidan says when he thought Dixie and Tad were close to finding Kate he almost lost it with anyone who got in his way.  Jonathan says it's over now.  Aidan says everyone is back in their own little corner.  He and Jonathan used to be in that same corner.  Jonathan says he remembers that.  Things were better then.  Aidan says things can be that way again.  If something comes up, they can take it on. 

Erica asks Sean if he shouldn't be in school.  Sean says when he walks out the door he's gone forever.  Erica asks if he's leaving town.  Sean says she wanted it and she's got it.  She asks if Jack knows about these plans.  Sean says he doesn't need to.  Jack will clue her in when she moves back home with him out of the way.  She tells him he can't believe he's the reason for the problems she has with Jack.  He says he was put on this earth to tank marriages and no one does it better.  Erica says there are many reasons.  Sean says his dad lost her because of him.  He's not going to let the same thing happen to his Uncle Jack.

JR says he's not leaving.  Julia says this craziness is the last thing he needs.  The tension, stress, and anger will threaten his recovery.  JR says he'll deal with it and he's fine.  He'll be fine as soon as Babe leaves.  Babe says maybe this was a bad idea.  She shouldn't be here if it's going to make him worse.  Colby tells her to step up and do the right thing.  Adam suggests Colby go do some homework or go back to school.  Colby leaves and tells her father not to talk Babe out of leaving.  Babe says she thought she could fix it with JR but maybe she was wrong.  Krystal tells her she did her best.  Dixie asks if she can talk to Babe. 

Julia tells JR to get his blood pressure down and not keep blowing up.  Jamie tells JR to listen to her.  JR tells Jamie to get out of here and take Julia with her.  Jamie tells JR he did this to himself and he's the reason he's in pain.  Julia can make the pain better so he should show her some respect and gratitude.  Julia suggests releasing some endorphins and some pain.  She asks for JR's hand.  JR says if she wants to take away the pain get Babe out of his house.

Babe tells Dixie she thought this would work but she was wrong and she should go but she can't go and leave her son.  She's not going to give up on her family.  She asks what she is supposed to do.  Babe says maybe JR has had it too easy.  When things have gotten difficult for him he's turned to drugs and alcohol.  He took a steamer around the world rather than face his problems.  Babe says he brought back an even bigger problem.  Dixie says he's hurt a lot of people who care about him but this time he can't run.  Maybe now he'll learn what it is to stay and fight.  Babe says he could fight her right out of the house.  Dixie says JR is stubborn, but so is Babe.  Any other woman would have given up on JR a long time ago.  Babe says JR has never given up on her, but now she doesn't know.  Dixie says she's sorry about Simone dying alone.  No one should have to die or live that way. 

Kendall says Simone couldn't have taken that party drug but she did.  She asks Zach if he is saying she was killed.  Ryan says they'll find answers.  Zach asks if there was anything different about Simone.  He asks if she had lunch with someone she didn't know, come in early, or want to leave late.  Danielle says she was just being herself.  Zach asks about the gardenias.  Danielle says she checked that out and Simone ordered them herself.  Zarf walks in and says he's sorry.

Julia tells JR to stay relaxed and breathe through the pain.  JR says he can't relax when he knows Babe is on the other side of the door.  Julia tells him to shut up and be grateful.  Adam enters and starts to talk to JR, who tells him to get out.  Adam refuses.  He tells JR he can't chase him off.  JR tells him he's a traitor.

Babe says she won't give up on her family.  If she walked out now, JR might never trust anyone again and it would be her fault.  Dixie asks if the reason she's here is to fix JR.  If so she should leave right now. 

Adam tells JR he knows Babe hurt him and lied to him and that he still loves her.  JR says love is a waste.  JR says he did love Babe and was proud of himself for believing her.  Just when he thought he had a grasp on their love, she was sleeping with Josh.  JR says he forgot who he was and who raised him and that their family mottos is never forgive, never forget.  Adam says there are exceptions to that rule.  JR disagrees and asks his father why heís siding with Babe.  Adam says heís siding with him.  He says he may not be ready to forgive Babe now.  JR says it will never happen.  Adam says her love is real.  If it wasnít she would have run away with their son a long time ago.  JR says he should have never signed over custody to her.  Adam says he has temporary custody.  JR is surprised and tells his father to get rid of Babe.  Adam says she refuses to go.  JR says the Chandler security can throw her out.  Adam says Babe is here to fight for their marriage.  JR asks when his father started talking like a romance advice columnist.  He asks Adam if he would let Krystal stay if she cheated on him.

Krystal tells Colby that JR is the one to blame for his accident and they donít need to peck at each other.  They need to pull together and work things out.

Sean tells Erica that Uncle Jack does not deserve to lose out the way his dad did.  Erica says she and Travis had problems before he was even conceived.  Sean says his father loved her.  Erica says he also loved Seanís mother.  She tells Sean he wasnít the cause of the end of her marriage with Travis and he isnít the cause of the end of her marriage with Jack.  Thereís no reason for him to leave town.  Sean asks if her problems with Jack are because of the other guy.  There is a knock on the door and Jeff is there.  He tells Erica lunch is served.

Erin tells Jonathan that Simone died of a drug overdose.  Jonathan has a hard time believing it.  Erin says Simone had to have gotten the drug from someone and sheís going to find out whom.  She asks Jonathan if he remembers catching some guy here at ConFusion trying to slip drugs into a womanís drink.  She says she knows a couple people come in here and get high in the bathroom and someone is supplying them.  Aidan asks if she thinks Simone bought the drug at ConFusion.  Erin says if Simone was unhappy she might have wanted to get away from it all for a while but someone had to give her that drug and she wants to know who the drug pusher is that killed Simone.

Ryan asks Zarf what heís sorry about.  Zach asks Zarf if he gave Simone the drug that killed her.  Bianca says that is not what Zarf is sorry about.  Heís sorry for upsetting them earlier.  Zarf says he shouldnít have forced his beliefs about Simoneís death on them.  Ryan asks what he believed about Simoneís death.  Kendall tells Ryan not to get Zarf started on that again.  She asks Zarf what he knows about Simoneís death.  Ryan tells him he may have been the last person to see Simone alive.  Zarf says he saw her alive as defined by this world, but he apologizes again if his views upset them.  He says there are many things to be sorry for.  What he regrets most is that Simone turned him down.  If she had accepted his proposition she might still be alive.

Erin tells Jonathan and Aidan to help her find the scum who sold Simone the drug.  She wants to tell him what an amazing woman Simone was.  Aidan tells her what happened is not her fault so there should be no guilt and no blame.

Colby tells Krystal they are a family.  Krystal tells her to say it without the smirk and eye rolling.  Colby apologizes for being a brat and Krystal accepts her apology, but says sheís not the one who needs to hear it.

Adam admits that he would not allow Krystal to stay if she cheated on him.  JR asks why heís preaching to him about Babe staying.  Dixie says itís because JRís heart is bigger than Adamís will ever be and thatís why his heart breaks so easily.  She says he may have the Chandler drive but he has her heart. 

Erica encourages Sean to leave but he says itís his lunch break and heís starving.  Erica gets him to leave.  Jeff realizes Sean doesnít want to see his uncle lose the best thing thatís ever happened to him.  Erica asks what if sheís not Jackís to lose.

JR tells his mother that his heart wants Babe gone.  Dixie asks about his son.  JR says little Adam will be better off.  Dixie says Adam took him away from her a long time ago at Christmas.  JR remembers and says it was a hard time, but little Adam is still young enough to forget it.  Dixie tells him not to do what his father and she did.  Donít tear that child away from his mother.  She urges him to let Babe stay.  Adam tells JR to listen to his mother.

Ryan asks Zarf about the proposition he made to Simone.  Zarf says he offered champagne and love songs.  Danielle asks if he hit on Simone.  Zach asks again if he gave drugs to Simone.  Zarf says it must help to blame a stranger.  Ryan asks Zarf the same question.  Zarf asks what Kendall has been lying to them about.  Ryan asks why he is bringing up lies.  Zarf talks of secrets and lies.  Zach asks if he has a point.  Zarf suggests he ask Kendall.  Kendall tells him heís leaving now.  Zarf says he had hoped Babe would be here.

Erin tells Aidan she canít believe it was a suicide.  She wonders if Simone felt hopeless because she lost Ethan.  Aidan says it was possible.  Erin says you have to believe that real love is out there.  Aidan says the good thing about love is it never dies.

Dixie tells JR itís going to take some getting used to to be at Chandler mansion with his father, Adamís pregnant wife, and daughter.  She is grateful to JR that he has let her back in his life.  If he can do that, who knows what amazing things his heart is capable of.

Krystal thanks Adam for sticking up for Babe.  Adam says they are going to keep this family together.  Krystal hopes she and Adam are OK.  He says they are just fine. 

Colby tells Babe that she wants things to be cool between them so sheís going to make a real effort.  Babe hugs her.

Jeff says he is sure Jack is going to have something to say about that.  Erica says Jack has already said enough.  They are getting a divorce.

Zach wants to take Kendall home but she says she has to stay and work.  Zach says he doesnít want to break his word to Spike.  He has made lunch.  Danielle tells Kendall she can hold down the fort.  Kendall agrees to leave but tells Bianca she should stay.  Bianca tells him this is what she needs to do right now.  Kendall tells Bianca that Zarf is a total freak.  Weird things happen when heís around.  She doesnít like him or trust him.  Bianca says sheís pretty sure heís harmless.  Ryan says heís going to check out the delivery guy while Zach says heíll deal with the rock star.  He calls an associate and tells him to check out a guy name Zarf.

JR is alone in his room when Babe comes in and tells him sheís not leaving. 

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