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Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Erin and Dani are at the Fusion office and Dani says that there is no way that Simone could have committed suicide.  She says that she just keeps expecting the elevator to open and Simone to walk out.  At that moment, the elevator opens and Kendall and Bianca walk out.  The women embrace and enjoy a group hug as they all cry a little more for Simone.  Bianca offers to make coffee but Kendall tells her that she is going to get something and they are going to behave the way that Simone would have wanted them to.

Tad arrives in the hospital corridor where Zach is keeping guard on the morgue doors.  He asks Zach if it is true.  Zach nods and Tad is disbelieving. 

Krystal confronts Dixie and asks if she told Tad that Krystal was carrying his child.  Dixie admits it and Krystal says that she told Tad the truth.  Dixie thanks her for giving Tad his child. 

Tad is talking to Zach about Simone and Zach admits that he really didnít know her and asks Tad to tell him about her.  Tad says that she was beautiful inside and out and that she was generous, funny, and fun.  He says that fun is the main word to use when describing her.  He says that she ate life with a spoon and that she thought that laughter was water and she was constantly thirsty.  He says that she was the kind of person that you notice as soon as she walked into a room. 

Kendall brings in a tray of Cajun Bloody Marys.  She says that Simone called this the hair of the dog and would drink them the morning after a rough night.  Kendall says that she had a rough night and that these are appropriate.  They each take a glass and toast Simone.  Babe arrives at Fusion and seeing the rest of the Fusion women together, she hesitates.  Kendall extends an arm to her to include her in their embrace. 

At Pine Valley High School, Colby is at her locker getting a book when Sean comes up and asks her if she wants to join him as he leaves school.  She asks if he is ditching school and he tells her that he is ditching the town.

Erica is in her office discussing future broadcasts when Jack enters.  She offers him coffee which he declines saying that he canít stay long.  Erica tells him that it is too bad that he canít stay because they had a lot to discuss and Thanksgiving was part of it.  He admits that he got very angry at the dinner and Erica agrees that she did, too.  Jack asks her if there is anything that she would like to say to him.  She tells him that she expected that he had something to say to her and asks him to say it.

Adam visits JR in the hospital and JR asks him if he got rid of Babe.  Adam tells him that this is a very difficult situation with Babe being the daughter of his wife and with Krystal being pregnant with his child, and JRís sister.  JR insists that getting rid of Babe would solve his problems and make him feel better. 

The women of Fusion start to reminisce about Simone and all of the silly and funny things that she did.  They remember the times that she would grab the garnishes off of the bar at ConFusion and call them lunch, the police officer Lyman who arrested her several times.  They talk about how gorgeous she was and how every red-blooded heterosexual male had designs on her and Bianca chimes in that her allure was not completely limited to them implying that she could be under Simoneís spell as well.  They joke that she did not play on Biancaís team.  Kendall regales them with the story of how Simone glued her lips together when they were in the early stages of developing cosmetics in her kitchen.  Erin mentions that she canít believe that she is gone and Kendall reminds her that they are to stick to only cute and funny stories about Simone.  Kendall tells them about the hot outfit that Simone had on the night that they raided the sperm clinic.  She tells them that it was so hot that if a security guard caught them, they had told Simone that she would have to crack her whip and bring him to his knees.  Zarf walks in at this point and comments on how much he enjoys the scene of five beautiful women with libations talking about a dominatrix.  Babe tells him that now is not a good time and he tells them that their auras are all hazy.  He asks them who died. 

Zach tells Tad that is sounds as if he knew Simone very well.  Tad admits that they were together for a while before she met Ethan.  Tad says that everyone thinks that his sense of humor is good, but that she was the only woman who ever made him laugh so hard that he literally fell out of bed.  Zach asks him if she had any enemies.  Tad immediately gets serious and asks him what he is suggesting. 

Krystal tells Dixie that she told Tad the truthÖthat the baby is a Chandler.  Dixie asks if Tad believed her and Krystal tells her that Tad knows that David lies all the time.  Dixie reminds Krystal that David didnít know that she saw Krystal and Tad together and asks how he would have come to that conclusion.  Dixie tells Krystal that she is just worried about Tad and wants him to have this child if it is his.  Krystal tells Dixie that she knows that Tad has another child and that she is confident that they will find her and that he doesnít need her child.  Dixie asks her if she is sure that the baby is Adamís or if she just decided that. 

Jack tells Erica that he has spoken with Livia.  Erica is surprised to hear that he has involved lawyers and asks him if this is what he wants.  He tells her that it is what she wants.  She tells him that she never said that she wanted a divorce.  He asks her what she wants. 

Sean tells Colby that he overheard his Uncle Jack talking to a lawyer asking for advice.  He tells her that it sounds like they are breaking up.  He tells her that no one like to live with the reason that broke up their marriage.  Colby reminds him that they donít know if that is truly the case.  He says that he thinks that they might be able to reconcile if he is out of the picture and asks her if she is going to join him.  She tells him that she canít because JR is coming home today and she needs to set some things straight. 

Bianca tells Zarf that Simone died.  Babe tells him that they need to reschedule their meeting.  He asks why they are stressed out if none of them were responsible.  When they tell him that they donít even know the cause of death yet, he tells them there is nothing that any of them could have done.  He tells them that her destiny has been fulfilled and that it is the end of the story.  They argue that that is not true.  He tells them that her energy goes on.  Erin says that she is still dead and he comments that she said that as though it were a bad thing.  He tells them that it was all predestined and that grieving does not good.  Bianca can see that Kendall and the others are getting upset with him so she suggests that they continue the discussion on the roof.  Dani offers to make some phone calls to close the business today and Kendall tells them that they have a campaign to work on and that Simone would want them to work on it, as she would have done.  They get Simoneís files together and Kendall offers a bonus to anyone who can get rid of Zarf. 

On the roof of Fusion, Bianca asks Zarf why he would walk into a room full of women who are obviously upset and aggravate the situation as he did.  He says that he told the truth.  Bianca asks him where his compassion is and asks him if he ever grieved for anyone.  He tells her that he grieved for himself.  He goes on to say that everyone makes changes along lifeís path and some of the changes are small and others are ďseismic.Ē  He tells her that the changes make the most sense to him when he is with her.  He asks if Bianca thinks that Simone knew who she really was.  When Bianca answers in the affirmative, he tells her that she was lucky if that is the case. 

Kendall tells Babe, Erin, and Dani that she wants Zarf gone.  They tell her that it will be the end of the campaign, and she tells them that they will find a new song for the campaign.  She insists that she wants him gone.

Jack tells Erica that he has given her the space that she said that she wanted and all that it has done is bring her closer to Jeff Martin.  Erica exasperatedly asks if that is all that he can think about.  He tells her that she didnít handle the situation very well.  She is gone from their home, their bed, and does not even communicate with him.  She didnít even tell him that she would be at the Thanksgiving dinner.  She tells him that she accepted the invitation to that dinner for Kendall and Bianca.  He asks her if she brought Jeff to the dinner for them, too.  She counters that she had to sit across the table from Brooke all evening while she had obvious designs on him.  He tells her that he is hers and only hers and that he never wanted a divorce. 

Krystal confronts Dixie as she continues to badger her about who the father of her baby is and asks if she has definitive proof of paternity.  Krystal tells Dixie that she needs to stop this because JR is coming home and he doesnít need the extra stress and tension.

JR accuses Adam of caving to Krystalís wishes to keep Babe close to her.  Adam reiterates that he knows what is best for his family and that he is doing just that.  Julia enters and tells JR that he needs to realize that when he gets angry pain follows.  She tells him that she would feel sorry for him except that he brought this pain on himself. 

Tad is trying to figure out what Zach is thinking in terms of Simoneís death.  Zach tells him that it could be the results of trauma from a year ago when they were in the explosion that killed Ethan.  Tad doesnít believe it.  Zach suggests that maybe it was depression over losing Ethan.  Tad tells him that she was bubbling the last time he saw her and was all excited about her job.  He begs Zach to tell him if he has some concrete evidence that Simone was murdered.  Zach answers that he has a feeling with nothing to support the inclination.  Zach admits that he doesnít agree with the suicide theory but that is what the police are thinking. 

Zarf urges Bianca to celebrate Simone and the fact that she was comfortable with who she was while she was alive.  He ponders how many people actually know who they are.  When Bianca tells him that she does, he asks her how long it took her to get to that point.  She tells him that it was a long time.  He tells her that it is a waste of time to grieve and that time is better spent asking questions about the living. 

Kendall decides that Zarf and his songs are gone from the campaign.  The others argue with her that she doesnít need to like him, but she has to admit that his talent and popularity are important to Fusion.  They remind her that this was Simoneís campaign and that they owe it to her to do it the way she imagined it.  They tell her that the research shows that the songs are a large part of that campaign.  She reluctantly agrees to keep the songs but tells Babe that since she signed him for the campaign, she has to deal with him from now on. 

Adam and Julia are preparing to take JR to the Chandler mansion.  Julia tells Adam that the acupuncture will only work to ease JRís pain if he is kept calm.  Adam says that is what he wants also.  Julia says that she will ride in the ambulance with JR and will meet him at their home. 

Colby tries to convince Sean that he isnít the reason that Erica and Jackís marriage is breaking up.  She reminds him that Erica has been married 10 times and that Jack might be better off without her.  She tells Sean to check it out and make sure that he isnít running away for something that he didnít do. 

Erica tells Jack that he is the one who already spoke with a lawyer.  He tells her that she was the one to move out.  She tells him that she was ready to come home when her complete wardrobe arrived at the Valley Inn.  He asks her why it is so hard for her to admit that she was wrong.  She tells him that he is the one who was wrong.  Stunned, Jack resigns himself to the fact that the next step is the lawyers.  Erica says that she will let him know who her lawyer will be. 

Krystal tells Dixie that she needs to forget what she did and forgive herself for giving Kate up and concentrate on making JR get well again.  Dixie agrees that that is why she is there. 

Zach mentions to Tad that this whole thing might not be about Simone at all.  A doctor emerges from the morgue and asks Zach if he has been here all night.  Zach asks if he has any information for him and the doctor tells him that he has protocols that he has to follow and cannot give him any information.  He leaves. 

Sean enters Ericaís office and asks if she has time for him. 

Dixie, Krystal, Adam, Colby are all standing in the foyer as the ambulance personnel bring JR into the house.  They are all welcoming him home.  Colby thanks him for giving her an excuse to ditch school.  Babe joins in the welcome home wishes and JRís eyes turn cold.  He announces that he wants her out of there right now. 

Tad approaches a morgue attendant and asks to have a moment alone with Simone.  He pulls back the sheet that is covering her to look at her face.  He strokes her hair and tells her how much he is going to miss her.  He thanks her for helping him find his way out of the darkness and making him laugh again.  He tells her that it is her turn now and that she needs to find Ethan and be happy.  He asks her to send some of her laughter to him if she ever has a chance to look in on the rest of them.  He swears that he will never forget her. 

Kendall is asking if Bianca was successful in getting rid of Zarf.  Bianca starts to defend him as Zach walks in.  He tells  them that he knows what killed Simone. 

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