AMC Update Wednesday 12/6/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/6/06 


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca and Kendall are playing with Miranda and discussing that they only want a long and healthy life for their children but realize that life can be fleeting.  Zach is in the living room talking to Rachel.  He mentions Simone and Rachel comments on how funny she is.  He tells her that she died this evening and that Bianca will probably be staying the night with them and asks if she can take care of the children.  She agrees. 

Julia, Jamie, Del, and Amanda are all at ConFusion talking about being housemates now.  Erin walks up and they can tell that something is terribly wrong with her.  Ryan and Annie join the group and Annie is bubbling over with excitement about her helicopter trip and the concert.  Erin sits off to the side looking devastated. 

Babe and Josh are still on the roof of Fusion and he is telling her that he will not leave her alone there.  She reminds him that he promised to stay out of her life.  He says he made that promise before Simone died.  Babe tells him that it isn’t fair of her to allow him to take her home where she intends to try to put her marriage back together.  He tells her that she can do that as soon as he gets her home safely.  She reluctantly agrees to let him walk her to her car. 

Annie and Ryan regale the group at ConFusion with the tales of the concert and talking to the band members after the show.  Everyone is laughing and joking as Erin sits quietly staring into her drink.  Jonathan eases away from the group and asks Erin what it is she wanted to tell him and she tells him nothing and asks if they can leave. 

Kendall and Bianca are discussing life without Simone and how difficult it will be.  Zach asks what significance the white ribbon might have and Bianca suggests that it was tied around the drink glasses in the bar.  Kendall mentions that it was part of the packaging for the new line and asks Zach why he thinks it is important.  He also asks about the gardenia and no one can give him any answers to their importance.  He tells them that these are but a few of the many questions that surround Simone’s death and that they deserve answers to them.  He asks Bianca and Kendall if they will be ok while he goes to the hospital to get some answers.  They tell him that they will be ok, but Kendall stops him and asks him how he is handling all of this.  He tells her that he is good, but that they will all be better once they have some answers. 

Josh walks past the boathouse and sees Dani sitting there alone.  He stops to talk with her.  They commiserate on the loss of Simone and talk about the effect that she had on their lives.  Dani mentions that she would never have gotten her job at Fusion if it hadn’t been for Simone.  Dani asks him why he isn’t with Babe.  He tells her that she wanted to be alone.  She asks what he intends to do about Babe and JR and he tells her that he has no idea. 

Jonathan talks with Erin and asks her again, what is wrong with her.  She again, tells him that she is ok.  The gang from Wildwind is talking about all the partying that they will be doing and how much fun they are going to have living together at Wildwind.  As they continue to laugh and talk and propose toasts to the good life, Erin drops her drink glass and starts to cry. 

JR is lying in bed counting the ceiling tiles and she stops as Babe enters his room.  She asks if she is disturbing him as she enters.  He tells her if she came to keep him company, she can just leave.  She stammers and starts to tell him about Simone.  She says that it doesn’t seem real and won’t until he has told her.  When she tells him that it is something terrible, he assumes that it is about Little A.  She reassures him that it is not about him but that it is about Simone.  He asks if she fought with Babe wanting to oust her from Fusion.  She tells him that she is dead. 

Dani is telling Josh that he should tell Babe to hit the road and he tells her that she needs to stop trash-talking Babe and stop hiding behind his love life and deal with her feelings about Simone.  She tells him that she loves working at Fusion and that Simone was a big part of the reason that she loves it so much.  They are all a family and she feels as though she has lost a sister.  She asks him how you can keep on going after losing a member of your family.  He tells her that you need to look to the other members of your family to help you through.  He offers one of his sisters and then tells her that she can have both of them.  They laugh.

Kendall and Bianca continue to discuss Simone’s death and the cause for it.  Bianca asks if she had been sick or taking any medication recently.  Kendall assures her that that was not the case.  She tells her that Simone never even took aspirin because her brother was in a coma as the result of an overdose.  Kendall refuses to believe that Simone committed suicide. 

Derek meets Zach in the hallway at the hospital outside the morgue and asks what he is doing there.  He tells Derek that he wants to see Simone’s autopsy report so that he can find out why she died.  Derek questions his interest.  Zach tells him that Kendall and Simone were friends and business partners and he wants answers for her.  Derek asks what happens to Simone’s shares of Fusion.  Zach realizes that Derek thinks that Zach might have had a motive to do away with Simone and Zach tells him that is not the case.  He pleads with Derek to let him know what the cause of death was.  He also reminds Derek that she was engaged to his son and that they loved each other very much.  He tells Derek that he plans to see that she is buried with Ethan and asks him what happened to Simone. 

The group at ConFusion gathers around Erin and asks her what is wrong and why she is crying.  Finally she answers, “She’s dead.”

Babe is telling JR that she still can’t believe that Simone is gone.  The words “Simone is dead” just don’t seem to go together.  She used to think that “Babe and JR” fit perfectly together but now that just doesn’t seem right and she wants to change that.  She tells him that everyone fights but none of that matters now.  She tells him that if he had died when he went through that window, she would have been devastated.  She has this huge empty place in her heart now that Simone is gone and that if he would die, her world would end.  She tells him that even though he didn’t ask for it, she has made him her only world and she hopes that one day, he will let her back into his world.  He tells her that he is sorry about her friend but that he needs his rest.  She gathers up her coat and leaves. 

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