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All My Children Update Tuesday 12/5/06 


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Jonathan arrives at the boathouse and finds Lily sitting there.  They greet each other and he asks her if she is alright.  She tells him that she is fine and he says that he will leave her to her thoughts.  Lily tells him that he is in her thought often. 

Jamie and Julia are at relaxing in front of the fire at Wildwind.  Amanda and Del enter and Amanda is raving about how wonderful the house is and asks how soon she can move in. 

Tad and Krystal are talking in the hallway at the hospital.  Krystal is defensive and does not let Tad talk.  She insists that the problem is that Dixie listened to David and now believes that the baby that Krystal is carrying is Tadís.  When Tad finally gets through to her, he tells her that all he wants is five minutes of her time to talk with her. 

Babe is kneeling on the floor beside Simone trying to get her to open her eyes. 

Downstairs at ConFusion, Bianca approaches Josh who is sitting at the bar and asks if he wants to join them.  She tells him that Kendall and Zach just bought a house and they are celebrating.  He tells her that his brother-in-law and he arenít exactly pals and Bianca urges him to try for a little peace on earth.

Zach is trying to understand why Kendall is so upset about the Santa picture that Annie, Ryan, Emma, and Spike had taken at the mall.  Bianca and Josh come up to the table as Babe rushes up to Josh telling him that he has to help her.  The whole group goes upstairs to Fusion and Babe tells them that she found Simone lying on the floor very still and she tried to find a pulse and to revive her with no luck.  Bianca gets on the phone and calls 9-1-1. 

Back at the hospital, Tad and Krystal continue to argue and Tad tries to get her to listen to him.  He tells her that even when they were angry with each other, they still had a strong connection.  He tells her that he is trying to honor that connection even though he knows that she is upset.  She tells him that she would love to be able to go back to that one stupid night when she knocked on his door and tried to help him out of his grief.  She would have let him be and would never have reached out to him.  He interrupts her to tell her that he only wanted to say that he believes her.  He apologizes for not saying that as soon as he walked up to her.  He tells her that he would never take anyone elseís word over hers especially not Haywardís. 

At Wildwind, Julia tells Amanda that she must be the guest that Del mentioned would be spending the holidays with them.  She had understood it to mean that she would be staying free since she was only there for a visit.  Di and Aidan walk in and Di asks Del what he is up to.  Jamie tells her that Del is trying to collect rent money from Amanda and keep it for himself.  He denies it but Jamie asks if he has shown her which room would be hers and she tells him that it is a beautiful room with a view of the stables.  Julia mentions that that particular room is right next door to his and asks if she was aware of that.  Amanda is dismayed and tells him that she could not believe that he was trying to ďplayĒ her and Julia.  Di laughingly introduces Del to Amanda by way of telling her that she should have expected that from him. 

Lily tells Jonathan that when they first broke up, when she thought of him, her chest would hurt and tears would come to her eyes.  Jonathan apologizes for causing her pain.  She tells him that now, when she thinks of him, she can remain calm and not have her chest hurt because feelings change. 

At Fusion, Josh tells the group that Simone is gone.  Kendall, Erin, Danielle all insist that this is not possible.  They are appalled and confused.  Zach thinks of another young woman who he keeps picturing right before her death.  He tells Josh not to move her and he calls Derek.  He tells Derek that he is at Fusion and that Dani is ok, but he needs to get over there as soon as possible.

The gang at Wildwind is joking about Delís book and how much of it he has written.  Amanda mentions that she really could use a place to stay.  Jamie asks if she is having a problem with Booke and Amanda admits that Brooke is the best but that she is a little overprotective.  Julia talks about how alive the place used to be when her sister and Edmund and their children lived there and how it now feels empty.  Julia tells Amanda that if the other residents of Wildwind approve, she can move in.  Di and Del agree and Amanda screams her joy.  She then asks if she still needs to take the room next door to Del.  

Jonathan offers to walk Lily home but she tells him that she can walk home by herself.  He tells her that he is glad that she is doing so well, and she tells him that right after he saved her from Terry, she regressed a lot but she is better now.  He apologizes for hurting her again, and she tells him that she has a lot of things to thank him for.  She thanks him for being her first best friend and first husband.  He tells her that he will never forget her and she tells him that she is 99.5% sure that she will never forget him either.

Tad tells Krystal that he knows that she would never lie about something as important as the baby that she is carrying.  He goes on to tell her that David was just lashing out at all of them by telling lies to Dixie about Tad fathering her baby.  Krystal tells Tad that Dixie could have told David that she found them together that night, but Tad dismisses that by saying that Dixie swore to him that she has told no one.  He tells her that Dixie feels guilty about Kate is trying to make it up to him by making this baby his.  Tad tells Krystal that she needs to calm down and that Hayward did not win.  Adam walks up to hear the end of the conversation and asks what Hayward didnít win.  He asks if this is about what was on that disk that Babe destroyed.  Krystal tries to change the subject and tell Adam that he doesnít need to talk about it, but Tad tells them that Adam is right and he does deserve to know.

Derek arrives at Fusion and tells the policemen not to let anyone in until they assess the situation.  He and Dani embrace.  He asks Babe if she found her and she tells him that she did and tried to find a pulse and couldnít.  He asks where the rest of them were.  Zach tells him that they were downstairs celebrating when Simone was murdered.  Derek asks him why he assumes that she was murdered since there were no signs of struggle or no weapon.  He tells Derek that he doesnít know. 

Tad tells Adam that Hayward was just trying to get back at all of them by telling more lies.  He says that Hayward was trying to get Dixie to believe that Tad and Krystal were having an affair.  He goes on to say that it is not true and that even if he were trying to get back with Krystal, she loves Adam more than anything in her life.  Adam says that he knows that there is no chance of their marriage falling apart and that Tad should not have been bothering a pregnant lady with Haywardís lies.

Julia and Jamie are talking about how enjoyable the evening was and he tells her that his lease is about to expire.  She asks him if he is going to renew his lease and he tells her that it depends on her.  He tells her that the only thing better than falling asleep beside her, would be to wake up beside her in the morning.  He offers to rent his own space for the times when she will need her own space.  She tells him that wonít happen too often and that this is now home, sweet home for him. 

Di and Aidan enter her bedroom and they talk about how nice it would be if they could spend more time together.  She suggests to him that he ask Julia about living there also. 

Del and Amanda arrive at ConFusion and Del jokes about how he sleepwalks and that Amanda is going to have to treat him gently if he wanders into her room.  She tells him that he had better not.  Jonathan overhears their conversation and asks if she is moving in with Del.  She tells him that she is moving into Wildwind with a lot of other people.  He starts to make protective comments and she reminds him what happened the last time he got protective of her at BJís.  She tells him that she can handle Del.

Derek takes the group at Fusion up on the roof to question them.  He asks if Simone was depressed and the women of Fusion vehemently deny that she was.  He continues to pursue this angle by mentioning that it was her first holiday without Ethan and how difficult that must have been for her.  Kendall insists that she was planning to join them at ConFusion and that is why she had the flower in her hair.  Zach states that she did not kill herself.  Derek questions his saying this again.  He tells Derek that it is just an instinct that he has that it was murder and not suicide. 

Di and Aidan enter the room where Jamie and Julia are relaxing by the fire.  Aidan asks if they are tired of group living yet and Julia tells them that they are just starting to enjoy it and that Jamie is their newest resident.  Di objects saying that she didnít get to vote.  Julia tells her that Jamie cooks and she quickly agrees that he can move in.  Di asks if there is room for one more because Aidanís loft is always cold.  Julia tells him to pick any room that he wants.  They toast to group living. 

Derek tells the group on the roof that he is finished questioning them until the results of the autopsy are in.  Zach asks when that will be and Derek tells them that he has put a priority rush on it.  Zach offers to take Babe and Erin home.  Erin tells him that she is going to go downstairs where Jonathan is.  Babe says that she wants to stay and do some work.  Josh offers to stay with her and make sure she gets home safely.  Babe tells him that he can leave her and he tells her that he canít do that.

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