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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

At Chandler mansion, Dixie tells Tad that David claims Krystal's baby is Tad's.  Krystal walks into the room and asks if she's missed anything.  Tad tells Krystal he came back to see if Dixie needed anything.  Krystal says she's late for a doctor's appointment and leaves.  Dixie tells Tad that she asked Krystal about David's claim, but Krystal says David is trying to stir up trouble and swears that the baby is Adam's.  Tad says David is obviously lying.  Dixie says she never told David about seeing him with Krystal and asks why David would think he is the father. 

Annie and Ryan go to ConFusion for their date.  Annie tells him there's something he needs to know.  Annie tells him she hasn't been on a date since she was with Terry.  Ryan says anyone who claims to not be nervous on a first date is lying.  He says he's a little nervous.  He takes out an envelope and pretends to read some cheesy lines, like what is your sign.  She takes the envelope to see what he really has and sees it's tickets to a concert with her favorite band.  Ryan says a helicopter will pick them up and take them to the concert.

Simone, Dani, and Erin are at Fusion when an excited Kendall and Zach come in.  They tell the women they have bought a house and are going to ConFusion to celebrate.  Kendall asks where Bianca is.

Bianca is on the Fusion roof with Zarf, who has just kissed her.  He asks her if she's taken and she says taken isn't really the right word.  Zarf asks for her to give him one night for him to show her how he can offer her serenity and bliss.  Bianca tells him she's a lesbian.  Zarf says of course she is.  That explains it.  He says she is living up to her name Bianca, the white light.  Kendall walks up to the roof and asks Bianca to come and celebrate with her and Zach.

Josh is with Babe in her room and he tells her he's not pressuring her to choose him.  He hands her the photo album he made with little Adam's photos.  Babe seems touched and tells Josh that she really does love him.  She hugs him.  He tells her he loves her more than she loves him.  Babe says she's sorry for the ugly things she said to him.  She was scared of so many things.  Josh tells her they can deal with anything together.  He tells her she's not happy here and she needs to get out.  Babe informs him she is not leaving JR.

Adam is at the hospital yelling at Joe for allowing Julia to perform acupuncture on JR.  Joe says Julia is trained in acupuncture and it was JR's decision.  Joe says it helped relieve JR's pain and asks what the problem is.  Adam says if alternative medicine is going to be practiced on his son he has alternatives, too and they deal with his lawyers.  Joe tells Adam to have them talk to JR because it was his decision.  Krystal enters the scene and tells Adam that JR is old enough to make his own medical decisions.  Krystal suddenly has pains in her abdomen and thinks she's having contractions.  She is taken into a room to be examined.

Bianca asks Zarf if he wants to join the party but he declines, saying his aura needs cleansing.  Zarf tells Kendall he hopes she finds peace and truth in what she's looking for.  Simone declines an invitation to go to ConFusion to join the celebration.  Kendall and Bianca leave to join the rest of the group at ConFusion.  After they leave, Zarf walks into the room and Simone is startled to see him standing behind her.  He tells her she is a spectacularly beautiful woman.

Kendall and Zach enter ConFusion and Kendall seems bothered to see Ryan there with Annie.  She approaches them and tells them that she and Zach bought a house.

Babe tells Josh that she made vows that she wants to keep.  Josh asks if JR kept his vows when he tried to kill her.  She says they have both made unforgivable mistakes but she won't give up on her marriage.  She says her love for Josh will fade but her love for JR will not.  She says she has to find a way to let go of Josh.  Josh doesn't understand why she would want to love someone who doesn't make her happy.  He asks her if she is reluctant to leave JR because she has a piece of paper that says she's married.  Babe says it's more than a piece of paper.  He says she hasn't been happy with JR.  She says they can be happy again.  She asks Josh to help her forget him.

Adam waits in the hospital and thinks ahead to Charlotte as a little girl.  Joe approaches him and tells him that Krystal and the baby are fine.  Adam is taken into Krystal's room.  Krystal informs him her contractions were nothing serious and the same thing happened when she was pregnant with Babe.  Adam apologizes for what he said to Krystal and says he regrets that he could have pushed her away.  Krystal says she's sorry for threatening to take his child away from him.  She says she doesn't want to ever leave him.  Adam says he would die if he lost her.

Dixie tells Tad that he deserves his child and she's praying that Krystal's baby is his.  She says he is a good father and he needs something to hold onto.  Tad says nothing in the world would replace Kate.  Dixie agrees, but says he deserves to look into a child's eyes and see his own.  She says she owes him a child.  If this baby is his she'll be damned if Krystal does to him what she did.  Tad says he thinks this is about Emma not being Kate.  He suggests Dixie may need some outside help.  Dixie says this isn't about her.  She's fine.  She reminds him that he slept with Krystal.  He needs to look at the calendar and do the math.  She asks him if he even considered that he could be the father.  Tad says he asked Krystal and she said he wasn't the father.  Dixie asks if Krystal ever lied to him before.  He needs to at least consider that Krystal could be carrying his child.

Krystal tells Adam that they'll raise this child together and nothing will stop them.  Adam says he has never felt this way about any woman before.  No matter what happens with Babe and JR they'll stay together.

Zarf asks Simone to go out with him tonight.  He suggests filling a bathtub of champagne and both of them getting naked and drinking it.  Then he suggests taking her to a mountaintop.  Simone asks if this works on other ladies.  She turns him down and asks him to leave.

Bianca goes to the ConFusion bar where Zach is standing.  They order drinks.  Bianca tells him that Erin wanted today's drink special.  She points to a sign which indicates the drink special is a White Rabbit.  After Bianca walks away, Zach looks at a white ribbon tied around a glass and has another vision of a mystery woman dressed in white.  He looks again at the sign, which he sees as saying "You murdered her."

Dani and Erin tell Ryan and Annie about how they found Zarf naked at Fusion.  After a good laugh, Ryan wishes Kendall happiness.  Kendall asks him about his day with Spike.  Ryan shows her a photo of him and Spike and Annie and Emma with Santa.  Kendall immediately looks upset. 

She admits that she had hoped she and Ryan could take Spike for his first visit with Santa.  Ryan apologizes and says it was just kind of a spur of the moment thing.  Bianca tells Kendall that Miranda hasn't visited Santa yet.  Kendall remains upset.  Zach comes to the table and Annie and Ryan then Bianca leave.  Kendall shows him the photo and asks him what's wrong with this picture.  Zach asks why she's so worked up.  He questions Kendall about why she seems to have a problem with Emma.

Josh tells Babe he could never forget her or help her forget about him.  Babe says she's made up her mind and she will forget him.  She asks him to stay out of her life.  He seems to accept what she's saying.  He kisses her on the cheek and leaves as a tear falls down Babe's face.

Tad finds Krystal at the hospital.  She tells him she had a silly little scare.  He asks her about David's claim that he's the father.

An upset Josh goes to ConFusion, where Bianca finds him and asks him what's wrong.  He says he doesn't want to talk.

Babe walks into a darkened Fusion.  She turns around and sees Simone lying on the floor motionless with a white ribbon around her hands.

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