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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

At Fusion, Zarf kneels and kisses Bianca's hand.  She asks who he is.  He says he's the one sent to worship her.

Julia and Jamie are with a pain-ridden JR in his hospital room.  He is refusing all pain medication and is clearly suffering.  Julia tells him he can't go on like this.  He needs something for the pain.  JR tells her no.  Adam walks in and touches JR's shoulder.  JR screams in pain.  Adam asks what that quack Jeff Martin is doing to his son.  Adam is told that JR has been taken off of pain medicine.  Adam tells Julia this will be her last day on the job unless she brings in a vat of morphine.  JR orders his father to get out.

Dixie brings her suitcases into Chandler mansion and is greeted by Krystal.  Krystal says she's counting on her to respect her marriage and not mention David Hayward in this house.  Tad walks in, states the name David Hayward, and says he tracked him down and knows everything.  Tad tells them Hayward boarded three planes with one-way tickets.  When he said he was gone he meant it.  Indications are he went to a clinic in southeast Asia in desperate need of medical personnel.  Tad says maybe for once he'll do something good.  Tad asks about the DVD left behind by David that said Dixie has ammunition that could get Krystal thrown out of this house.  He wants to know what that is.  Dixie tells Tad that David is a liar and he needs to ignore what he said.  Tad reluctantly agrees and leaves.  Krystal tells Dixie that Tad is better off not knowing what David was trying to pull.  They go upstairs.

Kendall tells Zach he doesn't need to buy a new house that brings up painful memories of his father to prove he loves her.  Zach explains he ran into Babe here and she helped him realize not to let the past get in the way of the future.  He says he turned this house down because of his past and now he bought it because of his past.  He says he won't let the past get in the way ever again.  Zach says he wants to make new memories with her in this house.  He talks about building a hockey training camp for Spike and buying two recliners and a big screen TV so they can watch games.  They begin to leave, but Zach looks out at the balcony and imagines seeing a young woman holding a flower.

Erin and Dani tell Bianca who Zarf is and recite some of his song titles.  Bianca remembers seeing something about Zarf but says she's not a fan of music from the underworld.  Zarf tells Bianca every word from her mouth is like manna from heaven.  He says they must have met in a past life.  Bianca says she's here to talk to Babe.  She whispers to Babe to get her out of here.  Babe tells Bianca to tell Zarf her birthday.  When Bianca says February 9, Zarf says he'll prepare her chart.  When Zarf has his back turned, Bianca and Babe sneak away.  Zarf sees Bianca gone and vows he will see her again.  He says they were meant to be.

Babe and Bianca go to the rooftop.  Babe tells Bianca she's going to stay with JR but no one believes her.  Bianca asks if people should believe her.

Josh is in Babe's room at Chandler mansion and sees her robe.  He recalls times he spent with her when they were in their robes.  He imagines Babe declaring her love for him.

Jamie tells Adam that this is JR's decision so he can shut up and leave.  JR says it's his choice.  Adam leaves and says he's going to find someone to help.  Jamie follows him out of the room and explains that JR is doing this because he's an addict.  He used drugs and alcohol to mask the pain and doesn't want to do it anymore.  Adam says he can't bear to watch his son suffer and leaves.  Jamie goes back into the room and Julia says she knows something that might ease the pain without drugs.  She says she can do acupuncture.  JR refuses and tells her to take her voodoo someplace else.  Jamie chastises JR for his refusal.  JR says he's not a pincushion.  JR says Julia is offering him an option and he should say yes.  JR agrees.

Babe tells Bianca she thinks she can make her marriage work and get past this.  Bianca says if she wants her advice, Babe should join a convent and JR should join a traveling circus.  She asks if that helps.

Tad returns to Chandler mansion to talk to Dixie.  He says he's not leaving until she tells him what David Hayward told her.  Dixie tells Tad that David's recording was his sick way of working them up for nothing.  Tad says when he found her in the parking garage with David she looked shell-shocked.  Dixie says she can't cause him any more pain.  It was a lie, she says.  Tad asks that she tell him what it is.

Dani and Erin gush over Zarf and even sing some of his songs in front of him.  Simone walks in and suggests they get some work done.  Dani apologizes to Zarf for Simone, saying she's been in a mood all day.  Zarf suggests doing some feng shui in the office but they tell him that Bianca probably would like it the way it was.  Zarf says it will be the way Bianca wants it.  He leaves the room, and Dani and Erin comment that he has it bad for her.  Simone says wait till he finds out Bianca is gay.

Bianca tells Babe she wants the truth about her and Josh.  Bianca asks how she could claim to love JR yet sleep with Josh.  She's trying to understand.  Bianca asks Babe about telling Josh she loves him.  Babe says she meant it.  She says the night with Josh was incredible.  Bianca asks Babe if she still loves Josh.  Babe says yes.  Bianca asks what happens now with her feelings for Josh when JR comes home.  Babe says she doesn't know.  Babe says she wanted a partner but JR was shutting her out.  She turned to Josh because she was done with being frozen out.  She says Josh never pushed himself on her.  She says she was suddenly filled with feelings for Josh.  She asks Bianca how you can love someone you don't want to love.  Bianca says it's easy, and that part of her still loves her.

Krystal walks into Babe's room and finds Josh.  She asks if he's trying to get himself killed or Babe.  She asks why he's here.  Josh says he brought something for Babe.  He reaches under her pillow and takes out a photo album with photos of little Adam.  Krystal asks if he risked life and limb to deliver this.  Josh says he doesn't care about himself.  He wants Babe to know there is always someone who loves her. 

Bianca tells Babe that she makes wrong choices for the right reasons.  She has a good heart and it is hard to hate her.  She tells Babe that she can't wait to decide whom she loves more.  Babe says she has been with JR for years and with Josh one night.  It's over and done with Josh but he won't accept it.  Bianca says as long as Babe loves Josh she is encouraging him and she doesn't have a chance with JR.

Julia brings in her acupuncture supplies and explains the process to JR.  She says he'll be so relaxed he could fall asleep.  She tells him to think of something soothing, like a good memory.  JR thinks about being in Paris with Babe.  After the treatment, he is feeling better and thanks Julia.  Jamie hugs Julia and tells her she's amazing.  Adam watches from the window and smiles.

Krystal says she can't take another second of him being so wonderful.  She tells Josh that she can see that Babe loves him.  Josh asks Krystal to convince Babe to leave this house.  He says he's not giving up.  Just then Babe walks into the room and smiles when she sees Josh.  She asks Krystal to leave them alone.  Babe tells him that Bianca helped her see things more clearly and she has made a decision about her future.

Zarf finds Bianca on the roof and apologizes for coming on too strong.  Then he says seeing her makes him feel he was struck by lightening.  He asks if she believes in love at first sight.  She says she guesses it's possible.  He says he's falling in love with her.  He kisses her.

Tad pleads for Dixie to tell him the truth.  She tells him that David claims that Krystal's unborn baby is Tad's.

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