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Zach finds himself on the balcony of the house that Kendall wanted to buy in a thick fog.  He sees a woman leaning over the railing perched to jump off.  Zach reaches to restrain her and she slips from his hands. 

At the Chandler house, Tad confronts Krystal about when she would have planned to tell Adam that the baby was his.  It’s just Krystal’s nightmare.

Kendall is at the Fusion office and Ryan arrives with Annie and Emma.  He hands her an envelope and tells her “Merry Christmas.”  She asks him what it is and he tells her that he has signed over all parental rights of Spike to her.  He tells her that he has a family already and that since she has Spike and Zach, he will be out of her life. 

Babe is making JR a Bloody Mary as he watches her with Josh.  He drinks it and tells her that she did this to him.  She killed him and he jumps out the window.  Babe attempts to help him but Josh tells her that she loves him too and now she is his.  We see blood all over her dress.

 JR is in his hospital room watching Babe and Josh going at it.  They are ready to hook up and forget all about JR.  JR lies helplessly in his bed and tells Babe he loves her and she cannot do this to him.  He tells her she needs him but she looks at him smugly and tells Josh they must get out of there.  JR awakens from his nightmare screaming.  That’s his nightmare.

Babe wakens and says JR’s name. 

Krystal is unable to sleep while Adam is resting peacefully.

Kendall awakens out of her nightmare and Zach is beside her wondering what is up with her.  They get up and dress and are ready for the day but they both look to have things on their minds.  Spike awakens.  Zach asks her if Ryan intends to take the baby today.  She tells him yes.  Ryan will be spending the day with his son.  She tells Zach she does not know what is wrong with her.  She needs to “wake up” before going to the office.

Simone, Erin, and Dani enter Fusion.  They notice a guy sitting naked and motionless.  They conclude that this is a naked Zarf.  Erin attempts to talk to the guy.  He opens his eyes and tells them that they have too many obstacles to the creative force and he asks her where Babe is, who is his inspiration-other.  They tell him that she will be along.  They then ask the guy why he has no clothes on.  He tells them that he has his purest essence.  He tells them they must remove the obstacles and disguises.  They then ask if he wants them to strip.  They joke about maybe later after a few cocktails.

Josh arrives at the Chandler house.  Adam opens the door and tells him that Babe is not there.  Josh then tells Adam that is good because Babe should not be anywhere near this place.

JR awakens while in a nightmare.  He looks to be agonizing over withdrawing from his morphine.  Jamie is sleeping on the couch nearby and awakens.  Bianca also comes into his room.  He tells them that they can’t let him have any more painkillers.  He is an addict.  Jamie tells Bianca that JR is crazy to think that he can withdraw from his pain medicine.  She seems to know how to help him and tells him to squeeze her hand while withdrawing.  JR asks Jamie to let him have a private conversation with Bianca so he leaves.  Babe arrives at the hospital and Jamie tells her she cannot go in JR’s room.  She asks what is going on and why Bianca is holding JR’s hand.

At Fusion, Zarf tells the three women about how Babe has inspired him.  They start to undress as Kendall walks in and wonders what on earth is going on.

At the hospital, Babe asks Jamie why he is guarding JR from her.  He tells her that she and JR are through and she must realize that.  She tells him that she’s not going to let JR shut her out.  She tells Jamie she understands what he thinks of her but she loves JR and that has to count for something.  He tells her that means nothing.  She tells him she knows that he hates her.  He tells her he is not judging her but whenever she and JR believe they have a chance, somebody ends up in the hospital.  They get back together until one of them lies and some big disaster happens, yet again.  He asks her what she is trying to prove and asks her why she doesn’t do them all a favor and walk away.

Bianca lets JR squeeze her hand while he withdraws.  He shakes and grasps and asks her why she is there intending to help him.  She then tells him that it brought back some memories.  He then cries and tells her he is so sorry.  She tells him that she is sorry too.  Maybe she could have gotten some medical care for him so that he would not be in there now.  He tells her he did not intend to hurt her.  She tells him she knows.  He wanted to hurt her brother.  He then tells her to tell Josh that he can have Babe.

Josh tells Adam that the only reason his son is in the hospital is because he drank himself into oblivion and jumped out a window.  It’s not because Babe cheated on him.  He tells Adam he must realize that his son is dangerous.  He cites Kendall, Bianca, and Babe as examples of the danger that JR causes.  He asks Adam if Babe is safe in this house.

Zarf tells the women that Babe is so great.  Kendall tells him that Babe is a slut and a low life.  He tells her that she better not cut down his Babe.  She tells the guy that since he is a rock star, he ought to be making records and having groupies follow him around and go to the city.  He has no reason to be there.  He walks off to the other room and Kendall remarks that she hopes that his clothes are in that room.  She then asks if somebody can clear up all of this.  The other women leave and Ryan appears.  He tells Kendall happy holidays.

Zach is on the balcony of the large brick house in the fog.  He sees a woman leaning over the edge of the balcony and he realizes that it is Babe.  It looks like she’s going to fall so he pulls her off the edge.  He asks if she is ok.  She tells him she is fine.  He tells her that she was leaning over the edge.  She admits that she was imagining what it was like for JR.  He then asks her not to do anything like that again.  He asks her why she is there.  It looks like they are at the house that she has picked out for herself and JR but which Kendall told her she bought out from under them.  Babe tells Zach that she had a lot to think about.  This place was her dream for her future with JR but now all of her dreams are shot to hell.  She must say good-bye to the house and so he and Kendall can have it, she tells him.  He tells her that he and Kendall are not going to take the house.  She then asks him why he is there.

At Fusion, Ryan hands Kendall an envelope and she looks scared as she reaches for it.  She asks him what it is.  He tells her that it is the signed application for a pre-school that Kendall wanted Spike to attend.  He asks Kendall what is going on.  She tells him he dare not ask.  He then tells her that he plans to take Spike to the mall and meet Annie.  He goes on to inform Kendall that he and Annie are going to be dating.  She asks him why he is telling her that.  He tells her that no matter what happens in his personal life, he won’t ever abandon Spike.  She then asks Ryan if he is in love with Annie.  He tells her that he knows she is in love with Zach.  He is all for it but he cannot just be happy as a fringe of her life.  He needs to get busy with his own and wants her to be ok with that.  She must know that Spike is the most important thing in his life.  He will be there for whatever their son needs and Kendall need not worry about Annie and Emma.  They are cool.  He then takes Spike away in the stroller.  Zarf friend comes out and asks Kendal why she just lied to Ryan.  He tells her that lying ruins her aura.  She tells him he needs to stay out of her business and her aura.

In JR’s room, while Bianca squeezes JR’s hand, she tells him that he must know that he is still in love with Babe.  If he were not, he would not care about her and Josh.  JR then tells Bianca that he does not need a shrink.  She then apologizes and admits that she was not judging him as much as she was talking about herself.  She has her own issues.  She tells JR that they have a lot more in common than they realize.  He asks her if she is having problems with Maggie.  She admits to JR that she thought that if she left the country she could get Maggie out of her mind and not have to think about her in somebody else’s arms.  She learned, however, that no matter how far away you go, you cannot get that person out of your mind.

Adam tells Josh that he better get out of his house.  Josh goes out the door but opens it again to tell Adam that if anything happens to Babe, he and JR will pay.  Adam tell Josh it‘s his fault that JR is in the hospital and Babe’s life is ruined.  He better keep it in his pants.  Josh repeats that he will pay if anything happens to Babe.

Kendall goes to the Chandler house looking for David Hayward, assuming she’d find him there and Krystal answers the door.  Krystal admits that she has not seen David anywhere around and wonders what Kendall’s issue is with him.  She asks Kendall if David told her (Kendall) anything about her (Krystal).  Kendall wonders what David would be telling anybody about Krystal.  Kendall gets a phone call and agrees to meet the person on the other end of the phone. 

Babe gets off the elevator at Fusion and Zarf is standing there.  He talks about her energy and how she has something special.  He seems to know that there is something going on with her.  She asks him to sit down and talk.  She then asks why he came to her.

Ryan and Spike meet Annie and Emma at the mall.  They seem to enjoy being together.  He tells her that mall strolling and cookie making is not the extent of their date.  They run into a guy who alleges he lost his wallet.  He informs them that this is his mom’s birthday and he was getting her a present.  All of his cash was in that wallet and he cannot even get home.  They ask if they can help him.  Annie asks him how much he had in his wallet.  He tells her it was twenty dollars.  She then asks for his phone number.  He tells her that he did not believe that people like her existed.  He goes away and Ryan asks if that guy really lost the money.  Annie tells Ryan that he needs to have more faith in people.  He shows Annie the wallet that he took out of the boys back pocket.  Ryan admits to Annie that he knows all too well the way con artists operate.  He used to be one himself.  Annie dials and finds out that the number he gave her was a pizza parlor.  At that point, Ryan finds him and corners him and tells him that they could call the cops and make him regret his little scheme but they won’t.  They’re in the holiday spirit and he better thank Annie for the generosity.  Emma calls to Ryan and Annie that they are all ready for their photo with Santa.  A photographer takes a picture of the four of them (Ryan, Spike, Annie, and Emma).

Bianca leaves JR and Jamie asks JR if they had a nice visit.  He tells JR that he has some games and activities for him.  Sports trivia and a model car and himself to argue with is all JR needs, Jamie tells him.  JR does not seem ready to play games but seems to be in a very pensive mood. 

Bianca arrives at Fusion and Zarf looks completely enchanted when he sees her.  He asks her who she is.

Kendall and Zach meet at the place they’ve considered buying that Babe first considered.  He then tells her that he wants this place to be theirs.

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