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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At the Chandler house, Babe, Krystal, Adam, Tad, Dixie, and Jamie watch David’s video as he addresses Krystal telling her that she has crossed the line by marrying Adam.  He tells her that he must lock horns with her by putting their child before hers with Adam and protect Babe from JR.  Listening to that, Babe gets very upset and throws a vase at the television screen and smashes it.  She then announces that she knows the reason why so many people hate her.  Whether people tell her they don’t hate her or not, she does not believe it.  They hate her because David is her father.  She is his child.  She is evil like he is.  Tad restrains her and tells her that she must not let David upset her.  He is gone and out of their lives.  He can never hurt her or dominate her life again.  From now on, she can decide who she is and what she chooses and David will never take anything from any of them ever again.  She cries in Tad’s arms.

At the Pine Valley Inn Thanksgiving dinner, Erica announces in front of everybody that maybe she and Jack should divorce.  Kendall and Bianca urge her not to even consider it but she tells her daughters she must be alone.  Before she departs, she tells Brooke that she must be thrilled now.  She can finally get what she wants, which is Jack.  Brooke sarcastically tells Erica that she now finally has her chance to be with Jack.  After Erica is gone, Myrtle tells Zach that she hopes that Erica will not go through divorce number 10.  Lily then finds her father and tells him she knows that he is upset but if his marriage is not going to work out, it might be best in the long run to divorce.  Jack then calmly turns to his daughter and asks Amanda if she can drive Lily home.  Lily asks her father if everything is ok.  He tells her yes.  It’s just that this party is over.  He stands right beside Brooke.  Kendall tells Zach that she and Bianca need to meet up with him later.  He tells her he can take Myrtle home.  Kendall meets with Bianca and tells her sister that she does not know what to do.  Bianca admits she does not know how to help their mother either.  Erica is pacing in her hotel room and is very upset.  She throws off her engagement ring and hears a knock on the door.  Assuming it’s her daughters, she tells them she just needs some time alone.  Unexpectedly, Josh tells her he’d like to come in.

At the boathouse, Sean and Colby talk.  He tells her about a math dork overhearing his parents having an argument.  His mother accused his father of being in love with an Erica “Pain” and the math dork’s father which he denies.  His mother continues to say that if it weren’t for the math dork, his father would still be married to Ms. Pain.  Sean concludes that he’s not going to let his uncle have any more unhappiness over his love of this woman.

Jeff asks Jack to speak with him in private for a few minutes.  Jack joins him on the terrace and Jeff tells Jack that maybe if his marriage has ended, it’s because he’s made Erica very unhappy.  Jack tells Jeff that Erica is not blameless.  She chose to bail on their marriage.  Jeff tells Jack that maybe if he were not so pig-headed, Erica would not have left.  He tells Jack he mustn’t get him wrong.  It’s not as if he does not enjoy being close to Erica but Jack cannot blame Erica for everything.  Jeff leaves and Brooke comes out to ask Jack if he is ok.  He admits that he is not going to let this cause his blood to boil.  She then asks him when they are getting married.

Josh enters Erica’s room and she is very surprised to hear him say he just wanted to make certain that she is ok.  He tells her that this mess with Jack is none of his business.  He need not know details about her marriage but if she is not happy, then maybe she should just walk away.  Nobody should stay in a marriage that is not working.  She then asks him if that is what he has told Babe.  Assuming that his mother will trash Babe, he asks her to leave Babe out of this.  She tells him she is not going to judge Babe.  She may have her opinion about her but she knows that the reason he cares about Babe is that he has such a big heart.  She knows he may not want to hear that but it’s true.  She knows that a lot has happened that has caused him a lot of pain and she wishes she could make it ok for him.  He then tells his mother that he will be ok.

Tad and Babe talk alone outside on the patio.  He tells her that he knows she must be living with a mountain of guilt and asks her if she wants to talk about it.

Inside, Adam asks Krystal if Babe was not overreacting just a bit.  Krystal tells her husband that she believes that this has been building up in her daughter for a long time.  She has been dealing with the situation with JR and all the rest that she’s been through in the last year and now, what her father has done.  Adam tells his wife that he is very worried about what it will do to JR if he comes home and notices that Babe is in that kind of emotional state.  He tells Krystal, at that point, that all of the promises are off.  Babe is no longer going to stay in his house.  Adam tells Krystal he has to call to check on his son.  Dixie has been skulking in the background and she approaches Krystal and tells her that she knows that Krystal was horrified that if the disk had been played any longer, David would have revealed that Tad is the father of Krystal’s baby.  That was the reason Krystal asked everybody not to listen to it and why Babe threw a vase at it.  Krystal insists to Dixie that that is true but her baby is a Chandler, regardless of what David says.  Dixie asks Krystal if that is the case why she is afraid if a lie.  Krystal tells Dixie that maybe she just wants to let Tad believe that he has a child that has not been lost.  She asks Dixie if she really wants to take that away from Tad.

Tad tells Babe that it’s very easy to love somebody but not be in love with that person.  She has no obligation to stay with JR.  She tells Tad that it’s not obligation.  She loves only JR and wants her marriage to work with him.  He then tells her that he is worried that Adam is going to throw her out and take her son from her.  He may have promised not to but Adam is not going to let up after what happened to his son.  He goes on to tell Babe that he wants to help her keep her son and not let Adam take him from her.

At Ryan’s home, he asks Annie if this is one of the better Thanksgivings in her life.  She tells him that things were not great the previous year as she and Emma left Terry and spent Thanksgiving eating stale chips from a vending machine in a cheap motel room.  She then tells him she wants to propose a toast to him for all that he has done for her and for Emma.  She then tells Ryan that he is now off the hook.

Kendall, Bianca, and Josh discuss whether Erica and Jack will reconcile.  Josh may be the only person who does not want to encourage his mother to reconcile with Jack and would prefer that she get back with his father.

Jeff knocks on Erica’s door and she asks him inside.  She tells him that she hopes that Jack and Brooke English are very happy.

Outside, Brooke tells Jack that she admits that she has always had problems with Erica and loves putting that woman in her place but not at Jack’s expense.  He then tells Brooke that none of this is her fault and he apologizes that she had to get in the middle of this.

Erica tells Jeff that she hates Brooke English but she blames Jack for this.  If he wants her to be the obedient little housewife and not have a life of her own, then Jack has another think coming.  She concludes that this is Jack’s fault.  Jeff tells her that he can see that she does not want a divorce.

In response to Josh revealing that maybe Erica should dump Jack, Kendall tells her brother that Jack is a wonderful man and he is Erica’s soul mate.  He then implies to his sisters that he does have some protectiveness to his mother.  They then both conclude that he may not want to admit it but he is one of them.  He then tells them he needs a drink.

Brooke reminisces with Jack about the history of their friendship.  She tells him that if he needs anything she is there for him.  He tells her that maybe she could do one thing for him.  Maybe she could ask Jeff Martin on a date.  In response to that, she tells Jack that she seriously doubts that there is anything going on between Erica and Jeff and if he wanted his marriage back, he could accomplish that.

Jeff tells Erica that he does not believe that she wants to end her marriage.  He tells her that nobody goes from wanting to fight for their marriage to wanting a divorce as fast as she did.  He tells her that it would make him ecstatic if she dumped Jack for him but he doesn’t want it unless she does.  He then departs after telling her that she knows where he stands and if she wants him, she knows where to find him.

Annie tells Ryan that she does not think she could have gotten through the past few months without him.  She’s sure that he wants to get back to his life and friends and family.  He then tells her, facetiously, that he has so many phone calls that he does not believe he can get through before June of 07.  She tells him that he can take Spike many places.  He enters in his calendar that he wants to take Spike out with Annie and he tells her that he wants to spend time with her and keep spending time with her.

In response to Tad telling her that he wants to protect her from having JR and Adam take her son from her, Babe tells Tad he is a great guy.  She really appreciates his wanting to help but she does not fear or distrust JR or Adam and she is committed to getting her family back.

It sounds like Dixie might want to spill the beans that Tad is the father of her baby so Krystal tells Dixie that she might persuade Adam not to let her stay in his house.  Dixie asks Krystal if that is a threat.  Adam enters and asks the two women if there is a problem he should know about.

Sean tells Colby that he knows that Erica has wanted him out of her house for a long time.  The only reason why he got to stay there was because Uncle Jack insisted.  Because Erica “lost,” she left.  Colby tells Sean that he is not the one who broke up Jack and Erica’s marriage.  He tells her that he also knows that there is another man in Erica’s life and that man is her ex husband.

Adam tells Krystal that he has seen the two of them having many private conversations recently and he wants to know what is going on.  Dixie then tells Adam that Krystal was concerned about her staying there.  Krystal knows that she (Dixie) and Adam are not exactly friendly.  She tells him she promises not to cause any trouble.  In response to that, Krystal tells Dixie that’s all she wanted to hear and tells Dixie she will show her to her room.

Babe asks Tad if he plans to try to find his daughter.  He admits to her that he is not certain what he’s going to do.

Alone in Kendall’s house, Zach talks to Spike about how he’s going to have a great Christmas with his mom and step-dad.  He tells Spike about that guy in the red suit will come down the chimney and leave many presents for Spike.  He tells him he loves him.

In response to Ryan’s telling her that he wants to spend time with her, Annie assumes it’s with “them” (herself and Emma) but Ryan tells her that wouldn’t mind spending time with her alone.  She smiles when she confirms that he is asking her out.  He asks her what she has going on.  She admits that she has nothing on her social calendar.  They laugh about all of the movies they can go to see and they make a plan to see each other tomorrow.

Sean admits to Colby that he does not want to lead her on.  She tells him that she likes hanging out with him.  She also tells him that she wants him to hear a new song that she downloaded.  He listens to a romantic song.

Erica is opening a photo album and looking at pictures from her wedding to Jack.  Jeff opens his door across the hallway and looks longingly back at the door to Erica’s room. 

Jack sits alone, outside, and is deep in thought. 

Kendall, Bianca, and Josh all seem to bond as they drink champagne together as a family.

Babe sits with Tad and he puts his arm around her.

Krystal picks up the broken DVD and Adam comes up behind her and holds her.  She looks worried.  Dixie is not far away observing them together.

Zach is alone in Kendall’s house after putting Spike to bed and waits for his wife to return.  He picks up a piece of paper outside the door.  On the paper is written: “YOU MURDERED HER”.

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