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In JR’s hospital room, he tells Adam, Tad and Dixie that he needs his mom. It’s because of his family that he is spending another thanksgiving. He tells his father he must know that since he’s already lose Babe, he cannot lose the rest of his family. Right then, Jamie enters and tells JR if he wants them, he’s got them.

At the Chandler house, Sydney and Colby argue and Winifred tries, yet again, to break them up. Right then, David finds Babe outside the house. She tells her father that he is not invited to Thanksgiving dinner and they don’t want any trouble so he better leave. But David urges his daughter to just let him hold her. He tells her it’s the last chance they will have to see each other. He is going away.

At the Valley Inn, Josh concludes that Babe has made it clear to him that he is not invited to have anything to do with her. Not far away, Erica and jack are arguing over the fact that he’s brought Brooke and she is spending a lot of time with Jeff. Kendall is observing Emma with Annie and Ryan. And she remembers hearing David telling her that Emma McDermott is Ryan’s daughter and she is welcome to confirm it. She goes and finds Annie. Annie tells Kendall that she hopes it’s ok that she is there. Kendall tells Annie that Ryan would hate for her to have to spend Thanksgiving alone. Right then, Annie informs Kendall that they found out the DNA results and they prove whom Emma really is. In response to that, Kendall obviously assumes that Annie knows David’s big secret. Emma knows nothing about that however, and tells Kendall that she proved that Emma was hers’ and that she owes it all to Ryan. Kendall obviously assumes that can only mean one thing. It would have to mean that Ryan is Emma’s father

Jeff tells Erica that he knows that she’s only brought him there in order to stick it to her husband. She asks him what if that is true. Jack is with Lily and Sean. Sean does not want to do anything except party. But Jack wants him to at least appear to be cordial. Amanda comes and tells Jack she hopes it’s ok. He tells her of course. He’s sure that Brooke will be happy to see her. Erica goes and finds Ryan with Annie. They each sound to be making implications of each other. Erica implies that Annie is going to take her daughter’s son’s father from her. Annie reminds Erica that she(Eric) has many of her husbands right there. Zach talks to Emma. She asks if Ryan can take her to the play room. Kendall observes and tells Zach she will be right back.

When Jamie enters JR’s hospital room, he asks what he missed. JR tells Jamie he is attempting to get his mother to back off. Adam then confirms to his son that maybe he should have his father around if it will help him get better. And he right then asks Dixie if she will move into his house. Jamie and Tad are surprised. Adam them tells the three of them that they are all invited for Thanksgiving dinner. Jamie then tells Adam he wants to pass and stay with JR until Stuart gets back from volunteering at the shelter. They leave Jamie and JR alone and right then, JR falls asleep.

Krystal tells Colby that if she’s going to blame anybody for JR’s being in the hospital, she can blame JR. Not Babe. Not Sydney. Only JR. Colby then apologizes to Sydney. But they get right back into arguing. Colby indicates that her father and brother are all about her and she assumes that Krystal and Babe will be gone. Krystal tells her step daughter that will not happen, however,.

Babe asks David if he expects her to tell him that she will miss him. He tells his daughter that he is not expecting that. But he needs her to know what an amazing young woman she is. She tells him if he is going to attempt to get her to leave JR, she does not want to hear it. He tells her he will not ask for that. But what he does want her to do is someday realize that contrary to appearances, her father loved her very very much. Right then, he gets up and leaves.

Kendall goes to the ladies room and runs into Annie. They talk about how Erica really knows how to cause a scene. Kendall then tells Annie that now that everything has been settled, she will no longer have to be dependent upon strangers. Annie tells Kendall, in response to that, that she does not think of her new friends as strangers. And right then, Annie confirms to Kendall that she and Terry used an anonymous donor to get her pregnant. And she has no clue who Emma’ biological father including whoever he is.

At the Valley Inn, Erica “acts” courteous and tells Jack that since he is the host, he will sit at one end. And she, as the hostess, will sit at the other end. She announces that she wants for Jeff and Josh and her daughters sit by her. Everybody is a little uneasy. Jack then asks Brooke to sit right by him. Hearing that, Lily notices that it’s all confusing. No couples are together. And there is no “boy-girl” seating. Sean then tells her he has a solution. He will sit between her and Amanda. Zach sits by Myrtle. Jack then calls everybody to say grace. They all hold hands. Kendall coldly eyes Ryan and Annie. Jack then says: “Dear Lord”. But Erica interrupts him to suggest that since Jeff has been doing God’s work in Africa, he should say grace instead. But Myrtle initiates grace.

Alone in the Chandler house, Krystal asks her daughter what David was doing outside the house. She bets that her daughter’s father is going to spill the beans to Adam that Tad is Krystal’s father’s baby. But Babe tells her mother that she doubts that he’s there for that reason. He hugged her and acted like he did not want to make any trouble. And he told her he is leaving town. Krystal then tells her daughter that if that is true, that will give them one thing to be very grateful for. Right then, Adam enters with Tad and Dixie. He informs them that he has invited Dixie to come and live with them until JR recovers. He needs both of his parents. And he tells Krystal that he hopes that she will understand. Right then, Colby comes and tells her father that she cannot accept Babe staying in their house.

While JR lies in his hospital bed, he asks Jamie if Josh and Babe plan to hook up.

At the Valley Inn, Josh and Bianca sit together and have a private conversation.

Kendall talks to Ryan and Annie about how it will only be temporary for Annie and Emma to stay nearby and so close to Ryan. She reminds Ryan that she and Zach will soon be buying a house and he must want his condo back. Erica tells Brooke that she shouldn’t over indulge in gravy because she doesn’t need any more calories. Brooke then tells Erica not to worry. A girl can only stomach so much garbage. Right then, Bianca tells Jeff that maybe he should tell everybody what it was like to live and practice medicine in Africa. He then replies that it’s a beautiful amazing place. And there are many interesting things you will see in the animal kingdom. All of the animals prey upon each other. Jack then tells Jeff that that is not unlike Pine Valley where a father and son vulture will pray upon married women. In response to that, Josh stands up and tells Jack that he won’t take that implication. Jeff asks his son to let it go. Josh tells his father no. He then tells Jack that he may judge him. But he better leave his father alone. Jack confronts Jeff about how he’s going after Erica. Jeff asks Jack why Erica wouldn’t want to leave him. She’s obviously unhappy with him. Sean then stands up and tells Jeff he better stop insulting his uncle Jack. And it looks like the party is going to be one big confrontation.

Alone in the hall, Ryan asks Kendall why she is hell bent on running Annie and Emma out of town. She tells him that she just has some concerns.

Biancza follows her mother into the lady’s room and asks her why she and Jack cannot work things out. She cannot bear to see another couple split. Erica tries to bluff to her daughter. But Bianca wants the truth from her mother about why she cannot go back to Jack. She cannot say he does not give her her space. It’s not a case of that. She asks her mother what the real issue is.

In JR’s hospital room, Jamie asks his brother what he was thinking to go to Josh’s room, get drunk and then jump out a window. JR cries and tells Jamie that he did not realize how high up he was. He thought it was a door. He could not bear the thought of Josh and Babe together. He just had to get out. He just had to get out.

Alone in the hallway, while Adam, Krystal and Babe talk to Tad and Dixie and Colby has snuck off, she gets a text message on her phone. And she leaves to go meet Sean. Right then, they notice a video. And Babe concludes that David must have left it. The put it in the VCR (DVD player) and they see David on the screen greeting everybody. He announces his fond farewells to everybody. At first, he addresses Tad. Krystal then tells everybody that she will not let David ruin their Thanksgiving. She doesn’t want to hear it nor should anybody. Tad says he wants to hear whatever David has to say. Babe tells Tad that she agrees with her mother. Adam notices that David got beat up and his face is all bruised. Tad tells them that he wants to listen to David’s lies. He is very interested in this.

Right then, David is at Leora’s gravesite telling her that he wishes he could be with her now. But she mustn’t worry. Her dad will make certain that justice was served. It’s his gift to her. All of those people went on about baby Kate who is alive somewhere. Nobody cared about her except for him and her mother. He tells Leora that he swears he tried to save her. He also tried to save his other daughter, her sister Babe. But Babe has written him off. He hopes that some day Babe will come around. But he must leave. Nobody in this town knows anything about love or what it truly means. But he knows that Leora does and she must never forget that her father loves her very much and always will. He tells her hat wherever he goes and whatever he does, he will take her everywhere he goes.

Jamie tells JR that he refuses to be the guy who will tell JR’s son, ten years from now, how his father ended his life. So JR better pull himself together. JR tells Jamie that he does not plan to drink. He sounds like he is in pain and asks Jamie what kinds of pain killer he is on. Jamie tells him it’s some sort of morphine derivative.

Sean goes off alone to the boathouse and runs into Colby. It looks like they are both running away from their families. She asks him what he does when a girl cheats on him. She asks him what he does when he is really into a girl and pathetically in love with her. How would he feel if she cheated on him? Would he take her bac?. Sean then replies that he truthfully does not know what it’s like to have strong feelings about anybody and does not want to find out what it’s like.

Kendall tells Ryan that the reason she cares about his plans is because of Spike. He then assures her that Spike will always be his life. No other kid of anybody can compete with that. She then tells him good. She wants to keep it that way.

Josh asks Jeff if it’s really a smart idea for him to be publicly revealing that he’s with Erica. Does he really know what he is doing? Jeff then asks Josh if he knows what he is doing with Babe.

Erica tells her mother that she just needs to sit down for Thanksgiving. And she promises Brooke will be gone tomorrow. Erica goes to sit down at the table. But she hears Lily confirm to Jack that he is right. He and Erica don’t belong together.

Sean and Colby are alone at the boathouse.

In response to hearing Jack’s conversation with Lily, Erica asks her husband to tell her why he believes that they do not belong together. He makes a remark about Jeff. She reminds Jack that Jeff is family. He’s her son’s father. She also tells him that she would expect this kind of behavior from Zach. But he’s been behaving better than Jack has. And she tells Jack that maybe they should divorce.

JR tells Jamie that he wants him to take away his pain killers. He knows that whenever life gives him too much pain, he has to drink or take pain killers. He needs to live with pain without drugs.

On David’s video, he tells Babe she will have to leave JR sooner or later. He then tells Dixie that he knows she has the “ammunition” to get the ball rolling. But if she does not have the guts to do it, he will.

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