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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
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It's Thanksgiving and dinner is being planned at the Valley Inn.  A hotel employee informs Zach that he cannot allow Erica's family back for Thanksgiving dinner after last year's fiasco, but Zach dismisses the man by slipping him some money.  Inside the dining room, Bianca is putting place cards by each plate.  Erica walks in and notices Bianca putting down a place card for Jack.  Erica tells Bianca she might as well throw away her place card because she won't share a table with Jack.  Bianca gets upset with her mother and urges her to change her mind.

David is telling Kendall at her place that Ryan is Emma's biological father.  He swears to it on his daughter's grave.  Kendall refuses to believe him and tells him to get out.  She accuses him of telling the same lie he told about Tad and Dixie being Emma's parents.  David says he did believe Emma was their daughter early on but now he has learned that Emma's DNA matches Ryan's.  Kendall tells him he's lying.  David mentions the DNA test on Spike and Ryan last summer.  He says he took that and then got Emma's DNA and compared them.  Ryan's name is written across every cell in Emma's body.  Kendall asks what Ryan said about this.  David says he hasn't told Ryan and will leave that to her.  David taunts Kendall about Ryan's attention being split now between Spike and Emma.  She tells him again to leave.  He says he's leaving.  Zach arrives and tells him he's not leaving soon enough.

At the hospital, Jeff is going through a stack of DNA reports, each one showing that there is no match between Annie and Emma.  As Annie nervously awaits a second stack of reports, Ryan tries to calm her by showing her some card tricks.  He says he wants to teach the tricks to her so she can show Emma.  That way, when Emma comes home she'll believe her mother can do magic.

Dixie arrives at the hospital and finds Babe sitting on the floor crying her eyes out.  Dixie asks if something happened to JR.  Babe says JR is the same.  She asks Dixie if there's anything she can do to make it right between her and JR.  Dixie asks Babe if this is about JR or herself.  Babe says she loves JR and never meant for this to happen.  She says she wants to fight for her marriage but JR doesn't want anything to do with her.

Josh is in JR's hospital room.  JR tells Josh to come closer and tells him he'll put his head through a wall.  Josh tells JR he can't even get out of bed.  Josh tells him he has a nasty habit of reaching for the bottle and thanks him for proving his point to Babe.  JR tells Josh to take the bitch and leave.  Josh says he'll gladly do that.  JR tells Josh to stay away from his son.  Josh says Babe won't leave without her son.  Josh tells JR to respect Babe and not denigrate her.  Tad walks in and tells Josh to leave.  Before he leaves, Josh tells JR that when Babe does come to him, she'll have her son with her.

Babe says if she could go back to that night she would do things differently.  Dixie says she can't speak for JR but tells her that JR did forgive her for walking out.  Dixie goes to JR's room and sees Tad inside.  She walks in and greets JR.  Josh sees Babe in the lobby and goes to her.  Babe tells him he's making this harder.  Adam sees the two of them together and says "so much for it being all over with Josh."

Erica tells Bianca that Jack shipped all her clothes to the Valley Inn.  Bianca asks Erica what she did to Jack.  Erica mentions that Jack stopped by last night and Jeff happened to be over.  Erica insists there is nothing going on between her and Jeff.  Bianca says that's exactly what Maggie said before she caught her with Cecilia.  Erica tells Bianca she's sorry that her heart was broken.  Bianca tells her Uncle Jack loves her and wants her home.  She asks her to let Thanksgiving be their first step in mending their differences.  Erica agrees to stay.  Just then Jack arrives with Brooke on his arm followed by Lily and Sean.

Adam tells Babe that his son is hooked up to wires and she is parading around like a tramp with her lover.  Josh says he'll tell Adam what he said to JR.  He orders Adam pay the respect to Babe that she deserves or he'll answer to him.  Babe tells Josh to be quiet and leave.  Adam orders Josh to get out and walks away.  Josh asks Babe if she can't see that she has no future with that family.  Babe says she doesn't need his help.  She asks what he said to JR.  Josh says he's just trying to love her.  Babe tells him to stop loving her and stop seeing her because he is killing her.

Dixie tells JR that she saw Babe.  JR tells her not to even mention her name.  Dixie says Babe loves him and asks if forgiving her is impossible.  JR says it will never happen.  Dixie asks Tad to tell JR that forgiveness is always possible.  She and Tad are prime examples.  Tad tells Dixie they had a rough road to forgiveness.  JR says it's not the same.  Dixie says it is the same.  It's betrayal.  Tad says maybe it's too soon to talk about this.  Dixie says it's Thanksgiving.  They're supposed to be thankful for the blessings in their lives.  Tad tells JR that Dixie is right.  They have forgiven each other.  He tells JR that the only reason he feels pain is because real love was there.  He says one day he'll realize that he can forgive and that special amazing person is back in your life.  Dixie says she's grateful for this moment and a chance to be a family again. 

Jack says he invited Brooke since she didn't have plans.  Erica tells Brooke if she needs something to wear she has stacks and stacks of clothes upstairs.  Brooke tells Erica, who is wearing a sleeveless dress, that she prefers sleeves in November.  Erica leaves to run an errand.  Jack tells Brooke he would understand if she didn't want to stay.  Brooke says she's prepared to stay and thinks this could be the most entertaining Thanksgiving in years.

Zach tells David to stay away from his wife.  David says his good deed is done and leaves.  Zach asks Kendall what that was all about.

Jeff goes to Annie with the last four DNA results.  She opens the first three and they are not matches.  The fourth shows a match.  She smiles and hugs Ryan.  Emma comes in and Annie scoops her up, telling her she's coming home with her to stay.  Ryan shows the social worker the DNA test results and she apologizes for taking Emma.  Emma reaches to hug Ryan, who grabs her and tells her that her mommy is magical.

Babe tells Josh to stop trying to protect her.  She's staying in her marriage and they are over.  Josh says they are not over.  Babe tells him to go and he leaves.  Erica approaches the scene and tells Babe those were the smartest words that ever came out of her mouth.  She says Josh is way too good for her and she is the worst thing for him.  She tells her to win back JR. 

Dixie tells JR that she lied and walked away from him and Tad.  She made wrong decisions which she will always regret.  JR says there is no comparison between her and Babe.  He understands she stayed away out of love because she could not come back without Kate.  Tad tells JR he loves Babe the way he loves his mother.  Dixie looks at Tad.

Kendall prepares for dinner and Zach asks her what David said.  Kendall says he is just trying to stir up trouble.  She shows Zach the outfit she picked out for Spike to wear for his first Thanksgiving.  She says Spike has so much to be thankful for.

Erica finds Josh and tells him she is looking for Jeff.  She is hoping they could spend Thanksgiving together.  Jeff approaches them and says he and Josh were about to have dinner.  Erica invites them both to the Valley Inn with her.

David is making a video of himself.  He says this is his fond farewell and he is onto paths unknown.  First he will leave a parting gift.

Adam brings little Adam into JR's room.  Tad takes the child and brings him to JR.  Adam tells Tad he wants him out.  Tad says since it's Thanksgiving, he suggests they be civil to each other.  Adam says JR doesn't need this stress and he wants family time alone.  JR tells his father he wants Tad here.  It's Thanksgiving and some things can be forgiven.  He asks if there could be a truce between the Martins and Chandlers.

Ryan, Annie, and Emma arrive at the Valley Inn for Thanksgiving dinner.  Ryan introduces Emma to Miranda.  Bianca, seeing that this dinner is growing by the minute, asks Sean for help in getting some chairs.  Just then Erica walks in all smiles with Jeff and Josh on her arms.  Jack looks at her surprised.  Kendall and Zach arrive with Spike.  Kendall loses her smile when she sees Ryan across the room holding Emma.

David goes to Chandler mansion and leaves an envelope in front of the door.  Babe arrives and finds him.

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