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Kendall is on the phone trying unsuccessfully to book Thanksgiving dinner for her family.  She finds out that her family’s reservation has been cancelled because they are too “disruptive’.  She protests that they are their best customers.  She tells her contact on the phone that she does not care about previous Thanksgivings that have happened.  She tells them that this is her son’s first Thanksgiving dinner and she won’t let anything ruin his happiness.

Erica is alone in her hotel room looking at a picture of them from their honeymoon.  She is playing a scene in her head of how she anticipates her reunion with Jack will go. 

Annie and Ryan are awaiting the results of her test.  Jeff is on the phone demanding that they get the results so that Annie will have peace of mind.  Josh appears and Jeff tells his son Happy Thanksgiving.  Josh then tells his father he knows what he is going to say and tells him to save his breath.

Adam walks into JR’s hospital room and smiles when he sees Colby happily beside her brother’s bed.  He tells his two children that seeing the two of them happily together makes everything all right for him.  He is going to make certain that his family has the best Thanksgiving ever and they will show that nothing and nobody will stand in the way of a Chandler.  Babe appears at the door and does not look completely happy.  JR awakens as she enters.  Adam and Colby do not look like they want her there.  Colby confronts her.  Babe tells Colby she is not there to fight.  Adam tells Babe he thinks it’s best that she leave.  She tells him she will not leave unless JR wants her to and even if he does, she will keep coming back.  JR then tells his father and sister that he wants to talk to Babe alone.

Josh asks Jeff if he’s going to tell him that the angels have beckoned him back into medicine when he saved JR.  He tells his father that he needs to realize that all he got was a bloodstained shirt for his efforts and it means nothing to him.  He is not about to reconsider practicing medicine.  Jeff then tells his son, he realizes all of that and does not intend to push him into practicing medicine when Josh chooses not to.  The only thing he wants to tell him is how proud he is of him.

Annie comes to visit with Emma at the Miranda Center.  Ryan and Jack observe them together but do not know what to tell Emma about her mommy.  Emma is thrilled that her mommy came to take her home and asks when they are leaving.  Annie plays with her daughter and the social worker talks to Ryan and Jack alone.

The manager at the hotel comes to Erica’s room, as she is ready to come downstairs.  She tells him that she is almost ready and will call for a bellman when she is ready.  He tells her that her husband has sent her a huge shipment.  She assumes that he must have sent her a huge assortment of flowers.  She looks happy and indicates that she is ready to go home.  She tells the manager that he should take the flowers and put them in the bridal suite and then changes her mind and tells him to have them sent to the hospital.  The valet tells her that her plans may not work the way she wants.  He steps aside and reveals several bellmen with many pieces of luggage and a luggage cart full of all of her clothes.  Erica looks surprised at this. 

Kendall gets off the phone and informs Zach that all of the local restaurants have banned her family.  She cannot get hold of Ryan who has better things to do than be with his son, so Spike’s first Thanksgiving is going to be ruined.  Zach then calmly tells his wife that Spike has told him that he wants to join him and his beautiful mom at the casino.  In response to that, Kendall sarcastically tells Zach how great it will be to have a baby around a black jack table.  Zach is determined to make this day special.  Kendall then remembers all of the negative things that happened at the previous Thanksgivings.  She reflects on how, only a year ago, Greenlee opened her mouth to reveal to everyone that Kendall did a terrible thing by carrying her own baby.  She lost her best friend and everything else.  She had so much pain and felt so alone.  She also remembers that on that day, Zach was there for her.  She then reflects how it’s taken so long for all of them to get to this place.  She has a wonderful husband and a baby.  Her sister is back.  She now has a new brother.  Everything should be good but they cannot even get a dinner reservation.  She also tells Zach that maybe it will benefit Spike to associate misery with holidays so that he will never be disappointed.  Zach then gives Spike to Kendall and goes out the door.  He tells her that he is determined to make this day right for all of them.

Jeff tells Josh that what he did was extraordinary.  He saved JR’s life.  That was a man he hated and whose wife he is in love with.  Josh coyly tells his father that he need not think it was anything special.  He did not do the heroic deed as fast as he could and seriously considered letting JR die.  Jeff then tells his son that the Chandlers are vilifying him and he understands that maybe Josh needs to protect himself from many things.  He goes on to tell Josh that he need never protect himself from his father.  Josh then tells Jeff that he has heard that Jeff is awaiting some test results.  Jeff tells Josh yes.  It is being delayed and he asks Josh if he wants to go for a walk with him.

The social worker comes and tells Ryan and Jack that until the test results confirm that Annie is Emma’s mother, the department cannot let Mrs. McDermott have her daughter back.  She realizes that it is Thanksgiving, but that does not matter. 

In the other room, Annie is reading Emma a story and telling her all of the happy thoughts and how they will always be together.  She tells her daughter she is so proud of her and asks her if she can just stay strong and brave for mommy a while longer.

At the hotel, after realizing that Jack’s sent all of her belongings back to her at the hotel, Erica tells the help that this is an outrage.  Zach stands near her and tells her to look on the bright side.  At least she has all of the clothes she needs for every day of the week and will not be without all of her belongings.

Alone with her son, Kendall privately talks to Spike all about their Thanksgiving plans.

After Erica finds out that Jack is moving her out of their home she tells Zach that she is not going to have Thanksgiving with Jackson Montgomery.  He tells her that maybe she needs to get her priorities straight and consider Kendall.  She wants her mother and Jack together for Thanksgiving.  Erica then tells him that he is a fine one to pretend to care about her daughter when he abandoned her when she was near death and ran off with Dixie Martin.  He then tells Erica that maybe they all need to put on a united front, if nothing else, for Kendall’s infant son.

Kendall talks to Spike about the clothes he can wear.  She notices that she has some baby suits and asks him how it will make him feel.  Soon thereafter, she is worried when she notices that a button has come off of Spike’s suit.  She instantly assumes that he’s swallowed it and will be terribly sick.  Ryan returns home with Annie and as soon as Kendall sees him she rushes out and tells him that Spike has an emergency.

Babe tells JR that she never stopped loving him.  She wants to tell him that she is so thankful that he is alive and she hopes that he is listening to her.  She knows that they have big, ugly problems but he needs to know that she is not going to run away from them.  She is going to stay in their home and fight for their marriage and their son.  She tells JR he must talk to her.  He may get angry and yell and tell her anything he wants, she tells him.  She doesn’t care what he does or says in order for them to get through this.  JR still does not talk.  She asks him if he is thirsty and offers him some water.  JR asks Babe if she wants him to yell at her and tell her how he feels about their future.  He looks like he is in pain, physically and emotionally.  He takes the water from her and as she gets closer to the bed, he throws the water in her face.  He tells her that he knows she has Josh on the brain.  He cries and gets very upset.  Adam tells Babe she must get out of his son’s room.  JR tells her she is a worthless whore and he never wants her near him again.  He yells at all of the people outside his room that if they see that lying, cheating slut near them they better run.  He yells that she better stay away from their son.  Adam comes in and tells his son he must not stress himself.  Babe is gone.  He must not let this get him upset.  Babe sits outside the room upset.  Colby, Dixie, and all of the people who love JR watch her crouching in the hallway as they all listen to JR rant. 

Ryan comes and attempts to find out what is wrong with Spike.  Kendall believes that he is running a fever after swallowing the button.  Ryan disagrees.  Annie is looking for the button and asks if they have a flashlight.  She might be able to help Spike.  Kendall is on the phone talking to Spike’s doctor and is assuming all the worst.  Annie looks at Spike and notices there is nothing wrong with him.  They seem to confirm that Spike did not swallow anything.  He’s perfectly ok and there is nothing to worry about.  Kendall is on the phone with the pediatrician and tells them she will find another pediatrician because the one she is talking to is incompetent.

Erica tells Zach that although he is unfortunately married to her daughter, that does not mean anything to her.  He tells her that the most important thing for him to do is make his wife happy.  He tells her that is exactly what he’s going to do for her on Thanksgiving.

Ryan finds the missing button on the floor and confirms to Kendall that she has nothing to worry about.  Spike could not have swallowed it and is ok.

The workers at the hotel are hauling in all of Erica’s suitcases with all of her stuff and she is very upset.  Zach tells her that regardless of what is going on, her daughter wants a Kane-Montgomery dinner and that means Erica and Jack at the same table.  Erica tells Zach that she loves her daughter and is willing to give her whatever she wants but there will be no Kane-Montgomery dinner.  It won’t happen.  In response to that, Zach tells her that he understands that she does not want to carry out Kendall’s wishes.

After Ryan and Annie have proven to Kendall that Spike is ok, Kendall thanks Annie for helping and tells her she hopes she does not mind but she would like to talk to Ryan alone.  Annie leaves Kendall and Ryan alone.  Kendall asks Ryan if it was just her or if Annie is a little on edge.  Ryan then informs Kendall that social services is still not going to budge and let Annie spend Thanksgiving with her daughter until the tests results come back.  They are still waiting so she has justifiable reason to be upset.  Kendall then asks Ryan if he would like to join her and her family for Thanksgiving even though Zach will be included in the group.  He tells her that he is totally ok watching her with Zach.  Ryan and Kendall decide on what outfit Spike should wear for the Thanksgiving festivities.  Annie comes in the door to tell Ryan that Jeff has called from the hospital and the results are in.  When Kendall is alone in her home, David pays her a visit.  She demands to know what he wants and tells him she does not want him there.  He tells her she may feel differently after he does her an extraordinary favor.

Erica tells the manager that he will have to book her another couple of rooms or a complete floor for all of her clothing.  He asks her if she had changed her mind about checking out.  She tells him that she is not about to go home to Jack after what he has done. 

While waiting for Annie, Ryan, and Jeff, Jack meets Brooke.  He informs her that Bianca and Kendall are about to put together a last minute “thing” at the Valley Inn.  He then tells her that he would like her to join him there.  Brooke asks Jack if his family will be ok with that.  He tells her that he’s certain that Kendall and Bianca won’t mind.  She asks what about Erica.  He tells Brooke that he is pretty certain Erica won’t be there and it won’t be an issue what she thinks of his inviting Brooke.

Outside JR’s room, Josh finds Jeff and tells him that he cannot let JR verbally abuse Babe.  He asks Jeff if her heard JR yelling all his sick, hateful things at her.  He tells Jeff that he cannot let that psycho drunken loser treat Babe that way.  Jeff tells his son he must back off from JR.  It won’t help anybody.  Josh tells his father that he won’t give up on Babe nor let JR ever hurt her again.

Babe tells Adam that she loves JR.  He tells her if that is the case, she must prove it by staying away from him.  Alone, she cries and is very upset as she remembers hearing JR telling her she is a terrible, no good bitch and he never wants to see her again.  She also remembers herself telling him that he may scream at her or tell her anything he wants.  She can take whatever it takes for them to get through this.  In JR’s room, he is looking at a picture of himself, Babe and little A.  He proceeds to tear Babe out of the picture. 

Jeff finds Ryan and Annie and tells them the unfortunate news that there is no match between Annie and Emma.  He then opens another envelope

Kendall tells David she knows all about the sick DNA stuff that he pulled with Tad and Dixie.  He tells her he thought she’d be happy that he made Dixie suffer since she is the woman who ran off with her husband.  He also asks her if she is not upset that Ryan and Annie are so close and happy that they are also suffering.  She tells him that she is not hateful and spiteful like he is.  Ryan went to help Annie.  She has no problem with that.  He reminds her that Annie is an attractive woman.  He bets that Ryan will start getting serious with her.  He asks if she is going to be able to accept having herself and Spike sharing Ryan with total strangers.  Choosing Zach over Ryan may sound messed up but it might make perfect sense.  She then asks him why he believes that it would make perfect sense.  He then informs her that Ryan is the father of Annie’s little girl. 

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