AMC Update Tuesday 11/21/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/21/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Erica and Jeff are in her hotel room and they started kissing while Jack is outside in the hallway.  He knocks on the door.  They have no clue who it is.  She answers.  Jack enters and views Jeff there.  It’s obvious, at that point, that Jack and Erica’s marriage is in trouble.

After David has informed Dixie that Krystal’s baby is Tad’s and Tad has not denied that to her, she goes to the Chandler house to talk to Krystal.  Adam comes by and asks her what she wants.  She informs Adam that she is there to talk to Krystal about her baby.  In response to that, Adam asks Dixie why “their” baby would be any of her business.

At the hospital, while JR lies in his room helpless, David comes to see him and taunts him.  JR notices that David got beaten up.  David tells JR that his battle wounds are the price of victory.  He is happy to know that JR has lost Babe.  David asks what did JR after he found out that he lost her.  He indulged in an alcoholic pity party and hurled himself out the window.  David admits that he is happy.  He tells JR he did not come there for fun and games, however.  He came there for a confirmation with JR.  He wants him to promise that if he ever gets out of there, he will never come near David’s daughter again.

Again, Josh looks for and finds Babe.  She is upset and tells him he cannot be there but he holds her in his arms, knowing her marriage with JR is not working and she secretly wants him.  She cries in his arms but she pulls away and reminds him that she told him that she is going to commit to JR.  She asks him why he is there.  He tells her that he is there because he loves her and knows that she wants him.  He then tells her if she wants him gone, all she has to do is say so.

In his hospital room, JR tells David that he never wants to see that “cheating whore” again.  He tells David that both he and his daughter can go to hell.  David then tells JR that he is stupid to be lying in there helplessly and yet have the gall to insult David’s daughter.  David tells JR that he is nothing more than a worthless spoiled punk who is unworthy of a quality woman like Babe.  Babe made a serious mistake by not being able to realize that she must get rid of a self-medicating loser like him.  He then informs JR that he is going to leave town but before he does, he wants to make certain that JR will not try to get back with Babe.  He’s worried that it will be inevitable; as inevitable as JR drinking again.  He believes that JR will get back with Babe and try to kill her again so he needs to make certain that that does not happen.  David pulls the pillow out from under JR’s head and holds it up like he’s going to suffocate him with it.

Tad goes to a bar and sees Jamie and Julia.  He looks like he’s irrational.

At the Chandler house, Dixie tells Adam that she did not come there to talk to them about Krystal’s child.  She came there to talk to Krystal about Tad and their child.  Adam asks her why she thinks that he should care about Tad.  Dixie then tells them that she was hoping that maybe Krystal can help Tad find some peace after losing his child.

Jack finds Erica and Jeff together.  Although he has not seen them kissing, he gets up and turns and tells her that he has given up on them.  She asks him how he can do that just because Jeff is there.  She demands that he wait.  He tells her that it seems that she is right where she wants to be; sandwiched between her ex-husband and her son.  He tells her if she ever wants to come back to her family, she is welcome to “stop by.”

Adam asks Dixie what is up.  She tells him that David cornered her and told her things.  He asks her why she thinks he’d want to hear it since that man’s a pathological liar.  Krystal however, pulls Adam into the other room and tells her husband that she just wants to talk to Dixie for a while because she is just concerned about Tad.  Adam then tells them fine.  They may talk about Tad but Dixie better not take advantage of his wife’s kindness.  Krystal’s first priority is to rest and take care of their baby.

At the bar, Tad tells Jamie that he wishes he could go somewhere where there is more privacy.  He keeps drinking and goes to some of the guys who are playing pool, looking for a brawl.  Before he can confront them, Jamie and Julia remove him from the bar.

David tells JR that he might want to do himself a favor and remember how scared he is.  He might want to remember that David can take him out and have fun doing it and he does not just mean physically.  He also means emotionally and in every other way if JR ever hurts David’s daughter again.  He then tells JR that he must tell him how he felt when he was completely helpless.  JR grabs David’s throat.  David laughs as JR struggles and doesn’t have enough strength.  Colby rushes in to “help” her brother.

Babe tells Josh that she‘s not going to risk her marriage for him.  He then asks her if the “real Babe” is still in there.  The woman who had courage and integrity and realized she deserves better than JR.  He asks her if she really believes if she opens her heart up to JR, that he will clean up his act.  He tells her that no matter what she does, she cannot save her marriage.  She argues and they hear Adam calling to Babe.  Josh disappears so that Adam does not see him.

Erica tells Jack if anybody owes an apology it’s he to her.  He comes barging into her “home” and makes wild accusations about her.

Back at Tad’s home, he drinks and tells Jamie and Julia that they need to stay out of his business.  He tells them that he would like to get out of this place.  He does not want to stay there.  This whole house reeks of David Hayward.  He remembers all of the confrontations they had about Dixie.  Jamie asks Tad what he plans to do in regard to David.  Tad admits that he had David on the ground and was beating the hell out of him and it felt good.  Dixie had to stop him from finishing the job.  Julia tells Tad that Dixie could not let Tad leave that way. 

Dixie tells Krystal that she knows how “close” Krystal has become to Tad.  Krystal tells Dixie that she may not know what to do.  Dixie tells Krystal that she (Krystal) might be able “reach” Tad in a way that she (Dixie) cannot.  In response to that, Krystal tells Dixie that she is sorry about Kate and wishes she could help them but cannot.  Krystal realizes that Dixie knows she slept with Tad that one time but has no clue that Dixie knows she’s pregnant by Tad.  Dixie then asks Krystal if she could be pregnant by Tad.

Tad tells Jamie and Julia if they think that his hands are clean, they are wrong.  So having Hayward’s blood on them would not make any difference.  He tells them that Hayward maliciously set up him and Dixie and tricked them into believing that they’d found Kate.  Julia tells Tad she realizes how one believes that killing somebody will make the pain they’ve caused go away but she realizes that murdering Garret Williams did not change anything for her.  Jamie then tells his father that they mustn’t lose hope of finding Kate.  Tad tells Jamie that they are never going to find Kate.

Krystal tells Dixie that Adam is the father of her child.  Dixie tells Krystal that “apparently” David ran some tests and found out that the baby is Tad’s.

A nurse comes inside and asks Colby and David what is going on.  She tells him that this man tried to kill her brother.  David tells the nurse that that is absurd and that Colby is hysterical and emotionally disturbed.  The nurse tells them both that they need to stop causing JR all of this stress.  David disappears.  Alone with JR, Colby asks him if he wants her to leave or call the police.  He tells his sister he wants her to stay.  He knows she can fight like a Chandler.

Adam asks Babe what she intends to do in regard to his son.  She tells her father-in-law that she wants to make her marriage work.  Adam reminds his daughter-in-law that she cheated on JR.  Whenever JR sees her face again, he will remember that.  He asks her if she really believes that JR would ever be able to forgive her.

Erica tells Jack that she did not recall, in their vows, that they promised to watch over each other.  He then asks her if she plans to come home with him or not.  She tells him no, she is not.  Jack then leaves and gets on the elevator.  Erica returns to her room where Jeff is waiting for her.  She sadly looks at a picture of her and Jack on the beach in happier times.  She turns to Jeff and informs him that she now has to go home.

Jack goes to the bar where Tad, Jamie, and Julia were and finds Sean.  He knows that his nephew and friends are drinking.  He tells the bartender if he intends to serve alcohol to these underage boys, he will suspend his liquor license.  The other boys run off and Jack tells his nephew he better sit down and listen to him.

Colby tells JR that Babe and her mother came into their family’s house and have to go back to where they came from.  She notices, however, that her brother does not see it that way and deeply regrets hurting his wife.

Adam tells Babe that he has some reservations about Krystal just like he has about her.  In response to that (although she knows her mother is pregnant by Tad), Krystal tells her father-in-law that he is very fortunate to be married to her mother and that Krystal would never pull a stunt like she did with JR.  She knows that her momma loves him and she thanks him for giving her another chance to be party of his family.  He tells her if she thanks anybody, it should be her mother.  He leaves without wanting to confront Babe or distrust her word.  Josh enters.  Babe tells him that Adam gets it and asks if he does. 

Krystal tells Dixie that even if David is a doctor, he is also an expert at manipulating medical tests.  Dixie tells Krystal that may be, but she saw the look on Krystal’s face, and she saw the expression from Tad.  Krystal then assures Dixie that this baby is hers and Adam’s and this baby will not mend Tad’s broken heart.

At Tad’s, Jamie and Julia asks Tad if he plans to give up on finding Kate.  He tells them of course not but he doesn’t know how he’s going to go through with thinking about meeting his daughter and having his hopes destroyed.  He’s worried that he will never find her.

Erica tells Jeff that the reason she left her house was to find herself.  She may have thought that being away would enable her to find that woman whom she used to be but she loves Jack and does not want to lose what they had.  It’s time for her to go back and save her marriage.  Jeff then tells Erica that he wants her to have everything she needs.  He learned, a long time ago, that nobody can stop her from doing what is right for her but he’d like to try now.  She smiles and tells him he is a good man.  He tells her that she is an amazing and complex woman and he just wants her to be happy; that is all.  He gets up to leave.

Sean tells Jack that the fact that he is in a place like this indicates that Jack is having some trouble.  Jack takes Sean aside and tells him he (Sean) is in trouble and he takes Sean home.

JR tells Colby that he did not believe her that Babe cheated on him and asks what he did instead.  She tells him that he called her an ungrateful liar.  She admits to him that she is most of the time.  She tells him that he just wanted his wife to tell the truth.  She tells him that what she did was heinous but out of love.  She wanted her brother back.  She reminds him that they used to be close when she was little and she wants that back.  JR then puts his arms around his little sister and tells her he wants it too.

Josh tells Babe that he will leave but he wants to give her some banana peanut butter pancakes to keep up her strength.  He leaves.

Tad tells Jamie and Julia that they should take off and resurrect whatever fun is left in their evening together.  He assumes that they have better things to do than be around him.  Jamie does not want to leave his father alone but he and Julia get up to leave.  Before he’s out the door, Jamie tells Tad he was right about Jamie and Julia.  Tad then asks his son if it’s taken him all this time to realize that his father is always right.

After talking to Krystal, Dixie leaves.  Alone with Adam, Krystal acknowledges that she can really see that Dixie is hurting and that she must still be in love with Tad.  Adam them tells her that children and family are all that counts.  She is his family.  She is having his child.  She is the reason he is letting Babe stay there.  He, she, Babe, JR, Colby, little A and their new baby are all one big family under one roof.  Therein is the secret of their survival and he will decimate anybody who wants to break up their family.  Dixie is outside the door but still has not left.

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