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All My Children Update Monday 11/20/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Kendall is concentrating at Fusion when Zach brings Spike to her dressed in a pilgrim outfit.  Zach says they’re exploring the new world.  Kendall asks Zach to lock her up because she’s gone completely over the edge.  Kendall says Babe was leaving Fusion but she stopped her, and now she will work here the rest of her life.  Zach tells Kendall she’s just being forgiving, not crazy.  Kendall wonders if she’s gone soft because she’s a new mother or because Bianca is rubbing off on her.

Jack is at home talking to Bianca.  She says they have to make their Thanksgiving plans.  She says Reggie is on freshman overload so they’ll be one short.  Jack says there likely will be two short and he doesn’t expect Erica to make it.  Bianca tells Jack she thought he and her mother were going to talk this out.  Jack says he asked Erica to come home but she accused him of giving her an ultimatum.  Jack says he’ll have Thanksgiving dinner here and Bianca and Kendall are welcome, but he’ll understand if they want to be with their mom.  Bianca asks what it will mean if Erica doesn’t come home.  Jack says he doesn’t know.  Bianca leaves, saying she has Thanksgiving to plan.

Erica goes to JR’s hospital room and he opens his eyes and looks at her.  Erica tells him he can’t hurt her children anymore.  Speaking in an angry tone, she says he wanted to hurt her son Josh and her daughter Bianca.  She orders JR to admit his wrongs.  JR can only weakly tell her to get out.  Erica wants JR to admit all the pain he has caused her children.  She says if he ever gets out of the hospital he is not to go near her children again.  She says she never wants to see him again.  Jeff walks in and orders Erica to stop this.  He sees JR is in pain and increases his pain medication.  Erica asks him why he’s making JR feel better when he wants to kill their son.  Jeff says his patient is in critical condition and any stress could kill him.  Erica asks how he could treat him, but he says it’s his job.  He pulls her out of the room.

At Chandler mansion, Adam tells Krystal she has no right to take their child away from him.  Krystal says she has every right, as this baby is …Babe interrupts her mother by telling her to stop.  Babe tells Krystal not to say it.  Adam asks what she’s not supposed to say.  Babe tells Adam if he keeps pushing Krystal she’ll leave him.  Babe says she loves JR and her son and won’t desert them.  Adam says she deserted them when she slept with Josh.  Babe says she was wrong but she’s going to fight for her marriage.  No one will toss her out.  Adam says those court orders will not be denied.  Babe says she won’t leave her child.  Adam says she has no choice.  Babe asks if he really wants to take this to a courtroom while JR is in the hospital.  Adam says he’ll do what it takes to protect little Adam and his child.  Krystal asks if he’s threatening her.  Babe tells Adam not to turn on Krystal.  Krystal says she loves her daughter and will be by her side always.  She loves Adam too and doesn’t want to choose one, but if he forces Babe to leave her choice is Babe.  She suggests they can find a way to work this out.

In the parking garage of the hospital, David tells Dixie he did a DNA test and found that Krystal’s baby is packed with Martin chromosomes.  He taunts her by saying that it is a kick in the gut that Tad has a baby and she doesn’t.  Tad walks into the garage and immediately starts fighting David.  He knocks him to the ground and starts punching David while Dixie begs him to stop.  Dixie says there’s been too much violence and she can’t let Tad suffer any more pain.  Tad stops hitting David and has a bloody hand.  David gets up and sarcastically tells them good luck with their together forever crap.  Tad lunges for David again but Dixie stops him and David leaves.

Zach and Kendall share some family moments at Fusion.  Kendall attempts to feed Spike some baby food and spills it on her dress.  She playfully tosses a spoonful of the food at Zach and it gets on his sweater.  Zach gives Kendall a lobster dinner and they share the meal and kiss.

Jack looks at a photo of him and Erica when Lily tells him he’s home late.  Jack says he has an important case.  She asks if he’s working hard so he doesn’t have to think about Erica.  Jack admits he is.  Jack tells Lily he’s sorry that he didn’t realize how much Jonathan loved her and says if she wants Jonathan back it’s OK with him.  Lily says she doesn’t because they’re too different.  She tells Jack he and Erica are different and asks if that is why they broke up.  Jack says they have not broken up.  The fact that they’re different has always been their strength.  Lily asks why Erica left.  Jack says it’s complicated.  Lily says people in love should always tell each other the truth.

Erica and Jeff arrive at her room at the Valley Inn.  Erica says that was uncalled for.  Jeff tells her that with the added tension, JR could have stroked out.  Erica says that could have been their son in that hospital room.  Jeff asks Erica to have mercy on JR because he’s in intensive care.  Erica asks Jeff how he could even be his doctor.  Jeff says he took an oath.  Erica says that’s his problem – he always follows the rules.  Jeff says he doesn’t always follow the rules.  He’s falling in love with a married woman and wants her badly.  Bianca walks in and overhears this declaration.

Adam relents and allows Babe to stay.  He says the court order will still stand so Babe cannot run off with little Adam.  Babe says she’s not going to leave her husband.  Krystal says this is a big step and she loves Adam.  They hug.  He says he doesn’t want to lose her or their baby.  Adam leaves to call the hospital.  Babe shuts the door and tells Krystal that she cannot tell Adam this is Tad’s baby.  Krystal says she’ll do whatever it takes to stop Adam from taking Babe’s son.  Babe says she will let no one take her child.  Babe says she won’t let Krystal sacrifice her marriage.  She knows her mother loves Adam as deep and big as she loves JR.  She says if Adam found out the baby was Tad’s….  Krystal says it would be the end of her marriage.

Tad asks Dixie if she’s OK and wonders what David said to her.  Dixie says it was just David being David.  Tad says he can’t just walk away from what David has done.  Dixie says she can’t let Tad hurt anymore because of her.

Erica asks Bianca why she’s there so late.  Bianca says she’s there to talk about Thanksgiving dinner.  Jeff leaves.  Bianca tells her mother this has to stop and she has to come home.  Erica asks if Jack sent her.  Bianca says Jack doesn’t know she’s here.  She says she just wants her family together.  Erica says Jack could have asked her to have Thanksgiving dinner with him.  Bianca says they love each other and she wants to help them get together.  Erica says she’s not ready.  Erica invites Bianca and her daughter to have Thanksgiving dinner with her.  Bianca asks why she won’t go home.  Erica says she and Jack have some things to work out.  She suggests Bianca go home to her little girl.  Bianca tells Erica she’s impossible and leaves.

Kendall tells Zach how happy she is to be in love with him, but she’s the only one in her family happy.  Bianca walks in and says it’s a complete disaster with her mother and Uncle Jack.  She says they have to get them together.  She asks why it’s so difficult to get them to share one meal together.  Zach says he remembers the Kane Thanksgiving a year ago.  Bianca says this one will be better.  Zach bets five to one it will be a bust.  Bianca asks what they can do.  Kendall says after 10 weddings she would think their mother would have a clue how to make this work.  Bianca says she thought that their mother had found her soul mate.  Kendall says she’ll work on one of them and Bianca can work on the other.  Bianca wonders what to do about the third party, Erica’s first husband Jeff.

Jeff goes to Erica’s room.  Erica admits that Bianca is worried about her and Jack.  Bianca wants them to have Thanksgiving dinner together but she thinks Jack won’t want that.  Jeff says he’s here and he’ll fight for her.  They kiss.  Jack is approaching Erica’s door.

Dixie tells Tad to forget David and move past this.  She says JR needs them.  Tad agrees and wants to go check on JR.  Dixie says she has something to take care of.  She says there’s real hope out there.

JR reaches for the nurse call button when David asks him if he feels any pain.  He says he’ll be happy to take care of it for him.

Babe is looking at a photo of JR and little Adam when Josh arrives.

Krystal opens the door and finds Dixie, who says they need to talk about her baby.  Adam listens in the background.

Tad arrives at the hospital to ask about JR.  The nurse tells him that the doctor is in with him and he will have to wait a minute until the doctor is finished.  Meanwhile, David starts pulling JR’s monitors off of him and sticking them on himself (David).  He says there is now no way to communicate with anyone outside.  There is no reason for anyone to rush in.  It’s just him and JR.

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