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All My Children Update Friday 11/17/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Dixie is at the hospital with JR, thinking back on days when JR was a child.  Adam is there and both encourage him to recover from his injuries.  Adam tells him he had a bad fall.  JR can say only one thing…  "Babe."

Babe is at home and Krystal hugs her.  Babe is down on herself for what she has done and asks her mother to make the problems go away.  Babe asks how she could let this happen.  Krystal says she would be surprised how many people have walked in the same shoes.  Babe says if it weren’t for her JR wouldn't have gotten drunk and walked through the window.  She says she can't see her world without him and doesn't know what's left for her.

Julia is at the beech when Jamie arrives.  He asks her why she ran away from him.  She tells him to go.  He asks how they could go from being happy together to sweeping it all away.  Julia tells him to use his common sense.  She says they're going in different directions.  Jamie tells her to not hold out on him.  He wants the truth.  He asks what is so terrible that she can't say it to his face.  Julia tells him she loves him.

Tad and Aidan are in their office.  Aidan gets a gun.  Tad says he didn't think Aidan was the shoot first and ask questions later type.  Aidan names off the women David has hurt and says men like that deserve a lesson.  Tad says he'll go along with anything Aidan comes up with except this.  Di arrives and expresses condolences to Tad for the negative DNA test results.  She says she wants Kate to come home.  Tad leaves and Di asks Aidan when the happy ending arrives.  Di tells Aidan she wanted Emma to be Kate so badly and asks how she could have believed Hayward.  Aidan says he won't let Hayward get away with this.  She says she wants to hurt Hayward, but Aidan tells her to leave that to him.

Dixie asks JR what he is trying to say about Babe.  JR mumbles that he wants Babe gone.  He wants her out of the house and she can't take little Adam with her.  Adam says he's already on it and leaves.  Dixie follows him out and asks him what he's going to do.  Adam tells her that the sooner Babe is gone the better.  Dixie says people make mistakes and little Adam shouldn't suffer for this. 

Krystal brings little Adam to Babe and he shows her a toy robot.  Babe sits on the floor and plays blocks with her son.  Babe thanks Krystal for making this happen.  Krystal says she wanted to remind her that all is not lost.  She says everyone does things he/she regrets.  Babe says she deserves all that's happening and she wouldn't be surprised if her mother hates her.  Krystal says she could never hate her, especially since she's guilty of the same thing.

Julia tells Jamie that she's ready to start a family and wants just one man, while he's still young enough to want to play the field.  Jamie says he feels exactly the same way as she does.  They are on the same page and he loves her too. 

Dixie goes back into JR's room.  JR says he's sorry about Kate.  He says he heard Tad talking about Kate and how his mother needs him now.  Dixie looks out at Tad watching through the window.  She goes out to him and tells Tad that JR is back because of him. 

Krystal shuts the door and admits to Babe that she slept with Tad, and the baby she's carrying belongs to Tad.  She starts to cry.  She says no one can know that this baby is not Adam's and she will have Adam's name.  Babe says no one will hear it from her.  Adam walks in and gives Babe a court order giving him temporary custody of little Adam while JR is in the hospital.  It also requires Babe to pack up and leave.  Krystal demands Adam take it back, but Adam says it is JR's wishes.  Babe rips it up and says it will never happen.  She says she has a document signed by JR saying that she will never walk away from their son.  Adam says that document is garbage.  JR signed it under the threat of going to prison for 10 years.  Krystal says there is no way that he's going to take little Adam away from his momma. 

Tad tells Dixie that they got JR back and they're both aching for Kate.  He says there's no way he'll stop looking for her.  He suggests she go home and rest.  Dixie thanks him, kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Tad goes in to see JR.  JR asks how he and his mother are doing considering the Kate situation.  Tad says he's not doing so well but he's not throwing in the towel.  He pledges they will find her. 

Dixie goes to the hospital parking lot and runs into David, who mocks her about the touching scene with Tad.  Dixie asks if he was spying on them.  She wonders what he wants.  He says what he wants from Dixie, his former love, is just getting started.

Julia tells Jamie he's saying he loves her because he feels obligated to say it.  Jamie says he's not confused.  He's not too young.  He loves her and he has for quite some time.  He asks why it's so wrong for them to love each other.  Julia relents and they kiss.  They begin removing their clothes and lie down on the sand.

Dixie tells David that Tad told her he left.  David says he'll leave town soon enough.  He says he was disgusted by her syrupy sweet scene with Tad.  Dixie tells him he never reached her the way Tad did.  She may have been in his bed but Tad had her heart.  She asks him how sick he can be.  She tells him he's evil.  David says it's not too late for Tad to have a little girl.  He says Krystal is carrying Tad's child.

Krystal tells Adam to respect their marriage and drop this.  Adam says this is JR's call.  Krystal would do the same thing.  Krystal says if Babe goes she goes with her and so does their unborn child.  Adam says he won't let her do that.  Krystal says she'll walk out that door.  Adam says Charlotte is his baby too and she can't take her.  Krystal say she can take this baby in one second.

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