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After the social worker has taken Emma from Annie because the DNA test proved that Emma is not her daughter, Ryan and Annie are determined to find proof of the condition she has that causes DNA to say that Emma is not her daughter when she really is.

Tad and Jamie are determined to right the wrong and go to Davidís home.

At Fusion, Kendall is ready to confront Babe but Babe surprises her by informing her that she is cleaning out her desk for good.† She is signing over her shares of Fusion to Kendall.† Hearing that, Kendall asks Babe what the catch is.† Babe tells Kendall there is none.† Kendall does not believe her but Bianca informs her sister that Babe is serious.† Bianca then tells Babe that she does not have to do that.† Kendall tells Bianca that they cannot stop Babe.† Bianca tells Babe that selling her shares and leaving will not solve anything.† Kendall tells them that it will and suggests that Babe write the agreement out and they can have it finalized later.† Babe says that she will do whatever it takes to get out of town and out of their lives.† Bianca tells Babe she knows about JR, knows what happens when he feels cornered and in pain.† She also feels responsible for what happened to him.† Hearing that, Kendall tells her sister that she cannot let Babe off the hook for being easy nor let JR off the hook for being a drunk.† She cannot take responsibility for that.† Bianca tells her sister that we all make bad choices and what happened to JR was nobodyís fault and nobody should have to pay for somebody elseís sins.

Tad and Jamie go into Davidís empty home and find a computer. †On it, they see a computer presentation of David telling them that they must now know that Emma is not Kate.† He does not care.† They are all trash.† He wants them to hurt. †All of the Martins have taken his precious Leora from him.† He lives in hell every day of his life because of what they did.† He quotes Danteís literature in regard to abandoning all hope.† He tells Tad and Dixie that it is his hope that they never find their daughter.

Erin goes to talk to Jonathan about what has just happened.† He asks her where Emma has gone now.† She tells him some sort of foster home.† He then tells her that he needs to find Emma.† Hearing that, Erin knows that her brother is willing to kidnap Emma.

Annie and Ryan go to the hospital to ask Jeff if he can do some sort of testing to prove that there is this genetic condition (chimerism) that can prove that although her DNA may not match that of Emmaís, she is her mom.† She protests to Jeff that she is not lying.† Jeff agrees to run the test.† Ryan then leaves.† Jack enters.† He asks Ryan why he is there since he and the DNA test showed that Emma is not Tad and Dixieís child.† Ryan tells Jack that because of the court hearing he threw a womanís life into the shredder and now it is time to help Annie get her daughter back.† He has to get Emma back with her mom tonight.† Jack tells Ryan that DNA does not lie and since Annieís DNA does not match Emma, it is possible that there is another family out there who has lost their daughter.† He asks Ryan why he wants to keep the little girl from her real family just in order to protect Annie.† Ryan tells Jack that he knows nothing about this and has to listen.† He informs Jack that they are going to get medical proof of Annieís condition, and Jack is going to pull strings in the court to help Annie get Emma back.

Inside the room, Annie protests to Jeff that she knows she gave birth to Emma and they have to prove it.

Jack tells Ryan that he is obsessed because Jack had a problem with his brother and asks why Ryan needs Jack to help him with this.† He asks Ryan what he is supposed to do about it.† Ryan tells Jack that he can prove that he knows what he is talking about in regard to Emma being Annieís daughter.

Annie tells Jeff that she is worried that they wonít be able to get the proof that the court needs in order for her to get her daughter back.† He then tells her that she cannot worry.† He is very good at what he does but she needs to do something for him.† She then asks him what he needs her to do.†

After watching Davidís video, Tad concludes to Jamie that that SOB had been watching them and setting them up like a bunch of lab rats.† He used Tadís anger and Dixieís pain.† Tad admits that he played right into it and itís entirely his fault.† Jamie asks his father why he blames himself.† Tad tells his son that his bad judgment is the reason his daughter is gone and he has no clue when, how or if he will ever see her again.† Jamie tells his father that they will find Kate.† They will beat the truth out of Hayward.† Tad tells his son that he was a fool.† He let David dangle hope in front of his face but Kate is still gone.† Dixie is still suffering.† Madden is still dead.† He tells Jamie he did this.† Itís his fault and nobody elseís.† He did it to himself and to all of them.

Jeff finishes the test on Annie and tells her he will put a rush on the results in the lab.† She thanks him for everything.† Julia enters and tells Annie how sorry she is.† Annie says thank you but Dr. Martin is right.† Freaking out and feeling sorry for herself will not bring her daughter back any sooner.† Getting her daughter back is all that matters.† Julia informs Annie that she is the reason they took her daughter.

Jonathan tells Erin that he wants to get Emma back for Annie.† He is determined to save them.† Erin tells her brother that she is a bit concerned about his idea of taking the law into his own hands when the system failed.† He is very lucky that he did not get charged with murdering the perv who found Lily.† She does not want him getting charged with kidnapping.† He might not be so lucky this time.† Jonathan then promises his sister that he will not kidnap Emma.† He just wants to find her and make certain that she is ok.† Amanda enters after overhearing their conversation.† Erin tells Jonathan that she will find a way to locate Emma.† She leaves.† Amanda tells Jonathan that he is such a liar.† She does not believe that he wonít kidnap that little girl.† Heís going to go through with it and screw up his life.

At Davidís empty home, Jamie tells his father that he is not the one to blame here.† He did everything he did because he loves Dixie and Kate.† Hayward is the one to blame not Tad.† He tells Tad that they will find David, hunt him down, and let him experience a piece of his own hell.† Ryan enters and tells them that he would love a piece of that action.

Kendall tells Bianca that JR flew out of the window, not because of her, but because of Babe and asks why she is trying to talk Babe out of leaving.† Babe then confirms to Bianca and Kendall that the only reason she had that job is because Greenlee wanted Kendall to pay.† She thought that she could contribute and prove herself but it did not work.† She then tells Kendall and Bianca that the pain they live with never stops because of her.† They both used to be friends with JR before they met her.† Bianca assures Babe that JR had problems long before he met her.† Babe then tells them that since she cannot stop loving JR, she has to get out of there before she ruins more lives.† Kendall asks her if this is not the conversation she should have had with herself a long time ago.† Babe then tells Kendall that itís too late to change the past but she wants to make things right.† She asks Kendall if she can help her.† She tells them that she lied to herself that it was ok.† She let JR out of prison after he almost killed Kendall and maybe that was all about herself and her selfishness.† She used Josh and found an excuse to do all the things she did.† Now, if she cannot make things right, she at least wants to get out of both of their lives after all the pain she has caused them.† In response to that, Kendall tells her that is too easy and too lame.† She tells Babe she is not going to take the easy way out, this time.

Julia reveals to Annie that it was she who pulled Annieís medical file with the DNA test results from New York.† She did it in order to give Tad hope about Emma and she is so sorry.† Annie then asks Emma if she has any idea what it is like to bond with a child and have her taken from her by a stranger.† Julia tells Annie she knows what it feels like.† Annie then asks Julia how she can do it.† She then tells Julia that she has to get dressed and get out.

Amanda tells Jonathan that she knows about his need to save people at the risk of his own life.† He shot Terry McDermott in order to protect Lily.† Now heís going to get himself in big trouble in order to save Annie and Emma.† She knows what heís going to do and sheís onto him.

Ryan informs Tad and Jamie that social services came and ripped Emma from her mommyís arms.† Tad tells Ryan he is so sorry that that happened.† Ryan tells Tad he does not blame him but he is going to murder David Hayward.† Tad and Jamie tell Ryan they are with him on that but they canít find David.†

Amanda tells Jonathan that this could all go so completely wrong.† The only thing that is obvious is when the cops find him that he will own up.† The cops will want to nail him.† He then insists to her that this is not about him.† Itís about Emma.† She protests that it is about him.† He does not care about himself anymore.† He is ready to throw his life and his future down the toilet.† Jonathan tells Amanda that this is his life.† She stands in his way and tells him if he thinks he can pull this with her, he better think again.

Jamie looks for David at the hospital.

Julia cries nearby.† Jamie holds her but she tells him not to do that.

Kendall tells Babe that she bagged Zarf.† The only reason heís on board for a new campaign is because of her.† Babe then tells Kendall that she will go and talk to him.† Kendall tells Babe no.† She has to stay there and finish her job.† This is a business.† Babe tells Kendall she does not want to be part of this business and Kendall can have her shares.† Tad comes in and tells Babe he wants to talk to her alone.† They go off.† Alone with Kendall, Bianca smiles and tells her sister she loves her.† Kendall evades what Bianca is trying to tell her and tells her they have to get some work done.† Bianca tells Kendall she is kind and loving.† Sheís her ooey-gooey big sister.† She knows how much this job means to Babe.† Kendall argues that she just kept Babe there in order to shut her up and that this is all about business.† Bianca knows that there is more to it than that.

On the rooftop, Babe tells Tad that she cannot stay around after what she has done to JR, to Josh, to Jamie, and what her father has done.† He tells her that she cannot blame herself for her fatherís behaviors.† She is different than her father.† She stays around and owns up to what she does.† She has nothing to feel ashamed or guilty for.† Babe tells Tad that she really appreciates his support and she hugs him.

Amanda tells Jonathan that he cannot throw his future away.† He needs to fight for the people he cares about.† He tells her that there is a little girl who needs his help.† She then tells him if he wants to be there for Annie and Emma, he needs to be there.† He needs to be there for Ryan and Erin.† He does not have the right to throw everything away just because some bad things have happened.† He cannot miss out on the life he deserves.

Julia tells Jamie that she messed up.† She did a terrible thing to somebody.† She thought she was doing the right thing.† He tells her that he knows all about that.† So many times you screw up and believe that you are doing the right thing and he cares about her whether they are together or not.† He wishes she would let him help her.

Ryan finds Annie after Dr. Jeff has run the tests.† She tells him that Dr. Martin is doing everything he can to speed up the results but she cannot take the waiting.† He tells her that he knows all of the fun things he can do with Emma.† He makes her laugh.† Jack appears and tells them that heís done what Ryan has asked by going and finding out from the courts and social services where Emma is.† She is going to be ok and they will get her back.† Annie still worries but Ryan assures her that Emma is going to come home.† He holds her.

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