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Ryan and Annie are relieved that the DNA testing ordeal is over and Annie mentions that they should celebrate with some champagne.  Ryan tells her that it is a little early for that and suggests pancake syrup instead.  Before they can pursue that possibility, there is a knock at the door.

Josh appears at Fusion and tells Kendall and Bianca that they should prepare to be happy.  He then tells them that he is giving up on Babe forever. 

Babe is at JR’s bedside as the machines and monitors attached to him start to signal that there is trouble.  Babe continues to call his name to try to calm him and call him back to her.  The hospital staff rushes into the room and begins to frantically work on him.  They tell her and Adam that they need to get out of the room and out of the way.  Adam demands to know what Babe did to bring on this reaction from JR.  He tells Babe that he warned her that she should not be in the room because her presence could kill him. 

Ryan and Annie answer the door and a woman asks if Annie McDermott is there.  The woman identifies herself as Betty Thompson with the Department of Family Services and tells them that her office has been contacted by Judge Walsh that Annie McDermott has physical possession of a minor child known as Emma McDermott and that the child isn’t hers. 

At the hospital, Tad tells Julia that he wants to be informed as soon as David answers his page so that he can tear him apart and he can be stitched up and torn apart again.  Tad tells Julia and Jamie that the test results came back on Emma McDermott and that she is in no way related to Tad or Dixie.  Jeff rushes up to the desk and tells Julia that he needs her in the ICU room that is JR’s.  Jamie and Tad rush after her as she goes down the hall.

When they reach JR’s room, they hear Adam shouting at Babe to tell him what she did to JR to cause this crash that he has taken.  Babe inquires of Jeff if JR is going to be ok.  Adam yells that Jeff should not be in the room because his son is the reason that JR is in the condition that he is in.  Julia tells the whole group to get out of the room and tells Adam that he can’t use his cell phone in the hospital.  As they leave the room, Babe implores Jeff to save her husband. 

Josh is telling Kendall and Babe that Babe is addicted to JR and that she doesn’t want to be saved so he is going to stop trying to save her.  Kendall congratulates him on being smart enough to see that he is better off without Babe.  Bianca, on the other hand, is not quite convinced that Josh is truly over Babe nor does he want to be.   Kendall tells them that it would be best if they could send Babe to the other side of the world so that Josh didn’t have to see her and that Bianca can make that happen.

David is in Dixie’s room and is picking through the presents that Dixie has saved for Kate.  She asks him why he made her so miserable.  He tells her that he did this for them because he wanted them to be a family together.  She tells him that he knew that Emma wasn’t Kate and he still faked the test.  He asks her if she has a crushing feeling in her chest, and if she wants to spend all of her time in bed because she feels so miserable.  When she tells him that she does feel that way, he tells her that he knows how that feels because she made him feel that way.

Ryan and Annie try to explain to the Family Services woman that the judge ruled in Annie’s favor and that subsequent DNA testing proves that Tad and Dixie have no genetic connection to her.  She tells them that a previous test indicated that she had no genetic link to Emma either.  They tell her that they suspect that Annie has the chimera connection to Emma.  Ms. Thompson tells them that Annie took a child from New York to Pennsylvania that was not legally only hers.  She tells them that there are tens of thousands of children who are taken in this fashion and she needs to be sure that Emma isn’t one of them.  Ms. Thompson again asks where Emma is and Annie refuses to tell her.  They continue to argue about whether Annie should relinquish Emma. 

Dixie tells David that they had no sort of relationship and that she never promised him anything.  David argues that she needed him to find Kate and so she used him.  He tells her that she wanted Kate so he used that to get her involved with him.  She says that she could never love anyone who would use a child in that manner.  He tells her that she killed his dream of them being together so he wanted to see her suffer.  He asks her if he caused her enough pain by doing what he did. 

Jeff and Julia continue to try to get JR stabilized.  Jeff orders tests and more blood. 

Outside JR’s room, Adam, Tad, Jamie, Amanda, and Babe are all eager for some information about JR’s condition.  Julia comes out and tells them that JR is not responding to the treatment and that his blood pressure is fluctuating dangerously.  Adam tells her that they need to fix that and asks if that is beyond Jeff’s abilities.  She tells him that Jeff is doing all of the accepted protocols to fix the situation.  Adam says that Jeff is trying to finish the job that his son started.  Babe tells Adam that Josh saved JR’s life by performing surgery to stop the bleeding before he even got to the hospital.  Adam refuses to believe that Josh did anything to benefit JR.  Tad and Jamie tell Adam that everything is being done to save JR.  Adam asks Tad when he decided that JR was less important than his nephew.  Tad tells Adam that JR has to pull through because he doesn’t think that Dixie could stand to lose another child. 

Dixie and David continue to argue.  Dixie asks David why he dragged Tad and Jamie into this whole situation if he just wanted her to feel his pain.  He tells her that Tad is a Martin through and through and that he and his father colluded to kill David’s daughter Leora.  Dixie cries that Leora was sick and that the surgery was a chance to save her.  David says that they rushed into the surgery and didn’t give her a chance to get stronger as they should have.  Then he starts to belittle Jamie.  Finally, he tells her what a waste of life JR is.  He tells her that the only good thing that he ever did was to throw himself out of the window and if he had died, Babe would have been much better off and the whole world would be a better place.  Dixie launches herself at him and tries to choke him telling him that she will “kill him.”  He tells her that it is too late for that because he is already dead. 

Jeff and Julia continue to stabilize JR while Tad phones Dixie to tell her to get to the hospital as quickly as she can because something happened to JR and it looks serious. 

Babe tells Amanda that she should have taken Jamie’s advice and left JR’s room because he wouldn’t want hers to be the first face that he saw when he opened his eyes. 

Kendall tells Josh and Bianca that the two of them can go back to Paris and run the Cambias offices there.  She tells them that Paris is a great place for Josh to find a new woman.  Bianca tells them that if she believed for one minute that Josh was over Babe, she would jump at the chance to have Josh join her in Paris.  Then she tells Josh that they need to talk…upstairs. 

Tad goes into JR’s room and Jeff tells him to leave because there is nothing that he can do to help.  Tad tells him that JR needs to hear what he has to say.  He bends close to JR’s ear and tells him that he needs to pull through because his mother needs him more than ever.  He tells JR that they just found out that Emma wasn’t Kate. 

Ryan and Annie finish their discussion of chimeras with Ms. Thompson and she tells them that she will write up a report for her supervisor as soon as they have proof that Annie does indeed have this condition.  Until then, Emma will be in her custody and not Annie’s. 

Dixie tells David that he is miserable and alone and feels that he needs to ruin everyone’s happiness.  He tells her that she might want to get to the hospital because he got a page from a nurse who thought he might be interested to know that JR had taken a turn for the worse and might not make it through the day.  Dixie calls him a liar but he tells her to call the hospital for herself.  She calls the hospital and is put on hold when she calls for information.  Frustrated, she hangs up the phone and rushes out the door to get to the hospital.

Tad is with JR and he continues to tell him to hold on because Dixie needs him.  Jeff tries to remove Tad from the room but suddenly, the monitors slow down and JR starts to show signs of improvement.  He is getting better.  Tad thanks him and tells him that he knew that he loved his mother enough to do the right thing for her.

Kendall tells the staff at Fusion that she is going to reduce Babe’s workload and is taking one of her campaigns away from her. 

Josh tells Bianca that Babe made her choice and everyone is happy.  She tells him that Babe knows that the father of her child might die at any moment and that she feels guilty about that.  Josh tells her that it is more than guilt that is keeping Babe with JR; that she loves him.  Bianca tells Josh that he is just like their mother and Kendall.  He tells her that that is better than being like her.  He tells her that anyone who ever cheated on Erica or Kendall knew exactly where they stood but Bianca let Maggie walk all over her and told her that she would be waiting whenever she was ready to come back to her.  She tells him that it is obvious that he doesn’t need her advice and starts to walk away.  He asks her not to go and tells her that she is the only one that makes any sense. 

Jeff comes out into the hall to tell the family that JR is doing much better.  Adam insists that Babe be banned from the hospital because she is the one who caused JR to get sicker.  Tad tells Adam that what he wants doesn’t make any difference.  Palmer walks up to the group and says that as a board member he can make decisions about who is in the hospital.  Jamie tells Babe that she needs to leave.  Amanda tells her to stay.  Palmer insists that he needs to protect the best interest of the patients.  Jeff tells her that if she is causing JR distress, she should consider staying away from the hospital.  He goes on to say that what JR really needs is peace and quiet and that until further notice, only his father and mother can visit his room. 

Ryan and Annie continue to fight with Ms. Thompson.  She insists that until the proof of the chimera condition is available, Emma will be in foster care.  While they argue, Emma and Erin return from the Miranda Center.  Emma has a picture for Annie that she drew.  Erin wonders why there is a policeman in the hall.  Annie asks Emma if she wants to go on a sleepover.

Bianca tells Josh that she feels guilty about JR jumping out of the window and wants him to understand that if she feels guilty, surely Babe feels guilty, too.  Josh seems unconcerned.  Bianca tells him that she saw his face when Kendall was ranting about Babe and she knows that he still loves her.  She tells him that Babe has a lot to sort out right now and that it really isn’t over until he makes it over. 

Simone and Dani tell Kendall that she cannot fire Babe because she has stock in Fusion.  Besides, they know that Babe is doing a good job.  Kendall tells them that this is business…family business and she will handle Babe.

Dixie arrives at the hospital and Tad tells her that JR is going to be fine.  She asks if she can see him and goes into his room.  Julia tells her that she will leave her alone with her son and if she needs anything to let her know.  Dixie clasps JR’s hand tells him how much she loves him.

Emma starts to cry and wants Annie to go along with her.  Ryan tries to tell her that she will have a good time.  Ms. Thompson tells her about the kids that she will be staying with.  Emma continues to cry and hug Annie very close as though she won’t let her go.  They finally get her out the door but Annie is devastated, too.  Emma cries and calls to her mommy and doesn’t want to leave her. 

Dixie sings “You Are My Sunshine” to JR.  We hear her sing as we see Tad and Jamie break down the door to David’s cabin to find it completely emptied.  We hear Dixie’s voice as the policeman and Ms. Thompson take Emma away. 

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