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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Annie and Ryan are happy that it has finally been proven that Emma is not Kate and Tad and Dixie will back off.  They are on the deck outside his house.  It looks like they are ready to kiss.  There’s a knock on the door and it’s a social worker asking to talk to Annie McDermott.  Annie asks her why she is there.  She informs them that her office was contacted by the judge (the one who ruled in Annie’s favor) in regard to the child known as Emma McDermott.  Annie informs the social worker that the judge ruled in her favor and her child is not “known as” Emma McDermott.  That’s her name.  She’s Annie’s daughter.  The social worker tells them that she has to take immediate action because Mrs. McDermott has physical custody of a child who is not hers.

Tad goes to the hospital and informs Julia and Jamie that David Hayward falsified the test that proved that Emma is Kate.  He knew, all along, that it was false and got Dixie’s hopes up for nothing and almost took an innocent little girl from her rightful mom.  Jamie then tells his father that when he sees Hayward again, he wants a piece of him.  Jeff finds Julia and tells her there is an emergency.  JR is going into cardiac arrest.  Julia and the medical team all rush to attempt to save JR.  Babe is very upset and demands that they save her husband.  They tell her she needs to get out of there.  She is the reason he had his setback.  Adam demands that she get away from his son.

At the Fusion office, Josh tells Kendall and Bianca that he cannot save anybody who does not want to be saved.  Babe is just as unhealthily addicted to JR as he is to booze.  She chooses to be with violent alcoholic and he’s washing his hands of her.  Kendall then concludes to her brother that she is very relieved that he has finally gotten over Babe.  Bianca does not exactly feel that way, however.  Kendall tells her sister that if there is some way to send Babe to the other end of the world, Bianca can make it happen.  She can make that little blond sleaze ball go away forever.

Hearing David confirming that Emma is not Kate, Dixie is distraught.  He tells her that the crushing sensation in her chest that is making talking, even breathing impossible, making sleep impossible, and making her want to stay in bed forever is as close to nothingness as she’s going to get.  He tells her that he has felt that way because of her.

Annie and Ryan inform the social worker that the DNA test proved that Tad and Dixie have no genetic connection to Emma.  The social worker tells them that she also happens to know that Annie has no genetic connection to her.  It is her duty to protect children from situations and people like her.  She tells Annie that she knows that she illegally moved Emma from New York to Pennsylvania.  There are tons of children who are kidnapped and taken across state lines against the law and she needs to assume that Emma is one of them.  Annie demands that the woman get out.  Ryan tells her they will drop by her office tomorrow.  The social worker tells them that that is not an option.  She has a ruling by Judge Walsh.  Ryan tells her that makes no sense and asks why Judge Walsh would have done that.  Ryan tells her that they do not have all the facts.  Annie tells her she can go to hell.  She tells Annie that she is making this very difficult.  Ryan then calmly asks the social worker to listen to what they have to say.

David tells Dixie that she made herself clear.  She only wanted to make him think that she could love him so that she could use and manipulate him.  Then she threw him away.  She protests that she did not promise him anything.  He tells her that she used him to get Kate so he used Kate to get to her.  She then tells him that he used an innocent child.  He used a four-year-old girl as a weapon.  She tells him she does not believe she could ever love anybody who could do that.  He then asks her if the pain she felt would be enough and if she could feel as hopeless, as inept, or as annihilated as he did.  He asks her if she finally understands what she did to him.

At the hospital, Julia then comes and informs the people waiting for JR that he is not responding to treatment.  Babe tells Julia that she won’t let JR die.  Adam tells Babe that she and Josh started this and now Josh’s father is “finishing the job.”  Babe protests to Adam that Josh saved JR’s life.  He may ask Bianca because she was there.  Jamie then concludes that he will help them save JR.  Adam is worried that his son will stroke out.  Tad tells Adam that his brother is doing everything he can in order to save JR so maybe Adam needs to keep his opinions to himself.  Adam then asks Tad when it was that he went to “their side” and made JR less important than his brother and that science project he calls a son.  Tad tells Adam that JR is very important to him and he knows what it will do to Dixie if she loses another child.

Dixie tells David that his pain is even less real to her now because she does not believe that he can feel anything after what he has done to her.  She tells him that she must have been crazy to believe that he was worth anything or to sleep with him.  He is less than human.  He then tells Dixie that now she is finding out what it is like to have the life sucked out of you.  He tells her that Tad and all of the Martins believe that they are God.  Tad colluded with his father to kill his daughter.  Dixie tells David that she knows that Leora was terribly sick and they saved her.  Davie tells her that they rushed his daughter into surgery and she had no chance.  He tells her that Jamie is no better than JR.  They both passed Babe around like a piece of trash.  JR is a loser who soaks himself in booze and it’s a real bummer that he did not end his life when he went out the window.  The world would be a better place without him.  Dixie physically attacks David.  He asks her if she intends to hurt him.  He tells her that he is beyond hurt.

At the hospital, Amanda finds Babe and tells her that she knows that something is going on.  Babe informs her that Jamie warned her.  He told her she should go away.  He said she cannot be the first person JR sees when he opens his eyes.

Kendall tells Josh that she bets that he would really prosper in Paris.  Bianca can help him get started in business and he’ll be rid of Babe. 

At the hospital, Tad tells an unconscious JR that they now know that Emma is not Kate.

At Ryan’s, he and Annie inform the social worker that they have discovered a medical condition that some people have that can cause DNA to prove that somebody is not the child of somebody when they are.  She tells them when they can get medical proof of that she will talk to them.  However, until it can be proven, she is bound by her office to take legal action.

David tells Dixie she needs to prepare herself for some more pain.  She then tells him the reason he is alone is because he drives everybody away and Tad’s family did not kill Leora.  She had a life-threatening condition.  He then informs her that JR is in critical condition and might not make it through the day.  If she does not believe him, she can call to confirm.  Tad is trying and failing to get hold of Dixie.  Dixie tries to get through to the hospital but is put on hold and so she goes out the door to be with JR.

Tad and Jeff are standing by JR and are very worried.  Julia discovers that he may be coming out of it and will be ok.  Tad then tells his stepson that he knows he is going to come back because his mother loves him so much and because he loves her so much.

Babe tells Adam he better leave her alone and not blame her for what happened to JR.  He tells her that as soon as JR opened his eyes, saw her face, and heard her voice, he took a turn for the worst.

At Fusion, Kendall talks to Simone and Danielle about how Babe should get the boot because she makes terribly bad judgments about too many things.

Bianca takes Josh up to the roof to talk privately.  She tells him that Babe is only staying by JR’s side because she feels guilty.  He tells her that he is done with Babe.  She chose JR and she may have him.  He then tells her that he knows that Kendall and Erica do not let anybody get away with betraying them.  He is like them.  Bianca is the only person who tolerates being cheated on.  He makes a comment about how she stays around and waits for somebody who’s walked all over her to come back to her.  Bianca turns around and walks away.  She tells Josh he obviously does not want or need her advice.  He then apologizes, asks her to wait, and tells her that he needs her help because she might be the only person in this family who is sensible.

Palmer Cortlandt tells Babe that she has to get out of that hospital.  Amanda protests that Babe has the right to be there.  Palmer tells them that he is in charge of the hospital board and must protect all patients from danger.  Tad protests that he cannot do that.  Jeff concludes that he has to make a decision in the best interest of JR so until JR is better, the only visitors he can have are his father and his mother.

Ryan asks the social worker what is going on.  The social worker reminds them that Mrs. McDermott is a flight risk and so she cannot be trusted to keep Emma with her.  Emma walks in with Erin.  Emma rushes to her mommy and shows her a drawing.  Erin asks what is with the “big cop” standing in the hall.  The social worker then tells them they must please make this easy on the child.  They have no choice in the matter.  Emma is ready to fall asleep.  Annie then asks her daughter if she wants to have a sleep over.

Bianca tells Josh that JR was out of his mind.  He has not known JR very long.  Josh concludes that he’s known JR long enough.  Bianca tells Josh that she was there.  She saw how devastated JR was.  She saw him fling himself out the window and it made her feel guilty.  He asks her if her guilt was because he did not push her out the window instead.  She tells him that JR used to be her friend.  He’s had a lot of pain in his life and a terrible problem with alcohol.  He asks her if he should care.  She admits that maybe he should not.  She realizes that if she can have these feelings for JR, he must realize that Babe would also.  She suggest that maybe the reason he would fall in love with Babe, in the first place, is because she is not the kind of person who would abandon the person she loves when they are in trouble or refuse to forgive them.  She tells Josh that he must realize how difficult this is for Babe.  She has a lot to sort out.  Bianca tells Josh that he should ask himself if his love for Babe is more important than his pride.  Maybe he needs to give her some time and realize that it’s not over unless he wants it to be.

Kendall is able to convince her co-workers that Babe has made her moves on Josh when he was in a terribly vulnerable state of mind.  First he found out who his real parents are and how he was conceived.  Then, JR has been jerking him around.  Babe had to interfere in it.  Simone tells Kendall that she might regret it if she fires Babe just because she is with Josh.  Danielle agrees that they cannot fault Babe for wanting Josh.  Kendall tells them both that they do not have all the facts.  She tells them that this is business…family business.

Dixie rushes to the hospital to see JR.  He is still unconscious.  She tells him that she should be so mad at him because he scared her so much but she cannot.  She loves him too much.  She loves him with her whole heart.

Erin tells the social worker that this is wrong.  She knows people at social services.  Annie then gets Emma ready to go off.  She acts happy but she is crying.  The social worker acts happy about all of the children whom Emma will live with in her new temporary foster home.  Ryan tells Emma he bets there are lots of crayons and fun things to do.  Erin tells the social worker that this is just plain wrong.  Emma tells her mommy that she wants her to come with her.  Annie tells her daughter that only big girls can go to this place and mommies are not allowed.  Ryan assures Emma that he will take good care of her mommy while she is away but Emma does not want to leave her mommy.  She hugs her and tells her she loves her.

We see Josh alone on the roof, mulling over what he’s going to do next.

Babe returns and faces Kendall.  They stare coldly and silently at one another.

Tad and Jamie go to David’s home ready to confront him.

Dixie sits by JR’s bed holding his hand and she sings: “You Are My Sunshine”.

As she sings, we see Emma crying and clinging to her mommy.  The authorities come and take her away and Annie is crying hysterically.  Ryan and Erin are outraged at what has happened.  Ryan holds Annie.

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