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All My Children Update Tuesday 11/14/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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Amanda confronts Josh at the park, believing that he must have caused JRís injury because heíd stop at nothing in order to have Babe.† He asks her why sheís so concerned about JR.† She tells him that sheís concerned about him because Babe is her friend and she is hurting.† She tells Josh she knows that he will stop at nothing in order to get what he wants.† He then informs her that JR went to his hotel room to find him (Josh) and Babe.† While alone in the room, he helped himself to all of Joshís alcohol, got trashed, and threw himself out the 4th floor window.† Hearing that, Amanda is worried that JR started drinking.† He also informs her that he should have let him die but he foolishly saved JRís life.† Hearing that, Amanda asks where JR is now.† Josh informs her that heís in the hospital with Babe by his side playing the adoring wife and JR does not deserve it.

Colby and Jamie are watching over JR in his hospital room.† Colby is upset and blames herself for JRís present condition.† She tells Jamie if only she had kept her mouth shut and not told JR about Babe and Josh he would not be in that room.

In another room, Adam and Krystal are debating about how responsible Babe is for what happened to JR.† She tells him that nobody made JR drink except himself.† Adam tells Krystal that may be true but Babeís betrayal pushed JR off the edge.† He tells her that while his son is recuperating, he wants them all to heal as a family.† He tells her that he will reach out to Babe in order to help her to get back with JR.† Krystal looks emotional and asks her husband if he really means that.† He tells her yes because they are Chandlers.† She hugs him.

When Jamie sees Babe, he tells her that she has to get out of there.† When JR wakes up, her face is the last thing he will want to see.† She tells him that he does not know what really happened.† He tells her that he knows that she slept with Josh, JR found out, and he started drinking again.† Then he took a nosedive out of the window after what she did.† Colby then tells Babe that she did this.† Her brother is in that room dependent on tubes to keep him alive.† She (Babe) should be in that room instead of JR.† Babe then tells Colby she must stop but Jamie tells Babe that she must stop.† She better leave his brother alone.† Adam enters and demands that Jamie lay off of Babe.

At Ryanís, Dixie and Tad ask Ryan and Annie how long it will take the lab results to come back to confirm Emmaís DNA.† Tad then reminds Annie that Dixie made a promise not to take Emma away from her even if it turns out that she is Dixieís daughter.† In response to that, Annie tells him that Emma is her (Annieís) daughter.† Tad tells Annie he realizes that she is the only mother Emma has known and all that but he tells her that although Dixie promised not to take Emma, he believes that he and Dixie should have some sort of visitation rights.† Annie protests that they lied to her when they told her that they would not seek custody if she agreed to the test.† They tell her that they will not seek custody but Tad protests that if she is his child, he wants to have some sort of role in her life.† Annie tells him she does not buy that.† He wants full custody.† Ryan reminds Tad that he cannot assume that Emma is his daughter.† Tad then tells Annie that Greg Madden has played many games and lied to many people and she, herself, admitted that she did not have Emmaís DNA.† In response to that, Ryan informs them that even if Emma does not have Annieís DNA, she could still be her daughter.† He then tells them that there is such thing as chimerism.† A child could be the offspring of a mother even if the DNA test proves otherwise.† This can happen when twins are fertilized and one embryo absorbs the other one and the resulting DNA has more than one source.

At the hospital, Colby is frantic about JRís condition.† She asks her father if her brother is going to be a vegetable.† She blames Babe for everything and tells Adam he must run Babe out of his home.† Adam asks his hysterical daughter to leave so that he can talk to Babe.† Colby asks her father if he realizes what trash Babe is.† Adam tells Colby she needs to calm down and stop talking that way to her sister-in-law.† Jamie tells Adam that Colby is right.† Adam tells Jamie he better not trash Babe.† Jamie angrily asks Adam how he could defend this woman for what she did to his son.† Adam demands that Colby and Jamie leave so that he can talk to Babe alone.† Jamie and Colby leave Adam and Babe alone.† Babe asks her father-in-law why he is acting nice to her since he hates her.† He tells her that he believes that she is his sonís only hope.† Babe reminds her father-in-law that only hours ago, he was fighting to get her out of JRís and little Aís life and, suddenly, he tells her that she is his only hope.† Adam admits to his daughter-in-law that he was so upset that he lashed out at the easiest target and that was she, but Krystal turned him around.† She convinced him to see Babeís side of this and to realize that she loves JR and that she made a horrible mistake and regrets it.† Babe confirms to her father-in-law that that is true.† She loves JR and wants to make it work with him.† Adam tells Babe that his son is in that room broken because he loves her.† He believes that Babe is sorry and he knows that they both want him back.† Babe cries and tells Adam that that is true.† Adam tells Babe that she can help JR.† She wonít like it but itís necessary if she wants JR to heal.† Babe nods her head and is ready to listen to what Adam is about to tell her.

Krystal and Colby return home.† Krystal tells her stepdaughter that she must eat something.† She notices that Colby did not say a word on the ride home.† Colby asks Krystal what she was supposed to say.† She does not believe that either Krystal or Babe care about JR.† All they want is Adamís money.† Krystal then asks her stepdaughter if she really feels better when she takes out her anger on them.† Colby then admits to her stepmother that she blames herself for what happened to JR.† He almost died because of her.

Josh tells Amanda that he saved JRís life.† He admits that he did it not because he wanted to be noble but because he wanted to have Babe.† Amanda asks Josh if he has now given up.† Josh tells Amanda that itís hard to compete with a guy who is intensive care.† JR is pretty messed up even if he recovers.† Jamie appears and tells Amanda that she can leave Josh to him.† She leaves and Jamie confronts Josh.

At the hospital, Adam courteously tells Babe that JR will need all of the time and support that he can get.† He tells her that what JR will need when he is recovering is distance.† He then asks her if she would be willing to give him that by leaving Pine Valley.† She looks at him very surprised and baffled.

Dixie tells Ryan and Annie that if the results are negative, then they will stop and no longer bother her or her daughter again.† Annie asks Dixie how she can believe her.† Neither Dixie nor Tad has an answer for her.† There is a knock on the door.† They are handed an envelope.† Dixie takes it and gives it to Tad to open.† He opens it.† They look at each other and confirm that it came back negative and that Emma is not their daughter.

After Jamie finds Josh at the park, Josh tells Jamie to bring it on.† He tells Jamie to tell him that his sick, drunken brother is a hero and that Josh is a terrible person.† Jamie tells Josh that his brotherís marriage was working and then Josh slept with JRís wife.† Josh reminds Jamie that JR tried to kill Babe.† He also informs Jamie that he knows that Jamie once ran off with Babe, helped her kidnap little A, and it got real ugly.† Josh asks Jamie if he ever considered tossing JR out of a window.

Krystal asks Colby why she feels responsible for JRís accident.† Colby tells Krystal that she told JR about Babe and Josh.† She expected JR to divorce Babe but did not expect him to go out a window and almost die.† Krystal tells her stepdaughter that things donít always work out the way we want and she asks Colby how it is that she wants to run Babe out of JRís life.† Colby tells Krystal that she believes that her (Krystalís) daughter is going to ruin her (Colbyís) brotherís life.† In response to that, Krystal asks Colby why she has to keep stirring up trouble in order to get attention from JR and from Adam.† Colby then cries and tells her stepmother she does not want to stir up trouble.† She only wants her daddy to love her.† That is all.† Hearing that, Krystal hugs her stepdaughter.

Adam tells Babe that he will pay for any place she wants to live.† She asks her father-in-law why he wants to do that.† Courteously, Adam tells Babe that when she cheated on his son, JR.0 lost it and almost killed himself.† Throughout their relationship, JR has become an alcoholic and gotten completely messed up.† Babe asks her stepfather why he wants her to go away.† He tells her that it is not permanent.† She just needs to go away temporarily because JR needs time for his recovery and sobriety.† He needs time to heal.† Babe then asks her father-in-law how JR will be able to recover without his son, obviously assuming that thatís what would happen, since JR signed custody over to her.† Adam informs her that if she and JR separate, then she will have to give up her son and let JR have him.

Dixie looks at the DNA results and confirms that Emma is not Kate.† Tad tells his ex-wife that he is so sorry.† They are not going to give up on finding Kate.† Annie then tells them that she hopes they can find their little girl.† Dixie gets up to leave.† Tad thanks both Annie and Ryan for helping them to find the truth.† Ryan tells Tad that he is sorry for what has happened.† Annie goes outside, upset, and Ryan consoles her.† Outside, the house, Tad tells Dixie that they can find out what to do together.† She tells him thank you but she believes she needs to be alone.† Her son is in the hospital and she needs to pull herself together because he needs her.

Jamie tells Josh that although Babe and JR had problems, she has only loved him.† Josh tells Jamie that he happens to know that Jamie dumped Babe just because she did something outside of the rules.† He asks Jamie how he can just throw her away and believe that.

At the hospital, Amanda finds Adam while heís talking to Babe and tells him she knows that he is plotting a plan to hurt Babe and take her son from her.† Adam tells Amanda that he is having a private conversation and itís none of her business.† Babe tells Adam that sheís not going to leave her son or this town.† She leaves.† Adam tells Amanda that she is a whack job just like her mother.† She only wants to stir up trouble.† Amanda tells Adam that his son is the whack job.† She knows what both he and JR are capable of.† She is onto them.† She tells Adam that she wishes that Babe did not have that big a heart.† She wishes that Babe would have the courage to yank the plug on that maniac, JR.

In JRís room, JR talks to her unconscious husband.† She tells him she is there.† It looks like heís going to open his eyes.

Annie asks Ryan if itís really over.† He tells her it is.† She hugs him and thanks him.† They look at each other as though they are tempted to take it a step further.

Believing that David Hayward falsified the DNA results that Emma is Kate, Tad rushes to the hospital and asks the nurses if they have seen Dr. Hayward.† A nurse asks him if itís an emergency.† Tad tells her yes.† Heís going to kill David.

Alone, Dixie looks at all of the gift-wrapped presents that she intended to give to Kate for each of the birthdays she would have had.† Dixie is distraught.† David comes to see her.

Colby tells Krystal that when she ran away, she kept hoping that she would wake up in her own bed just like in the wizard of oz.† She imagined her daddy and JR standing and looking at her when she awakened.† She missed her dad and brother so much, she says.† She cries.† She tells Krystal that she is worried that they were no longer in her life because they stopped loving her.† Krystal then holds her stepdaughter, cradles her in her arms, and tells her that they have never stopped loving her.† They love her very much, she tells Colby.

Babe notices JR opening his eyes and moving his head.† She cries and tells her husband that she will be there for him.

Josh tells Jamie that JR tried to kill Babe, almost killed Kendall and her baby, and could have killed Bianca a few years ago.† Jamie is not bothered by this and refuses to believe that JR is trash.† Jamie confronts Josh and tells him that his brother is fighting to get his life back on track.† Babe only loves JR and Josh needs to realize that.

In JRís room, the monitors are making noises and it looks as if JR is going into cardiac arrest.† Babe screams for the medical team to do something.† They rush in.† Adam comes in and demands to know what Babe has done to his son.

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