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Tad daydreams that JR is a little boy and crashes into some glass. He comes back to reality and is at the hospital waiting with other family members and friends of JR for news about his condition. Tad tells Di that whatever JR has done he doesn't deserve to die.

Kendall and Bianca also are at the hospital, and Bianca is down on herself for running away from Maggie. She tells Kendall that Kane women do not run away. Kendall says there's nothing wrong with turning to family. Bianca says by running she might have guaranteed her relationship with Maggie is over. Kendall reminds Bianca that Maggie lied and tells her to forget about her. Bianca says she'll forget about Maggie when Kendall forgets about Zach. Kendall says Josh used the same line on her. She tells Bianca the right person will come along. Bianca says Maggie is the right person and she is in love with her. She says when you love someone you'll forgive the unforgivable.

Jack follows Erica down a hospital hallway and accuses her of running away from him. Erica says she's not running away, she just refuses to listen to him spew innuendoes about her and Jeff Martin. She asks Jack when he got so suspicious. Jack asks if it's merely coincidence that when Erica moved into the Valley Inn, she got a room right next door to Jeff Martin's room. She says it is a coincidence. Jack tells her she tended to the scratch on Jeff's head like it was a skull fracture. He says he sees how Jeff looks at her. Erica says if Jeff has feelings for her she can't do anything about that. Jack tells Erica that he wants her back. He asks her if she's coming back home or not. Erica says that sounds like an ultimatum. She says she's seeing him in a whole new light. He's the kind of husband who wants to control her every move. She says their problems began when he became obsessed with Jonathan Lavery and could not be bothered with anything else. Jack says she shut him out when she found out she was Josh's mother and lied to his face.

Julia tells Jamie that he's confused because of JR. Jamie maintains he's not confused. He tells Julia he cares about her and wants her back. He says he tried to convince himself their relationship wasn't serious but he was wrong. David is listening nearby. Jamie tells Julia he wants her back in his life. Julia says it won't work. Jamie asks if it is because she doesn't feel the same way.

Krystal walks in on Adam in a hospital room as he's on the phone to his attorney. She asks if he's stirring up trouble for Babe. Krystal says Babe loves JR. Adam says Babe shattered JR's heart and his body too. Krystal begs him not to go after Babe. Adam says he's afraid his son is going to die. She tells him he cannot hurt Babe. Adam says he needs to check on JR and walks out of the room. David walks in with a smirk on his face. He tells Krystal to congratulate him on his good work. He says JR will never take Babe back now and Krystal has to make sure that their daughter realizes this. He says it will be up to her to pick up the pieces. He urges Krystal to get Babe and her son out of Chandler mansion. Krystal says he's the one who needs to get out fast out of their lives for good. David says he's the best thing that's happened to Babe. She will be grateful to him and know he acted out of love.

Still at the hospital, Babe tells Josh that she hates him. Josh says she can hate him all she wants but he's not leaving her. Babe tells him she wants him gone. Josh says whatever happened to JR was of his own doing. Babe says she pushed JR to it. Josh mentions being with JR after the crash through the window. Babe asks him what he did when he saw JR unconscious. She asks if he worked the fall to his own advantage. Josh asks if she honestly thinks he would fix it so JR would die. Babe says she doesn't know what he did but he had JR's blood all over him. Bianca walks in and tells Babe she has it all wrong. She says Josh performed emergency surgery on JR before the paramedics arrived and saved JR's life.

Dixie tells Di that she thought this might be the best day of her life if the DNA test results turn out as she wants them too. Instead she could be losing both her children.

Jeff tells Tad that had JR found Josh his son would be dead. He says he won't let Tad's son destroy his. He tells Tad that his son is lost and he needs to find him. He needs to make sure JR knows how much Tad loves him. Tad tells Jeff that Josh is a lucky man to have him for a father. Brooke walks into the hospital and asks Tad if he has any news about JR. Tad says he does not.

Kendall tells Tad that she can't imagine the pain he must feel but part of her says he deserves it for what he did to her. He looked her straight in the eye and lied about Zach burying Greg Madden. She says she had no idea what he was capable of. Tad says neither did he. Kendall says she thought he was her friend. He says he is her friend, and for what it's worth, he hated lying to her and hated everything he had to do.

Erica asks Jack if he wants to give her a curfew or a monitoring device. Brooke approaches them and Erica accuses her of being after Jack. Jack says that's enough and walks away. Brooke asks Erica if she's feeling insecure. She says if she and Jack are having problems it's obvious who is to blame. She says she heard Erica's screeching down the hall and thought she was torturing a small animal. Erica accuses Brook of swooping down like a buzzard and pecking at her leftovers. Erica leaves and Jack returns. Brooke tells him that she's a friend and is here if he needs her. She also admits that Erica is right about something. She is attracted to the man she's involved with. Jack asks if she's referring to Jeff Martin and she giggles and says no.

Julia reminds Jamie she's older than he. They're in different places and are not in synch. Jamie says they should see if they can get in synch. He asks her to say that she doesn't feel the same way. Julia's beeper goes off and she leaves.

Babe is surprised to realize that Josh actually saved JR. She gives him a half smile. Di comes into the lounge and tells Josh, Babe, and Bianca that there's news on JR. The doctor tells those gathered that JR came out of surgery but there's still a long road ahead. He has multiple fractures, the worst being his pelvis, but the worst is over and he's stable. Dixie asks to see her son, but the doctor says it's too soon for visitors. Krystal hugs Adam. Kendall approaches Adam and says she's giving him a one-time free pass for going after her brother but warns him to stay away from him. Tad tells Dixie that they need to help JR after his physical injuries heal. He thinks JR might need a long-term rehabilitation center. Dixie doesn't like the idea of sending JR away and says they don't have to decide now. David approaches Dixie and says he just heard the news. He says he's sure things will work out like Dixie wants. He says he's done everything in his power to resolve the problems between the two of them. He knows she'll find the happiness she deserves.

Babe thanks Josh for saving JR's life. Josh says he knew how Babe would feel if he died. He tells her she has no more obligations to him. JR will get the help that he needs. He urges her to take her son and leave the house.

Julia nervously drops some charts. David approaches and says he knows she's thinking about getting together with Jamie Martin again. Julia says she doesn't need his permission or his advice. David asks her to remember that he warned her heartache waits.

Dixie walks into JR's room and a nurse tells her she can only say for two minutes.

Erica goes back to her room at the Village Inn and Jeff is going into his room at the same time. Erica invites him in for some tea. Inside her room, Erica admits that she wanted Jeff to kiss her. He says he knows. She says she's having a difficult time in her marriage but that doesn't mean she wants to have an affair. She says she hasn't figured out where she fits in this family and marriage and has a lot of things to figure out but she loves her husband and will fight for her marriage. Jeff thanks her for the tea and leaves.

Jamie approaches Julia and says he's not leaving until she gives him an answer. Julia says it's not going to happen and she's sorry.

Krystal tells Adam she doesn't want to fight. She loves him but she won't let him hurt Babe. She pleads with him that this not come between them.

Babe goes into JR's room and sits by him. Josh peaks in and sees Babe there. Kendall and Bianca watch Josh, who promptly walks away.

Tad gets a call. He tells Dixie they have to leave. The DNA test results are in.

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