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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Babe is sitting alone at the hospital waiting for news on the injured JR.  Adam is nearby on his cell phone, demanding that the hospital board find out whether his son is going to live.  Jack wanders in to the ER waiting room and spots Bianca.  She tells him what happened.  She says she and her mother were with JR when he threw himself out the window.  Jack asks Bianca where her mother is now.

Erica is with Jeff, who says he had to see her to make sure she was OK.  Erica tells him she needs to find Josh and walks out.

Bianca tells Jack that she saw how angry JR was.  She should have left the room and gotten help for him, but instead she provoked him.  Jack tells her she's not responsible for what happened to JR.  He did this to himself. 

Krystal arrives at the hospital and goes to Babe, telling her to forget whatever she is thinking.  She goes to Adam and hugs him.  Adam tells Krystal that her daughter has destroyed his son.

Kendall is at home when Josh arrives wearing the bloody t-shirt.  He tells her JR might be dead.  Kendall says he needs to get cleaned up and get out of the country before anyone knows.  Josh asks if she thinks he killed JR.  He says if he had killed JR she would be the first to know.  He tells Kendall that JR dove out a window after Bianca and Erica wouldn't let him leave his room.

Erica arrives in Josh's room and finds the place a mess, with broken glass all over the floor.  Jeff enters soon after and tells Erica she is running from him and trying to pretend nothing happened.  He asks her if going back to Jack will make her happy.  She asks him if he's suggesting they have a cheap affair.  Jeff says he's spellbound by her.  He's falling back in love with her and there is nothing cheap about it.  This is very real. 

Bianca tells Jack that when she was with JR she saw moments of the old JR, the one who used to be her friend.  She says he had a lot of opportunities to hurt her but instead took it out on himself.  Jack tells her to go home and rest, but Bianca says she can't leave until she knows if JR is going to live.

When she asks how Babe reacted to the news that he told JR about the affair, Josh tells Kendall that Babe slapped him.  Kendall says Babe should be kissing his feet for showing her the truth about JR.  Kendall says Babe should see how twisted JR is.  Josh tells her not to take this out on Babe.  Kendall says she can't keep her mouth shut when she sees how much Babe has hurt him.  Josh says he had a chance to let JR die and he doesn't know why he didn't. 

Adam tells Babe that they all know she is responsible for this.  He says he'll personally see that she'll never see his grandson again.  Krystal defends Babe against Adam's charges.  Tad walks in to the hospital lobby.  Adam says he'll be damned if he's going to let Josh Madden raise his grandson.  Krystal and Adam walk away and Tad approaches Babe.  He asks if she's heard anything but she just shakes her head.  Adam tells Krystal that deep down she knows what he's saying is the truth.  Krystal tells him not to go after Babe because it's breaking her heart.  Adam says Babe is the reason that JR is in the hospital. 

David is lurking around eavesdropping on conversations.  He asks a nurse about JR.  The nurse says JR will be lucky if he makes it off the table breathing.  David smirks.

Dixie and Di arrive at the hospital.  Dixie goes to Babe and tells her this is all her fault.  She asks how could she do this to JR, how could she break his heart.  He loved her.  Dixie goes to the hospital break room and cries.  Tad comes in and sits with her.  She asks if she's being punished for being a terrible mother.  Tad tells her JR won't die.  He's young and he's strong.  David is listening from around the corner.  Tad tells Dixie they won't lose Kate again either if it turns out that she is Emma.  He promises that she'll be a part of their lives.  Dixie says she promised Annie she would not try to take Emma away from her.  Tad says he didn't promise.  He can be the bad guy in this.  He says he wants the entire family to watch Kate grow up. 

Erica tells Jeff that she loves her husband and suggests he's living in the past.  Jeff says he's falling for this Erica.  She is very different from the woman he was with all those years ago.  Jeff says he loves the way she has learned to open her heart.  He says she's close to perfection and any man would be crazy not to want her.  Erica says she needs to go to the hospital.  Jeff says he's done talking and will drive her.

Kendall tells Josh that if JR lives it's because of him.  She suggests he forget about Babe.  Josh says he will when she forgets about Zach.  He wants to go to the hospital to see if JR is alive.  They leave together.

Krystal tells Adam that JR is to blame because he was drunk.  Adam says JR turned to alcohol because his wife cheated on him.  Krystal says there's only one thing that will tear them apart and that's he.  If he goes through with his threat to take little Adam away from Babe, she'll take their unborn child away from him.  Adam says she can't be serious.  She knows how much he loves her and this baby.  Krystal says it would be the last thing she would want to do but if he doesn't back off Babe she will have no choice.

Jamie arrives at the hospital and is talking to Di, saying JR swore he would not drink again.  He says he should have been there.  Julia comes into the lobby and tells the crowd gathered that JR could come out of this just fine.  Erica and Jeff arrive at the hospital. 

Krystal goes to Babe.  An angry Adam glares at them.  Josh and Kendall arrive and join the group waiting for news on JR.  Josh approaches Babe and asks her how JR is.  A nearby Adam pushes Babe aside and punches Josh.  Jeff separates Adam from Josh and Adam turns and punches Jeff.  Erica demands to know why Babe is being so quiet.  She has all of them at each other's throats.  Erica says if it wasn't for Josh JR would be dead.  Erica calls Babe a tramp and Krystal tells her not to say anything about Babe.  Dixie says Erica doesn't have to but she will.  Dixie approaches Babe and says she told JR he could trust her.  She asks Babe how she could make her lie to her son.  Krystal tells Dixie to back off.  Adam says Dixie is correct.  Babe tells Dixie she's right.  She is to blame.  She's the one who wrecked her marriage and wrecked everything.  She walks out.  Josh follows her and Erica asks Jeff if he's all right.  Jack stands by watching.  Erica urges Jeff to have a doctor look at his bruised face.  Jeff agrees and walks away.  Erica turns and sees Jack but walks away from him to go to Bianca.

Julia tries to give Jamie a cup of coffee but he rebuffs her.  She turns to leave but he stops her and takes the coffee.  He says this isn't about Babe and Josh.  His brother did this.  He should have just divorced Babe and gone for custody.  He says even if Josh is his cousin he wants him out of their lives.  He tells Julia he has something to say to her.  She probably doesn't want to hear it but he's going to say it anyway.

Kendall urges Bianca to go home but Bianca says she needs to stay to see if JR is going to be OK.  Kendall asks her not to tell her that she's worried about that slime.  Bianca says she can relate to how JR feels.  Kendall asks if this is about Maggie.  Bianca says when she found out Maggie was cheating on her she ran away to her mother.  She told Maggie she would wait for her here.  She says it was a weak thing to do.  She should have stood up and fought for Maggie.

Jamie tells Julia he needs to get something off his chest.  He says what they had together wasn't just a casual thing for him.  He wants her back.

In the hospital lobby, Adam and Krystal only glare at each other without speaking.  Jack tells Erica she must be exhausted.  Erica says she's not but is pretty wound up.  Jack says now that her party is behind her she can move back home.  Erica says she's not ready to do that.  She has some follow-up details relating to the party that she needs to attend to.  Jack asks if it's New Beginnings that needs her attention or is it Jeff Martin.

In a private room at the hospital, Adam gets on the phone to his attorney Barry.  He tells him to gear up for a custody battle.  It's either going to be for his grandson, his new baby daughter or both.

Babe is sitting alone with her head down crying when Josh approaches.  He touches her on the shoulder, startling her.  She looks at him and orders him to leave her alone.  She says she never wants to see his face again.

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