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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Dixie is sleeping and having a dream.  She hears a little girl laughing and she calls to Kate.  Then she calls to Emma but the girl is not there.

JR has jumped out a window and fallen to the ground after Erica and Bianca confronted him.  He had been drinking after the devastating blow of finding out that Babe slept with Josh.  Bianca calls an ambulance.  Erica goes out to and finds JR lying on the ground in a pool of blood with Josh standing over him.   

Adam finds Babe and tells her she has ruined his son.

Josh tells Erica he knows that JR went to his (Josh’s room) to find him.  She explains that JR was drunk when she and Bianca found him.  He wanted to leave and they prevented him from doing more damage, so he went out the window.  Josh says that JR has lost a lot of blood and will need a doctor.

Adam tells Babe that he expected her to never reveal to his son that she slept with Josh.  She explains that she had to come clean and admit the truth.  She doesn’t want there to be any more lies in their marriage.  Adam tells her that she has been hanging onto JR with lie after lie after lie throughout their entire relationship.

Annie tells Ryan that she knows that she would have to be Emma’s mother but, for all she knows, Tad Martin could be the dad.  Hearing that, Ryan tells her that he could not picture Tad as being the type of guy who would make a donation to a sperm bank.  He admits to her, however, that he did.  Annie is very surprised to hear that Ryan used to donate blood and sperm in order to make money.  She jokes about that and Emma appears.  Annie asks her daughter what she is doing up.  Emma explains to her mom that she woke up and Annie was not there.  She did not want to lose her mommy again.

Dixie invites Di to talk to her in her room.  She admits to her sister that she keeps having recurring dreams about Kate and still cannot give up on getting the DNA test.  Di asks her to talk about the dream.  Dixie then admits that she keeps trying to find her daughter but she cannot see her.  She cannot move and it is as if she is in a coffin.  It’s Greg Madden’s coffin.  Di tells Dixie she cannot do that to herself.  Dixie tells Di that she keeps hearing Greg Madden haunting her from the grave telling her that he had to take Kate away from her.  She’s unfit to go near her and she’ll never see her again.  Di tells her that Greg Madden did terrible things and deserved to die.  Dixie admits that she gave up her daughter.  She lied to Tad and to everybody that their little girl was dead.  She tells Di that she is afraid that she broke Tad.  He did everything he could possibly do to try to find their daughter.  Tad just didn’t know what to do and was so desperate to find Kate that he took drastic measures to get information about her.  She then asks Di if it might be possible that she drove Tad to torture Greg Madden.

Tad is at Zach’s casino and is playing Black Jack.  Zach asks him if he’s in.  He deals some cards.  Tad informs Zach that Annie McDermott agreed to a DNA test and finally, he and Dixie are going to find out if Emma is really their daughter.  Zach then asks Tad if he wants a hit.  Tad says yes.  Zach deals him some cards and tells him that maybe Ted’s luck is changing.

Josh rushes to treat JR’s injury.  The ambulance team comes to take him to the hospital but Josh tells them they are not going to take this bastard until he is “done” with him.  He reports that JR lacerated his femoral artery.  He tells the others that he must operate on JR.  If he does not do it now, then JR will die.  He starts to tell the EMTs what they need to do to assist him in his surgery. 

Adam tells Babe that she has told too many inexcusable lies to JR and the cruelest and most unforgivable one was to tell him that his son was dead.  She then tells her father-in-law that she needs to go and make it work with JR.  He tells her he does not buy that she has any genuine interest in making it work with JR.  She only schemed and wanted him to believe that she loved him to get him to trust her and sign over money and custody of little A to him.  He tells her that when JR is vulnerable, she will take everything from him but Babe protests that that is not true.  Jeff Martin enters and demands that Adam back off from Babe.

Josh gets blood all over his clothing in an attempt to save JR.  Erica and Bianca are concerned about him and very proud of how heroically he is helping JR.  The cops arrive and ask them what has happened and what the victim’s name is.  Bianca tells them that it’s JR Chandler.

Ryan makes conversation with Annie but notices that she is not ok.  She asks him what if she does not remember what happened when she gave birth.  Maybe she was not completely aware.  After all of the pain and medication, she might not have realized that Greg Madden made some sort of switch.  She admits that it is entirely possible that her baby died and Greg gave her Tad and Dixie’s daughter.

While playing cards, Tad tells Zach that he knows he is not that lucky nor is he that stupid.  He tells Zach that he doesn’t know how he did it but that he is sure that Zach has been dealing off the bottom of the deck to him.  Zach tells Tad that luck is for suckers.  If you want s something to happen, you make it happen.  Tad then admits to Zach that some things are easier than others are.  Tad tells Zach that he is right that he (Tad) is a self-righteous jerk.  He tells Zach that Dixie made a promise to Annie that even if the test is positive and the girl is Kate that she will not sue for custody.  She does not think it’s right to take her from the only mother she has ever known.  He admits to Zach that he’s not ok with that.  When their daughter was born, he did not have a vote but he does now.

Di asks Dixie if she really believes that Tad is responsible for Greg’s death and says that is not the Tad she knows.  He would not do that.  Dixie tells Di that Tad did not intend to murder Greg.  He was just acting out of agony and desperation.  She did not know how to reach him and he was in so much pain.  She tried to comfort him.  She tried to be strong.  She admits that she did nothing when Kate was missing all that time and now, in her dream, Greg tortures her, telling her she will never get Kate back.  She asks Di if that is her punishment for what she did.

The medical team rush JR into the hospital ER where they try to stabilize him before they take him into surgery.

Bianca tells the cops that she believes that JR may not have realized how high up they were.  He just ran for the French doors and jumped out.  The cops depart and thank her for her help.  Erica finds her daughter and asks if she is ok.  Bianca asks her mother how this could have happened.  Erica replies JR and alcohol is how it happened.  Bianca tells her mother that she should not have tried to prevent JR from leaving.  Erica asks her daughter if they should have let him leave and endanger Josh.  Bianca tells her mother that JR was in so much pain and so irrational.  Erica tells her daughter that JR was drunk.  Bianca admits that she berated him and told him that he was a terrible person and now he could be dying because she kicked him when he was down and so distraught.

Jeff tells Adam that he is looking for his son.  Adam tells Jeff that Josh is not there.  This concerns his (Adam’s) family.  He is worried about JR.  They yell about how each of their sons has hurt the other.  Babe then breaks them up and tells them they cannot do that.  Josh appears with blood all over his shirt.  They are immediately concerned that he is hurt.  He tells them that it is not his blood but that it is JR’s.  He informs them that JR was drunk.  He came after him and was waiting for him in his hotel room.  Erica and Bianca found him.  He could have hurt them if they had not defended themselves.  He then threw himself out the window.  Adam is shocked.  Josh then tells Babe that she needs to see what JR really is.  He asks if she finally gets what a danger JR is and asks if she realizes that she must get rid of him.

Bianca tells Erica that she feels responsible for what happened to JR.  Erica tells her daughter that she is not at fault for this.  JR was drunk and dangerous.  She reminds her about what happened in Florida when he pushed her off the ledge and tried to take Miranda from her.  He almost murdered Kendall and Spike.  Bianca tells her mother that she must go to the hospital to see if JR is all right.  Erica firmly tells her daughter that she must forget about JR and never let him hurt their family again.

Di tells Dixie that she knows she (Dixie) will not give up until she finds Kate.  Dixie then informs Di that she promised Annie that even if she found out that Emma is Kate, she would not take her from Annie.  Annie is the only mother Emma has ever known.  Hearing that, Di is surprised and tells Dixie that she realizes she cannot just yank Emma from Annie.  She suggests that maybe Dixie and Tad should try to get some sort of visitation rights because she can’t give up on her daughter.

Zach tells Tad that he gave up his rights to his son.  Tad tells Zach that he knows he has a little girl out there.  She is as smart and funny and beautiful inside and out as her mother.  Zach wonders if Tad is talking about Dixie and not Annie.

Annie tells Ryan that she cannot be entirely certain that Emma is hers.  Ryan reminds Annie that the footprints taken after she was born matched Emma’s and that was proven in court.  There are witnesses in the hospital that know she gave birth and she knows who her real daughter is.  Ryan then asks Annie if she wants to go with him on a ride on his motorcycle.  They end up looking at a children’s book.  They talk about mythology and they have fun and laugh.

At the hospital, Adam goes to see his son who is unconscious and non-responsive.  He tells his son that he will get through this.  He tells JR he loves him and he (JR) can’t leave him.  He (JR) cannot leave his son, either because Little A needs him and so does he.  Julia then tells Adam that they must get JR to the OR.  She tells him she will keep him posted if there are any changes.  Bianca then appears and asks Julia how JR is and if he’s going to make it.  Julia replies that she cannot be certain.  JR will be in the OR for several hours.  Bianca turns and sees Babe.  She is very upset and says nothing.  Adam sees Bianca and screams at her that it is her fault that his son is in surgery.  He asks her what she did to him.

Zach admits to Tad that he (Tad) has now won the game.  He makes it sound like he’s prophesizing about something other than the card game for Tad.  Tad looks very upset and pessimistic, however.

Ryan and Annie talk about the mythology stories.  They argue about the name of the mythical creature in the story.  To prove who is right, they look online to identify the creature.  They discover an alternate meaning of the word “chimera.”  He notices that there was a court case involving a woman who is a “chimera” meaning she can be carrying two different types of DNA.  Annie hears that and listens intently.

Di knows that Dixie needs to rest without having another nightmare so she helps her sister get into bed.

Bianca tells Adam that she did not intend to hurt or intimidate JR.  He was drunk and she really believes that he had no clue that he was on the fourth floor.  Adam says nothing and walks away.  Babe then turns to Bianca and asks her if JR threatened her.  Bianca tells Babe she is fine.  She informs her that JR just charged out the window so fast.  Nobody had a clue what was going to happen. 

Erica stands by the place where JR fell.  Jeff is nearby.  She tells him it could have been Josh.  They could have lost their son again.  She looks like she’s going to cry.  Jeff puts his arm around her.

Josh is alone on the rooftop remembering hearing Babe admit that she has feelings for him.  Then she tells him that he needs to leave her alone.  Then he hears Erica inform him that JR was drunk and dangerous and he threw himself out the window before she or Bianca could do anything.  Then he remembers himself telling the medical team that they better let him save this bastard’s life.

Meanwhile, Dixie gets a call.  It’s Adam.  She asks him what he wants.  He informs her that JR has been taken to the hospital and is in critical condition

Julia comes out of the OR and Babe asks her to tell her, truthfully, how JR is doing.  She tells Babe and Bianca that JR has lost a lot of blood and was barely stabilized before he was taken in to the OR.  Julia admits that she is not sure if he is going to make it.

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