AMC Update Tuesday 11/7/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/7/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Lily is in the hospital, sleeping.  Jack is by her side and he notices Jonathan standing outside the window.

Krystal is waiting for information about JR when Sydney marches into the den with a box full of items that she found in her room.  She tells Krystal that they were in her room, but that she did not take them.  Colby denies taking them but Krystal tells Sydney to go to bed and tells Colby that she needs to sit down and take her punishment. 

Babe goes to find Josh and confronts him for spilling the beans to JR.  He asks her why, if her marriage is so perfect, she is not with JR right now.

JR is in Josh’s room waiting for him and drinking.  He is very upset.  He remembers hearing David Hayward telling him that Josh and Babe spend a lot of time secretly sleeping together and that they are laughing at him behind his back.  The door starts to open and he pulls it open, assuming it’s Josh but it’s Bianca.  She asks him what he is doing in Josh’s room.  JR replies he is watching cable and there is always room for one more.  He does not seem upset because he’s been drinking.  Bianca notices all the empty bottles on the floor and concludes that he is drunk.

Erica and Jeff talk about how everything went well at her party.  He congratulates her on how great she was and how she did not miss a beat.  They smile and laugh together.  She tells him that she really felt a connection, tonight.  She says she not only connected with the press and their guests but also with herself.  She tells him that maybe she means that she reconnected.  He reaches toward her and almost kisses her but Adam interrupts them.  He tells them that depravity must run in the family.  Their own family is going to hell and their son is destroying Adam’s family.  He tells them that Josh informed JR that he slept with Babe.

In response to Colby’s attitude, Krystal tells her that all she cares about is herself when there is a family crises.  She tells Colby she does not appreciate her falsely accusing Sydney of stealing things.  Colby then tells Krystal that all of the trailer trash women stick together so Krystal would have to believe Sydney over her.  Krystal tells Colby she is tired of her attitude and asks why she doesn’t want anybody in her father’s life except herself.

Josh tells Babe if JR was really going to change and she really believed she was safe with him, she would not be running out there to find him (Josh) afraid that he was dead.  She protests that that is not true.  He tells her that JR is dangerous and full of hate.  She cries and tells him that she and JR have a future together.  Josh tells her that if she cannot see that this whole thing she believes about JR is false, then he will do whatever he needs to do to save her if she will not save herself.  She tells him that is not true.  He asks her if she really believes in a guy who rips people’s heads off, threatens lives, and thinks he’s cool when he stomps on people’s hearts.  She tells him that whether he believes her or not, JR is her life.

JR tells Bianca that he is looking for Josh.  She asks him what he wants with Josh.  JR tells her, laughing in a drunken state, that she wants to compare notes with him about what Babe is like in the sack.  He jokes about how Babe was going at it with Josh right on the bed in Josh’s hotel room.  Bianca tells JR that she will call his father to take him home because he needs to sleep it off.  JR tells her that she should not run off since Babe is an equal opportunity slut.  She’d probably like Bianca to join the party.  He reminds her that Babe staged some lesbian action to convince JR that she didn’t want anything to do with him.  Bianca attempts to get on the phone, but JR pulls it out of her hands.  He tells her that somebody will have to pay.

At the hospital, Jack tells Jonathan that it’s all right with him if Jonathan stays there.  Jonathan tells Jack that he realizes that it won’t be a good thing if Lily wakes up and sees him.  Not far away, Sean and Amanda are waiting.  Sean talks about everything so casually as if nothing happened.  Jonathan looks at him disapprovingly and does not seem ok with the fact that Amanda might be socializing with him.

Not far away, Jack and Brooke talk.  She asks what it’s like to be a single dad and they talk about how he and Erica are living apart and Erica is seeing a lot of Jeff Martin.  He explains to her that they’d planned on Jeff taking her to the party.  He (Jack) was supposed to be out of town but he took her.  Knowing that Brooke has doubts about his relationship with Erica, Jack admits that maybe Erica always needs a man but he tells Brooke that his marriage is working.

After Adam catches Erica and Jeff together, he tells Jeff that their son is a home wrecker and just like his parents.  Jeff tells Adam one more word and he will be sorry.  Adam demands to know where Josh is.  Jeff tells Adam that they will deal with their son and Adam must deal with his.  They learn that Adam cannot find JR and they know that he is obviously on a rampage.

In Josh’s room, Bianca asks JR what he means by “someone has to pay,” and JR tells her that he is referring to the mini-bar which he cleaned out.  She then tells him she cannot believe this.  She tells him that he can stay there but she has to get back to her daughter.  Hearing that, he remembers how he was once a father figure to Miranda and how much he loved her.  He tells Bianca that she was beautiful and perfect.  He remembers that she was angry with him for what he did to her and to Kendall and to Babe.  He tells her that he has come to the conclusion that she is putting Josh up to this in order to get revenge on him.

Babe tells Josh that JR is in pain and he needs her.  Josh tells her that she cannot save him or fix him.  She has to start thinking about herself and about her son.  She then tells him that her momma told her that she has to get over him but she did not listen.  She let her guard down and now wonders what she was thinking.  He then tells her that she wanted to be with somebody who could see her for the incredible woman that she really is.  She cries and tells him that she should have lied just one more time.  If she had, she could have saved her marriage and her family but now it’s too late.

Noticing how Bianca seems so in control, JR asks her if it’s a “gay” thing or a Paris thing.  He asks her if she’s learned French and informs her that he and Babe were planning to go to Paris but it all ended when she found Josh.  She tells him she has to leave but he wants to prevent her from leaving.  She tells him she is not afraid of him.  She will scream and the police will throw him in jail.  He asks her what if it’s too late.  She then reminds him that after she saw him hit rock bottom, she once told him that she believed that the old JR she used to know, love, and respect, could come back.  He could make other choices.  She then asks him if this (his present condition) is what he wants for his son.  If so, then it’s way too late for him.  Hearing that, he then tells her that he hates what he did to her and to Kendall.  He admits that they were both the best friends he ever had.  He admits that he had a crush on Kendall.  He remembers all the times they’ve had together and asks what happened to that.  He looks like he’s going to cry and he says he misses it.  She admits that she misses it also.  JR then yells and says that Babe took all of that from him.  She took all his friends and everything that has mattered in his life.  She then demands that he stop.  He has to stop playing “JR the Victim,” and he needs to know that it is he who lashes out and hurts people.  She tells him that he always lands on his feet and never learns his lesson or has to pay the piper.  Now he wants and needs somebody to hold his hand.  She tells him that he needs to get over it, realize that life sucks.  She tells him to be grateful that he has what he has.  She tells him this is not a gay thing or a French thing.  This is just good advice.

Josh tells Babe she must realize that this is not her fault.  She is a wonderful woman who deserves someone better than JR.  She tells Josh that JR told her if they just loved each other, then nothing could get in their way.  Josh then asks Babe if that were true, why would JR care what she does with Josh.  He admits to Babe that he overheard her and JR in their bedroom together.  Hearing that, she asks him how he could do something like that.  He tells her that her father motivated her to save her from JR.  She tells him he did not do that for her.  He did it for his own ego.  He had to take her from JR.  He just had to win.  He had the gall to spy and eavesdrop on her conversation with JR.  She tells him that they are over.  He tells her that he had to find out whether JR really has changed or if he is the same psycho.  She tells Josh that she still trusts JR.  Josh reminds her that JR does not trust her now that he knows the truth.

While Krystal is trying and failing to get hold of her daughter, all Colby can do is make crude comments about how Krystal and her baby doll are trash.  Krystal then tells Colby she knows why she is doing that.  She doesn’t want anybody taking her daddy away from her.  She attempts to tell her stepdaughter that Adam will always love her, no matter how many new additions this family takes on.  Colby then tells Krystal that Babe and Josh is not the only secret she knows about.  She knows about Krystal and Tad Martin, too.

At the hospital, while waiting for Lily, Jonathan goes and talks to Amanda.  She does not look at him.  He tells her he appreciates that she called him to let him know what happened to Lily.  She tells him that she thought he should know.  She also informs him that, right before the accident, Lily asked her if she and Jonathan were going out.  She told Lily that she and Jonathan are not together because she knows Jonathan loves only Lily.  She tells him that when Lily heard that, she freaked so bad it landed her in the ER.  Amanda then concludes to Jonathan that they cannot even be “friends” anymore and that upsets her. 

Erica tells Adam not to dare blame her son for all that is happening to his family.  Jeff then leaves and tells them he will try to find Josh before JR does.  Alone with Adam, Erica congratulates him because Colby is a liar and JR is a murderer.  She tells him he must be very proud of the “family” he has.

Josh tells Babe that JR will not use her as an excuse to hurt anyone else.  He gets up to go inside the building.

JR pulls out a can of nuts in Josh’s room and asks Bianca if she wants some.  Bianca reminds him that he tried to kill his wife and she took him back.  JR tells Bianca that Babe lies.  She tells him that Babe loves him.  JR asks Bianca if she knew that he signed over custody of little A and all of his stocks to Babe to prove that he loves her and she made a fool of him.  He then asks where Josh is and if he’s with Babe.  Bianca tells JR if his marriage ends, it’s not because of Josh.  It’s because he is a drunken homicidal jerk.  She informs JR that when Babe let him get away with trying to kill her, she was really worried about Babe.  Babe assured her that she would be ok with JR.  Bianca tells JR that Babe did not make a fool out of him.  It was he who made a fool out of her.  JR argues and Erica walks into the room, assumes that JR is going to hurt Bianca, and demands that he stay away from her daughter.

Jack notices Lily opening her eyes.  He tells her that she hurt her hand but she will be ok.

Erica tells JR he is a disgusting drunk.  She doesn’t care what Babe has done to him, there is no excuse for his behavior.  She asks why he doesn’t just go to an AA meeting preferably on another planet.  She tells him that she won’t let him hurt anybody she loves again.  JR makes a sarcastic comment about a mother and daughter tag team.

Krystal asks Colby what would happen if JR went off and hurt someone because he is upset about Babe.  Colby tells Krystal that Babe had sex and JR got wise.  She asks what is the worst that could happen.

JR tells Erica that she and Bianca both have a lot of gall.  He gets up to leave but Bianca shuts the door and tells him he is not going anywhere.  He’s not going to hurt anybody else.  Erica picks up a figurine with pointy horns, points it at him, and tells him that she won’t let him go anywhere.  At that point JR smashes the glass as he jumps out the window.

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