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All My Children Update Monday 11/6/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Kendall and Zach are at the house she found and wants.  She says she loves it but he says it's not going to work.  He can't be here.  He walks out, leaving Kendall baffled.

Tad arrives at ConFusion and is greeted by Julia.  He informs her that Annie agreed to the DNA test and he's there to have a drink to toast her.  Julia says she'll keep her fingers crossed for him and Dixie.  She asks what the odds are that their daughter would be right here in Pine Valley.

Adam and Krystal are cuddling on the couch at Chandler mansion talking about the beautiful daughter they're going to have.  Colby walks in and is not at all excited to hear their news.  They inform Colby that they have named their daughter, Charlotte, and Krystal shows her the blanket Adam bought for the baby.  Adam says they're naming her after his dear departed sister.  Colby asks why she wasn't named after Aunt Charlotte.  She says she just remembered a test she has to study for.  She walks out, prompting Adam to tell Krystal that Colby will get used to having a sister.  He tells Krystal that he plans to adjust his will to ensure that the futures of both Charlotte and Krystal will be taken care of.  Krystal tells him to cancel his appointment because he's not dying on her.  She won't think of raising their little girl without her daddy by her side.  She orders him not to even think about bailing on Charlotte.  Adam promises to stay fit and well.  Krystal tells Adam he'll be a wonderful daddy and goes on and on about how much she loves him and how great a person he is.  She says she would love him even if he was a truck driver.  Adam says what makes him happiest is providing for the people he loves.

Jamie arrives at ConFusion and finds Tad.  Elsewhere in the bar, Simone, Dani, and Di are having a girl's night out.  Julia joins them and the women laugh and have a good time.  Jamie eyes both Julia and Josh, who is at the bar talking with Erin about her past effort to seduce him.  Erin tells him she knew he only had eyes for Babe.  He says it just took him awhile to see Erin's mojo.  He tells Erin about Babe's decision to stay with JR and says it's time to move on.  Erin admits that when she approached him last summer she was trying to keep him away from Babe at JR's request.  Josh asks Erin about her level of interest in insignificant physical contact and she says it's at an all-time high.  Erin and Josh decide to leave together and he says he knows of the perfect place for them to go.

Babe and JR are at home, where she has just confessed to cheating on him with Josh.  She is crying and she tells JR she's sorry.  She says she doesn't know what she was thinking.  She asks how she could have been so blind.  She says she was feeling locked out of his life and couldn't get into his heart.  JR says she must be paying him back for all the times he jerked her around.  Babe says this has nothing to do with payback.  She says she is the one who has failed.  It hits JR that Babe's mother new this and Colby must have overheard Babe confessing to Krystal.  He says he chose not to believe his sister.  He asks how many other people knew about this.  Colby walks into the room with little Adam.  She complains that he was screaming and she couldn't get any studying done.  Babe tries to take the child but JR grabs him first.

Zach and Kendall arrive at ConFusion.  He says the house was screaming at him to get out and he wanted to come here.  Kendall questions his reaction to the house and he says he'll explain it after they get their drinks.

Tad tells Jamie that he's throwing daggers at Josh and has a sick puppy look toward Julia.  Jamie watches as Julia approaches the bar and tells Del she wants a sparkling water.  Jamie tells Julia that Josh left with Erin.  She asks why she would care.  He mentions he saw Josh and Julia kissing at the beach.  Julia says that was the night she saw him there with Linda.  She says she doesn't know why it would matter to Jamie.  Jamie agrees that he takes life by the moment.  Julia says she does the same.  Jamie goes back to Tad, who chides him about his interaction with Julia.  Jamie says Julia doesn't give a crap about him.  Tad tells him he can't read women.

JR tells little Adam that it's OK because daddy's here.  He won't let anyone hurt him.  Babe tells Colby they can handle this.  Colby says she's not going anywhere until she knows who dropped the bomb in here.  She asks JR if he finally knows who is wife is.  JR tells her to get out.  Colby comments on the way out that it's rough being right.  Colby walks into the room where Adam and Krystal are, saying "one down, one to go."

Josh takes Erin to the rooftop of Fusion where they kiss.  Josh tells her he has nothing to offer to her.  She says she knows who he is and doesn't expect anything from him.  She just wants to be touched tonight.  Josh says he does, too.

Winifred takes little Adam to his room.  JR walks to the bar and starts to grab some alcohol but instead pours some water.  Babe tells him she never stopped loving him.  She meant what she said at their wedding.  JR's mind drifts to their wedding, then to the time Babe insisted that he get help for substance abuse.  Babe tells them we've been through hell and back.  JR thinks about the time Babe said in court that she made up that her husband tried to kill her.  Babe tells JR that he wouldn't let her help him and she felt lonely and lost.  She asks if he can forgive her.  JR is silent but tears flow from his eyes.  Babe begs him to say something and tell him what he's thinking.  JR says Josh told him that Babe admitted to loving him.  JR asks if that is true.  Babe says she loves him and chose him.  He tells her she's not answering his question.  She tells herself there will be no more lies and secrets.  She tells JR she didn't love JR as she loves him.  JR walks out of the room and Babe begs him not to go.

As Josh and Erin kiss, Josh thinks about making love to Babe in this same spot.  He stops kissing Erin and says sorry but he can't do this.  Erin says it's no big shock since men run from her in droves.  She says she must be a real troll.  Josh tells her she's beautiful, amazing, and sexy, but he's stuck in one place and can't move forward.  Erin says she thought men were into meaningless sex.  Josh says it worked for him before but not now.

Colby tells Adam and Krystal that Babe and JR are going down.  Adam tells Colby that no one is going to replace her in the family.  Colby says she's serious.  Someone is going to get killed in there.  Adam accuses her of being overly dramatic, and then they hear the commotion.  JR walks out of the house with Babe begging him not to go.  Babe tells them that JR knows the truth.  She asks Adam not to let JR do anything crazy.  Adam leaves to go after JR.  Babe gets on the phone to call Josh to warn him but Krystal takes the phone from her.  Babe tells her mother that Josh told JR the truth but JR didn't believe him.  She says she's the one who confessed to JR.  She couldn't lie to him anymore.  She says if JR goes to Josh and JR gets hurt it's her fault.  She says she can't stand here.  She runs out of the house, ignoring Krystal's protests.

Zach tells Kendall that this house is not just a house.  It's the spitting image of the house he grew up in, where his father took everything from him.  Kendall apologizes and says she thought he had a commitment problem.  Zach says any house will do, just not that one.  Zach begins drawing a floor plan for their house.  He points out a nursery for an infant.  Kendall asks if he wants their own baby.  He says the thought terrifies him, but he would want that if the time is right.  Kendall says it could happen.  They toast to their future and family.

Adam goes to Josh's hotel room and knocks on the door.  No one answers.  He walks in and looks around, calling Josh's and JR's names but gets no response.  Adam leaves.  JR walks out of another room and spots the mini bar.  He opens it and sees several little bottles of alcohol.  He takes one at a time and drinks them.

Babe walks into ConFusion and Simone tells her it looks like she needs a drink.  She asks Babe to join their party.  Babe approaches Erin, who tells her that someone is waiting for her.  Babe walks to the Fusion roof where she finds Josh.  She tells him she's glad he's OK, then slaps him and calls him a son of a bitch.

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