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All My Children Update Friday 11/3/06


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At Chandler mansion, Babe asks JR if he believed Josh when he said he slept with Babe.  JR tells her she seems pretty upset by it.  Babe asks him if he is upset.  JR says Josh has been after her for a long time and he knows she did everything she can to reject him.  Now he stabs her in the back.  Babe asks then if he didnít believe him.  JR says he believes her and only her.

Ryan is at home with Annie, Emma, and Spike.  The children are having a sleepover.  Ryan tells Annie not to worry about the DNA test results.  A nervous Annie says Emma is her baby and asks why she canít prove it.  She wonders why the first DNA test didnít show a match.  Ryan says he will get to the bottom of this.

Erica is in her Valley Inn room preparing for her party.  There is a knock on the door and she assumes it is Jeff, her escort.  Instead it is Jack who has a diamond necklace for her.  He puts the necklace on her and Erica says itís beautiful.  Jack says he couldnít let her fly solo tonight so he changed his plans.  Erica mentioned that she had a plan B. 

Josh and Bianca arrive at the party.  Josh isnít happy to be there but Bianca asks him to make an appearance for her.  Kendall and Zach arrive right behind them and Josh isnít happy to see Zach.  He says he doesnít want to party with the man who got away with killing Greg Madden.  Josh calls Zach a sub-human.  Kendall says Greg Maddenís baby switching has ruined lives and Emma might be Kate.

Annie thanks Ryan for not pursuing the DNA test.  They look at the kids as they sleep and Annie comments that they are so innocent.  Ryan admits he feels guilty because Spike had a high fever and he wasnít there.  Annie says thatís her fault.  Spike is lucky to have the kind of dad he is.  Ryan says if he were half the parent she is he would be happy. 

Sean is at home eating cheese when Lily comes into the room.  She says he doesnít have to baby-sit for her.  Sheís sorry he has to stay here with her.  Sean says Jack probably wanted her to watch him.  He says itís worth it if it saves their marriage.  Lily questions what he means.  He says Erica hasnít been living here lately.  Lily says that is temporary.  Sean tells her not to hold her breath.  She couldnít take living here.  Lily mentions she wonít be here for long because sheíll be going to college at MIT.  Sean tells Lily sheís not the reason Erica was driven away, he is.

There is a knock on Ericaís door.  Jack answers and finds Jeff.  Erica says this is her plan B.  Jack says Erica is back to plan A and is going with her husband.

Zach tells Josh to back off.  Their mother doesnít need bloodshed at her party.  Bianca tries to get Josh to walk away but Josh refuses.  He says the Kane women are suckers.  Kendall takes Zach back and if Maggie walked through this door Bianca would be on her knees thanking her.  Kendall asks Bianca if she and Maggie are having problems but Bianca ignores the question.  Kendall tells Josh that this is about JR and Babe.  She tells him that he has nerve to criticize her taste in men when his taste in women sucks.  Josh tells Kendall not to drag Babe into this.  Kendall says Zach is a loving man and if she had to choose between Josh and Zach it is Zach all the way.

Babe tells JR that Josh canít expect her to forgive him for this.  She says he understood how she felt about JR and he knew it was over.  JR asks what was over.  Babe covers and says she was referring to Joshís crazy idea that he wanted her to leave JR.  JR says he told Josh he would smack him down if he and Babe had an affair.  Babe tells him he shouldnít have goaded Josh.  JR tells her he trusts her and believes her.  He says she handled him the right way and now Josh is unemployed.  He can do something else.  Babe says thereís no telling what Josh will do.  He didnít even keep his word.  JR questions what she means but they are interrupted by Adam and Krystal, who are beaming with news that tests show they are having a daughter.  JR says theyíll be one big happy family.

Annie and Ryan are talking about their children and bonding.  They play checkers and Annie mentions Kendall.  When Ryan doesnít immediately respond Annie apologizes and says she didnít mean to pry.  Ryan admits he thought he and Kendall might get back together but he was wrong.  It didnít work out.

Sean tells Lily that Erica needed space away from him.  Lily says her dad misses her but if Erica doesnít miss him the same their relationship is over like itís over between her and Jonathan.  Sean says Jonathan is a freak.  He busted him for hitting on Amanda.  When Lily thinks he meant he was hitting Amanda, Sean explains that he was being nice to Amanda and wanted to be even nicer.  He put his arm around Amanda and Jonathan flipped out.  Right on cue, Amanda arrives.  Sean demonstrates to Lily how he put his arm around her.

Erica and Jack arrive at the party and they and Jeff try to intervene in the confrontation between Josh and Zach.  Josh claims that Zach tortured and killed a man.  Erica tells him if he canít behave he should go home.  Just then Donny Osmond arrives as Ericaís special guest.  Donny says no one told him he would need body armor for this gig. 

JR tells Adam and Krystal he and Babe have a happy announcement.  Adam asks if theyíre having a baby.  JR says itís not that.  Josh is out of their lives.  Krystal says that is fantastic news.  JR asks Krystal if she had a problem with Josh too.  A nervous Krystal says everyone did.  They all knew how Josh was messing with their happiness.  Krystal and Adam leave and JR tells Babe to call Josh and tell him once and for all that there is no hope for him with her.

Erica introduces her family to Donny.  Kendall comments that maybe he can give her brother some advice on how to get along with his siblings.  Later, Zach asks Kendall if she meant what she said about him.  Kendall tells him she thinks he is wonderful and is the perfect stepfather for Spike.  She tells him about the new house.  She feels like they already have a history there.  They can live all their dreams.  She suggests they ditch the party and go see their new place.

Lily tells Amanda that Sean likes her.  Amanda says Sean likes Sean best.  Sean asks her whatís up with Jonathan.  He asks if Amanda and Jonathan are involved.  Lily asks Amanda the same thing.  Amanda says she and Jonathan are not an option.  Lily asks if she wants Jonathan.  Amanda says Jonathan still wants Lily.  She urges Lily to give him another chance.  Lily tells Amanda she and Jonathan are alike and maybe they should be together.  Lily grows increasingly nervous and takes the knife and takes several cuts into the cheese.  Soon she is squeezing her hand around the knife and gets a big cut.  Blood pools into her hand and Lily freaks out at the sight of the color red.

Erica, with Donny and Bianca at her side, speaks to her party guests.  She says Donny will be the lead guest on her first show of the season.  She mentions his debut in Broadways ďBeauty and the Beast.Ē  Donny comments that next to Erica he looks like the beast.  After theyíre done talking to the crowd, Donny tells Erica sheís such a pro.  He says sheís impressive at juggling her husbands.  Erica comments that sheís happily married to her current husband. 

Elsewhere at the party, Jeff tells Josh that Erica has pulled it off again.  Josh says it appears his dad is looking for an encore with his mom.  He can tell when Jeff looks at her.  Jeff says he hasnít done anything like that.  Josh tells him to run while he still can.  Jeff tells him to let Erica enjoy tonight.  Josh says his greatest talent is busting up lives.  He admits he told JR the truth about him and Babe.  He says he thought he was protecting Babe but now all he can do is imagine Babe looking at him in anger and disappointment.

Kendall and Zach arrive at the new house and Kendall raves about it.  Zach says they canít live here.

Annie tells Ryan how bedtime is a pivotal moment with children.  Ryan says heíll just tell Spike to go to bed when itís time and morning will come sooner.  Annie tells him to talk to her as he would talk to Spike and she throws excuses at him about why itís not bedtime.  She asks him to ďget me into bed.Ē  After some bantering, Ryan picks her up.  He puts her down and they are staring into each otherís eyes.  Annie tells him he wins.  Sheís tired and has to say good night. 

Jack leaves the party because of Lilyís cut.  Jeff approaches her and says it looks like heís her number one escort after all.

Josh goes to ConFusion and finds Erin alone.  He asks if she remembers when she tried to hit on him.  He asks if she wants to try it again. 

Babe accuses JR of testing her.  JR asks if he should test her.  Babe says she thought they were past testing.  JR says he knows there are no more secrets or lies between them.  He has complete faith in her.  Babe tries to leave to tend to little Adam.  JR asks her to wait.  He says he never asked her outright.  He asks if she slept with Josh.  Babe admits that yes, she did. 

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