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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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After Dixie apologizes to Annie for almost kidnapping Emma, she tells her that even though she realizes that Emma belongs with her mommy (Annie) she needs to find out if she is really Kate.  Annie does not like that idea but Dixie is desperate to find out if that is her biological child.  She tells Annie that there are ways she can “motivate” her to do that.  Annie then asks Dixie if she is making threats.  Tad tells Annie that when people are desperate they resort to desperate measures.  Annie again asks Dixie and Tad if they are threatening her.  Ryan steps forward and tells them they better not be.

Babe goes to a place that Marion has found for her.  She believes that this place is beautiful and has many plans for how to fix it up with furniture.  It sounds like she is already sold on it and does not need to see or know any more.  She tells Marion that this is her dream home.  Kendall appears and tells her she can dream on and informs her that she, Zach, and Spike intend to live there and make that place their home.  She tells her that it’s already a done deal.  Babe asks her if that is true.  Kendall tells her it is.  Babe tells Kendall she is a liar.

After Josh reveals to JR that he slept with Babe, JR tells him he is a liar.  Josh then tells JR that he may be.  Josh admits that Hayward was right in saying that the only way for Babe to be safe is to get JR out of the picture.  He tells JR he may be a liar about many things but he is telling him the God’s honest truth that he made love to Babe and once Babe gets rid of JR, she can finally be free.  He tells JR that if he’s thinking of killing anybody at a construction site, now that he’s found this out, JR may come after him (Josh).  JR better not even think about hurting Babe or Josh will make certain that he pays.  JR asks Josh if Babe fought him.  Josh sarcastically tells JR that she did.  He also tells JR that he knows JR is playing the redemption/sinner bit and he does not buy it.  Babe may buy it for now but she’s going to see right through his BS just as Josh does.  He knows that sooner or later JR is going to snap and Babe will see him for who he really is.  JR tells Josh that Babe told him, not long ago, that she loves her husband.  Josh tells JR that she also told him (Josh) that she loves him.

After Kendall declares that she and Zach are going to buy the house out from under Babe, Marion tells Kendall that she never heard that there was any offer put on this house.  Kendall tells Marion she knows that she will come around and realize that her husband knows how to close a deal.

Myrtle is in Zach’s office when he arrives.  He talks to her about how he used to see this spark in Kendall but now all he sees is doubt in her.  He is afraid that Kendall no longer sees her husband and asks how he gets around that.  Myrtle tells Zach he must take heart and know that Kendall is in love with him.  He tells her that maybe she used to be but Kendall opened her eyes and looked into his soul and she has grown cold.

At the vacant house, Kendall pushes Marion out the door.  Babe tells Kendall she knows that she (Kendall) does not like this place.  Kendall tells Babe that she knows how to take this place from her and she implies to Babe that she might have been willing to negotiate with her if she had not dumped Kendall’s brother for JR.

JR asks Josh if he really wants him to believe that his wife is a cheating whore.  Josh then emotionally asks JR how he can call Babe, his wife, a cheating whore.  He tells JR that Babe is a walking miracle and JR does not deserve her.  In response to that, JR tells Josh that he is very poetic.  JR gets a call from his “walking miracle,” and she tells him that she has found a house.  He tells her, with Josh witnessing him, that he will make the house her dream and give her whatever she wants.  He tells her that he will see her in just a few minutes and he gets up to leave.  Josh tells JR if he lays one hand on her, he will pay.  JR tells Josh that he will kiss his wife and make love to her, and then he tells Josh that he will never know his wife like JR knows her.  Bianca enters and hears their conversation.  JR tells Josh he also happens to know that Babe would never contaminate herself with somebody like Josh.  He goes out the door and tells Josh he is fired and he tells Bianca, when she leaves, she must make sure to take the trash with her.

Babe sounds like she really has a need to live in that new house and tells Kendall she must know that.  Kendall can tell that Babe might be desperate enough to negotiate.

Myrtle tells Zach that maybe he needs to sit back and wait.  He needs to have patience.  That is the best advice that she can give him, and she tells him that her cohorts are waiting for her in the casino.  She gets up to leave and he tells her it was good to se her.  Before she leaves, she takes an ace of spades from the office with her. 

When Amanda notices Jonathan enter to see her with Sean, she tells Sean he has to leave so she can talk to Jonathan alone.  He asks her if she’s going to let her watchdog watch over her.  He leaves.  She tells Jonathan that she does not want him watching over her.

Dixie and Tad tell Annie that all they ask for is one test.  That’s all they need.  Annie tells them no.  Ryan then tells the two of them that it’s time for them to leave and they do.  Alone with Ryan, Annie asks him to go ahead and say it; tell her that she is wrong.  He tells her that he knows she is exhausted.  She tells him that she cannot deal with this situation with Tad and Dixie.  She knows that they will never give up.  She tells her that she does not feel sorry for them.  He asks her if she is trying to convince him or herself of that.  She tells him that she will not do that test.  It is not happening.  Emma comes downstairs and Annie picks up her daughter.  She admits to her daughter that she may have heard her yelling but she is just excited because not long from now, they will celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Tad and Dixie go to his house.  He can see that she is very upset and asks if she would like him to make her something to eat.  She tells him no.  He tells her that it’s probably just as well.  She tells him that she had a million emotions going on and did not know what to do.  He tells her hat he knows that David Hayward was involved and she should not listen to him or trust him because all David wants to do is destroy other people’s lives.  He tells Dixie that there is not one shred of decency in that man and that he wants her to suffer because she dumped him.  Dixie does not listen to Tad about David.  She tells him that she must find a way to get Annie to authorize the DNA test.  She asks how much longer they can spend chasing dead leads and if it will get them any closer to their daughter.

Bianca tells Josh that although she does not argue with his opinion of JR, he must realize that Babe has chosen him.  She chooses to commit to her husband.  He may be a jerk but he has a good reason to be smug.

Babe and Kendall are measuring the house and “competing” to see who is fit to move in.  Babe rushes out when she sees JR and she can tell by his expression, however, that something is terribly wrong.  He then tells her that Josh is history.  He told him to start looking for job number 302.  She tells him that she cannot say that she is sorry.  She did not think it was a good idea for them to work together.

Josh tells Bianca that JR cannot love Babe.  She tells him that maybe he does.

Babe asks JR what happened that suddenly motivated him to change his mind about giving Josh a job.

Bianca tells Josh that it may be unrealistic to expect Babe to leave JR.  He tells her that he sees how sick their relationship is.  Her father sees it and he asks why Bianca can’t see it.  Bianca tells him that she is not in love with JR but Babe is.  She might stay with him and she goes on to tell Josh that marriages don’t always automatically break up because of an affair.

JR tells Babe that he knows that she has said that this guy is her friend but he cannot be trusted.  She then tells him that something must have happened when she left him alone with Josh and she needs to know what that is.  Kendall comes out and asks what JR is doing there.  She tells him that he can build his own monstrosity since he certainly knows his way around constructions sites.

Josh asks Bianca if she really believes that JR will just let it go when he finds out that Josh slept with Babe.  She then tells him that she has a secret herself that she not told anybody.  One of the reasons she left Paris and came out to Pine Valley is because she found out that Maggie has been cheating on her.  She is really angry and hurt and believes that she wants to be rid of Maggie.  She goes on to say that if Maggie walked through the door, she would take her back right now.

JR tells Kendall that he thought she was just leaving.  She tells him she will go and she leaves.  JR then tells Babe to show him around their new house.

Annie and Emma color together.  Ryan watches them.  They draw a Thanksgiving turkey.  She then tells her daughter that if she ever wanted to take her on a plane or train or bus, she would take her there herself.  She would not send anybody to take her anywhere, so if anybody tells her that her mommy sent them, they are not telling the truth.

Dixie then tells Tad that he must believe that she was not just going to take Emma and flee.  She was going to tell him.  He must believe that she was not going to keep him from his little girl.  He then admits to her that he believes her.  She informs Tad that Greg Madden told her that she would destroy a family if she went after Kate.  She did not believe it but when she saw Emma and looked into her eyes today, she knew that that was true.  Emma does not know that Dixie carried her for nine months and gave birth to her and has loved her throughout her life.  All she knows is that Annie is her mommy.  Dixie cries and Tad tells her that she cannot assume that Emma is Kate.  He tells her that unless he has a DNA test, he will never have the answer.  Tad seems distraught.

Annie tells Ryan that she knows how important the DNA test is for Dixie but she believes she does not have a choice.  It’s out of the question.  She admits that she is afraid that Tad and Dixie could share Emma’s DNA and they could take her.  Ryan reminds Annie that she does not have to do what they want.  The judge ruled in her favor but Annie admits to Ryan that she saw the look on Tad and Dixie’s face.  She cannot just accept what has happened.  She asks Ryan to tell her what the right thing to do is.  He tells her hat he cannot.  He knows that she will make the right decision.

Dixie tells Tad that she, at least, had a chance to hold Kate and say goodbye to her but she realizes that he never had that chance.  She cries and tells him how sorry she is that he never got to have that.  She would give anything to give it to him but she knows she cannot.  She then goes to her purse, and pulls out a baby hat that Kate wore right after she was born.  She tells Tad that she wants him to have it.  He takes it and holds it.  She cries.  Tad looks like he’s going to cry.

Amanda tells Jonathan that she may not know a lot of things but she can clearly see one thing.  Lily owns a huge piece of his heart.  She gets that he is in love with Lily and not with her.  She respects that and has backed off.  He must know she’s been taking care of herself for a long time and she does not need a bodyguard.  He asks her why she would consider hooking up with an immature boy like Sean Montgomery.  She tells him she has no intention of hooking up with Sean and even if she was, Jonathan needs to realize if he is her friend that he will back off and stay out of her business.

Babe talks to JR all about their plans for the new house.  He sounds excited but is distracted. 

Kendall takes Zach to his office and talks all about her plans for the new house.

Tad holds the baby hat.  He tells Dixie by now she’s probably old enough to enjoy sledding in the winter.  Dixie asks Tad if he thinks she likes trucks or dolls.  He tells Dixie he believes that their daughter is a complete girlie girl.  Suddenly, Annie walks in with Ryan.  She informs them that she has changed her mind.  She is ready to take the test.

Kendall tells Zach that she hopes he is ready to jump in with their plans.  He tells her welcome back and he kisses her.

Bianca admits to josh that Maggie had never been with a woman before her.  Maggie swears that she still loves Bianca but she cannot commit to one person.  She tells Josh that she is constantly working and she and Maggie could not be further apart so now she needs to give Maggie space, hope that she will get her “plans” out of her system, and come home to Bianca and Miranda.  Josh asks Bianca if she will forgive Maggie just like that.  Bianca tells Josh that if Maggie can commit and make being faithful her first priority, then all is forgiven.  Josh then tells Bianca that she is such an awesome and forgiving person.  There is no way JR could do what Bianca is willing to do.  When he finds out that Babe cheated, he won’t get over it.

Babe can tell that something is wrong with JR.  He acts happy but she can tell that something is up with him.  She asks if it is about work or about Josh.  He tells her that it’s nothing to worry about.  She tells him that she needs to know what is on his mind.  JR tells Babe that Josh told him that the two of them (Babe and Josh) are having an affair.

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