AMC Update Wednesday 11/1/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 11/1/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Jonathan and Erin assure a worried Annie that they will not give up on finding her daughter.† Jonathan tells her that whoever took her will pay.

David accompanies Dixie and Emma (Kate) to the airport and they are ready to board a plane.† Dixie, however, has her doubts.† David assures her that he has her flight booked.† It will be just the two of them together.† He will back off.† She will start a brand new life.† The life she deserves.† He gets up to leave.† She turns to him.† He tells her that this is what she always wanted: a brand new life.† He departs.† Dixie then goes over to Emma and notices that she is drawing something for her mommy, whom she knows as Annie.

Annie waits for calls and is worried that there might be something wrong with her cell phone.† Erin goes to see if she can charge the phone or see if the battery is working.† Alone with Annie, Jonathan asks how Tad and Dixie could do this to her.† She tells Jonathan that she does not want him to worry about her problems.† She realizes he has been through a lot but he reminds her that he no longer has a life now that Lily is gone.

Amanda sits and drinks by herself at BJís.† Sean and Colby are nearby together wondering how they can enjoy being together without sex.

Babe walks into JRís office assuming she will find her husband but Josh is sitting in JRís chair and does not make himself known at first.† Babe says that she would like to make love with him on the desk or even on the floor.† Josh turns the chair around and she is upset to find him there.† She tells him he should not be in JRís office but he kisses her.† She does not stop him.† JR walks right up to the door and turns the doorknob right as Josh kisses Babe.† She pulls away from him and a secretary tells JR that there was a delivery for him and the messenger insisted that he hand the package to JR personally.† JR goes off to get the package.† Josh and Babe continue their discussion in JRís office.† They hear his voice talking to his secretary about getting the door unlocked.† They see his silhouette but he cannot see them.† Babe asks Josh how he could do this.† He tells her itís obvious that she wants him as much as he wants her.

Colby and Sean talk about how to get through high school.† She tells him that she is going to the fall dance and as a group she and unspecific friends will get together in a limo.† Sean gets distracted by Amanda when she goes up to the bar.† He canít seem to take his eyes off of her.† Colby talks about the plans for the music and festivities but Sean looks a bit distracted.

Babe tells Josh that they are done.† She tells him that they ended it.† He tells her that only she ended it.† She tells him she thought they were on the same page.† He tells her that he does not believe that she is done with him.† She reminds him that he did not do what David dared him to do the other day at the Valley Inn.† He seemed to realize that she has said no at that time, she tells him.† He tells her that he was not ready to spill the beans right then and there in front of JR and do what David wanted.† He was not protecting her marriage.† He was only protecting her.† Just like the golden child, he protects the woman he loves.† She tells him that he is a good man.† He tells her that her dad is a jerk but he was right about one thing.† They are meant for each other and she needs to get rid of JR.

Tad and Ryan enter Davidís empty home after heís left.† Tad attempts to hack Davidís computer to get some clue about where he might have gone.† Ryan goes looking around Davidís home for clues and discovers Fruit Loops.† They are surprised that a cardiac surgeon would eat such trash and they realize that it can only mean heís harbored Emma in his home.† David enters and all but admits that he is the culprit.† They demand to know where he has sent Emma.

As Dixie is enticing Emma to go on a trip with her, Emma tells her that she needs to go home and get her bear.† She cannot go anywhere without her bear.† Dixie is a little worried when she hears that.† She tells Emma that she really understands that her bear is very special to her.† She tells her, however, that she is about to have a new life and will soon have a new bear who will love her more than anything will.† Emma asks if her new bear will have a pink ribbon.† Dixie tells her absolutely and she asks Emma if she is ready to get on the plane.

Erin comes down to find Annie and informs her that she has called everywhere but not gotten any word as to where Emma could be.† Annie is very worried.

Ryan asks David if he really likes sugary childrenís cereals.† David tells Ryan itís all part of a balanced breakfast.† He tells Tad that he never wanted that kid in the first place so maybe he caught a break.

While Dixie attempts to get Emma to go with her, Emma tells her that she wonít be frightened if she can be with her mommy.

Josh tells Babe that she needs to face facts but she asks him if he has any idea what that kiss could have cost them if JR had walked in on them.† He then asks her how bad it would have gotten and what he could do that could match JRís track record.† He asks what types of consequences she will have to endure before she wakes up and sees that this marriage to JR is not working.† She tells him that she is ready to commit to her marriage and make it work.† Josh asks Babe if she really believes that JR has changed and if she really believes that his actions were caused merely by booze.† He asks if the booze is what caused him to behave as he has and if he would be any different if he never drinks again.† He tells her that she knows that whatever JR does or says, he will only be hateful and shut her down and make her distrust everything.† She tells him he to stop it.† JR is her life and nothing and nobody will stop them from having a wonderful life together.† JR walks back to the office door and is able to hear their conversation.† He enters and asks the two of them what he missed.

Colby gets on her cell and asks Sean what kind of car they should ride in and what they should eat but he is still gazing after Amanda.† Colby tells him that they can do other things at the party but he is not listening to a word she says.†

Babe tells JR that he did not miss anything.† She intended to come by and show him the new real estate listings that she got from Marian.† He asks her if she is all right and if there is not something going on.† Josh does not speak.† Babe tells JR that she cannot wait to get started on their new life together and move into their new house but she sounds unsure.

Colby can tell that Sean is totally distracted and she asks him if they did not talk about the two of them starting over.† He tells her that they are friends but she tells him that they hooked up once and now itís done.† He sounds like heís not so excited to be wit h her.† He tells her that she is a ďgood kidĒ and that implies that he is not interested in her any more.† He reveals that he might prefer to be a surrogate big brother for her, in place of JR.† She tells him that she has to get home.

Dixie suddenly walks in the door of Annieís place and lets Emma return to her ďmommy.Ē† Annie rushes to hug her daughter.† Dixie does not look happy, however.† Annie is really happy that her daughter is all right and does not want her to hear how worried and angry she is at the people who took her.† Dixie observes Annie with her child and remains silent.† Annie then takes her daughter up to bed with her bear.† Alone with Dixie, Erin and Jonathan demand to know how she could do that.† Jonathan tells her that he is going to call the cops.† Derek Fry is not going to let her get away with that.† Dixie tells them that they may do that.† Annie returns and tells Dixie that she stole her daughter and she can rot in hell.† Dixie then admits that she was wrong.

David tells Tad that he is totally clueless about everything.† Ryan gets a call from Erin informing him that Dixie brought Emma back.† Tad then concludes that David did this with Dixie.† David tells Tad that he only wants Dixie to be happy.† Tad tells David he does not believe that he cares about Dixie.† David just wants to make her pay for dumping him.† He tells David he will not let him get Dixie locked up.

Annie tells Dixie that she is evil.† Jonathan tells her that he does not trust her.† Dixie assures them that Emma is home and safe and loved.† Jonathan asks Dixie if she wants a medal for that.† He gets really upset.† Erin asks her brother to please keep it down because Emma is sleeping.† Dixie then asks Annie if they can just talk alone.† Annie then asks Jonathan and Erin if she may talk to Dixie alone.† Erin asks her if sheís certain that this is a good idea.† She assures them she will be fine.† They agree to go.† Annie tells Dixie if she wants to talk, she may talk but she will call the police and have Dixie locked up.† Dixie admits to Annie that she was ready to take Emma for good.

David tells Tad that he can assume that this is Emma and not Kate.† He can turn a completely blind eye to the reality that she is his daughter.† He asks Tad if he cannot believe him, just a little, that he is telling the truth.† Ryan and Tad do not answer and go out the door.

Colby returns home and pulls a book out of Sydneyís hand.† She tells her that itís all her fault that Sean ditched her.

Sean approaches Amanda.† He knows she is not happy and has something on her mind.† He talks to her and accidentally spills water on her blouse.† He attempts to wipe it off but she does not seem to want to talk to him.† She seems to know that he is under age and wants to drink with her and maybe get her in bed.† She tells him that sheís not going to party with a minor.† He tells her that he knows she has some guy on the brain.† He tells her whoever he is and whatever he did, heís not worth it.

JR is looking at the pictures of new houses with Babe.† He then presents her with a house key with a diamond heart.† He tells her that this is a new beginning for her and now itís her turn to take a leap of faith.† She tells him she does not need diamonds.† All she needs is him and his heart.† He then tells her that whenever she sees this key, she will think about their commitment.† He then asks her what she wants.† She replies that what she wants is Josh gone from Chandler Enterprises.† In response to that, JR asks Babe if he was not being a good husband by hiring the guy.† He asks if he was being noble and trusting.† She tells JR that she also believes that a reason for hiring Josh was so that he could keep an eye on him.† She tells him that there is something about the two of them working together.† It makes her nervous thinking that something bad can happen.† He tells her there is no need to worry because all of that is in the past.

Sydney tells Colby that Sean was never into her.† Colby tells Sydney that Sean wanted her but Sydney had to do something to take him away.† Sydney then tells Colby she is ridiculous.† She has her nose up in the air.† Winifred walks in and asks if the Faberge egg has turned up and they tell her that it hasnít.† Colby tells Sydney that the reason she wants to ruin Colbyís life is because she is jealous.† She wants to be part of the ďinĒ crowd.

Dixie informs Annie that she was about to tell Emma (Kate?) that a terrible mistake was made a long time ago.† She was going to tell her that she is her mommy and they were going to start over again.† They were going to fill the empty places in their hearts just like little girls and their mommyís do but when she heard Emma talk, she found out that she does not need anybody to give her their heart or make her feel safe.† She already has Annie so Dixie concludes to Annie that she now knows in her heart that no DNA test matters.† Annie is the only mommy Emma has ever known.† Dixie cries and tells Annie that she cannot take her from her mommy.† She tells Annie that even if Emma is Kate, she swears on her motherís grave and on her sonís life that she will never take her from Annie again.† Ryan and Tad enter in time to hear their conversation.† Tad asks Dixie if David Hayward put her up to this.† Ryan asks if Emma is ok.† She then tells them that she understands where Emma belongs but her daughter is out there somewhere.† She tells them that she just wants to know if she is Kate.† She pleads with Annie to just let her run that test.† She promises to stick to her word.† She reminds Annie that Emma has given her so much.† She asks if Annie can just give her and Tad that one thing.

Alone with Josh, JR brags to him about his wonderful life with his wife who happens to be the woman that Josh desires.† Josh asks JR why he is gloating.† JR reminds Josh that his wife confirmed that she only wants him (JR) and she wants Josh out.

Sydney tells Colby that nobody would like her because sheís a bitch.† Colby tells her that she is right.† She is a bitch but so is Sydney.†

Sean tells Amanda to open up and let him help.† He asks her to sit down and tell him everything.† She tells him he really does not give up.† He then asks her what he can do to make it all better.† He goes up and puts his arms around her.† Jonathan walks in and sees them together.

Josh tells JR that his entire life is a lie.† JR tells Josh if he ever touches his wife again, he will kill Josh.† He will rip his head off and shove it down his throat.† In response to that, Josh takes a picture of Babe and JR and smashes it.† He then informs JR that itís all a lie.† Hayward was not lying, Josh tells JR.† He (Josh) slept with JRís wife.

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