AMC Update Tuesday 10/31/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/31/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

It looks like JR is serious about giving Josh a job at Chandler Enterprises and Josh is serious about taking him up on his offer. JR tells Josh he is going away for a while. When he comes back, they will discuss what Josh’s job description will be. Josh tells JR he wants to discuss JR’s wife.

At the Chandler house, Adam goes to find Babe. She has no suspicions about anything. She tells her father-in-law she has to rush off for work and pick up some things for JR as she promised. In response to that, Adam tells his daughter-in-law that she “promised” JR she’d be faithful to him. In response to hearing that, Babe is stunned to find out that he knows about her and Josh.

Kendall tells Zach that they have to talk about them.

David keeps Emma at his house and nobody suspects that he has her. She tells him that she wants her mommy. He does not know what to tell her.

At Tad’s home, he and Dixie argue with Ryan and Annie about what to do in order to get Emma back. Annie is stressing about how her daughter cannot spend the night without her favorite toys. Dixie gets up to go out the door, and right away, Ryan and Annie suspect that she is sneaking out because she knows where Emma is. She tells them she is merely going to get herself some coffee. Dixie protests that she has no clue where “Kate” is. Tad tells Ryan and Annie to back off and not accuse Dixie of doing something she did not do. Aidan enters and Ryan demands to know if he has any news. He admits he does not. Jonathan and Erin enter and ask why Aidan and Tad are tailing them and accusing them of keeping Emma. Jonathan tells them that that accusation is absurd since Annie won the court battle. Tad and Dixie are just angry because they lost and they need to leave him and Erin alone.

David makes a breakfast of pancakes and fruit loops for Emma. He talks to her about how his mother used to make him pancakes as a child. He also looks at a picture of his deceased infant daughter, Leora and tells Emma that he sure wishes he could be able to make pancakes for his daughter. He then smiles at Emma and asks her if he should give her mommy his mother’s secret pancake recipe. She smiles and nods.

JR tells Josh that he loves his wife and is sick of this BS. Josh tells JR that it’s kind of odd that he does not trust Babe. JR tells Josh that he will not discuss his marriage with Josh. His wife is none of Josh’s business. Bianca enters and asks them what is up.

In response to Adam accusing her of cheating on his son, Babe asks her father-in-law if he is buying into Colby’s story. He tells her he knows she slept with Josh. She tells him that her marriage is none of his business. She tells him that if he thinks he’s going to hold onto his son by interfering in his personal issues, it won’t work. The last time he did that, JR left and stayed away for a long time. He tells her he does not take advice from unfaithful wives.

After Bianca enters JR’s office, JR instructs Josh to get her some coffee, put the work on JR’s desk, and toe the line for him. Bianca then follows Josh out the door and asks him if he’s out of his mind to be working for JR. Josh informs his sister that he almost told JR that he slept with Babe.

Babe tells Adam that she and JR love each other and that is all he needs to know. He asks her how he should trust that. She tells him that she is not availing herself of the opportunity to take little A and leave his son. Adam tells his daughter-in-law that JR was a fool to draw up those papers to give her legal access to their son. She tells him that should be enough proof that she is choosing of her own free will to commit to JR. She also reminds Adam that she has forgiven a man who drugged her, tried to kill her and she’s been there for JR throughout all of his trials and tribulations. She asks if that is enough for Adam to trust that she is committed to his son. In response to that, Adam concludes to Babe that he will forget what she did with Josh Madden as long as she never sees him again. Babe tells her father-in-law that it is settled. Adam leaves and Babe is not ok. She looks like she is panicking. Krystal enters and Babe asks her mother how she could tell Adam her secret.

Zach tells Kendall that he does not want to lose “them.” She tells him it will not happen. She is not going anywhere but she has her concerns that he might bail. She reminds him that last night, when Spike got his fever, she freaked but Zach knew what to do. She also reminds Zach that when she saw her son in the incubator, she was determined never to let him suffer again. He tells her that he loves her. Spike is a lucky man and so is he. She gets on his lap and they kiss.

Ryan tells Tad and Aidan that they all need to calm down because arguing is not going to get them anywhere. Aidan tells Tad that he believes that Ryan and Annie did not take Emma. It makes no sense for them to do that but Tad needs to realize that they have better justification to suspect Tad and Dixie. Aidan notices that Dixie’s car is gone. Ryan is convinced that she knows where Emma is. He pleads with Tad to tell him where she is but Tad tells Ryan he has no clue where she is.

Babe asks her mother how she could tell Adam about her and Josh. It’s one thing that Colby told him but when Krystal confirms it, that’s too much for her to deal with. Krystal tells her daughter that she just could not bring herself to lie to Adam when he asked her. She is sorry. Babe then tells her mother that she is worried about losing her husband and the guilt is gnawing away at her so that now she feels as though she does not deserve to be happy or loved. Krystal tells her daughter she knows she is committed to JR. Babe admits to her mother that she sees, hears, feels, and thinks about Josh everywhere she goes with everything she does.

Bianca asks Josh what his motive would be to work for JR. He tells her that he is determined to save Babe from JR. Blowing up their marriage could save her from a man who tried to kill her. Bianca asks her brother if this is really for Babe or if this is all about him and getting whatever he wants. Adam walks in and is very surprised to see Josh and Bianca outside his son’s office. He goes inside and asks JR what on earth Josh is doing there. JR informs his father that he has hired Josh. Adam asks how he could hire Josh “after what he did to you??!!” Hearing that and not knowing what he is talking about, JR asks his father what Josh “did” to him. Adam replies what Josh “tried” to do to JR. Realizing that JR does not believe that Babe slept with Josh, he tells his son that Josh went after his wife. Adam tells JR that he knows that if the two of them work together, it could spell disaster.

Josh admits to Bianca that he is confused about what to do. He loves Babe and wants what is best for her. He realizes if she is happy with JR, he should accept her choice to stay with him but he cannot just sit back and wash his hands of her. He asks Bianca what will happen if JR hurts Babe. He could not live with himself if there was something he could have done but did not. He admits that maybe he’s being an idiot to want a married woman who has chosen her husband over him. He tells Bianca he wants some sisterly advice from her. She admits she really cannot decide what is the best plan for him but tells him that maybe he could walk away. He admits to her that that is the one thing he cannot do.

Babe asks her mother what she is supposed to do in regard to her feelings about Josh and her need to keep the secret from JR that she slept with Josh. Krystal tells her daughter that the one thing she needs to do is keep her mouth shut.

Kendall and Zach are ready to have fun when they hear a knock on the door. It’s Ryan and Tad. They are looking for Dixie and assume that Zach might know where they are. Zach tells them he has no clue and asks what is up. They inform him that Emma McDermott is missing.

Dixie goes to David’s home and seems to know where to find Emma. She enters and notices the little girl whom they both believe is Kate coloring in a coloring book. David tells Dixie that she has been waiting for her mommy. Dixie goes to talk to Emma (Kate) and observes her doll. She tells her she is very pretty and asks her name. Emma replies her name is Rose. Dixie also observes Emma’s coloring and asks if she likes to draw. She smiles at her, tells her she is a ray of sunshine and she lights up the world. Dixie gets up and talks to David, realizing that there are some serious problems. She asks him if he has any clue what type of disaster he has caused. He admits to her that he has done what she has not had the courage to do.

Annie returns home with Jonathan and Erin and has a “vision” of being able to find Emma in the house, hidden behind a chair. She then realizes that she is not going to find her.

Ryan asks Zach if he knows anything about Emma’s disappearance, and if he does, he must tell him and Tad. Kendall tells Ryan that she knows for a fact that Zach could not possibly have taken Emma. He’s been with her and Spike taking care of Spike’s fever all night when Ryan has been out all night and knew nothing about it. If Ryan had checked his messages he’d know that. Tad then tells Kendall and Zach that he did not mean to come on so strong but they are desperate about finding his (Tad’s) daughter. Zach tells them he has some idea of where she might be.

David tells Dixie that he can get plane tickets and get her and her daughter out of there. She asks David if she should take this child away from the only mommy she’s ever known. He tells her that she must know that this is Kate. She tells him that she must consider JR. He is her child also. He tells her that he will give JR her regards but she asks what about Tad. She cannot just take his daughter and run. He tells her that she cannot stay here. She has no choice but to leave the country. David reminds Dixie that she cannot trust Tad and that Tad had threatened to take Kate away from her. She tells him she cannot do this to Tad. He tells her she must forget Tad. He tells her if she stays around, it is guaranteed that she will never see her daughter again. He tells her if she wants to call Tad, she may be his guest. She can use his phone. From now on, what she does is entirely her choice, he tells her.

Babe confirms to Krystal that she will not lie to her (Krystal’s) husband but she wants Babe to lie to hers. Krystal tells her daughter that telling Adam the truth will not ruin her marriage to him but telling JR will ruin Babe’s marriage to him. She tells Babe that she has to get over Josh and realize that her husband and baby are her life.

At Chandler Enterprises, JR tells his father he knows he has something to tell him. He asks Adam to spill it. Adam then tells his son that he’s proud of all of his accomplishments but he has some concerns about why he’d want to hire Josh Madden. He realizes, however, that JR needs to make his own decision. He tells JR that he always has his back. He loves him. He hugs his son and he tells him he needs to leave for a while. He notices Josh and Bianca right outside the door and asks them to go to the personnel office and stop loitering outside the door. He leaves and Bianca reflects to Josh that this is not a “friendly” work environment. Josh tells Bianca that he is not going to give up on Babe. She tells him if he decides to walk through that door and tell JR that he slept with Babe, there is no taking it back. He’s stuck with the outcome of his decision. She tells him she has no loyalty to Babe or to JR so it’s not her decision to make or her business but she knows that he does have stake in this. She concludes that whatever he does, she is behind him. He tells her he appreciates that.

Kendall encourages Ryan and Tad to go find Emma and Dixie. Zach shuts the door behind them and she asks him if he is not going to help them find Emma. He concludes to Kendall that Emma and Dixie are not his responsibility but that she and Spike are.

Dixie asks David what trick he has up his sleeve. She asks if he intends to escape with her when she takes Emma (Kate) away. He tells her that he does not intend to follow her. He will let her do whatever she wants and that includes her calling Tad and having him come bust David to pieces.

In response to Kendall’s “suggestion” that he go to help Ryan and Tad find Dixie and Emma, he asks her if she “expected” him to do that. She admits she did not expect it but was afraid that once again, he would put Dixie before her. He then tells her to cast away all of her fears.

Ryan and Tad pound on David’s door and demand that he hand Emma over but it’s too late. David, Dixie, and Emma have already gone to the airport.

David then tells Dixie that they are ready to leave. She asks if he can assure her that this is really her daughter. He asks her if she is going to take the word of a strange woman or if she is going to trust her own heart. At that point, Dixie takes “Emma” aside and tells her they are going on a trip.

Babe goes to JR’s office assuming she will find her husband. There is somebody in his chair with his back turned. She tells the person whom she assumes is JR that she is going to have a hot “lunch break” and get it on with him. Josh reveals himself to her. He turns around to face her in JR’s chair, kisses her and tells her that is the best offer he’s had all day. JR is outside in the hallway, ready to walk in at any second.

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