AMC Update Monday 10/30/06

All My Children Update Monday 10/30/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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Del is at Kendall's place to show Zach his outline for his book idea, called "Getting Away with Murder." †Del excitedly tells Zach and Kendall the premise for the book about Zach killing Greg Madden and getting away with it.† Del tells Zach he should be praised for killing Madden.† Zach tells Del to leave.† When he does, Kendall takes Spike from Zach's arms.

JR tells Babe at Chandler mansion that the best thing they can do is ignore David.† A tearful Babe says it isn't David that's bothering her, it's Josh.† She says things were supposed to be perfect between them but now it's a mess.† JR says there is no one between them.† JR says as long as they love each other no one will come between them.† He knows Josh is not a threat because Babe told him so.† Babe thanks him for trusting her.† They hear Colby shouting in another room and go to investigate.

Josh is in David's house warning him that the liquor he is drinking is poisoned.† Josh says this will be a fitting end to David's pathetic life.† David pours himself another drink.† He continues drinking, telling Josh he is not afraid of death.† He'll get to see Leora again.† Josh questions David going to heaven.† David says why not.† Hell is right here in Pine Valley.† Josh accuses David of hating Babe and trying to blow up her marriage.† David maintains he did the right thing.† He asks how long JR will be sober.† One of these days he's going to lose it.† Josh tells him he should go after JR, not Babe.† David tells Josh he didn't drug the liquor and he doesn't have what it takes to do him in or save Babe.† David says he gave Josh opening after opening to get Babe away from JR but he wasn't man enough to take it.† Josh says Babe still loves JR.† David says Babe simply feels a duty to JR and really loves Josh.

Tad and Dixie are at Tad's place lamenting the judge's ruling against another DNA test on Emma.† Tad says they'll still get the DNA test.† Suddenly Annie and Ryan barge in demanding to know where Emma is.† Dixie worriedly asks if someone took her little girl.† Annie says Emma is her daughter and accuses Dixie of taking her.† Dixie says they didn't take her.† She suggests they go look for her.† Ryan asks if Emma is stashed upstairs.† He demands they return her and they won't press charges.† Tad turns the tables and accuses Ryan and Annie of hiding Emma.† He bets Jonathan and Erin have taken her and stashed her someplace. †Annie says that's crazy.† Dixie says they will find her and prove that Annie is not her mother.† Dixie tells Annie she has no right to their child.† Meanwhile, Emma is seen sleeping.

Colby loudly proclaims to Adam and Krystal that she is not a thief.† She did not steal a metal egg that Adam gave to Krystal as a gift.† Krystal says she only asked Colby if she had seen it.† Colby claims that Krystal wants her gone.† JR tells Colby to back off Krystal and Babe.† They are part of the family and they belong here.† JR tells his sister to keep her lies and gossip to herself and don't speak against them again to David Hayward.† JR tells Adam that Colby went to Hayward with the claim that Babe and Josh were having an affair.† Colby says that's not a lie.† She asks her father if he believes her.† Adam tells her in the future she is not to talk to David Hayward about their family.

Annie tells Dixie she will never hand Emma over to them.† Ryan and Tad return after looking through the house and they havenít found Emma.† Ryan says if they think she's their daughter that's a strong motive for abduction.† Tad tells them to get out of his house or he'll call the police.† Ryan sits down, saying he can call whoever he wants.† They are not leaving.

Zach is looking at pictures of Spike while Kendall is putting the baby to bed.† When Kendall returns, Zach says he thinks she took Spike from his arms to protect him.† Kendall says she trusts him with Spike.† Zach says Del stirred up something.† Kendall says he stirred up anger.† She didn't mean to take Spike from him and she apologizes.† Zach says all he wants is for them to have things the way they were.† Kendall asks him not to give up on them.† Zach says he's not giving up, but they'll work on it.† He suggests they find their own house.† Kendall says she had been thinking about a house before Spike was born.† He asks her what she wants.† She says she wants everything inside to be state of the art.† She wants trees, a guesthouse, an indoor and outdoor pool, and a horse.† Zach says all he wants is Kendall and Spike.† Later, Zach goes outside alone to think.† Kendall watches him from the window.† She picks up Del's book outline and looks at Zach.

JR announces to Adam and Krystal that he and Babe are going to be looking for their own house.† Krystal is happy to hear the news and says they'll go on the ultimate shopping binge.† JR and Babe leave the room and Adam turns to Krystal.† He tells her he thinks Colby is right about Babe and Josh.† Krystal says Babe loves JR and would not jeopardize that.† Adam asks Krystal if it's true.† He saw the look Krystal gave to Babe.† He knows Josh has been pursuing Babe and thinks Babe must have given in to him.† Upon continued questioning, Krystal admits to Adam that Babe and Josh were together one time, but it's over and won't happen again.† She urges him not to tell JR.† Adam says if JR found out it would kill him.

David tells Josh that he can tell by the look in her eyes when Babe looks at Josh that she loves him, and he knows that Josh loves Babe.† Josh says Babe wants to be with JR and he's done with it.† David tells him he's afraid Babe will hate him if he tells JR the truth.† David tells Josh if he feels love for Babe he'll do what's right for her.† Josh says he loves her but she wants JR and she thinks he'll give her a wonderful life, and maybe she's right.† David says JR is so tightly wound he's about to snap.† He'll get Babe this time.† If she stays with him she'll be dead.

In their bedroom, Babe tells JR she can't take this.† JR tells her not to pay attention to Colby.† He asks her to think about the life they'll have together.† They lie in bed together and JR asks her to imagine their future life together.† Josh is shown in the tunnels listening to their conversation.† JR says he wants to be the best husband he can be and give her the best life.† Josh puts his hand on the door.† Josh hears Babe telling JR she wants to love him for the rest of her life.† She asks JR to make love to her.† Josh removes his hand from the tunnel door.

Dixie suddenly realizes who has Emma.† Emma is shown at David's house.† She asks him if her mommy is there yet.† David says she'll be there soon.

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