AMC Update Friday 10/27/06

All My Children Update Friday 10/27/06


Written By Lori
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David tells JR at the Valley Inn that Colby overheard Babe confess to Krystal that she slept with Josh.  David tells JR that he knows he's right.  He can see it in Babe's eyes.  Their marriage is over.  JR glares at Babe then turns to David, calling him a lying, manipulative, twisted freak.

In a hearing before a judge, Livia is representing Annie while Jack represents Tad and Dixie in the fight over a DNA test.  Livia wonders why another DNA test should be ordered when one was already done.  Jack says the first test could have been tainted.  Jack shows the judge the original DNA test and the judge can see that no blood relationship exists between Annie and Emma.  Ryan says what that DNA test shows is not important.  Ryan asks why Annie should have to explain those tests.  The judge asks what Ryan's relationship is with Annie and when he learns they're just friends, he only wants to hear from Annie.  The judge asks her to explain the DNA test.  Annie says she got pregnant by using an anonymous sperm donor.  She says the DNA test has to be the result of a lab error.  She insists she delivered Emma.  Tad says Dr. Madden wasn't known for his honesty or reliability and there is a possibility he could have made a switch.  Livia calls in a nurse, Cynthia, who was there when Annie gave birth.  She testifies that she witnessed the birth and she took footprints of the baby immediately afterward.  She shows the footprints and Livia produces some recent footprints and says they are a match.  Jack says a DNA test is the only conclusive proof.  The judge says even if this child isn't Annie's daughter, he's not crazy about reversing an adoption from four years ago.

Jonathan is with Erin at Annie's place.  He tells Erin that DNA doesn't make Tad and Dixie qualified to raise a child.  Erin says their own parents weren't qualified, but he can't compare their parents to Tad and Dixie.  Jonathan says Emma belongs to Annie.  Emma comes into the room and asks for her mother.

Zach and Kendall rush home after hearing that Spike has a 103 temperature.  The nanny Rachel leaves them alone with Spike.  Kendall is worried and wants to take Spike to the hospital, but Zach suggests calling the pediatrician.  She calls the doctor and Zach gets on the phone.  Zach is instructed to take the baby's temperature and administer some medicine. 

JR tells David his claims that Babe had a fling and that Emma is Kate is all fiction.  Babe tells David that he loves to make people suffer.  David turns to Josh and tells him he's pretty quiet.  He tells Josh to tell the dirty sack of garbage that he made love to his wife.

Zach tends to Spike and they take the baby's temperature.  Kendall is relieved that the temperature is down.  Del comes to the door looking for Zach.

The judge admits he is quite moved by what he has heard and a DNA test might answer some questions, but he has no legal basis to grant one.  Dixie pleads with the judge to grant a DNA test and when he refuses she walks out.  She tells Tad this is an endless nightmare and asks what they can do now.  Tad says they'll do what they have to do.

The judge tells Livia that the law is on her client's side.  Jack says this isn't over yet.  When the lawyers are gone, the judge calls child and family services and asks that someone investigate Annie and her child.

Jonathan and Erin are thrilled to hear Annie's good news.  Annie looks around her place for Emma but can't find her.  She says she is gone.

JR and Babe arrive home and JR tells her she doesn't need David in her life.  She has a family who loves her.  JR says it doesn't matter what Colby and David say.  He believes her and trusts her.  A tearful Babe tells JR she doesn't deserve him.  JR tells her not to say that.  They hug.  She looks at him and sees Josh. 

David arrives home, pours himself a drink, and takes a swig.  He then notices Josh waiting for him.  Josh tells him that Babe just got her wish and he'll be gone forever.  Josh tells David that he just took his last drink.  He just killed himself.

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