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All My Children Update Thursday 10/26/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

In the ConFusion office, Del tells Amanda that he believes she is making a big mistake to be with Jonathan.  She thanks him for his concern but says that she is ok with Jonathan.  Del reminds her that not long ago, Jonathan was a serial killer then he had brain surgery and pretended to be a simpleton.  He tells her that it’s all a front.  She tells him that she does not care about what Jonathan did in the past.  She believes that he is a quality person and she is happy to be with him and she loves him.

Zach goes to meet Kendall and they plan a romantic encounter.

Colby is sitting in the Chandler study when Sean comes to see her.  She asks what he is doing there.  He asks if she wants him to go.  He tells her that he wants to consider the two of them starting over.  She asks him how they would do that exactly.

Josh is alone at the Valley Inn bar when Babe and JR walk in.  He eyes them coldly.  Babe stares at him.  He obviously assumes that he cannot be in the same room with them.  He asks Babe if she wants him to go but JR surprisingly invites him to have lunch with them.

David is in his cabin on his computer downloading pictures of Adam and Krystal’s wedding.  He then notices JR’s picture in The Exposer when he got almost got charged with murder.

JR tells Josh that he will treat him to dinner.  Josh tells JR that he doesn’t want to play his game.  He realizes that Babe asked him to leave her alone and he has respected her wishes.  He is staying out of JR’s face and would appreciate it if JR would do the same for him.  JR tells Josh that he would like to talk to him.  Josh tells JR that he wants to be left alone and then JR tells Josh he’d like to offer him a job.

Zach informs Kendall that her mother caught him alone in her house with Spike.  She asks if Erica actually walked in and didn’t threaten to kill him.  Zach chuckles and tells Kendall no.  She then asks what Erica did.  He replies that she told him it would only be a matter of time before he breaks Kendall’s heart again.

Colby informs Sean that she is struggling with writing a paper.  He then shows her some papers that he wrote in a Shakespeare class.  Right away, she assumes that he bought them or forged them but he tells her no.  He downloaded them and they cannot get in trouble.  She tells him that there is all this pressure about getting good grades, being “well rounded” to get in to a good college or else your life is over.  She asks him between her family’s drama and all of the stress, who has time for school.  He tells her he relates to that.  He tells her he realizes that it sucks to be a junior but maybe he can make it suck less.  He tells her that he found a way to get through it and maybe he can help her.  She asks how.  He then asks her what her least favorite class is.  She replies Chemistry.  He tells her he is good at chemistry.

Jonathan walks in to hear Amanda admit to Del that she loves him (Jonathan).  He looks at her and asks if that is true.  She smiles at him and says yes.  He, at first, appears to return her feelings but he tells her that he is not in love with her.  She then smiles at him and tells him that is a relief.  It would really suck for one of them to be in love with the other and have it uneven.  In response to that, he asks her if she lied to Del.  She tells him she just said that to get that loser off her back.  He admits to her that he is not over Lily.  She sounds like she is totally ok with that but it doesn’t appear that way. 

Zach starts to look for some expensive things that he has received as gifts from guests of the casino.  Kendall tells Zach that she has tossed many things of his: the caviar, the chocolate, and many bottles of wine as well as Cuban cigars.  He asks if she’s thrown out all of his favorite stuff.  She admits that she was pretty damn mad at him.  He tells her that the most important thing is still there.  She commends him for responding with a very good answer.  They smile at each other.

Meanwhile, David observes pictures of Zach, JR, Tad, and Dixie.  He then observes a picture of Adam Chandler on the cover of the wall street journal and another one on the cover of Tempo where the headlines say that Adam as a major investor and philanthropist.

Josh asks JR why he wants to hire him after Babe fired him.  He laughs and asks if this is a scam or is he afraid that Josh will sue him for the false accusation his family brought upon him.  JR admits to Josh that Colby had no right to do what she did to him and he’d like to make it up to Josh by offering him a job.  He knows about Josh’s business savvy.  Josh makes demands for his office and all of the perks that he wants included in his hiring package.  JR tells Josh it’s no joke that Chandler Enterprises is looking for new blood.  Josh tells JR that if he’s looking for new blood, JR knows how to do that by dropping a ton of bricks on a pregnant woman.  Marian Chandler enters and is ready to show JR and Babe many new places for them and their son to move into.  Babe introduces her to Josh.  She tells him she could eat him up with a spoon.  She goes off with Babe and JR to a private table.

Del seems to be eavesdropping on Amanda and Jonathan’s conversation.  She confronts Del and tells him he better not come near her or she will knock him out.  He goes out the door but wonders why she is suddenly so upset when only minutes ago she was happy.  Alone, she gets on the phone and leaves a message for Babe telling her to call her about something right away.  She sits alone and cries, very upset.  Jonathan enters and observes how upset she is.

Kendall and Zach eat together and re-acquaint themselves with their old habits.  She then tells him that it is weird that the two of them are like two strangers on a bad first date.  He tells her that it’s all good.  She tells him that she wants to be comfortable around him but she is not.  He then gets up and tells her they need to leave.  She asks him where they are going.  He tells her they will go out.  She asks what about Spike.  He tells her that their nanny can stay with him.

David looks at the mug shot of JR and the one of Jamie.  He aligns pictures of JR, Jamie, Tad, Dixie, Zach, and Adam.

Sydney comes inside the office to see Colby with Sean.  Colby asks her if she has a floor to mop.  Sean seems like he does not want Sydney to leave although Colby does.  He tells them maybe they can work something out when he hears them arguing.  Colby leaves.  Sydney sits with him.

Jonathan comes in and notices Amanda crying.  He knows she is crying over him.  He moves toward her and holds her but she pulls away from him when he tries to console her.  She tells him she does not want his pity.  She already knows that he loves Lily, and he needs to save the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech.  She gets it.  It’s over.  She will leave him alone.  He tells her he does not want it to be over.

Marian Chandler shows Babe and JR the pictures of new houses but only JR is listening to her.  Babe is a million miles away, lost in thought, staring at Josh and completely distracted.  He stares back at her.  Without actually speaking, they confirm that they love each other and they cannot hide it.  JR tells her she has to make a choice.  She comes back to the conversation, and at first, assumes that he means between him and Josh but then she realizes he’s asking her about the houses. They decide on the one with the stable and Marian agrees to set up an appointment for then to see the house and she leaves.

 Babe asks JR why he would consider giving Josh a job.  He tells her that maybe he had an attack of conscience now that Josh is out of a job after what Colby did, and how he almost helped her to hurt Josh.  He admits that he is glad that Josh said no.  Josh comes over to their table and asks if it’s too late to change his mind.  JR asks Josh if he wants the free lunch or the job.  Josh tells JR he wants both unless JR is hosing him.  JR tells Josh that he was serious about both and asks Josh to join them.  Josh tells JR he wants the lobster salad.  Babe then tells the two guys that she will go and talk to Marian and leave them to talk business.

David is looking at a picture of his deceased infant daughter, Leora.  He then looks at the pictures of Jamie and JR on the computer.

Sean tells Sydney that all of the things she said about Colby were not true.  Sydney told him that Colby is some party-girl slut and totally immature, he reminds Sydney.  He tells her that she should not dis Colby.  Sydney reminds Sean that Colby’s dad will not let him near her.  He informs her that he and Adam Chandler had a chat and they are cool.  He likes Colby and gets along with her father.  She then asks if that means that she is out of the picture.  He tells her no.  He just does not want her to put Colby down, that’s all.

Jonathan tells Amanda that since he lost Lily, he’s been wondering what is left for him or if he should find out.  He tells her that he then experienced her, her kindness and understanding of him, and her smile and that is what has gotten him through.  She then tells him here’s where he will say “but….”  He tells her that he cares about her a lot, and cannot pull her in and risk hurting her.  She asks him what if she is willing to risk it.  He does not answer.  She then says that is what she gets for falling for the good guy.  She tells him that she has no regrets even if it feels like she’s taken a hit to the heart.  At least she now knows that she has one.  She cries and he tells her that he is sorry.  She is a wonderful, amazing woman, and a great friend.  She listens, and cares, and has been there for him in ways that he never before imagined.  He tells her that is why he could not take that pure heart and break it.  She cries and tells him that it’s already broken.

Zach takes Kendall to see Erica and Jack’s yacht that is in the process of being rebuilt.  She asks him why they are there.  He asks her if she can figure it out.  She remembers that this is the very place where he rescued her from Greg Madden’s whacked out maternity ward, where they got married, and made love for the first time.  He adds that this is where she forgave him.  She confirms that is true.  She remembers that he was very angry at him.  He showed up on that island and kidnapped her.  She thought she had all the answers about Motherhood and that it was not for her.  Suddenly, when she could no longer feel Spike move, she realized how much she wanted to have the baby.  She tells him that it was the longest moment of her life, and then suddenly, he kicked.  She knew immediately that she wanted her son more than she wanted her own life and he knew this before she did.  She tells him that if it had not been for him, she doesn’t know what she would have done.  He tells her he always knew that she loved her kid and that she would not be able to accept not having Spike in her life.  He goes on to say that he could not live without himself in her life and he still can’t.  She then tells him that when he proposed to her, and she and he and Spike first became a family, was the best day of her life.  There was no anger, no fear; just total peace.  He tells her that when he said he wanted to spend forever with her, he meant that.  She tells him that it seems like ages ago that that happened.  He asks her if she thinks they can ever get it back.  She tells him that she wants it back, and she wants them back together, but she is afraid of getting hurt again.  She asks what they can do.  They can’t go on making small talk and having coffee.  They get distracted for a while talking about how he will reconstruct the yacht.  He tells her that he has to fix it.  She tells him she knows he wants to make his mother-in-law that much more insane.  Suddenly, he gets an electric shock.  She wonders if he is ok, he says that he is and they laugh.

Colby brings Sean some soda, and Sydney asks where hers is.  Colby ignores her and asks Sean if they should discuss female sexuality for her psychology topic.  Sydney gets Sean’s attention and they continue to discuss her classes and he seems to be completely involved in the conversation.  Colby looks into Sydney’s book bag and looks like she has a trick up her sleeve.  She then tells Sean that she has a topic for her paper.  She thinks she wants to do “Taming of the Shrew.”  Realizing that he will get himself in the middle of a confrontation if he stays for this conversation, Sean then tells the two of them that it’s been real but he has to go.  Colby tells Sydney that she needs to get to work on her essay but Sydney notices Colby grabbing her bag.  Sydney reminds Colby that it is her bag and Colby offers to take the bag upstairs for her. 

Jonathan tells Amanda that he’s been a total mess throughout the last year.  She tells him that she knows he has tons to deal with and does not need to add her to the list.  He does not have to worry about her breaking down and crying in a supply closet.  She assures him she will be fine.  He tells her that he still needs to be her friend.  She tells him she wants that.  He asks her if she is cool with that.  She admits she is not but she will take whatever she can get.  She then tells him if he is even thinking of shaking her hand right now, she will take his arm and rip it right out of the socket.  He holds her and she cries.

Zach tells Kendall that nothing says romance like an electric shock.  She tells him she adores him for risking life and limb in order to show her a good time.  She admits to him that she loves him.  He tells her that from now on, it’s nothing but good memories.  He will erase all the bad ones.  She tells him she does not know if that is possible but she wants to try that.  He kisses her.

JR tells Josh the different options he has for his position at Chandler Enterprises.  One is the head of marketing.  Josh tells him that he is not interested in all of the travel that it would entail.  JR then tells Josh that he could consider making him the VP of Business Development.  David enters and smirks.  He tells JR that this sight is surprising.  He always took him for a bottom feeder that only did business with low life.  However, JR is actually ready to join forces with a man who slept with his wife.  At that moment, JR, Josh, and Babe all look at David with fear in their eyes while he smirks at the three of them.

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