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At the Fusion office, Amanda and Jonathan attempt to talk about business but they both admit they have other things on their minds.  He admits to her that he cannot concentrate when she’s wearing such sexy clothes.  She takes off her sweater and he admits that he is totally distracted.  They laugh.

Sean is ready to leave the Montgomery house to go on some “mission” for the day when Bianca asks him where he is going.  Jack is holding Miranda and tells his niece that he’s not going to worry about anything.  Bianca asks her uncle how it feels now that Erica has temporarily moved out and he is back in his “bachelor mode.”

At the hotel, Erica talks to a consultant about her show and she tells her that her ideas for the new shows are too generic and not acceptable.  Josh enters and Erica tells her son that he is the one who can help her.  Josh does not want to talk to her.

Babe sits alone with JR on the sofa in hers and JR’s home.  JR tells her she is beautiful.  She admits that she was totally distracted.  He sounds like he is in love with her but she may not return that.

Krystal comes to see David and she is not in a good mood nor happy to see him.  He asks her to what he owes her visit.  She tells him if he is planning on blasting her family, it’s going to stop there.  He asks her what she means.  She informs him that last night she had a horrible dream starring him.  He then tells her that it’s better to be feared than to be dismissed.  He asks her to tell him all about it.  He tells her that he was making terrible threats about boogiemen, infinity, and doom, and he was laughing.  He tells her that there is nothing funny about terror.  She tells him in her dream she heard the sound of a snake and she saw him looking at her through the window holding a blowtorch.  She yelled as loud as she could for him to get out but he kept coming and coming and coming.  She was sure that he was going to blow her family to kingdom come.  He asks her if she knows what it means.  She tells him that she could not stop him in her dream but she will now.  She asks him what kind of hell he plans to raise.  He then tells her that people create their own hell and he asks her what kind of hell she has planned when she created a Chandler heir.  He goes on to ask her what kind of hell she created when she encouraged Babe to stay with JR.

Josh sits with Erica and her consultant and he has many ideas and color schemes that Erica believes are totally awesome.  She smiles and listens to everything.  Jeff comes by and observes them together. 

JR spins the globe in the office and tells Babe that he would like to have some random travel plans.  He tells her to spin the globe and they will land right there.  They come up with many different ideas.  She then blindfolds him and has him spin the globe and select.

Erica and Josh dismiss the inadequate consultant and instruct her to do what they have planned.  She leaves and Erica tells her son that he was incredible.  He saved her life.  He is awesome.  He should be her party planner.  She then tells him that it’s just like old times.  He asks if she means before he drugged her.  She sounds like she wants to re-hire him to work at New Beginnings.  He does not trust or believe a word she says and suddenly turns cold when they are alone.  Jeff observes them from another table.

Jack tells Bianca that when he first married Erica, he had to do a lot of adjusting to giving up his personal space but he misses waking up with Erica, having to wait for her to get out of the bathroom in the morning and all of her annoying habits.  Bianca then tells her uncle that it might be time for him to tell her mother that she needs to come home.  He reminds his niece that nobody “tells” Erica anything.  She then tells him he can always ask her.

Erica tells Josh that she does not want to do anything to offend or disrespect him.  He tells her that it’s obvious that she hates Babe.  She smiles and admits she doesn’t much care for Babe but she respects Josh’s decisions and choices and wants him to be her party planner.  Josh coldly tells his mother that he’s not about to be her puppet nor plan any party with her.  She’s totally self-absorbed and he doesn’t want to be any part of that.  He gets up to leave.  Jeff then tells Josh to respect his mother.  Josh asks if Jeff intends to send him to his room.  Jeff then demands that Josh sit down.

Bianca asks Jack how long this “separation” thing was supposed to last.  He asks her if she believes that there is more to it than Erica is letting on.  She tells him that she believes that her mother is dealing with it the way she is.  That does not mean that she is bailing or that she does not love him but maybe Erica needs to hear it from him.

At the hotel, Jeff tells Josh that he is waiting to hear what he has to say for himself.  Josh then indignantly asks him to get this lecture started so it can end.  He tells his father that he already knows everything about Erica.  She believes the world revolves around her but he’s not going to enable her with that.  Jeff tells his son that his mother does not need him to pump up her ego.  She is stronger than that.  He does not have to work for her or do what she wants but he at least owes his mother some respect.

After Amanda strips to her camisole and attempts to seduce Jonathan, he tells her if he were the manager he’d have to fire himself for sexual harassment.  They joke and start kissing.  A guy enters and tells them they have a serious problem and he is seeing it first hand.  He seems to have a business deal.

Jack goes to visit Erica at her hotel room.  He asks her how she likes it.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Jeff tells Josh that he is way out of line in the way he treats Erica.  Josh tells Jeff that he cannot accept Erica’s attitude about Babe.  Jeff tells his son that Erica may have strong opinions but she cares about him and wants what is best for him.  Jeff tells Josh that he happens to know that the “imaginary” married woman, whom Josh was talking about, in their recent conversation, is Babe.

At the Chandler house, Colby confronts Babe.  Babe tells Colby that she is tired of her disrespect and hostility.  Colby keeps threatening to tell JR that Babe slept with Josh.

David tells Krystal that he believes she should have at least tried to motivate Babe to dump JR.  She tells him that she believes that Babe should stay with JR.  He asks her if she is so desperate for Adam’s money that she will sell their daughter down the river and get her endangered by JR.  She tells him that she believes that JR is working on his issues and he is the right man for Babe.  He asks her if that is the case, then why Babe was seeing Josh Madden.  Krystal tells David that she can sense that he has some plan to do something terrible.

JR comes in to hear Colby and Babe’s confrontation.  She tells Babe and JR they will not get rid of her.  Daddy loves her and wants her there.  JR tells her that she is only manipulating their father.  She tells JR that it’s unbelievable that when she’s trying to help him, he still keeps taking Babe’s side in everything.  He confirms to Babe that Colby is way out of line.  They push her out the door but she stays and listens to their conversation at the door.

Krystal tells David that there used to be a light in his eyes.  Even though he caused a lot of trouble to a lot of people, it was there.  Now, however, there’s just this cold and dark place.

When Sean believes he is all alone in the house, he calls up his friends and invites them to come over and party.  Bianca surprises him and lets him know that he is not alone and won’t be able to follow through on his plans.  He then tells her that he’s glad she is back.  He could use her advice.  She assumes that what he needs is for her to lie to him to his principal that he is sick and cannot attend school.  He tells her it’s not about that.  He could use her advice about women.  He tells her that he had no clue that it was Colby’s first time when they slept together and there is no way he’s going to blow it again with Colby or anybody else.  He asks Bianca to clue him in.  She asks if he really wants the lesbian’s guide to girls.  He confirms yes.  She then tells him all of the simple and obvious signs to look for in finding out if a girl likes him, if she’s a virgin or if she’s been around.  He asks her if she is serious.  She then replies if he finds a handbook on the subject, that he must pick up a copy for her. 

Babe and JR plan all of the great things they can do together.  She talks about traveling, planting a garden, and getting their own home.  He tells her that wherever she and little A are, he is already there.  They get all cozy but she tells him that this is a big step.  Maybe they should take it slow.  He talks about having cottages, bungalows, or mansions.  He tells her that if they find a house that she does not like, they can design the right place.  Colby stands on the other side of the door and eavesdrops on their conversation.

Josh asks Jeff why he assumed he was talking about Babe.  He admits that he cannot accept that she has chosen JR.  He is such an idiot.  Jeff asks his son if he tried to stop her or talk her out of going back to JR.  Josh tells his father that he did but she is making a bad choice.  Jeff then tells his son that he knows it hurts but Babe has made her decision and he will have to live with it.

Jack tells Erica that he wants to share every part of her life.  He wants to be there for her and he does not want their marriage to be over.  She tells him of course their marriage is not over but she turns and walks away.  He then asks her what the real problem is.  He asks her if the problem is their marriage. 

Bianca tells Sean that female people are not generic.  In order to find out what kind of person someone is, you must take the time to get to know her.  She tells him that this is done, preferably, when one is sober.

Erica tells Jack she loves him and misses him every day but their life has become chaotic.  She needs to get away for a while and be able to concentrate so she can do what she does best.  He confirms that she needs to be Erica Kane.  She tells him that many people are counting on her.  She has to create New Beginnings.  He then asks her if that means that they are fine.  She turns and hugs him and tells him they are more than fine.

Jonathan and Amanda dismiss the guy and he tells her that it takes blackmail in order to do business.  When they are alone, they resume kissing.  A few minutes later, Del enters and tells them probably should have knocked.  He tells them he wants to talk about something.  Jonathan leaves so that he can talk to Amanda alone.  She asks Del what he wants to talk to her about.  He tells her that Lavery is a loser and she should give another guy a chance.

Erica departs and tells Jack she will be home before he knows it.  He tells her he will hold her to that.  He gets up to leave and runs into Jeff on his way out..  Jack then concludes that it’s a little coincidental that Jeff’s hotel room is right across the hallway from Erica’s.

Downstairs at the bar, Josh is drinking alone when he sees JR and Babe walk in together.  He stares at them and Babe cannot ignore him.

David tells Krystal that he is not a threat to her or to Adam, JR or even Tad.  She asks what Tad has to do with any of this.  He tells her that he knows that Tad is trying and failing to find his daughter.  She asks David if he believes that the little girl whom they’ve met is Kate.  He tells her that Tad refuses to believe it and hates him too much to entertain the possibility that she might be his little girl.  He tells Krystal she needs to go home and take care of her baby.  She tells him she will be watching him and she goes out the door.  A FAX comes off of his machine that has information about a Martin/Chandler baby.

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