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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

David is sitting alone by the fire reliving a confrontation he had with Ryan a year ago.  In this remembered instance, David urged Ryan to realize that Greenlee loved him and that he needs to clean up his act.  At this point, David remembers Ryan trying to choke him.  He also relives a confrontation with Tad over Dixie and the obvious message he has always gotten, not only from Tad, but from Dixie as well, that they do not like him.  They refused to listen or believe anything he said when he was right.  David continues to relive real and imagined confrontations with other citizens of Pine Valley.  He concludes that he is not a very popular man.  At that moment, somebody puts a hand on his shoulder.  He turns to see that it’s Babe.

Colby is sitting alone in the study when Sean finds her.  She asks him what his problem is.  He tells her that he came to see if she was ok.

Julia goes to Tad’s office and runs into Jamie.  He asks her, coldly if she needs something.  She tells him she came by to talk to his dad.  She tells him she has some urgent business with Tad.

Tad and Aidan go to find Annie and Ryan together in an isolated cabin.  They know that Ryan is helping Annie hide both herself and Emma to prevent them from finding out if Emma is really Kate.

JR goes to talk to Zach.  He tells him he is not playing games with him.  Zach doesn’t want to listen to him.  JR tells Zach he owes him gratitude for his effort to help JR’s mother.  Zach looks at him and says, “You’re welcome.”  JR then asks Zach how he feels about kidnapping, sounding like he might trust Zach’s help to find Kate (Emma?) and keep her away form Annie.

Tad and Aidan show Annie the DNA results that reveal that Emma is not her biological child.

Dixie goes to Kendall’s home.  Kendall coldly tells Dixie that Zach is not there.  She doesn’t know when he’ll be back.  Dixie admits to Kendall that she is not there to see Zach.  She needs to talk to Kendall.

JR tells Zach that Tad and Dixie saw Annie with the little girl at the Miranda Center and when she saw him and Dixie, she flipped and took off.  Zach then tells JR that he is sorry for his hardships.  Assuming that Zach is “devoted” to Dixie, JR tells Zach the whole story about how Ryan and Jonathan are helping Annie escape and take Emma with her.  Tad, Aidan and the others are not effectively helping him and Dixie.  Zach then demands to know what JR wants from him.  He is committed only to Kendall.

Annie looks a t the DNA test result and tells Tad and Aidan that they can think whatever they want but she does not care about DNA.  As far as she is concerned, Emma is her daughter.  Tad tells her he is sorry, but she has no credibility in anything she says, with this evidence they have in their hands.  Aidan informs her that the DNA markers are way off and confirm that it’s almost impossible that Emma could be her child.  Ryan stands by Annie and tells them that DNA records are confidential, private, and not admissible in court.  He won’t let them railroad Annie.  He turns to her and tells her that the law is on her side and that she does not have to do anything.

After finding out that Colby was a virgin, Sean tells her that if he’d known, he would have waited and not behaved as he did.  She asks what he would have done if he thought she was some loser who’d never “done it” before.  He tells her he did not intend to hurt or cheapen her.

Julia informs Jamie that she helped Tad to get some DNA results that confirmed that Emma was probably Kate.  She is a little concerned however, realizing that if it was true, then David would have behaved differently.  He confirms that David thinks in a very twisted way.  Julia also confirms to Jamie that it’s kind of odd that Annie would have ordered a DNA test if she knew that Emma was not her child.  She concludes all of this does not add up.

David tells his daughter that he has tried and failed to help or create value to all people.  Babe asks her father what he expects from other people.  He tells her that all people can do is vilify him.  He also indicates to his daughter that he has some “plan” to give people what they deserve.  She then asks him what he intends to do.  He asks her why she believes that he would do anything.  She tells him that he can’t act all innocent.  He is by no means innocent.  The reason she came by is because her mother informed her that her father has some real concerns about her choice of staying with JR.  He tells her that he is a bit concerned about his daughter going back to JR when they’ve had some very serious problems.  She tells her father he need not worry.  She and JR are going to work things out and she is happy.  He asks her if she is happy why she cheated on JR.

Jamie tells Julia that it was good of her to get involved and help him and Tad find Emma.  He touches her hand and she tells him that she does still care about him and his family.

Annie tells Tad and Aidan that she does not need any test.  It would only be a trap.  Tad tells her that he does not intend to set any traps for her.  She tells him that she will not lose her little girl.  Tad asks her if she can really have this on her conscience.  He asks if she realizes what this has done to Dixie.  He tells her that she has been trying to find her daughter and failing.  She will never forgive herself for giving up her daughter at birth.  He cannot imagine what Dixie has gone through.  He tells Annie that when Dixie lived through the accident and realized that she had given up her daughter, she looked all over the world for her daughter and didn’t return home to her family and the friends that she had in Pine Valley.  However, now she is back and he is committed to helping her.  He tells Annie he cannot let Dixie spend the rest of her life looking for a child and have to give up knowing that they might have found Kate.  He urges Annie to put Dixie’s mind at ease.  He tells her that she is the only one who can do it by taking the test.

Colby asks Sean what he would have done if he’d known it was her first time; how would he have made her first time the best time.  She asks him what he would have been willing or able to do for her when he was drinking and partying and not caring about anything.  He tells her that he did not intend to hurt or exploit her.  She tells him that they both did a very stupid thing.  She tells him that one grows up being told by everybody that you should “wait” and make it special before you have sex for the first time.  They never told her the reality about how cheap and meaningless it can really be to so many people.  He tells her he did not intend for it to be meaningless.  He wanted it to be special for her and he asks her if she wants to start over.

Dixie asks Kendall just what she should do when or if she finds her daughter.  She asks how she should explain that she did what she did and make Kate recognize Dixie as her mother.  Kendall first asks Dixie why she is asking her that.  Dixie tells her that it’s because she lived through a similar thing when Erica gave her up for adoption all those years ago.  Dixie asks Kendall what she might have done if Erica had suddenly shown up when she was four.  Kendall tells Dixie that she never felt as though she fit in with her parents so if she had met her mother, that young, it would have made sense to her.  She tells Dixie that maybe Emma would have difficulty having a stranger come up to her and tell her she is her real mommy.  Dixie tells Kendall that she has to face that at some point.  Kendall then asks Dixie if she is certain that Emma is really Kate.

After JR finds out that Zach may not be willing to help Dixie as he did in the past, he asks Zach if he cares about his mother.  He reminds Zach that he kept Dixie away from her family and he asks what happened to that loyalty.  Zach tells JR that he does care about Dixie but he’s committed to his marriage with Kendall.

David tells Babe that he really thinks she’s making a serious mistake by going back to JR.  Josh would be a much better choice.  He asks why she would want to be with JR instead of Josh.  She replies that she loves JR and that is all there is to it.  He asks her why she is lying to her father about the man she loves.  Jamie then enters and asks David why he has lied about his (Jamie’s) sister.

Tad tells Annie that he realizes that she has good reason not to want to give up her daughter.  He realizes she adopted Emma and has raised her since birth.  She tells him he does not understand.  She did not adopt Emma.  He then tells her that she has a problem because if she neither gave birth nor adopted her, she has no legal rights to her.

Dixie admits to Kendall that she is not 100% certain that Emma is Kate but she needs to find out some things.  She asks Kendall what it felt like for her to be adopted.  Kendall replies that it made her always want to be wanted.  Dixie then tells Kendall that she must find a way to let Emma know that she never meant to abandon her.  She tells Kendall that she has never stopped wanting her daughter.  She has never stopped searching for her.  For each of Kate’s birthdays, and every Christmas she’s gone out and bought gifts for her hoping each time that she would find her.  Kendall then asks Dixie if she’s considered what this would do to Annie.  She asks if Dixie would be willing to share Emma with Annie since Emma has known Annie as her only mom.  Kendall then tells Dixie that Ryan is Spike’s real father and Zach is his stepfather.  They share fatherhood of him and they make it work.  It can be done.

Annie tells Tad and Aidan that first they let her down in finding a pervert and now they pull this stunt.  Emma comes into the room and calls to her mommy.

After David tells Babe that he’s confirmed DNA evidence that he’s found Kate, she asks if that’s true.  Jamie tells David that he does not believe a word he says.  He asks David if this is real or if this is just a consolation prize for himself to torture everybody.  Babe asks her father to tell her this is not true.  She urges him to tell her what he is doing to all these people in regard to this innocent little girl.  He asks Babe of she believes that he would lie to them.  She admits to her father that she does believe that he is capable of such behaviors.  He then tells her that they have turned her, his beautiful daughter, against him.

Sean tells Colby that maybe they can start over and maybe he can giver her some pointers.  She asks what he has in mind.  Adam walks in the door with Krystal.  He is ready to confront Sean and demands to know what he is doing with his daughter.  Krystal then tells her husband that maybe he needs to talk to Sean alone and listen to him.  She tells Colby they have to go and get some ice cream and they leave the room.

After Dixie asks her what she knows about Annie, Kendall admits she does not know much.  Dixie asks Kendall what she does know.  Kendall tells Dixie that what she knows is that Annie loves Emma more than anything and will do anything for her.

At the cabin, Annie and Emma go away so that Ryan can talk to Tad and Aidan.  Ryan tells the two of them if they have gotten a false report from Hayward, they better not ask for any help from him.

David tells Babe that JR is just a selfish, hateful idiot, no different than his father.  She tells him that JR is no different than he is, either.  He has deceived Dixie just to take her away from Tad but he tells Babe that he will never be able to understand or have a relationship with his daughter until she opens her eyes and sees what JR is all about.  She must do it, he tells her, before it’s too late.

Adam tells Sean that he used his daughter.  He does not love her.  He only wanted casual sex.  Sean tells Adam that is not entirely true but he wants to make it right.  Adam tells Sean not to disrespect his daughter.  He tells him he’d like nothing more than to lock Colby up until she is 30.  Sean tells Adam that he won’t be able to do that.  Adam tells Sean that he will break everything in this house and put his fortune on the line in order to prevent his daughter from being disrespected.  He picks up an antique vase and tells Sean that it is worth a fortune, and then he throws it against the wall.  Krystal and Colby hear the crash and rush inside.  They leave after noticing that nobody has gotten physically hurt.  Adam tells Sean that his daughter is precious to him.  He tells Sean he is not going to use her as a plaything.  He asks Sean if he’s got it.  Sean tells Adam he gets it.  He tells Adam that he’s sorry to have given him grief but he believes that Colby is great.  He asks Adam what he needs him to do.  Adam tells Sean he needs him to drop off the face of the earth.  Krystal and Colby enter.  She asks Sean to leave with her so that Adam can talk to his daughter alone.  Colby enters and asks her father what has happened.  He tells her that Sean has agreed to respect her.  He wants her to know that she means everything to him.  He would tear down this house, brick by brick for her, and she should have more respect for herself.  He hugs his daughter and asks her to go to bed.  She leaves.  Krystal enters and tells Adam he did an unbelievable thing by accepting his daughter’s choice.  He admits that it must be very difficult to be a teenager.  Krystal tells Adam that she loves him.

Kendall tells Dixie that she realizes that she is not just a child given up for adoption who later found her mother.  She is also a woman who signed Greg Madden’s adoption papers.  Greg almost did to her what he did with Dixie.  She was very misguided and stuck on an island, ready to give her baby to Greg, and if Zach had not intervened, she would not have Spike right now.  She wholeheartedly supports what Dixie his doing and does not judge her for what happened to her in regard to Kate.

Tad tells Ryan that he will get a court order to get his daughter back.

Babe tells David that she chooses to stay with her husband.  He asks her if she really wants to be JR’s wife and not consider Josh Madden.  She tells him that she cannot be with both men.  He then tells her in that case she needs to go, and take this clown (Jamie) with her.  She tells her father that she wishes it did not have to be this way.  He tells her that there is no other choice.  Babe and Jamie go out the door.  David sits alone by the fire and tells Babe that is she won’t save herself, he will have to do it for her.

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